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This README describes how to get the most basic working
torque service on a single host.

To setup a basic single-node localhost-only batch system, install the
torque-server, torque-mom, and torque-scheduler packages, and do something like

0) If torque is built with munge support then this 
   must be enabled first on all nodes. The munge
   package should allready be installed.

   Create a munge key with 


   Copy resulting key /etc/munge/munge.key to 
   all torque nodes in your cluster including
   pbs_server, pbs_mom and client (qstat,qsub) nodes.

1) Get your full hostname with

# /bin/hostname --long


2) Edit /etc/torque/server_name 
to contain the single line

3) Edit /etc/torque/mom/config 
to contain the single line


4) Create a torque serverdb file.
# /usr/sbin/pbs_server -D -t create

Warning this will remove any existing serverdb 
file located at /var/lib/torque/server_priv/serverdb

You will have to Ctrl^C the pbs_server command, it will
only take a moment to create this file.

5) Start the pbs_server and configure it.
service pbs_server start
# qmgr -c "s s scheduling=true"
# qmgr -c "c q batch queue_type=execution"
# qmgr -c "s q batch started=true"
# qmgr -c "s q batch enabled=true"
# qmgr -c "s q batch resources_default.nodes=1"
# qmgr -c "s q batch resources_default.walltime=3600"
# qmgr -c "s s default_queue=batch"

6) Add one batch worker to your pbs_server.

# qmgr -c "c n"

7) Start the pbs_mom and pbs_sched deamons.

# service pbs_mom start
# service pbs_sched start

8) Use chkconfig to start the services at boot time.

# /sbin/chkconfig pbs_mom on
# /sbin/chkconfig pbs_server on
# /sbin/chkconfig pbs_sched on
# /sbin/chkconfig munge on

9) Submit a test job.
As a user not as root run the following

$ qsub <<EOF
echo "Hi I am a batch job running in torque"

10 ) Monitor the state of that job with qstat.

In case of problems first of all look in /var/log/torque