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c808af Add python3-networkx to AppStream.

Authored and Committed by James Antill 2 years ago
    Add python3-networkx to AppStream.
    Merge upstream commit 2266a6218ae7f2b095a55aeef57bc6f3c5053e5b:
     RHEL-8.2.0: Add python-networkx to AppStream (RhBug 1764287) (RCM-68861)
     Change-Id: I45bf9882833d16b064d050e1965f5670a4a9ca41
     Jira: RCM-68861
    Merge upstream commit 9ba3fef3f26596f43fd93432351c0de11c2f2e15:
     Fix correct name of python3-networkx package
     Change-Id: Ibed51e6e9ce873fdcd8f53184415acc978cdd36b
     Jira: RCM-71386
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