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41d671 Add spice-client-win-* to AppStream.

Authored and Committed by James Antill 2 years ago
    Add spice-client-win-* to AppStream.
    Merge upstream commit 12482f21c36086af313a1e35b248828841c6f597:
     Add spice-client-win to compose: RCM-73991
     Change-Id: I3e673cb06314290ca7d24d16d9a77be0fa255852
    Merge upstream commit bd9b87a487c0c0f280a9287c38b9dec26a177ff6:
     Fix binary package names to add to compose
     Change-Id: Ie8d68d2352a59c3c557226305623bffb47e1fa19
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