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eb1ccc Add virt-p2v to AppStream.

Authored and Committed by James Antill 2 years ago
    Add virt-p2v to AppStream.
    Merge upstream commit 7f048151b7c0be34f1c9aa5bde298f0f009de186:
     including virt-p2v as an additional AppStream pacakge, RCM-71716
     Change-Id: If664817505e1ede49ce36b32f2ba7cbec1193c75
    Merge upstream commit 1aa550f439b1f588c40c29201dc1f90b2843fb19:
     Fix virt-p2v-maker in additional_packages
     Change-Id: I64807eed40b9913f2c97c550ad92221cfca41fac
     Jira: RCM-72953
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