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From: Ken Gaillot <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019 09:26:00 -0600
Subject: [PATCH 18/18] Doc: Pacemaker Explained: document shutdown lock

 doc/Pacemaker_Explained/en-US/Ch-Options.txt | 27 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 27 insertions(+)

diff --git a/doc/Pacemaker_Explained/en-US/Ch-Options.txt b/doc/Pacemaker_Explained/en-US/Ch-Options.txt
index f864987..35856aa 100644
--- a/doc/Pacemaker_Explained/en-US/Ch-Options.txt
+++ b/doc/Pacemaker_Explained/en-US/Ch-Options.txt
@@ -389,6 +389,33 @@ rules with +date_spec+ are only guaranteed to be checked this often, and it
 also serves as a fail-safe for certain classes of scheduler bugs. A value of 0
 disables this polling; positive values are a time interval.
+| shutdown-lock | false |
+The default of false allows active resources to be recovered elsewhere when
+their node is cleanly shut down, which is what the vast majority of users will
+want. However, some users prefer to make resources highly available only for
+failures, with no recovery for clean shutdowns. If this option is true,
+resources active on a node when it is cleanly shut down are kept "locked" to
+that node (not allowed to run elsewhere) until they start again on that node
+after it rejoins (or for at most shutdown-lock-limit, if set). Stonith
+resources and Pacemaker Remote connections are never locked. Clone and bundle
+instances and the master role of promotable clones are currently never locked,
+though support could be added in a future release. Locks may be manually
+cleared using the `--refresh` option of `crm_resource` (both the resource and
+node must be specified; this works with remote nodes if their connection
+resource's target-role is set to Stopped, but not if Pacemaker Remote is
+stopped on the remote node without disabling the connection resource).
+indexterm:[shutdown-lock,Cluster Option]
+| shutdown-lock-limit | 0 |
+If shutdown-lock is true, and this is set to a nonzero time duration, locked
+resources will be allowed to start after this much time has passed since the
+node shutdown was initiated, even if the node has not rejoined. (This works
+with remote nodes only if their connection resource's target-role is set to
+indexterm:[shutdown-lock-limit,Cluster Option]
 | remove-after-stop | FALSE |
 indexterm:[remove-after-stop,Cluster Option]