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commit 85b62554d2632d06f975f90697c4c11c3f180931
Author: Panu Matilainen <>
Date:   Tue Feb 18 18:13:54 2014 +0200

    Make room for SHA224 in digest bundles. Doh.
    - Should've really been in commit 20cfa7d2b4c927798ad38126821d194fafd93ffe
      but at the time NSS didn't even support SHA-224 so it was untestable.
      Now that it does, and somebody actually bothered to test...
      Fixes RhBug:1066494.

diff --git a/rpmio/digest.c b/rpmio/digest.c
index c1f73b3..4956a30 100644
--- a/rpmio/digest.c
+++ b/rpmio/digest.c
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 #include "debug.h"
-#define DIGESTS_MAX 11
+#define DIGESTS_MAX 12
 struct rpmDigestBundle_s {
     int index_min;			/*!< Smallest index of active digest */
     int index_max;			/*!< Largest index of active digest */