#5 Almost all the package additions for 8.2, from upstream
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No commits found

I think all of them are in the correct place, but we might want to move some around (kind of sucks to see which grouns they are in from the PR though).

Known missing upstream commits:

commit 4a3565cca51b554f3c1b104e8fabd1a3b6942ee8
Author: Buvanesh Kumar bsivasub@redhat.com
Date: Fri Mar 20 14:12:00 2020 -0400

RCM-77424: Added a few gcc-toolset-9*

...upstream has way more gcc-toolset-9* packages then we do, so adding these few seemed weird.


commit f39e773f58260273ec3e81633c01a7383bf145fb
Author: Josh Boyer jwboyer@redhat.com
Date: Fri Jan 31 04:37:03 2020 -0500

RhBug 1767950: Add vulkan-loader to aarch64

commit 4d82a47cbb018b92fd4e88b452307a307413b449
Author: Josh Boyer jwboyer@redhat.com
Date: Tue Feb 18 09:03:44 2020 -0500

RhBug 1767950: Add the other vulkan packages

...not really sure where to put these aarch64 only packages.