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New in release OpenJDK 11.0.16 (2022-07-19):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8277608: Address IP Addressing
  - JDK-8272243: Improve DER parsing
  - JDK-8272249: Better properties of loaded Properties
  - JDK-8281859, CVE-2022-21540: Improve class compilation
  - JDK-8281866, CVE-2022-21541: Enhance MethodHandle invocations
  - JDK-8283190: Improve MIDI processing
  - JDK-8284370: Improve zlib usage
  - JDK-8285407, CVE-2022-34169: Improve Xalan supports
* Other changes
  - JDK-6986863: ProfileDeferralMgr throwing ConcurrentModificationException
  - JDK-7124293: [macosx] VoiceOver reads percentages rather than the actual values for sliders.
  - JDK-7124301: [macosx] When in a tab group if you arrow between tabs there are no VoiceOver announcements.
  - JDK-8133713: [macosx] Accessible JTables always reported as empty
  - JDK-8139046: Compiler Control: IGVPrintLevel directive should set PrintIdealGraph
  - JDK-8139173: [macosx] JInternalFrame shadow is not properly drawn
  - JDK-8163498: Many long-running security libs tests
  - JDK-8166727: javac crashed: [jimage.dll+0x1942]  ImageStrings::find+0x28
  - JDK-8169004: Fix redundant @requires tags in tests
  - JDK-8181571: printing to CUPS fails on mac sandbox app
  - JDK-8182404: remove jdk.testlibrary.JDKToolFinder and JDKToolLauncher
  - JDK-8186548: move jdk.testlibrary.JcmdBase closer to tests
  - JDK-8192057: com/sun/jdi/ fails with
  - JDK-8193682: Infinite loop in ZipOutputStream.close()
  - JDK-8199874: [TESTBUG] runtime/Thread/ fails with "expected 0 to equal 10"
  - JDK-8202886: [macos] Test java/awt/MenuBar/8007006/ fails on MacOS
  - JDK-8203238: [TESTBUG] rewrite MemOptions shell test in Java
  - JDK-8203239: [TESTBUG] remove vmTestbase/vm/gc/kind/parOld test
  - JDK-8206187: javax/management/remote/mandatory/connection/ fails with Port already in use
  - JDK-8206330: Revisit com/sun/jdi/
  - JDK-8207364: nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexhausted003 fails to start
  - JDK-8208207: Test nsk/stress/jni/gclocker/gcl001 fails after co-location
  - JDK-8208246: flags duplications in vmTestbase_vm_g1classunloading tests
  - JDK-8208249: TriggerUnloadingByFillingMetaspace generates garbage class names
  - JDK-8208697: vmTestbase/metaspace/stressHierarchy/stressHierarchy012/ fails with OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace
  - JDK-8209150: [TESTBUG] Add logging to verify JDK-8197901 to a different test
  - JDK-8209776: Refactor jdk/security/JavaDotSecurity/ to plain java test
  - JDK-8209883: ZGC: Compile without C1 broken
  - JDK-8209920: runtime/logging/ fail with OOME with ZGC
  - JDK-8210022: remove jdk.testlibrary.ProcessThread, TestThread and XRun
  - JDK-8210039: move OSInfo to top level testlibrary
  - JDK-8210108: sun/tools/jstatd test build failures after JDK-8210022
  - JDK-8210112: remove jdk.testlibrary.ProcessTools
  - JDK-8210649: AssertionError @ jdk.compiler/
  - JDK-8210732: remove jdk.testlibrary.Utils
  - JDK-8211795: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PNGImageReader after JDK-6788458
  - JDK-8211822: Some tests fail after JDK-8210039
  - JDK-8211962: Implicit narrowing in MacOSX java.desktop jsound
  - JDK-8212151: jdi/ times out due to "bind failed: Address already in use" on Solaris-X64
  - JDK-8213440: Lingering INCLUDE_ALL_GCS in test_oopStorage_parperf.cpp
  - JDK-8214275: CondyRepeatFailedResolution asserts "Dynamic constant has no fixed basic type"
  - JDK-8214799: Add package declaration to each JTREG test case in the gc folder
  - JDK-8215544: SA: Modify ClhsdbLauncher to add sudo privileges to enable MacOS tests on Mach5
  - JDK-8216137: assert(Compile::current()->live_nodes() < Compile::current()->max_node_limit()) failed: Live Node limit exceeded limit
  - JDK-8216265: [testbug] Introduce Platform.sharedLibraryPathVariableName() and adapt all tests.
  - JDK-8216366: Add rationale to PER_CPU_SHARES define
  - JDK-8217017: [TESTBUG] Tests fail to compile after JDK-8216265
  - JDK-8217233: Update build settings for AIX/xlc
  - JDK-8217340: Compilation failed: tools/launcher/
  - JDK-8217473: SA: Tests using ClhsdbLauncher fail on SAP docker containers
  - JDK-8218136: minor hotspot adjustments for xlclang++ from xlc16 on AIX
  - JDK-8218751: Do not store original classfiles inside the CDS archive
  - JDK-8218965: aix:  support xlclang++ in the compiler detection
  - JDK-8220658: Improve the readability of container information in the error log
  - JDK-8220813: update hotspot tier1_gc tests depending on GC to use @requires vm.gc.X
  - JDK-8222799: java.beans.Introspector uses an obsolete methods cache
  - JDK-8222926: Shenandoah build fails with --with-jvm-features=-compiler1
  - JDK-8223143: Restructure/clean-up for 'loopexit_or_null()'.
  - JDK-8223363: Bad node estimate assertion failure
  - JDK-8223389: Shenandoah optimizations fail with assert(!phase->exceeding_node_budget())
  - JDK-8223396: [TESTBUG] several jfr tests do not clean up files created in /tmp
  - JDK-8223502: Node estimate for loop unswitching is not correct: assert(delta <= 2 * required) failed: Bad node estimate
  - JDK-8224648: assert(!exceeding_node_budget()) failed: Too many NODES required! failure with ctw
  - JDK-8225475: Node budget asserts on x86_32/64
  - JDK-8227171: provide function names in native stack trace on aix with xlc16
  - JDK-8227389: Remove unsupported xlc16 compile options on aix
  - JDK-8229202: Docker reporting causes secondary crashes in error handling
  - JDK-8229210: [TESTBUG] Move gc stress tests from JFR directory tree to gc/stress
  - JDK-8229486: Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 21
  - JDK-8229499: Node budget assert in fuzzed test
  - JDK-8230305: Cgroups v2: Container awareness
  - JDK-8230865: [TESTBUG] jdk/jfr/event/io/ fails at-run shell target
  - JDK-8231111: Cgroups v2: Rework Metrics in java.base so as to recognize unified hierarchy
  - JDK-8231454: File lock in Windows on a loaded jar due to a leak in Introspector::getBeanInfo
  - JDK-8231489: GC watermark_0_1 failed due to "metaspace.gc.Fault: GC has happened too rare"
  - JDK-8231565: More node budget asserts in fuzzed tests
  - JDK-8233551: [TESTBUG] fails on MacOS
  - JDK-8234382: Test tools/javac/processing/model/testgetallmembers/ using too small heap
  - JDK-8234605: C2 failed "assert(C->live_nodes() - live_at_begin <= 2 * _nodes_required) failed: Bad node estimate: actual = 208 >> request = 101"
  - JDK-8234608: [TESTBUG] Fix G1 redefineClasses tests and a memory leak
  - JDK-8235220: fails with sun.jvm.hotspot.types.WrongTypeException
  - JDK-8235385: Crash on aarch64 JDK due to long offset
  - JDK-8237479: 8230305 causes slowdebug build failure
  - JDK-8239559: Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on some systems
  - JDK-8239785: Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on old systems in hotspot
  - JDK-8240132: ProblemList com/sun/jdi/
  - JDK-8240189: [TESTBUG] Some cgroup tests are failing after JDK-8231111
  - JDK-8240335: C2: assert(found_sfpt) failed: no node in loop that's not input to safepoint
  - JDK-8240734: ModuleHashes attribute not reproducible between builds
  - JDK-8240756: [macos] SwingSet2:TableDemo:Printed Japanese characters were garbled
  - JDK-8241707: introduce randomness k/w to hotspot test suite
  - JDK-8242310: use reproducible random in hotspot compiler tests
  - JDK-8242311: use reproducible random in hotspot runtime tests
  - JDK-8242312: use reproducible random in hotspot gc tests
  - JDK-8242313: use reproducible random in hotspot svc tests
  - JDK-8242538: java/security/SecureRandom/ failed on windows
  - JDK-8243429: use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_nsk_stress
  - JDK-8243666: ModuleHashes attribute generated for JMOD and JAR files depends on timestamps
  - JDK-8244500: jtreg test error in test/hotspot/jtreg/containers/docker/
  - JDK-8244602: Add JTREG_REPEAT_COUNT to repeat execution of a test
  - JDK-8245543: Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on some systems (still reproducible)
  - JDK-8245938: Remove unused print_stack(void) method from XToolkit.c
  - JDK-8246494: introduce vm.flagless at-requires property
  - JDK-8246741: NetworkInterface/UniqueMacAddressesTest: mac address uniqueness test failed
  - JDK-8247589: Implementation of Alpine Linux/x64 Port
  - JDK-8247591: Document Alpine Linux build steps in OpenJDK build guide
  - JDK-8247592: refactor test/jdk/tools/launcher/
  - JDK-8247614: java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ timed out
  - JDK-8248876: LoadObject with bad base address created for exec file on linux
  - JDK-8249592: Robot.mouseMove moves cursor to incorrect location when display scale varies and Java runs in DPI Unaware mode
  - JDK-8252117: com/sun/jdi/ failed with "ConnectException: Connection refused: connect"
  - JDK-8252248: __SIGRTMAX is not declared in musl libc
  - JDK-8252250: isnanf is obsolete
  - JDK-8252359: HotSpot Not Identifying it is Running in a Container
  - JDK-8252957: Wrong comment in CgroupV1Subsystem::cpu_quota
  - JDK-8253435: Cgroup: 'stomping of _mount_path' crash if manually mounted cpusets exist
  - JDK-8253714: [cgroups v2] Soft memory limit incorrectly using memory.high
  - JDK-8253727: [cgroups v2] Memory and swap limits reported incorrectly
  - JDK-8253797: [cgroups v2] Account for the fact that swap accounting is disabled on some systems
  - JDK-8253872: ArgumentHandler must use the same delimiters as in jvmti_tools.cpp
  - JDK-8253939: [TESTBUG] Increase coverage of the cgroups detection code
  - JDK-8254001: [Metrics] Enhance parsing of cgroup interface files for version detection
  - JDK-8254887: C2: assert(cl->trip_count() > 0) failed: peeling a fully unrolled loop
  - JDK-8254997: Remove unimplemented OSContainer::read_memory_limit_in_bytes
  - JDK-8255266: Update Public Suffix List to 3c213aa
  - JDK-8255604: java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ fails with Cannot assign requested address: connect
  - JDK-8255787: Tag container tests that use cGroups with cgroups keyword
  - JDK-8256146: Cleanup test/jdk/java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/
  - JDK-8256722: handle VC++:1927 VS2019 in  abstract_vm_version
  - JDK-8257794: Zero: assert(istate->_stack_limit == istate->_thread->last_Java_sp() + 1) failed: wrong on Linux/x86_32
  - JDK-8258795: Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2021-05-11
  - JDK-8258956: Memory Leak in StringCoding on ThreadLocal resultCached StringCoding.Result
  - JDK-8259517: Incorrect test path in test cases
  - JDK-8260518: Change default -mmacosx-version-min to 10.12
  - JDK-8261169: Upgrade HarfBuzz to the latest 2.8.0
  - JDK-8262379: Add regression test for JDK-8257746
  - JDK-8263364: sun/net/www/http/KeepAliveStream/ wedged in getInputStream
  - JDK-8263718: unused-result warning happens at os_linux.cpp
  - JDK-8263856: Github Actions for macos/aarch64 cross-build
  - JDK-8264179: [TESTBUG] Some compiler tests fail when running without C2
  - JDK-8265261: java/nio/file/Files/ fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Copy was not interrupted
  - JDK-8265297: javax/net/ssl/SSLSession/ failed with "RuntimeException: Connection reset"
  - JDK-8265343: Update Debian-based cross-compilation recipes
  - JDK-8266251: compiler.inlining.InlineAccessors shouldn't do testing in driver VM
  - JDK-8266318: Switch to macos prefix for macOS bundles
  - JDK-8266391: Replace use of reflection in jdk.internal.platform.Metrics
  - JDK-8266545: 8261169 broke Harfbuzz build with gcc 7 and 8
  - JDK-8268773: Improvements related to: Failed to start thread - pthread_create failed (EAGAIN)
  - JDK-8269772: [macos-aarch64] test compilation failed with "SocketException: No buffer space available"
  - JDK-8269933: test/jdk/javax/net/ssl/compatibility/JdkInfo incorrect verification of protocol and cipher support
  - JDK-8270797: test is not complete
  - JDK-8271055: Crash during deoptimization with "assert(bb->is_reachable()) failed: getting result from unreachable basicblock" with -XX:+VerifyStack
  - JDK-8271199: Mutual TLS handshake fails signing client certificate with custom sensitive PKCS11 key
  - JDK-8272167: should skip *.dSYM directories
  - JDK-8272358: Some tests may fail when executed with other locales than the US
  - JDK-8272493: Suboptimal code generation around Preconditions.checkIndex intrinsic with AVX2
  - JDK-8272908: Missing coverage for certain classes in
  - JDK-8272964: java/nio/file/Files/ fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Copy was not interrupted
  - JDK-8273176: handle latest VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
  - JDK-8273655: files are missing some common types
  - JDK-8274171: java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ failed on "Content type" mismatches
  - JDK-8274233: Minor cleanup for ToolBox
  - JDK-8274735: javax.imageio.IIOException: Unsupported Image Type  while processing a valid JPEG image
  - JDK-8274751: Drag And Drop hangs on Windows
  - JDK-8275082: Update XML Security for Java to 2.3.0
  - JDK-8275330: C2:  assert(n->is_Root() || n->is_Region() || n->is_Phi() || n->is_MachMerge() || def_block->dominates(block)) failed: uses must be dominated by definitions
  - JDK-8275337: C1: assert(false) failed: live_in set of first block must be empty
  - JDK-8276657: XSLT compiler tries to define a class with empty name
  - JDK-8276990: Memory leak in invoker.c fillInvokeRequest() during JDI operations
  - JDK-8277072: ObjectStreamClass caches keep ClassLoaders alive
  - JDK-8277093: Vector should throw ClassNotFoundException for a missing class of an element
  - JDK-8277396: [TESTBUG] In, frame is accessed from main thread
  - JDK-8277422: tools/jar/ fails with modified time mismatch
  - JDK-8277922: Unable to click JCheckBox in JTable through Java Access Bridge
  - JDK-8278065: Refactor subclassAudits to use ClassValue
  - JDK-8278186: throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling substring method
  - JDK-8278346: java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ fails on Linux SLES15 machine
  - JDK-8278472: Invalid value set to CANDIDATEFORM structure
  - JDK-8278794: Infinite loop in DeflaterOutputStream.finish()
  - JDK-8278851: Correct signer logic for jars signed with multiple digestalgs
  - JDK-8278951: containers/cgroup/ fails on Ubuntu 21.10
  - JDK-8279219: [REDO] C2 crash when allocating array of size too large
  - JDK-8279356: Method linking fails with guarantee(mh->adapter() != NULL) failed: Adapter blob must already exist!
  - JDK-8279505: Update documentation for RETRY_COUNT and REPEAT_COUNT
  - JDK-8279520: SPNEGO has not passed channel binding info into the underlying mechanism
  - JDK-8279529: ProblemList java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ on macosx-aarch64
  - JDK-8279532: ProblemList sun/security/ssl/SSLSessionImpl/
  - JDK-8279668: x86: AVX2 versions of vpxor should be asserted
  - JDK-8279837: C2: assert(is_Loop()) failed: invalid node class: Region
  - JDK-8279842: HTTPS Channel Binding support for Java GSS/Kerberos
  - JDK-8279958: Provide configure hints for Alpine/apk package managers
  - JDK-8280041: Retry loop issues in
  - JDK-8280373: Update Xalan serializer / SystemIDResolver to align with JDK-8270492
  - JDK-8280476: [macOS] : hotspot arm64 bug exposed by latest clang
  - JDK-8280684: JfrRecorderService failes with guarantee(num_written > 0) when no space left on device.
  - JDK-8280799: С2: assert(false) failed: cyclic dependency prevents range check elimination
  - JDK-8280867: Cpuid1Ecx feature parsing is incorrect for AMD CPUs
  - JDK-8280964: [Linux aarch64] : drawImage dithers TYPE_BYTE_INDEXED images incorrectly
  - JDK-8281274: deal with ActiveProcessorCount in os::Linux::print_container_info
  - JDK-8281275: Upgrading from 8 to 11 no longer accepts '/' as filepath separator in gc paths
  - JDK-8281615: Deadlock caused by jdwp agent
  - JDK-8281811: assert(_base == Tuple) failed: Not a Tuple after JDK-8280799
  - JDK-8282008: Incorrect handling of quoted arguments in ProcessBuilder
  - JDK-8282172: CompileBroker::log_metaspace_failure is called from non-Java/compiler threads
  - JDK-8282225: GHA: Allow one concurrent run per PR only
  - JDK-8282231: x86-32: runtime call to SharedRuntime::ldiv corrupts registers
  - JDK-8282293: Domain value for system property jdk.https.negotiate.cbt should be case-insensitive
  - JDK-8282312: Minor corrections to evbroadcasti32x4 intrinsic on x86
  - JDK-8282382: Report glibc malloc tunables in error reports
  - JDK-8282422: JTable.print() failed with UnsupportedCharsetException on AIX ko_KR locale
  - JDK-8282501: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.16
  - JDK-8282583: Update BCEL md to include the copyright notice
  - JDK-8282588: [11] set harfbuzz compilation flag to -std=c++11
  - JDK-8282589: runtime/ErrorHandling/ fails on MacOS aarch64 in jdk 11
  - JDK-8282887: Potential memory leak in sun.util.locale.provider.HostLocaleProviderAdapterImpl.getNumberPattern() on Windows
  - JDK-8283018: 11u GHA: Update GCC 9 minor versions
  - JDK-8283217: Leak FcObjectSet in getFontConfigLocations() in fontpath.c
  - JDK-8283323: libharfbuzz optimization level results in extreme build times
  - JDK-8283350: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022a
  - JDK-8283408: Fix a C2 crash when filling arrays with unsafe
  - JDK-8283420: [AOT] Exclude TrackedFlagTest/NotTrackedFlagTest in 11u because of intermittent java.lang.AssertionError: duplicate classes for name Ljava/lang/Boolean;
  - JDK-8283424: compiler/loopopts/ fails with release VMs due to lack of -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions
  - JDK-8283451: C2: assert(_base == Long) failed: Not a Long
  - JDK-8283469: Don't use memset to initialize members in FileMapInfo and fix memory leak
  - JDK-8283497: [windows] print TMP and TEMP in hs_err and
  - JDK-8283614: [11] Repair compiler versions handling after 8233787
  - JDK-8283641: Large value for CompileThresholdScaling causes assert
  - JDK-8283834: Unmappable character for US-ASCII encoding in TestPredicateInputBelowLoopPredicate
  - JDK-8284033: Leak XVisualInfo in getAllConfigs in awt_GraphicsEnv.c
  - JDK-8284094: Memory leak in invoker_completeInvokeRequest()
  - JDK-8284102: [TESTBUG] [11u] Retroactively add regression test for JDK-8272124
  - JDK-8284369: TestFailedAllocationBadGraph fails with -XX:TieredStopAtLevel < 4
  - JDK-8284389: Improve stability of GHA Pre-submit testing by caching cygwin installer
  - JDK-8284458: CodeHeapState::aggregate() leaks blob_name
  - JDK-8284507: GHA: Only check test results if testing was not skipped
  - JDK-8284549: JFR: FieldTable leaks FieldInfoTable member
  - JDK-8284573: [11u] ProblemList and because of 8272195
  - JDK-8284604: [11u] Update Boot JDK used in GHA to
  - JDK-8284620: CodeBuffer may leak _overflow_arena
  - JDK-8284622: Update versions of some Github Actions used in JDK workflow
  - JDK-8284756: [11u] Remove unused isUseContainerSupport in CgroupV1Subsystem
  - JDK-8285395: [JVMCI] [11u] Partial backport of JDK-8220623: InstalledCode
  - JDK-8285397: JNI exception pending in CUPSfuncs.c:250
  - JDK-8285445: cannot open file "NUL:"
  - JDK-8285515: (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect fails with "Invalid argument" on macOS 12.4
  - JDK-8285523: Improve test java/io/FileOutputStream/
  - JDK-8285591: [11] add signum checks in engineVerify
  - JDK-8285686: Update FreeType to 2.12.0
  - JDK-8285720: test/jdk/java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ fails to compile after backport of 8273655
  - JDK-8285726: [11u, 17u] Unify fix for JDK-8284548 with version from head
  - JDK-8285727: [11u, 17u] Unify fix for JDK-8284920 with version from head
  - JDK-8285828: runtime/execstack/ fails with zipped debug symbols
  - JDK-8286013: Incorrect test configurations for compiler/stable/
  - JDK-8286198: [linux] Fix process-memory information
  - JDK-8286293: Tests ShortResponseBody and ShortResponseBodyWithRetry should use less resources
  - JDK-8286444: javac errors after JDK-8251329 are not helpful enough to find root cause
  - JDK-8286594: (zipfs) Mention paths with dot elements in ZipException and cleanups
  - JDK-8286630: [11] avoid -std=c++11 CXX harfbuzz buildflag on Windows
  - JDK-8286855: javac error on invalid jar should only print filename
  - JDK-8287109: failed with CertificateExpiredException
  - JDK-8287119: Add to ProblemList
  - JDK-8287362: FieldAccessWatch testcase failed on AIX platform
  - JDK-8287378: GHA: Update cygwin to fix issues in langtools tests on Windows
  - JDK-8287739: [11u] ProblemList sun/security/ssl/SSLSessionImpl/

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8277157: Vector should throw ClassNotFoundException for a missing class of an element
`java.util.Vector` is updated to correctly report
`ClassNotFoundException that occurs during deserialization using
`, object)` when the class
of an element of the Vector is not found. Without this fix, a
`StreamCorruptedException` is thrown that does not provide information
about the missing class.


JDK-8285240: HTTPS Channel Binding support for Java GSS/Kerberos
Support has been added for TLS channel binding tokens for
Negotiate/Kerberos authentication over HTTPS through

Channel binding tokens are increasingly required as an enhanced form
of security which can mitigate certain kinds of socially engineered,
man in the middle (MITM) attacks. They work by communicating from a
client to a server the client's understanding of the binding between
connection security (as represented by a TLS server cert) and higher
level authentication credentials (such as a username and
password). The server can then detect if the client has been fooled by
a MITM and shutdown the session/connection.

The feature is controlled through a new system property
`jdk.https.negotiate.cbt` which is described fully at the following


JDK-8283137: Incorrect handling of quoted arguments in ProcessBuilder
ProcessBuilder on Windows is restored to address a regression caused
by JDK-8250568.  Previously, an argument to ProcessBuilder that
started with a double-quote and ended with a backslash followed by a
double-quote was passed to a command incorrectly and may cause the
command to fail.  For example the argument `"C:\\Program Files\"`,
would be seen by the command with extra double-quotes. This update
restores the long standing behavior that does not treat the backslash
before the final double-quote specially.


JDK-8278386: Default JDK compressor will be closed when IOException is encountered
`DeflaterOutputStream.close()` and `GZIPOutputStream.finish()` methods
have been modified to close out the associated default JDK compressor
before propagating a Throwable up the
stack. `ZIPOutputStream.closeEntry()` method has been modified to
close out the associated default JDK compressor before propagating an
IOException, not of type ZipException, up the stack.


JDK-8285660: New System Property to Disable Windows Alternate Data Stream Support in
The Windows implementation of `` allows access to NTFS
Alternate Data Streams (ADS) by default. Such streams have a structure
like “filename:streamname”. A system property ``
has been added to control this behavior. To disable ADS support in
``, the system property `` should be
set to `false` (case ignored). Stricter path checking however prevents
the use of special devices such as `NUL:`

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.15 (2022-04-19):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* New features
  - JDK-8253795: Implementation of JEP 391: macOS/AArch64 Port
* Security fixes
  - JDK-8269938: Enhance XML processing passes redux
  - JDK-8270504, CVE-2022-21426: Better XPath expression handling
  - JDK-8272255: Completely handle MIDI files
  - JDK-8272261: Improve JFR recording file processing
  - JDK-8272594: Better record of recordings
  - JDK-8274221: More definite BER encodings
  - JDK-8275082, JDK-8278008, CVE-2022-21476: Update XML Security for Java to 2.3.0
  - JDK-8275151, CVE-2022-21443: Improved Object Identification
  - JDK-8277227: Better identification of OIDs
  - JDK-8277672, CVE-2022-21434: Better invocation handler handling
  - JDK-8278356: Improve file creation
  - JDK-8278449: Improve keychain support
  - JDK-8278798: Improve supported intrinsic
  - JDK-8278805: Enhance BMP image loading
  - JDK-8278972, CVE-2022-21496: Improve URL supports
  - JDK-8281388: Change wrapping of EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo
* Other changes
  - JDK-8065704: Set LC_ALL=C for all relevant commands in the build system
  - JDK-8177814: jdk/editpad is not in jdk TEST.groups
  - JDK-8186780: clang fastdebug assertion failure in os_linux_x86:os::verify_stack_alignment()
  - JDK-8190748: java/text/Format/DateFormat/ and NonGregorianFormatTest fail intermittently
  - JDK-8193277: SimpleFileObject inconsistency between getName and getShortName
  - JDK-8199079: Test javax/swing/UIDefaults/6302464/ is unstable
  - JDK-8202142: jfr/event/io/TestInstrumentation is unstable
  - JDK-8207011: Remove uses of the register storage class specifier
  - JDK-8207793: [TESTBUG] runtime/Metaspace/ fails: heap needs to be increased
  - JDK-8208074: [TESTBUG] vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefineWithoutBytecodeCorruption/ failed with NullPointerException
  - JDK-8210194: [TESTBUG] jvmti_FollowRefObjects.cpp missing initializer for member _jvmtiHeapCallbacks::heap_reference_callback
  - JDK-8210236: Prepare ciReceiverTypeData::translate_receiver_data_from for concurrent class unloading
  - JDK-8211170: AArch64: Warnings in C1 and template interpreter
  - JDK-8211333: AArch64: Fix another build failure after JDK-8211029
  - JDK-8214004: Missing space between compiler thread name and task info in hs_err
  - JDK-8214026: Canonicalized archive paths appearing in diagnostics
  - JDK-8214761: Bug in parallel Kahan summation implementation
  - JDK-8216969: ParseException thrown for certain months with russian locale
  - JDK-8218546: Unable to connect to using
  - JDK-8220634: SymLinkArchiveTest should handle not being able to create symlinks
  - JDK-8222825: ARM32 SIGILL issue on single core CPU (not supported PLDW instruction)
  - JDK-8223142: Clean-up WS and CB.
  - JDK-8225559: assertion error at TransTypes.visitApply
  - JDK-8232533: G1 uses only a single thread for pretouching the java heap
  - JDK-8233827: Enable screenshots in the enhanced failure handler on Linux/macOS
  - JDK-8233986: ProblemList javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicTextUI/8001470/ for windows-x64
  - JDK-8234930: Use MAP_JIT when allocating pages for code cache on macOS
  - JDK-8236210: javac generates wrong annotation for fields generated from record components
  - JDK-8236505: Mark jdk/editpad/ as @headful
  - JDK-8237787: rewrite vmTestbase/vm/compiler/CodeCacheInfo* from shell to java
  - JDK-8237798: rewrite vmTestbase/jit/tiered from shell to java
  - JDK-8239502: [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/text/FlowView/6318524/ never fails
  - JDK-8240904: Screen flashes on test failures when running tests from make
  - JDK-8241004: NMT tests fail on unaligned thread size with debug build
  - JDK-8241423: NUMA APIs fail to work in dockers due to dependent syscalls are disabled by default
  - JDK-8247272: SA ELF file support has never worked for 64-bit causing address to symbol name mapping to fail
  - JDK-8247515: OSX pc_to_symbol() lookup does not work with core files
  - JDK-8249019: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_compiler tests
  - JDK-8250750: JDK-8247515 fix for OSX pc_to_symbol() lookup fails with some symbols
  - JDK-8251126: nsk.share.GoldChecker should read golden file from ${test.src}
  - JDK-8251127: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in remaining vmTestbase_vm_compiler tests
  - JDK-8251132: make main classes public in vmTestbase/jit tests
  - JDK-8251558: J2DBench should support shaped and translucent windows
  - JDK-8251998: remove usage of PropertyResolvingWrapper in vmTestbase/jit/t
  - JDK-8252005: narrow disabling of allowSmartActionArgs in vmTestbase
  - JDK-8253197: vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/StopThread/stopthrd007/ fails with "ERROR: DebuggeeSleepingThread: ThreadDeath lost"
  - JDK-8253816: Support macOS W^X
  - JDK-8253817: Support macOS Aarch64 ABI in Interpreter
  - JDK-8253818: Support macOS Aarch64 ABI for compiled wrappers
  - JDK-8253819: Implement os/cpu for macOS/AArch64
  - JDK-8253839: Update tests and JDK code for macOS/Aarch64
  - JDK-8254072: AArch64: Get rid of --disable-warnings-as-errors on Windows+ARM64 build
  - JDK-8254085: javax/swing/text/Caret/ failed with "RuntimeException:  Wrong caret position"
  - JDK-8254827: JVMCI: Enable it for Windows+AArch64
  - JDK-8254940: AArch64: Cleanup non-product thread members
  - JDK-8254941: Implement Serviceability Agent for macOS/AArch64
  - JDK-8255035: Update BCEL to Version 6.5.0
  - JDK-8255239: The timezone of the hs_err_pid log file is corrupted in Japanese locale
  - JDK-8255410: Add ChaCha20 and Poly1305 support to SunPKCS11 provider
  - JDK-8255776: Change build system for macOS/AArch64
  - JDK-8256154: Some TestNG tests require default constructors
  - JDK-8256321: Some "inactive" color profiles use the wrong profile class
  - JDK-8256373: [Windows/HiDPI] The Frame#setBounds does not work in a minimized state
  - JDK-8257467: [TESTBUG] -Wdeprecated-declarations is reported at sigset() in exesigtest.c
  - JDK-8257769: Cipher.getParameters() throws NPE for ChaCha20-Poly1305
  - JDK-8258554: javax/swing/JTable/4235420/ fails in GTK L&F
  - JDK-8261107: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the ICC_Profile.getInstance(InputStream)
  - JDK-8261205: AssertionError: Cannot add metadata to an intersection type
  - JDK-8262134: compiler/uncommontrap/ failed with "guarantee(false) failed: wrong number of expression stack elements during deopt"
  - JDK-8262894: [macos_aarch64] SIGBUS in Assembler::ld_st2
  - JDK-8262896: [macos_aarch64] Crash in jni_fast_GetLongField
  - JDK-8262903: [macos_aarch64] Thread::current() called on detached thread
  - JDK-8263185: Mallinfo deprecated in glibc 2.33
  - JDK-8264650: Cross-compilation to macos/aarch64
  - JDK-8265150: AsyncGetCallTrace crashes on ResourceMark
  - JDK-8266168: -Wmaybe-uninitialized happens in check_code.c
  - JDK-8266170: -Wnonnull happens in classLoaderData.inline.hpp
  - JDK-8266171: -Warray-bounds happens in imageioJPEG.c
  - JDK-8266172: -Wstringop-overflow happens in vmError.cpp
  - JDK-8266173: -Wmaybe-uninitialized happens in jni_util.c
  - JDK-8266174: -Wmisleading-indentation happens in libmlib_image sources
  - JDK-8266176: -Wmaybe-uninitialized happens in libArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionTest.c
  - JDK-8266187: Memory leak in appendBootClassPath()
  - JDK-8266421: Deadlock in Sound System
  - JDK-8266889: [macosx-aarch64] Crash with SIGBUS in MarkActivationClosure::do_code_blob during vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/.../bi04t002 test run
  - JDK-8268014: Build failure on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.4 (s390x) due to 'SYS_get_mempolicy' was not declared
  - JDK-8268542: serviceability/logging/ tests only 1st test case
  - JDK-8268882: C2: assert(n->outcnt() != 0 || C->top() == n || n->is_Proj()) failed: No dead instructions after post-alloc
  - JDK-8270874: JFrame paint artifacts when dragged from standard monitor to HiDPI monitor
  - JDK-8271202: C1: assert(false) failed: live_in set of first block must be empty
  - JDK-8272345: macos doesn't check `os::set_boot_path()` result
  - JDK-8272473: Parsing epoch seconds at a DST transition with a non-UTC parser is wrong
  - JDK-8272541: Incorrect overflow test in Toom-Cook branch of BigInteger multiplication
  - JDK-8273277: C2: Move conditional negation into rc_predicate
  - JDK-8273341: Update Siphash to version 1.0
  - JDK-8273366: [testbug] javax/swing/UIDefaults/6302464/ fails on macOS12
  - JDK-8273433: Enable parallelism in vmTestbase_nsk_sysdict tests
  - JDK-8273438: Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/metaspace/stressHierarchy tests
  - JDK-8273514: java/util/DoubleStreamSums/ failure
  - JDK-8273575: memory leak in appendBootClassPath(), paths must be deallocated
  - JDK-8273634: [TEST_BUG] Improve javax/swing/text/ParagraphView/6364882/
  - JDK-8273638: javax/swing/JTable/4235420/ fails in GTK L&F
  - JDK-8273682: Upgrade Jline to 3.20.0
  - JDK-8273704: failed : drawString with InfiniteXform transform takes long time
  - JDK-8273933: [TESTBUG] Test must run without preallocated exceptions
  - JDK-8274265: Suspicious string concatenation in logTestUtils.inline.hpp
  - JDK-8274338: com/sun/jdi/ failed "assert(m != __null) failed: NULL mirror"
  - JDK-8274465: Fix javax/swing/text/ParagraphView/6364882/ failures
  - JDK-8274523: java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ test should handle Shenandoah
  - JDK-8274524: SSLSocket.close() hangs if it is called during the ssl handshake
  - JDK-8274658: ISO 4217 Amendment 170 Update
  - JDK-8274714: Incorrect verifier protected access error message
  - JDK-8274736: Concurrent read/close of SSLSockets causes SSLSessions to be invalidated unnecessarily
  - JDK-8274795: AArch64: avoid spilling and restoring r18 in macro assembler
  - JDK-8275326: C2: assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected
  - JDK-8275536: Add test to check that File::lastModified returns same time stamp as Files.getLastModifiedTime
  - JDK-8275610: C2: Object field load floats above its null check resulting in a segfault
  - JDK-8275650: Problemlist java/io/File/createTempFile/ for Windows 11
  - JDK-8275703: System.loadLibrary fails on Big Sur for libraries hidden from filesystem
  - JDK-8275811: Incorrect instance to dispose
  - JDK-8276105: C2: Conv(D|F)2(I|L)Nodes::Ideal should handle rounding correctly
  - JDK-8276141: XPathFactory set/getProperty method
  - JDK-8276177: nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefineWithoutBytecodeCorruption failed with "assert(def_ik->is_being_redefined()) failed: should be being redefined to get here"
  - JDK-8276314: [JVMCI] check alignment of call displacement during code installation
  - JDK-8276623: JDK-8275650 accidentally pushed "out" file
  - JDK-8277328: jdk/jshell/ failures on Windows
  - JDK-8277342: vmTestbase/nsk/stress/strace/ fails with SIGSEGV in InstanceKlass::jni_id_for
  - JDK-8277385: Zero: Enable CompactStrings support
  - JDK-8277441: CompileQueue::add fails with assert(_last->next() == __null) failed: not last
  - JDK-8277447: Hotspot C1 compiler crashes on Kotlin suspend fun with loop
  - JDK-8277488: Add expiry exception for Digicert (geotrustglobalca) expiring in May 2022
  - JDK-8277795: ldap connection timeout not honoured under contention
  - JDK-8277796: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.15
  - JDK-8277992: Add fast jdk_svc subtests to jdk:tier3
  - JDK-8278115: gc/stress/gclocker/ has duplicate -Xmx
  - JDK-8278116: runtime/modules/ has duplicate -Xmx
  - JDK-8278172: java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ should only run on Linux
  - JDK-8278309: [windows] use of uninitialized OSThread::_state
  - JDK-8278381: [GCC 11] Address::make_raw() does not initialize rspec
  - JDK-8278384: Bytecodes::result_type() for arraylength returns T_VOID instead of T_INT
  - JDK-8278758: runtime/BootstrapMethod/ fails with release VMs after JDK-8262134
  - JDK-8278871: [JVMCI] assert((uint)reason < 2* _trap_hist_limit) failed: oob
  - JDK-8279076: C2: Bad AD file when matching SqrtF with UseSSE=0
  - JDK-8279077: JFR crashes on Linux ppc due to missing crash protector in signal handler
  - JDK-8279225: [arm32] C1 longs comparison operation destroys argument registers
  - JDK-8279300: [arm32] SIGILL when running GetObjectSizeIntrinsicsTest
  - JDK-8279379: GHA: Print tests that are in error
  - JDK-8279669: test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/ uses wrong condition
  - JDK-8279702: [macosx] ignore xcodebuild warnings on M1
  - JDK-8279833: Loop optimization issue in String.encodeUTF8_UTF16
  - JDK-8279924: [PPC64, s390] implement frame::is_interpreted_frame_valid checks
  - JDK-8279998: PPC64 debug builds fail with "untested: RangeCheckStub: predicate_failed_trap_id"
  - JDK-8280155: [PPC64, s390] frame size checks are not yet correct
  - JDK-8280414: Memory leak in DefaultProxySelector
  - JDK-8280526: x86_32 Math.sqrt performance regression with -XX:UseSSE={0,1}
  - JDK-8280786: Build failure on Solaris after 8262392
  - JDK-8280999: array_bounds should be array-bounds after 8278507
  - JDK-8281061: [s390] JFR runs into assertions while validating interpreter frames
  - JDK-8281520: JFR: A wrong parameter is passed to the constructor of LeakKlassWriter
  - JDK-8281599: test/lib/jdk/test/lib/ is redundant since JDK-8268801
  - JDK-8282300: Throws NamingException instead of InvalidNameException after JDK-8278972
  - JDK-8282372: [11] build issue on MacOS/aarch64 12.2.1 using Xcode 13.1: call to 'log2_intptr' is ambiguous
  - JDK-8282397: createTempFile method of is failing when called with suffix of spaces character
  - JDK-8282761: XPathFactoryImpl remove setProperty and getProperty methods
  - JDK-8283018: 11u GHA: Update GCC 9 minor versions
  - JDK-8283270: [11u] broken JRT_ENTRY_NO_ASYNC after Backport of JDK-8253795
  - JDK-8283778: 11u GHA: Fix GCC 9 ubuntu package names
  - JDK-8284548: Invalid XPath expression causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  - JDK-8284920: Incorrect Token type causes XPath expression to return empty result

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8275737: SunPKCS11 Provider Supports ChaCha20-Poly1305 Cipher and ChaCha20 KeyGenerator if Supported by PKCS11 Library
SunPKCS11 provider is enhanced to support the following crypto
services and algorithms when the underlying PKCS11 library supports
the corresponding PKCS#11 mechanisms:

* ChaCha20 KeyGenerator <=> CKM_CHACHA20_KEY_GEN mechanism
* ChaCha20-Poly1305 Cipher <=> CKM_CHACHA20_POLY1305 mechanism
* ChaCha20-Poly1305 AlgorithmParameters <=> CKM_CHACHA20_POLY1305 mechanism
* ChaCha20 SecretKeyFactory <=> CKM_CHACHA20_POLY1305 mechanism

New in release OpenJDK (2022-02-08):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Other changes
  - JDK-8218546: Unable to connect to using
  - JDK-8280786: Build failure on Solaris after 8262392
  - JDK-8281324: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.14 (2022-01-18):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* New features
  - JDK-8248238: Implementation: JEP 388: Windows AArch64 Support
* Security fixes
  - JDK-8217375: jarsigner breaks old signature with long lines in manifest
  - JDK-8251329: (zipfs) Files.walkFileTree walks infinitely if zip has dir named "." inside
  - JDK-8264934, CVE-2022-21248: Enhance cross VM serialization
  - JDK-8268488: More valuable DerValues
  - JDK-8268494: Better inlining of inlined interfaces
  - JDK-8268512: More content for ContentInfo
  - JDK-8268795: Enhance digests of Jar files
  - JDK-8268801: Improve PKCS attribute handling
  - JDK-8268813, CVE-2022-21283: Better String matching
  - JDK-8269151: Better construction of EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo
  - JDK-8269944: Better HTTP transport redux
  - JDK-8270386, CVE-2022-21291: Better verification of scan methods
  - JDK-8270392, CVE-2022-21293: Improve String constructions
  - JDK-8270416, CVE-2022-21294: Enhance construction of Identity maps
  - JDK-8270492, CVE-2022-21282: Better resolution of URIs
  - JDK-8270498, CVE-2022-21296: Improve SAX Parser configuration management
  - JDK-8270646, CVE-2022-21299: Improved scanning of XML entities
  - JDK-8270952, CVE-2022-21277: Improve TIFF file handling
  - JDK-8271962: Better TrueType font loading
  - JDK-8271968: Better canonical naming
  - JDK-8271987: Manifest improved manifest entries
  - JDK-8272014, CVE-2022-21305: Better array indexing
  - JDK-8272026, CVE-2022-21340: Verify Jar Verification
  - JDK-8272236, CVE-2022-21341: Improve serial forms for transport
  - JDK-8272272: Enhance jcmd communication
  - JDK-8272462: Enhance image handling
  - JDK-8273290: Enhance sound handling
  - JDK-8273756, CVE-2022-21360: Enhance BMP image support
  - JDK-8273838, CVE-2022-21365: Enhanced BMP processing
  - JDK-8274096, CVE-2022-21366: Improve decoding of image files
  - JDK-8279541: Improve HarfBuzz
* Other changes
  - JDK-6849922: java/awt/Choice/ChoiceKeyEventReaction/ChoiceKeyEventReaction.html fails
  - JDK-7105119: [TEST_BUG] [macosx] In test UIDefaults.toString() must be called with the invokeLater()
  - JDK-7151826: [TEST_BUG] [macosx] The test javax/swing/JPopupMenu/4966112/ not for mac
  - JDK-7179006: [macosx] Print-to-file doesn't work: printing to the default printer instead
  - JDK-8015602: [macosx] Test javax/swing/SpringLayout/4726194/ fails on MacOSX
  - JDK-8034084: nsk.nsk/jvmti/ThreadStart/threadstart003  Wrong number of thread end events
  - JDK-8039261: [TEST_BUG]: There is not a minimal security level in Java Preferences and the TestApplet.html is blocked.
  - JDK-8047218: [TEST_BUG] java/awt/FullScreen/AltTabCrashTest/ fails with exception
  - JDK-8075909: [TEST_BUG] The regression-swing case failed as it does not have the 'Open' button when select 'subdir' folder with NimbusLAF
  - JDK-8078219: Verify lack of @test tag in files in java/net test directory
  - JDK-8080569: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails with "RuntimeException: Process terminated prematurely"
  - JDK-8081652: [TESTBUG] java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ timed out intermittently
  - JDK-8129310: java/net/Socket/asyncClose/ fails intermittently
  - JDK-8131745: java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ still fails intermittently
  - JDK-8136517: [macosx]Test  java/awt/Focus/8073453/ fails on MacOSX
  - JDK-8137101: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicHTML/4251579/ failure due to timing
  - JDK-8143021: [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/JColorChooser/ fails
  - JDK-8159597: [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/JPopupMenu/4760494/ leaves key pressed
  - JDK-8159904: [TEST_BUG] Failure on solaris of java/awt/Window/MultiWindowApp/
  - JDK-8163086: java/awt/Window/TranslucentJAppletTest/ fails
  - JDK-8165828: [TEST_BUG] The reg case:javax/swing/plaf/metal/MetalIcons/ failed as No Metal Look and Feel
  - JDK-8169953: JComboBox/8057893: ComboBoxEdited event is not fired! on Windows
  - JDK-8169954: JFileChooser/8021253: java.lang.RuntimeException: Default button is not pressed
  - JDK-8169959: javax/swing/JTable/6263446/ Table should be editing
  - JDK-8171381: [TEST_BUG] [macos] javax/swing/JPopupMenu/7156657/ fails on OS X
  - JDK-8171998: javax/swing/JMenu/4692443/ fails on Windows
  - JDK-8174819: java/nio/file/WatchService/ fails intermittently
  - JDK-8179880: Refactor javax/security shell tests to plain java tests
  - JDK-8180568: Refactor javax/crypto shell tests to plain java tests
  - JDK-8180569: Refactor sun/security/krb5/ shell tests to plain java tests
  - JDK-8180571: Refactor sun/security/pkcs11 shell tests to plain java tests and fix failures
  - JDK-8180573: Refactor sun/security/tools shell tests to plain java tests
  - JDK-8187649: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in java.util.JapaneseImperialCalendar
  - JDK-8190753: (zipfs): Accessing a large entry (> 2^31 bytes) leads to a negative initial size for ByteArrayOutputStream
  - JDK-8195703: 'App exited unexpectedly with 2'
  - JDK-8196096: javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6580930/ fails
  - JDK-8197560: test javax/swing/JTree/8003400/ fails
  - JDK-8197800: Test java/awt/Focus/NonFocusableWindowTest/ fails on Windows
  - JDK-8197811: Test java/awt/Choice/PopupPosTest/ fails on Windows
  - JDK-8198616: java/awt/Focus/6378278/ fails on mac
  - JDK-8198617: java/awt/Focus/6382144/ fails on mac
  - JDK-8198619: java/awt/Focus/FocusTraversalPolicy/ButtonGroupLayoutTraversal/ fails on mac
  - JDK-8198623: java/awt/KeyboardFocusmanager/TypeAhead/EnqueueWithDialogButtonTest/ fails on mac
  - JDK-8198624: java/awt/KeyboardFocusmanager/TypeAhead/SubMenuShowTest/SubMenuShowTest.html fails on mac
  - JDK-8199138: Add RISC-V support to Zero
  - JDK-8199529: javax/swing/text/Utilities/8142966/ fails on windows
  - JDK-8201224: Make string buffer size dynamic in mlvmJvmtiUtils.c
  - JDK-8202342: [Graal] fromTonga/nsk/jvmti/unit/FollowReferences/followref003/ fails with "Location mismatch" errors
  - JDK-8204161: [TESTBUG] auto failed with the "Applet thread threw exception: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException" exception
  - JDK-8206085: Refactor langtools/tools/javac/versions/
  - JDK-8207936: TestZipFile failed with java.lang.AssertionError exception
  - JDK-8208242: Add @requires to vmTestbase/gc/g1 tests
  - JDK-8209611: use C++ compiler for hotspot tests
  - JDK-8210182: Remove macros for C compilation from vmTestBase but non jvmti
  - JDK-8210198: Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG for vmTestbase/jvmti/Get[A-F] tests
  - JDK-8210205: build fails on AIX in hotspot cpp tests (for example getstacktr001.cpp)
  - JDK-8210242: [TESTBUG] vmTestbase/nsk/stress/jni/ crashes with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on windows-x86
  - JDK-8210353: Move java/util/Arrays/ back to tier1
  - JDK-8210385: Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti[A-N] tests
  - JDK-8210392: assert(Compile::current()->live_nodes() < Compile::current()->max_node_limit()) failed: Live Node limit exceeded limit
  - JDK-8210395: Add doc to
  - JDK-8210429: Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG for vmTestbase/jvmti/Get[G-Z] tests
  - JDK-8210481: Remove #ifdef cplusplus from vmTestbase
  - JDK-8210593: Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti[N-R] tests
  - JDK-8210665: Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti[R-U] tests
  - JDK-8210689: Remove the multi-line old C style for string literals
  - JDK-8210700: Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti/unit tests
  - JDK-8210726: Fix up a few minor nits forgotten by JDK-8210665
  - JDK-8210920: Native C++ tests are not using CXXFLAGS
  - JDK-8210984: [TESTBUG] hs203t003 fails with "# ERROR: hs203t003.cpp, 218: NSK_CPP_STUB2 ( ResumeThread, jvmti, thread)"
  - JDK-8211036: Remove the NSK_STUB macros from vmTestbase for non jvmti
  - JDK-8211131: Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/[G-I]*
  - JDK-8211148: var in implicit lambdas shouldn't be accepted for source < 11
  - JDK-8211171: move JarUtils to top-level testlibrary
  - JDK-8211227: Inconsistent TLS protocol version in debug output
  - JDK-8211261: Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/[A-G]*
  - JDK-8211432: [REDO] Handle JNIGlobalRefLocker.cpp
  - JDK-8211782: Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/[I-S]*
  - JDK-8211801: Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/scenarios/[A-E]
  - JDK-8211899: Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/scenarios/[E-M]
  - JDK-8211905: Remove multiple casts for EM06 file
  - JDK-8211999: Window positioning bugs due to overlapping GraphicsDevice bounds (Windows/HiDPI)
  - JDK-8212082: Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros for remaining vmTestbase/jvmti/[sS]*
  - JDK-8212083: Handle remaining gc/lock native code and fix two strings
  - JDK-8212148: Remove remaining NSK_CPP_STUBs
  - JDK-8213110: Remove the use of applets in automatic tests
  - JDK-8213189: Make restricted headers in HTTP Client configurable and remove Date by default
  - JDK-8213263: fix legal headers in test/langtools
  - JDK-8213296: Fix legal headers in test/jdk/java/net
  - JDK-8213301: Fix legal headers in jdk logging tests
  - JDK-8213305: Fix legal headers in test/java/math
  - JDK-8213306: Fix legal headers in test/java/nio
  - JDK-8213328: Update test copyrights in test/java/util/zip and test/jdk/tools
  - JDK-8213330: Fix legal headers in i18n tests
  - JDK-8213707: [TEST] vmTestbase/nsk/stress/except/ failed due to wrong class name
  - JDK-8214469: [macos] PIT: java/awt/Choice/ChoiceKeyEventReaction/ fails
  - JDK-8215410: Regression test for JDK-8214994
  - JDK-8215568: Refactor SA clhsdb tests to use ClhsdbLauncher
  - JDK-8215624: Add parallel heap iteration for jmap –histo
  - JDK-8215889: assert(!_unloading) failed: This oop is not available to unloading class loader data with ZGC
  - JDK-8216318: The usage of Disposer in the java.awt.Robot can be deleted
  - JDK-8216417: cleanup of IPv6 scope-id handling
  - JDK-8217377: javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6583251/ failed with UnsupportedOperation exception
  - JDK-8217438: Adapt tools//launcher/ for AIX
  - JDK-8217633: Configurable extensions with system properties
  - JDK-8217882: java/net/httpclient/ failed once
  - JDK-8217903: java/net/httpclient/ fails with 404
  - JDK-8218483: Crash in "assert(_daemon_threads_count->get_value() > daemon_count) failed: thread count mismatch 5 : 5"
  - JDK-8219986: Change to Xcode 10.1 for building on Macosx at Oracle
  - JDK-8220575: Correctly format test URI's that contain a retrieved IPv6 address
  - JDK-8221259: New tests for to exercise long standing behavior
  - JDK-8221305: java/awt/FontMetrics/ fails on MacOS + Solaris
  - JDK-8221902: PIT: javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/ fails on ubuntu
  - JDK-8221903: PIT: javax/swing/RepaintManager/IconifyTest/ fails on ubuntu18.04
  - JDK-8222446: assert(C->env()->system_dictionary_modification_counter_changed()) failed: Must invalidate if TypeFuncs differ
  - JDK-8223137: Rename predicate 'do_unroll_only()' to 'is_unroll_only()'.
  - JDK-8223138: Small clean-up in loop-tree support.
  - JDK-8223139: Rename mandatory policy-do routines.
  - JDK-8223140: Clean-up in 'ok_to_convert()'
  - JDK-8223141: Change (count) suffix _ct into _cnt.
  - JDK-8223400: Replace some enums with static const members in hotspot/runtime
  - JDK-8223658: Performance regression of XML.validation in 13-b19
  - JDK-8223923: C2: Missing interference with mismatched unsafe accesses
  - JDK-8224829: has timing issue
  - JDK-8225083: Remove Google certificate that is expiring in December 2021
  - JDK-8226514: Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 17
  - JDK-8226943: compile error in libfollowref003.cpp  with XCode 10.2 on macosx
  - JDK-8228442: DHKeyExchange/ failed due to "SSLException: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine"
  - JDK-8228508: [TESTBUG] java/net/httpclient/ fails on Windows7
  - JDK-8229935: [TEST_BUG]: inconsistently positions text
  - JDK-8230019: [REDO] compiler/types/correctness/* tests fail with "assert(recv == __null || recv->is_klass()) failed: wrong type"
  - JDK-8230067: Add optional automatic retry when running jtreg tests
  - JDK-8230228: [TESTBUG] Several runtime/ErrorHandling tests may fail on some platforms
  - JDK-8231501: VM crash in MethodData::clean_extra_data(CleanExtraDataClosure*):  fatal error: unexpected tag 99
  - JDK-8233403: Improve verbosity of some httpclient tests
  - JDK-8233550: [TESTBUG] JTree tests fail regularly on MacOS
  - JDK-8233552: [TESTBUG] JTable Test fails on MacOS
  - JDK-8233553: [TESTBUG] JSpinner test fails on MacOS
  - JDK-8233555: [TESTBUG] JRadioButton tests failing on MacoS
  - JDK-8233556: [TESTBUG] JPopupMenu tests fail on MacOS
  - JDK-8233559: [TESTBUG] is failing on macos
  - JDK-8233560: [TESTBUG] ToolTipManager/  is failing on macos
  - JDK-8233561: [TESTBUG] Swing text test fails on macos
  - JDK-8233562: [TESTBUG] Swing StyledEditorKit test fails on MacOS
  - JDK-8233564: [TESTBUG] is failing
  - JDK-8233566: [TESTBUG] KeyboardFocusManager tests failing on MacoS
  - JDK-8233567: [TESTBUG] fails on macos
  - JDK-8233569: [TESTBUG] JTextComponent test fails on macos
  - JDK-8233570: [TESTBUG] HTMLEditorKit test is failing on macos
  - JDK-8233634: [TESTBUG] Swing text test fails on macos
  - JDK-8233635: [TESTBUG] fails on macos
  - JDK-8233637: [TESTBUG] Swing fails on macos
  - JDK-8233638: [TESTBUG] Swing test fails on macos
  - JDK-8233641: [TESTBUG] JMenuItem test fails on macos
  - JDK-8233642: [TESTBUG] JMenuBar test bug  fails on macos
  - JDK-8233643: [TESTBUG] JMenu test fails on macos
  - JDK-8233644: [TESTBUG] JInternalFrame test is failing on macos
  - JDK-8233647: [TESTBUG] JColorChooser/ is failing on macos
  - JDK-8234802: [TESTBUG] Test Right Mouse Button Drag Gesture Recognition in all the platforms
  - JDK-8234823: java/net/Socket/ testcase testTimedConnect2() fails on Windows 10
  - JDK-8235784: java/lang/invoke/VarHandles/ fails due to timeout with fastdebug bits
  - JDK-8236042: [TESTBUG] serviceability/sa/ fails with -Xcomp -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1
  - JDK-8236177: assert(status == 0) failed: error ETIMEDOUT(60), cond_wait
  - JDK-8236596: HttpClient leaves HTTP/2 sockets in CLOSE_WAIT, when using proxy tunnel
  - JDK-8237354: Add option to jcmd to write a gzipped heap dump
  - JDK-8237589: Fix copyright header formatting
  - JDK-8238677: java/net/httpclient/ssltest/ should not specify TLS version
  - JDK-8239334: Tab Size does not work correctly in JTextArea with setLineWrap on
  - JDK-8239422: [TESTBUG] compiler/c1/ failed when C1 is disabled
  - JDK-8239827: The test should be changed to be manual
  - JDK-8240256: Better resource cleaning for SunPKCS11 Provider
  - JDK-8242044: Add basic HTTP/1.1 support to the HTTP/2 Test Server
  - JDK-8242526: PIT: javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8020708/ fails in mach5 ubuntu system
  - JDK-8242793: Incorrect copyright header in
  - JDK-8243543: jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
  - JDK-8244292: Headful clients failing with --illegal-access=deny
  - JDK-8245147: Refactor and improve utility of test/langtools/tools/javac/versions/
  - JDK-8245165: Update bug id for javax/swing/text/StyledEditorKit/4506788/ in ProblemList
  - JDK-8245665: Test should only make sure no warning for weak signature algorithms by keytool on root CA
  - JDK-8246114: java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails after 8241072 (multi-homed systems)
  - JDK-8246807: Incorrect copyright header in
  - JDK-8247403: JShell: No custom input (e.g. from GUI) possible with JavaShellToolBuilder
  - JDK-8247510: typo in IllegalHandshakeMessage
  - JDK-8248187: [TESTBUG] javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicGraphicsUtils/8132119/ fails with String is not properly drawn
  - JDK-8248341: ProblemList java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/
  - JDK-8248500: AArch64: Remove the r18 dependency on Windows AArch64
  - JDK-8248899: security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails, Certificate has been revoked
  - JDK-8249195: Change to Xcode 11.3.1 for building on Macos at Oracle
  - JDK-8250521: Configure initial RTO to use minimal retry for loopback connections on Windows
  - JDK-8250810: Push missing parts of JDK-8248817
  - JDK-8250839: Improve test template SSLEngineTemplate with SSLContextTemplate
  - JDK-8250863: Build error with GCC 10 in NetworkInterface.c and k_standard.c
  - JDK-8250888: nsk/jvmti/scenarios/general_functions/GF08/gf08t001/ fails
  - JDK-8251155: HostIdentifier fails to canonicalize hostnames starting with digits
  - JDK-8251377: [macos11] JTabbedPane selected tab text is barely legible
  - JDK-8251570: JDK-8215624 causes assert(worker_id < _n_workers) failed: Invalid worker_id
  - JDK-8251930: AArch64: Native types mismatch in hotspot
  - JDK-8252049: Native memory leak in ciMethodData ctor
  - JDK-8252051: Make mlvmJvmtiUtils strncpy uses GCC 10.x friendly
  - JDK-8252114: Windows-AArch64: Enable and test ZGC and ShenandoahGC
  - JDK-8253015: Aarch64: Move linux code out from generic CPU feature detection
  - JDK-8253147: The javax/swing/JPopupMenu/7154841/ fail on big screens
  - JDK-8253497: Core Libs Terminology Refresh
  - JDK-8253682: The is unstable
  - JDK-8253763: ParallelObjectIterator should have virtual destructor
  - JDK-8253866: Security Libs Terminology Refresh
  - JDK-8254802: fails in "try throwing in GET_BODY"
  - JDK-8255227: java/net/httpclient/ intermittently failing with TestServer: start exception: Invalid preface
  - JDK-8255264: Support for identifying the full range of IPv4 localhost addresses on Windows
  - JDK-8255716: AArch64: Regression: JVM crashes if manually offline a core
  - JDK-8255722: Create a new test for rotated blit
  - JDK-8256009: Remove src/hotspot/share/adlc/Test/
  - JDK-8256066: Tests use deprecated TestNG API that is no longer available in new versions
  - JDK-8256152: tests fail because of ambiguous method resolution
  - JDK-8256182: Update qemu-debootstrap cross-compilation recipe
  - JDK-8256201: java/awt/FullScreen/FullscreenWindowProps/ failed
  - JDK-8256202: Some tweaks for jarsigner tests PosixPermissionsTest and SymLinkTest
  - JDK-8256372: [macos] Unexpected symbol was displayed on JTextField with Monospaced font
  - JDK-8256956: RegisterImpl::max_slots_per_register is incorrect on AMD64
  - JDK-8258457: testlibrary_tests/ctw/ fails with InvalidPathException on windows
  - JDK-8258855: Two tests sun/security/krb5/auto/ and failed on OL8.3
  - JDK-8259237: Demo selection changes with left/right arrow key. No need to press space for selection.
  - JDK-8260571: Add PrintMetaspaceStatistics to print metaspace statistics upon VM exit
  - JDK-8260690: JConsole User Guide Link from the Help menu is not accessible by keyboard
  - JDK-8261036: Reduce classes loaded by CleanerFactory initialization
  - JDK-8261071: AArch64: Refactor interpreter native wrappers
  - JDK-8261075: Create stubRoutines.inline.hpp with SafeFetch implementation
  - JDK-8261236: C2: ClhsdbJstackXcompStress test fails when StressGCM is enabled
  - JDK-8261297: NMT: Final report should use scale 1
  - JDK-8261661: gc/stress/ fails because Reserved memory size is too big
  - JDK-8261916: gtest/ vmErrorTest.unimplemented1_vm_assert failed
  - JDK-8262438: sun/security/ssl/SSLLogger/ failed with "SocketException: Socket is closed"
  - JDK-8262731: [macOS] Exception from "Printable.print" is swallowed during "PrinterJob.print"
  - JDK-8262844: (fs) FileStore.supportsFileAttributeView might return false negative in case of ext3
  - JDK-8263059: security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails due to revoked cert
  - JDK-8263068: Rename safefetch.hpp to safefetch.inline.hpp
  - JDK-8263303: C2 compilation fails with assert(found_sfpt) failed: no node in loop that's not input to safepoint
  - JDK-8263362: Avoid division by 0 in  java/awt/font/ justify
  - JDK-8263773: Reenable German localization for builds at Oracle
  - JDK-8263897: compiler/c2/aarch64/ failed with "java.lang.RuntimeException: Wrong method"
  - JDK-8264526: javax/swing/text/html/parser/Parser/8078268/ timeout
  - JDK-8264824: java/net/Inet6Address/ doesn't close ServerSocket properly
  - JDK-8265019: Update tests for additional TestNG test permissions
  - JDK-8265173: [test] divert spurious log output away from stream under test in ProcessBuilder Basic test
  - JDK-8265524: Upgrading JSZip from v3.2.2 to v3.6.0
  - JDK-8266182: Automate manual steps listed in the test jdk/sun/security/pkcs12/
  - JDK-8266579: Update test/jdk/java/lang/ProcessHandle/ & test/jdk/java/sql/testng/util/
  - JDK-8266949: Check possibility to disable OperationTimedOut on Unix
  - JDK-8267246: -XX:MaxRAMPercentage=0 is unreasonable for jtreg tests on many-core machines
  - JDK-8267256: Extend minimal retry for loopback connections on Windows to PlainSocketImpl
  - JDK-8267304: Bump global JTReg memory limit to 768m
  - JDK-8267652: c2 loop unrolling by 8 results in reading memory past array
  - JDK-8268019: C2: assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected
  - JDK-8268093: Manual Testcase: "sun/security/krb5/config/native/" Fails with NPE
  - JDK-8268555: Update HttpClient tests that use ITestContext to jtreg 6+1
  - JDK-8268672: C2: assert(!loop->is_member(u_loop)) failed: can be in outer loop or out of both loops only
  - JDK-8269034: AccessControlException for SunPKCS11 daemon threads
  - JDK-8269426: Rename test/jdk/java/lang/invoke/t8150782 to accessClassAndFindClass
  - JDK-8269574: C2: Avoid redundant uncommon traps in GraphKit::builtin_throw() for JVMTI exception events
  - JDK-8269656: The test test/langtools/tools/javac/versions/ has duplicate test cycles
  - JDK-8269768: JFR Terminology Refresh
  - JDK-8269951: [macos] Focus not painted in JButton when  setBorderPainted(false) is invoked
  - JDK-8269984: [macos] JTabbedPane title looks like  disabled
  - JDK-8269993: [Test]: java/net/httpclient/ contains redundant @run tags
  - JDK-8270116: Expand to run in all LaFs, including Aqua on macOS
  - JDK-8270216: [macOS] Update named used for Java run loop mode
  - JDK-8270280: security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/  OCSP response error
  - JDK-8270290: NTLM authentication fails if HEAD request is used
  - JDK-8270317: Large Allocation in CipherSuite
  - JDK-8270344: Session resumption errors
  - JDK-8270517: Add Zero support for LoongArch
  - JDK-8270533: AArch64: size_fits_all_mem_uses should return false if its output is a CAS
  - JDK-8270886: Crash in PhaseIdealLoop::verify_strip_mined_scheduling
  - JDK-8271287: jdk/jshell/ fails with "lists don't have the same size expected"
  - JDK-8271340: Crash PhaseIdealLoop::clone_outer_loop
  - JDK-8271341: Opcode() != Op_If && Opcode() != Op_RangeCheck) || outcnt() == 2 assert failure with
  - JDK-8271459: C2: Missing NegativeArraySizeException when creating StringBuilder with negative capacity
  - JDK-8271490: [ppc] [s390]: Crash in JavaThread::pd_get_top_frame_for_profiling
  - JDK-8271560: sun/security/ssl/DHKeyExchange/ still fails due to "An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine"
  - JDK-8271567: AArch64: AES Galois CounterMode (GCM) interleaved implementation using vector instructions
  - JDK-8272180: Upgrade JSZip from v3.6.0 to v3.7.1
  - JDK-8272181: Windows-AArch64:Backport fix of `Backtracing broken on PAC enabled systems`
  - JDK-8272316: Wrong Boot JDK help message in 11
  - JDK-8272318: Improve performance of HeapDumpAllTest
  - JDK-8272342: [TEST_BUG] java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ catches all exceptions
  - JDK-8272570: C2: crash in PhaseCFG::global_code_motion
  - JDK-8272574: C2: assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in build_loop_late
  - JDK-8272581: sun/security/pkcs11/Provider/ fails after JDK-8266182
  - JDK-8272708: [Test]: Cleanup: test/jdk/security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ no longer needs ocspEnabled
  - JDK-8272720: Fix the implementation of loop unrolling heuristic with LoopPercentProfileLimit
  - JDK-8272783: Epsilon: Refactor tests to improve performance
  - JDK-8272806: [macOS] "Apple AWT Internal Exception" when input method is changed
  - JDK-8272828: Add correct licenses to
  - JDK-8272836: Limit run time for java/lang/invoke/LFCaching tests
  - JDK-8272850: Drop zapping values in the Zap* option descriptions
  - JDK-8272902: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.14
  - JDK-8272914: Create hotspot:tier2 and hotspot:tier3 test groups
  - JDK-8272966: test/jdk/java/awt/Robot/ fails by timeout
  - JDK-8273026: Slow LoginContext.login() on multi threading application
  - JDK-8273229: Update OS detection code to recognize Windows Server 2022
  - JDK-8273235: tools/launcher/ Fails on Windows 32bit
  - JDK-8273308: fails on CI
  - JDK-8273314: Add tier4 test groups
  - JDK-8273342: Null pointer dereference in classFileParser.cpp:2817
  - JDK-8273358: macOS Monterey does not have the font Times needed by Serif
  - JDK-8273373: Zero: Cannot invoke JVM in primordial threads on Zero
  - JDK-8273498: compiler/c2/ timed out
  - JDK-8273541: Cleaner Thread creates with normal priority instead of MAX_PRIORITY - 2
  - JDK-8273547: [11u] [JVMCI] Partial backport of JDK-8223332
  - JDK-8273606: Zero: SPARC64 build fails with si_band type mismatch
  - JDK-8273646: Add openssl from path variable also in to Default System Openssl Path in OpensslArtifactFetcher
  - JDK-8273671: Backport of 8260616 misses one JNF header inclusion removal
  - JDK-8273790: Potential cyclic dependencies between Gregorian and CalendarSystem
  - JDK-8273795: Zero SPARC64 debug builds fail due to missing interpreter fields
  - JDK-8273826: Correct Manifest file name and NPE checks
  - JDK-8273894: ConcurrentModificationException raised every time ReferralsCache drops referral
  - JDK-8273924: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown in java.util.JapaneseImperialCalendar.add()
  - JDK-8273961: jdk/nio/zipfs/ fails if file path contains '+' character
  - JDK-8273968: JCK javax_xml tests fail in CI
  - JDK-8274056: JavaAccessibilityUtilities leaks JNI objects
  - JDK-8274083: Update testing docs to mention tiered testing
  - JDK-8274293: Build failure on macOS with Xcode 13.0 as vfork is deprecated
  - JDK-8274326: [macos] Ensure initialisation of sun/lwawt/macosx/CAccessibility in JavaComponentAccessibility.m
  - JDK-8274329: Fix non-portable HotSpot code in MethodMatcher::parse_method_pattern
  - JDK-8274381: missing CAccessibility definitions in JNI code
  - JDK-8274407: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2021c
  - JDK-8274467: fails with tzdata2021b
  - JDK-8274468: fails with tzdata2021b
  - JDK-8274522: java/lang/management/ManagementFactory/ test fails with Shenandoah
  - JDK-8274642: jdk/jshell/ fails with NoSuchElementException after JDK-8271287
  - JDK-8274773: [TESTBUG] UnsafeIntrinsicsTest intermittently fails on weak memory model platform
  - JDK-8274779: HttpURLConnection: HttpClient and HttpsClient incorrectly check request method when set to POST
  - JDK-8274840: Update OS detection code to recognize Windows 11
  - JDK-8274860: gcc 10.2.1 produces an uninitialized warning in sharedRuntimeTrig.cpp
  - JDK-8275051: Shenandoah: Correct ordering of requested gc cause and gc request flag
  - JDK-8275131: Exceptions after a touchpad gesture on macOS
  - JDK-8275713: TestDockerMemoryMetrics test fails on recent runc
  - JDK-8275766: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2021e
  - JDK-8275849: fails with tzdata2021e
  - JDK-8276066: Reset LoopPercentProfileLimit for x86 due to suboptimal performance
  - JDK-8276139: not reliable, better to expand test
  - JDK-8276157: C2: Compiler stack overflow during escape analysis on Linux x86_32
  - JDK-8276201: Shenandoah: Race results degenerated GC to enter wrong entry point
  - JDK-8276536: Update TimeZoneNames files to follow the changes made by JDK-8275766
  - JDK-8276550: Use SHA256 hash in
  - JDK-8276774: Cookie stored in CookieHandler not sent if user headers contain cookie
  - JDK-8276854: Windows GHA builds fail due to broken Cygwin
  - JDK-8277029: JMM GetDiagnosticXXXInfo APIs should verify output array sizes
  - JDK-8277224: throws NPE
  - JDK-8277529: SIGSEGV in C2 CompilerThread Node::rematerialize() compiling Packet::readUnsignedTrint
  - JDK-8277815: Fix mistakes in legal header backports

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8250554: New Option Added to jcmd for Writing a gzipped Heap Dump
A new integer option `gz` has been added to the `GC.heap_dump`
diagnostic command. If it is specified, it will enable the gzip
compression of the written heap dump. The supplied value is the
compression level. It can range from 1 (fastest) to 9 (slowest, but
best compression). The recommended level is 1.


JDK-8260310: Configurable Extensions With System Properties
Two new system properties have been added. The system property,
`jdk.tls.client.disableExtensions`, is used to disable TLS extensions
used in the client. The system property,
`jdk.tls.server.disableExtensions`, is used to disable TLS extensions
used in the server. If an extension is disabled, it will be neither
produced nor processed in the handshake messages.

The property string is a list of comma separated standard TLS
extension names, as registered in the IANA documentation (for example,
server_name, status_request, and signature_algorithms_cert). Note that
the extension names are case sensitive. Unknown, unsupported,
misspelled and duplicated TLS extension name tokens will be ignored.

Please note that the impact of blocking TLS extensions is
complicated. For example, a TLS connection may not be able to be
established if a mandatory extension is disabled. Please do not
disable mandatory extensions, and do not use this feature unless you
clearly understand the impact.


JDK-8272907: New SunPKCS11 Configuration Properties
The SunPKCS11 provider gains new provider configuration attributes to
better control native resources usage. The SunPKCS11 provider consumes
native resources in order to work with native PKCS11 libraries. To
manage and better control the native resources, additional
configuration attributes are added to control the frequency of
clearing native references as well as whether to destroy the
underlying PKCS11 Token after logout.

The 3 new attributes for the SunPKCS11 provider configuration file

1) `destroyTokenAfterLogout` (boolean, defaults to false)

If set to true, when `` is called
upon the SunPKCS11 provider instance, the underlying Token object will
be destroyed and resources will be freed. This essentially renders the
SunPKCS11 provider instance unusable after `logout()` calls. Note that
a PKCS11 provider with this attribute set to `true` should not be
added to the system provider list since the provider object is not
usable after a `logout()` method call.

2) `cleaner.shortInterval` (integer, defaults to 2000, in milliseconds)

This defines the frequency for clearing native references during busy
periods (such as, how often should the cleaner thread processes the
no-longer-needed native references in the queue to free up native
memory). Note that the cleaner thread will switch to the
'longInterval' frequency after 200 failed tries (such as, when no
references are found in the queue).

3) `cleaner.longInterval` (integer, defaults to 60000, in milliseconds)

This defines the frequency for checking native reference during
non-busy period (such as, how often should the cleaner thread check
the queue for native references). Note that the cleaner thread will
switch back to the 'shortInterval' value if native PKCS11 references
for cleaning are detected.


JDK-8271517: Zip File System Provider Throws ZipException when entry name element contains "." or "."
The ZIP file system provider has been changed to reject existing ZIP
files that contain entries with "." or ".." in name elements. ZIP
files with these entries can not be used as a file system. Invoking
the `java.nio.file.FileSystems.newFileSystem(...)` methods will throw
`ZipException` if the ZIP file contains these entries.


JDK-8272535: Removed Google's GlobalSign Root Certificate
The following root certificate from Google has been removed from the
`cacerts` keystore:

Alias Name: globalsignr2ca [jdk]
Distinguished Name: CN=GlobalSign, O=GlobalSign, OU=GlobalSign Root CA - R2


JDK-8274857:  Update Timezone Data to 2021c
IANA Time Zone Database, on which JDK's Date/Time libraries are based,
has been updated to version 2021c
( Note
that with this update, some of the time zone rules prior to the year
1970 have been modified according to the changes which were introduced
with 2021b. For more detail, refer to the announcement of 2021b

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.13 (2021-10-19):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8163326, CVE-2021-35550: Update the default enabled cipher suites preference
  - JDK-8254967, CVE-2021-35565: spins on TLS session close
  - JDK-8263314: Enhance XML Dsig modes
  - JDK-8265167, CVE-2021-35556: Richer Text Editors
  - JDK-8265574: Improve handling of sheets
  - JDK-8265580, CVE-2021-35559: Enhanced style for RTF kit
  - JDK-8265776: Improve Stream handling for SSL
  - JDK-8266097, CVE-2021-35561: Better hashing support
  - JDK-8266103: Better specified spec values
  - JDK-8266109: More Resilient Classloading
  - JDK-8266115: More Manifest Jar Loading
  - JDK-8266137, CVE-2021-35564: Improve Keystore integrity
  - JDK-8266689, CVE-2021-35567: More Constrained Delegation
  - JDK-8267086: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
  - JDK-8267712: Better LDAP reference processing
  - JDK-8267729, CVE-2021-35578: Improve TLS client handshaking
  - JDK-8267735, CVE-2021-35586: Better BMP support
  - JDK-8268193: Improve requests of certificates
  - JDK-8268199: Correct certificate requests
  - JDK-8268205: Enhance DTLS client handshake
  - JDK-8268506: More Manifest Digests
  - JDK-8269618, CVE-2021-35603: Better session identification
  - JDK-8269624: Enhance method selection support
  - JDK-8270398: Enhance canonicalization
  - JDK-8270404: Better canonicalization
* Other changes
  - JDK-8024368: private methods are allocated vtable indices
  - JDK-8042902: Test java/net/Inet6Address/serialize/ fails intermittently
  - JDK-8140466: ChaCha20 and Poly1305 TLS Cipher Suites
  - JDK-8157404: Unable to read certain PKCS12 keystores from SequenceInputStream
  - JDK-8158066: SourceDebugExtensionTest fails to rename file
  - JDK-8168304: Make all of DependencyContext_test available in product mode
  - JDK-8169246: java/net/DatagramSocket/ fails intermittently with BindException
  - JDK-8181313: SA: Remove libthread_db dependency on Linux
  - JDK-8193214: Incorrect annotations.without.processors warnings with JDK 9
  - JDK-8194230: jdk/internal/jrtfs/remote/ fails with java.lang.NullPointerException
  - JDK-8196092: javax/swing/JComboBox/8032878/ fails
  - JDK-8199931: java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails with "incorrect data received"
  - JDK-8206083: Make tools/javac/api/ robust to JDK version changes
  - JDK-8206350: java/util/Locale/bcp47u/ failed on Mac 10.13 with zh_CN and zh_TW locales.
  - JDK-8207316: java/nio/channels/spi/SelectorProvider/inheritedChannel/ failed
  - JDK-8208227: tools/jdeps/ fails on Win-X64
  - JDK-8208363: test/jdk/java/lang/Package/ missing module dependencies declaration
  - JDK-8209380: ARM: cleanup maybe-uninitialized and reorder compiler warnings
  - JDK-8209768: Refactor java/util/prefs/ to plain java test
  - JDK-8209772: Refactor shell test java/util/ServiceLoader/basic/ to java
  - JDK-8209773: Refactor shell test javax/naming/module/ to java
  - JDK-8209832: Refactor jdk/internal/reflect/Reflection/ to plain java test
  - JDK-8209930: Refactor java/util/zip/ZipFile/ to plain java test
  - JDK-8210406: Refactor java.util.PluggableLocale:i18n shell tests to plain java tests
  - JDK-8210407: Refactor java.util.Calendar:i18n shell tests to plain java tests
  - JDK-8210495: compiler crashes because of illegal signature in otherwise legal code
  - JDK-8210669: Some launcher tests assume a pre-JDK 9 run-time image layout
  - JDK-8210802: temp files left by tests in jdk/java/net/httpclient
  - JDK-8210819: Update the host name in
  - JDK-8210908: Refactor java/util/prefs/ to plain java test
  - JDK-8210934: Move sun/net/www/protocol/http/ to OpenJDK
  - JDK-8210959: JShell fails and exits when statement throws an exception whose message contains a '%'.
  - JDK-8211055: Provide print to a file (PDF) feature even when printer was not connected
  - JDK-8211092: test/jdk/sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/ fails intermittently when cleaning up
  - JDK-8211296: Remove HotSpot deprecation warning suppression for Mac/clang
  - JDK-8211325: test/jdk/java/net/Socket/ fails with cleaning up
  - JDK-8212040: Compilation error due to wrong usage of NSPrintJobDispositionValue in mac10.12
  - JDK-8212695: Add explicit timeout to several HTTP Client tests
  - JDK-8212718: Refactor some annotation processor tests to better use collections
  - JDK-8213007: Update the link in test/jdk/sun/security/provider/SecureRandom/
  - JDK-8213137: Remove static initialization of monitor/mutex instances
  - JDK-8213235: java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ fails with threads that didn't exit
  - JDK-8213409: Refactor sun.text.IntHashtable:i18n shell tests to plain java tests
  - JDK-8213576: Make test run in othervm
  - JDK-8213694: Test should run in othervm mode
  - JDK-8213718: [TEST] Wrong classname in vmTestbase/nsk/stress/except/except002 and except003
  - JDK-8213922: fix ctw stand-alone build
  - JDK-8214195: Align stdout messages in test/jdk/java/math/BigInteger/
  - JDK-8214520: [TEST_BUG] sun/security/mscapi/nonUniqueAliases/ failed with incorrect jtreg tags order
  - JDK-8214937: sun/security/tools/jarsigner/warnings/ failed due to unexpected expiration date
  - JDK-8216532: tools/launcher/ fails (Solaris)
  - JDK-8217825: Verify @AfterTest is used correctly in WebSocket tests
  - JDK-8218145: block_if_requested is not proper inlined due to size
  - JDK-8219417: bump jtreg requiredVersion to b14
  - JDK-8219552: bump jtreg requiredVersion to b14 in test/jdk/sanity/client/
  - JDK-8219804: java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails intermittently due to NumberFormatException
  - JDK-8220445: Support for side by side MSVC Toolset versions
  - JDK-8221988: add possibility to build with Visual Studio 2019
  - JDK-8222751: closed/test/jdk/sun/security/util/DerIndefLenConverter/ fail
  - JDK-8223050: JVMCI: findUniqueConcreteMethod() should not use Dependencies::find_unique_concrete_method() for non-virtual methods
  - JDK-8224853: CDS address sanitizer errors
  - JDK-8225082: Remove IdenTrust certificate that is expiring in September 2021
  - JDK-8225583: Examine the HttpResponse.BodySubscribers for null handling and multiple subscriptions
  - JDK-8225690: Multiple AttachListener threads can be created
  - JDK-8225790: Two NestedDialogs tests fail on Ubuntu
  - JDK-8226319: Add forgotten test/jdk/java/net/httpclient/
  - JDK-8226533: JVMCI: findUniqueConcreteMethod should handle statically bindable methods directly
  - JDK-8226602: Test convenience reactive primitives from with RS TCK
  - JDK-8226683: Remove review suggestion from fix to 8219804
  - JDK-8227738: jvmti/DataDumpRequest/datadumpreq001 failed due to "exit code is 134"
  - JDK-8227766: CheckUnhandledOops is broken in MemAllocator
  - JDK-8227815: Minimal VM: set_state is not a member of AttachListener
  - JDK-8230674: Heap dumps should exclude dormant CDS archived objects of unloaded classes
  - JDK-8230808: Remove Access::equals()
  - JDK-8230841: Remove oopDesc::equals()
  - JDK-8231717: Improve performance of charset decoding when charset is always compactable
  - JDK-8232243: Wrong caret position in JTextPane on Windows with a screen resolution > 100%
  - JDK-8232782: Shenandoah: streamline post-LRB CAS barrier (aarch64)
  - JDK-8233790: Forward output from heap dumper to jcmd/jmap
  - JDK-8233989: Create an IPv4 version of java/net/MulticastSocket/
  - JDK-8234510: Remove file seeking requirement for writing a heap dump
  - JDK-8235211: serviceability/attach/ fails with AttachNotSupportedException: Unable to open socket file
  - JDK-8235216: typo in test filename
  - JDK-8235866: bump jtreg requiredVersion to 4.2b16
  - JDK-8236111: narrow allowSmartActionArgs disabling
  - JDK-8236413: AbstractConnectTimeout should tolerate both NoRouteToHostException and UnresolvedAddressException
  - JDK-8236671: NullPointerException in JKS keystore
  - JDK-8238930: problem list compiler/c2/
  - JDK-8238943: switch to jtreg 5.0
  - JDK-8240555: Using env of JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and _JAVA_OPTIONS breaks test
  - JDK-8240983: Incorrect copyright header in Apache Santuario 2.1.3 files
  - JDK-8241336: Some tests failed with NoRouteToHostException on MacOS with special network configuration
  - JDK-8241353: NPE in ToolProvider.getSystemJavaCompiler
  - JDK-8241768: git needs .gitattributes
  - JDK-8242882: opening jar file with large manifest might throw NegativeArraySizeException
  - JDK-8244973: serviceability/attach/ fails "stderr was not empty"
  - JDK-8245134: test/lib/jdk/test/lib/security/ should allow to specify aliases
  - JDK-8246261: failed due to "AssertionError: expected [18:14:22] but found [18:14:23]"
  - JDK-8246387: switch to jtreg 5.1
  - JDK-8247421: [TESTBUG] failed allocating blob
  - JDK-8247469: getSystemCpuLoad() returns -1 on linux when some offline cpus are present and cpusets.effective_cpus is not available
  - JDK-8248352: [TEST_BUG] Test test/jdk/java/awt/font/TextLayout/ can leave frame open
  - JDK-8248403: AArch64: Remove uses of kernel integer types
  - JDK-8248414: AArch64: Remove uses of long and unsigned long ints
  - JDK-8248657: Windows: strengthening in ThreadCritical regarding memory model
  - JDK-8248666: AArch64: Use THREAD_LOCAL instead of __thread
  - JDK-8248668: AArch64: Avoid MIN/MAX macros when using MSVC
  - JDK-8248671: AArch64: Remove unused variables
  - JDK-8248682: AArch64: Use ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED helper
  - JDK-8248816: C1: Fix signature conflict in LIRGenerator::strength_reduce_multiply
  - JDK-8249095: tools/javac/launcher/ fails on Windows
  - JDK-8249548: backward focus traversal gets stuck in button group
  - JDK-8249773: Upgrade test to be resilient to failure due to stray packets and interference
  - JDK-8249897: jdk/javadoc/tool/ uses @ignore w/o bug-id
  - JDK-8249898: jdk/javadoc/tool/6176978/ uses @ignore w/o bug-id
  - JDK-8249899: jdk/javadoc/tool/ uses @ignore w/o bug-id
  - JDK-8250588: Shenandoah: LRB needs to save/restore fp registers for runtime call
  - JDK-8250824: AArch64: follow up for JDK-8248414
  - JDK-8251166: Add automated testcases for changes done in JDK-8214112
  - JDK-8251252: Add automated testcase for fix done in JDK-8214253
  - JDK-8251254: Add automated test for fix done in JDK-8218472
  - JDK-8251361: Potential race between Logger configuration and GCs in HttpURLConWithProxy test
  - JDK-8251549: Update docs on building for Git
  - JDK-8251945: SIGSEGV in PackageEntry::purge_qualified_exports()
  - JDK-8252194: Add automated test for fix done in JDK-8218469
  - JDK-8252648: Shenandoah: name gang tasks consistently
  - JDK-8252825: Add automated test for fix done in JDK-8218479
  - JDK-8252853: AArch64: gc/shenandoah/ fails intermittently with C1
  - JDK-8252857: AArch64: Shenandoah C1 CAS is not sequentially consistent
  - JDK-8253048: AArch64: When CallLeaf, no need to preserve callee-saved registers in caller
  - JDK-8253424: Add support for running pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions
  - JDK-8253631: Remove unimplemented CompileBroker methods after JEP-165
  - JDK-8253865: Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions does not detect failures reliably
  - JDK-8253899: Make IsClassUnloadingEnabled signature match specification
  - JDK-8254024: Enhance native libs for AWT and Swing to work with GraalVM Native Image
  - JDK-8254054: Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions should not use the deprecated set-env command
  - JDK-8254173: Add Zero, Minimal hotspot targets to submit workflow
  - JDK-8254175: Build no-pch configuration in debug mode for submit checks
  - JDK-8254244: Some code emitted by TemplateTable::branch is unused when running TieredCompilation
  - JDK-8254270: linux 32 bit build doesn't compile libjdwp/log_messages.c
  - JDK-8254282: Add Linux x86_32 builds to submit workflow
  - JDK-8254850: Update terminology in java.awt.GridBagLayout source code comments
  - JDK-8255255: Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.2.1
  - JDK-8255305: Add Linux x86_32 tier1 to submit workflow
  - JDK-8255352: Archive important test outputs in submit workflow
  - JDK-8255373: Submit workflow artifact name is always ""
  - JDK-8255452: Doing GC during JVMTI MethodExit event posting breaks return oop
  - JDK-8255718: Zero: VM should know it runs in interpreter-only mode
  - JDK-8255790: GTKL&F: Java 16 crashes on initialising GTKL&F on Manjaro Linux
  - JDK-8255810: Zero: build fails without JVMTI
  - JDK-8255895: Submit workflow artifacts miss hs_errs/replays due to ZIP include mismatch
  - JDK-8256127: Add cross-compiled foreign architectures builds to submit workflow
  - JDK-8256215: Shenandoah: re-organize saving/restoring machine state in assembler code
  - JDK-8256267: Relax compiler/floatingpoint/ for x86_32 and lower -XX:+UseSSE
  - JDK-8256277: Github Action build on macOS should define OS and Xcode versions
  - JDK-8256354: Github Action build on Windows should define OS and MSVC versions
  - JDK-8256393: Github Actions build on Linux should define OS and GCC versions
  - JDK-8256414: add optimized build to submit workflow
  - JDK-8256747: GitHub Actions: decouple the hotspot build-only jobs from Linux x64 testing
  - JDK-8257056: Submit workflow should apt-get update to avoid package installation errors
  - JDK-8257148: Remove obsolete code in AWTView.m
  - JDK-8257497: Update keytool to create AKID from the SKID of the issuing certificate as specified by RFC 5280
  - JDK-8257620: Do not use objc_msgSend_stret to get macOS version
  - JDK-8257913: Add more known library locations to simplify Linux cross-compilation
  - JDK-8258703: Incorrect 512-bit vector registers restore on x86_32
  - JDK-8259338: Add expiry exception for identrustdstx3 alias to test
  - JDK-8259535: ECDSA SignatureValue do not always have the specified length
  - JDK-8259679: GitHub actions should use MSVC 14.28
  - JDK-8259924: GitHub actions fail on Linux x86_32 with "Could not configure libc6:i386"
  - JDK-8260460: GitHub actions still fail on Linux x86_32 with "Could not configure libc6:i386"
  - JDK-8260589: Crash in JfrTraceIdLoadBarrier::load(_jclass*)
  - JDK-8260923: Add more tests for SSLSocket input/output shutdown
  - JDK-8261072: AArch64: Fix MacroAssembler::get_thread convention
  - JDK-8261147: C2: Node is wrongly marked as reduction resulting in a wrong execution due to wrong vector instructions
  - JDK-8261238: NMT should not limit baselining by size threshold
  - JDK-8261496: Shenandoah: reconsider pacing updates memory ordering
  - JDK-8261652: Remove some dead comments from os_bsd_x86
  - JDK-8261846: [JVMCI] c2v_iterateFrames can get out of sync with the StackFrameStream
  - JDK-8262000: jdk/jfr/event/gc/detailed/ failed with "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
  - JDK-8262017: C2: assert(n != __null) failed: Bad immediate dominator info.
  - JDK-8262392: Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3
  - JDK-8262409: sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/SSLSocketImplThrowsWrongExceptions. SSL test failures caused by java failed with "Server reported the wrong exception"
  - JDK-8262470: Printed GlyphVector outline with low DPI has bad quality on Windows
  - JDK-8262862: Harden tests sun/security/x509/URICertStore/ and krb5/canonicalize/
  - JDK-8263136: C4530 was reported from VS 2019 at access bridge
  - JDK-8263227: C2: inconsistent spilling due to dead nodes in exception block
  - JDK-8263382: java/util/logging/ failed with "checkLoggers: getLoggerNames() returned unexpected loggers"
  - JDK-8263407: SPARC64 detection fails on Athena (SPARC64-X)
  - JDK-8263432: javac may report an invalid package/class clash on case insensitive filesystems
  - JDK-8263490: [macos] Crash occurs on JPasswordField with activated InputMethod
  - JDK-8263531: Remove unused buffer int
  - JDK-8263667: Avoid running GitHub actions on branches named pr/*
  - JDK-8263776: [JVMCI] add helper to perform Java upcalls
  - JDK-8264016: [JVMCI] add some thread local fields for use by JVMCI
  - JDK-8264752: SIGFPE crash with option FlightRecorderOptions:threadbuffersize=30M
  - JDK-8265132: C2 compilation fails with assert "missing precedence edge"
  - JDK-8265231: (fc) ReadDirect and WriteDirect tests fail after fix for JDK-8264821
  - JDK-8265335: Epsilon: Minor typo in EpsilonElasticTLABDecay description
  - JDK-8265756: AArch64: initialize memory allocated for locals according to Windows AArch64 stack page growth requirement in template interpreter
  - JDK-8265761: Font with missed font family name is not properly printed on Windows
  - JDK-8265773: incorrect jdeps message "jdk8internals" to describe a removed JDK internal API
  - JDK-8265836: OperatingSystemImpl.getCpuLoad() returns incorrect CPU load inside a container
  - JDK-8266018: Shenandoah: fix an incorrect assert
  - JDK-8266206: Build failure after JDK-8264752 with older GCCs
  - JDK-8266248: Compilation failure in PLATFORM_API_MacOSX_MidiUtils.c with Xcode 12.5
  - JDK-8266288: assert root method not found in witnessed_reabstraction_in_supers is too strong
  - JDK-8266404: Fatal error report generated with -XX:+CrashOnOutOfMemoryError should not contain suggestion to submit a bug report
  - JDK-8266480: Implicit null check optimization does not update control of hoisted memory operation
  - JDK-8266615: C2 incorrectly folds subtype checks involving an interface array
  - JDK-8266642: Improve ResolvedMethodTable hash function
  - JDK-8266749: AArch64: Backtracing broken on PAC enabled systems
  - JDK-8266761: AssertionError in
  - JDK-8266813: Shenandoah: Use shorter instruction sequence for checking if marking in progress
  - JDK-8267042: bug in monitor locking/unlocking on ARM32 C1 due to uninitialized BasicObjectLock::_displaced_header
  - JDK-8267348: Rewrite gc/epsilon/ to use Metaspace with less classes
  - JDK-8267396: Avoid recording "pc" in unhandled oops detector for better performance
  - JDK-8267399: C2: java/text/Normalizer/ test failed with assertion
  - JDK-8267424: CTW: C1 fails with "State must not be null"
  - JDK-8267459: Pasting Unicode characters into JShell does not work.
  - JDK-8267625: AARCH64: typo in LIR_Assembler::emit_profile_type
  - JDK-8267666: Add option to jcmd GC.heap_dump to use existing file
  - JDK-8267695: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.13
  - JDK-8267751: (test) jtreg.SkippedException has no serial VersionUID
  - JDK-8267773: PhaseStringOpts::int_stringSize doesn't handle min_jint correctly
  - JDK-8268103: JNI functions incorrectly return a double after JDK-8265836
  - JDK-8268127: Shenandoah: Heap size may be too small for region to align to large page size
  - JDK-8268261: C2: assert(n != __null) failed: Bad immediate dominator info.
  - JDK-8268347: C2: nested locks optimization may create unbalanced monitor enter/exit code
  - JDK-8268360: Missing check for infinite loop during node placement
  - JDK-8268362: [REDO] C2 crash when compile negative Arrays.copyOf length after loop
  - JDK-8268366: Incorrect calculation of has_fpu_registers in C1 linear scan
  - JDK-8268369: SIGSEGV in PhaseCFG::implicit_null_check due to missing null check
  - JDK-8268417: Add test from JDK-8268360
  - JDK-8268427: Improve AlgorithmConstraints:checkAlgorithm performance
  - JDK-8268617: [11u REDO] - WebSocket over authenticating proxy fails with NPE
  - JDK-8268620: InfiniteLoopException test may fail on x86 platforms
  - JDK-8268635: Corrupt oop in ClassLoaderData
  - JDK-8268699: Shenandoah: Add test for JDK-8268127
  - JDK-8268771: javadoc -notimestamp option does not work on index.html
  - JDK-8268775: Password is being converted to String in AccessibleJPasswordField
  - JDK-8268776: Test `` missing /othervm from @run tag
  - JDK-8268965: TCP Connection Reset when connecting simple socket to SSL server
  - JDK-8269304: Regression ~5% in 2005 in b27
  - JDK-8269415: [11u] Remove ea from DEFAULT_PROMOTED_VERSION_PRE in OpenJDK 11u
  - JDK-8269478: Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/mxbeans tests should be more resilient
  - JDK-8269529: javax/swing/reliability/ fails in Windows debug build
  - JDK-8269594: assert(_handle_mark_nesting > 1) failed: memory leak: allocating handle outside HandleMark
  - JDK-8269614: [s390] Interpreter checks wrong bit for slow path instance allocation
  - JDK-8269650: Optimize gc-locker in [Get|Release]StringCritical for latin string
  - JDK-8269661: JNI_GetStringCritical does not lock char array
  - JDK-8269668: [aarch64] java.library.path not including /usr/lib64
  - JDK-8269763: The JEditorPane is blank after JDK-8265167
  - JDK-8269795: C2: Out of bounds array load floats above its range check in loop peeling resulting in SEGV
  - JDK-8269847: JDK-8269594 backport breaks 11u builds
  - JDK-8269850: Most JDK releases report macOS version 12 as 10.16 instead of 12.0
  - JDK-8269851: OperatingSystemMXBean getProcessCpuLoad reports incorrect process cpu usage in containers
  - JDK-8269882: stack-use-after-scope in NewObjectA
  - JDK-8269934: failed with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in java_lang_Thread::get_thread_status
  - JDK-8270096: Shenandoah: Optimize gc/shenandoah/ for interpreter mode
  - JDK-8270137: Kerberos Credential Retrieval from Cache not Working in Cross-Realm Setup
  - JDK-8270184: [TESTBUG] Add coverage for jvmci ResolvedJavaType.toJavaName() for lambdas
  - JDK-8270196: [11u] [JVMCI] JavaType.toJavaName() returns incorrect type name for lambdas
  - JDK-8270556: Exclude security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/LetsEncryptCA
  - JDK-8270893: IndexOutOfBoundsException while reading large TIFF file
  - JDK-8272078: Wrong Checksums in Temurin BootJDK dependencies
  - JDK-8272124: Cgroup v1 initialization causes NullPointerException when cgroup path contains colon
  - JDK-8272131: PhaseMacroExpand::generate_slow_arraycopy crash when clone null CallProjections.fallthrough_ioproj
  - JDK-8272197: Update 11u GHA workflow with Shenandoah configurations
  - JDK-8272332: --with-harfbuzz=system doesn't add -lharfbuzz after JDK-8255790
  - JDK-8272472: StackGuardPages test doesn't build with glibc 2.34
  - JDK-8272602: [macos] not all KEY_PRESSED events sent when control modifier is used
  - JDK-8272628: Problemlist gc/stress/gcbasher/ for x86_32
  - JDK-8272700: [macos] Build failure with Xcode 13.0 after JDK-8264848
  - JDK-8272772: Shenandoah: compiler/c2/aarch64/ fails in 11u
  - JDK-8273939: Backport of 8248414 to JDK11 breaks MacroAssembler::adrp

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8271434: Removed IdenTrust Root Certificate
The following root certificate from IdenTrust has been removed from
the `cacerts` keystore:

Alias Name: identrustdstx3 [jdk]
Distinguished Name: CN=DST Root CA X3, O=Digital Signature Trust Co.

JDK-8261922: Updated keytool to Create AKID From SKID of Issuing Certificate as Specified by RFC 5280
The `gencert` command of the `keytool` utility has been updated to
create AKID from the SKID of the issuing certificate as specified by
RFC 5280.


JDK-8210799: ChaCha20 and Poly1305 TLS Cipher Suites
New TLS cipher suites using the `ChaCha20-Poly1305` algorithm have
been added to JSSE.  These cipher suites are enabled by default.  The
TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256 cipher suite is available for TLS 1.3.
The following cipher suites are available for TLS 1.2:


Refer to the "Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) Reference Guide" for
details on these new TLS cipher suites.

JDK-8219551: Updated the Default Enabled Cipher Suites Preference
The preference of the default enabled cipher suites has been
changed. The compatibility impact should be minimal. If needed,
applications can customize the enabled cipher suites and the
preference. For more details, refer to the SunJSSE provider
documentation and the JSSE Reference Guide documentation.

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.12 (2021-07-20):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8256157: Improve bytecode assembly
  - JDK-8256491: Better HTTP transport
  - JDK-8258432, CVE-2021-2341: Improve file transfers
  - JDK-8260453: Improve Font Bounding
  - JDK-8260960: Signs of jarsigner signing
  - JDK-8260967, CVE-2021-2369: Better jar file validation
  - JDK-8262380: Enhance XML processing passes
  - JDK-8262403: Enhanced data transfer
  - JDK-8262410: Enhanced rules for zones
  - JDK-8262477: Enhance String Conclusions
  - JDK-8262967: Improve Zip file support
  - JDK-8264066, CVE-2021-2388: Enhance compiler validation
  - JDK-8264079: Improve abstractions
  - JDK-8264460: Improve NTLM support
* Other changes
  - JDK-6847157: java.lang.NullPointerException: HDC for component at sun.java2d.loops.Blit.Blit
  - JDK-7106851: Test should not use System.exit
  - JDK-8073446: TimeZone getOffset API does not  return a dst offset between years 2038-2137
  - JDK-8076190: Customizing the generation of a PKCS12 keystore
  - JDK-8153005: Upgrade the default PKCS12 encryption/MAC algorithms
  - JDK-8171303: sun/java2d/pipe/ fails on Windows & Linux
  - JDK-8177068: incomplete classpath causes NPE in Flow
  - JDK-8185734: [Windows] Structured Exception Catcher missing around gtest execution
  - JDK-8187450: JNI local refs exceeds capacity warning in NetworkInterface::getAll
  - JDK-8190763: Class cast exception on (CompoundEdit) UndoableEditEvent.getEdit()
  - JDK-8195841: PNGImageReader.readNullTerminatedString() doesnt check for non-null terminated strings with length equal to maxLen
  - JDK-8196100: javax/swing/text/JTextComponent/5074573/ fails
  - JDK-8199646: JShell tests: jdk/jshell/ failed with java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
  - JDK-8206925: Support the certificate_authorities extension
  - JDK-8207160: ClassReader::adjustMethodParams can potentially return null if the args list is empty
  - JDK-8207247: AARCH64: Enable Minimal and Client VM builds
  - JDK-8207404: MulticastSocket tests failing on AIX
  - JDK-8207779: Method::is_valid_method() compares 'this' with NULL
  - JDK-8208061: runtime/LoadClass/ fails with "Load factor too high" when running in CDS mode.
  - JDK-8209459: TestSHA512MultiBlockIntrinsics failed on AArch64
  - JDK-8210443: Migrate Locale matching tests to JDK Repo.
  - JDK-8213231: ThreadSnapshot::_threadObj can become stale
  - JDK-8213483: ARM32: runtime/ErrorHandling/ jtreg test fail
  - JDK-8213725: JShell NullPointerException due to class file with unexpected package
  - JDK-8213794: ARM32: disable TypeProfiling, CriticalJNINatives, Serviceablity tests for ARM32
  - JDK-8213845: ARM32: Interpreter doesn't call result handler after native calls
  - JDK-8214128: ARM32: wrong stack alignment on Deoptimization::unpack_frames
  - JDK-8214512: ARM32: Jtreg test compiler/c2/ fails on ARM
  - JDK-8214854: JDWP: Unforseen output truncation in logging
  - JDK-8214922: Add vectorization support for fmin/fmax
  - JDK-8215009: GCC 8 compilation error in libjli
  - JDK-8216184: CDS/appCDS tests failed on Windows due to long path to a classlist file
  - JDK-8216259: AArch64: Vectorize Adler32 intrinsics
  - JDK-8216314: SIGILL in CodeHeapState::print_names()
  - JDK-8217348: assert(thread->is_Java_thread()) failed: just checking
  - JDK-8217465: [REDO] - Optimize CodeHeap Analytics
  - JDK-8217561: X86: Add floating-point Math.min/max intrinsics
  - JDK-8217918: C2: -XX:+AggressiveUnboxing is broken
  - JDK-8218458: [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/ fails with Expected stack trace missing from output
  - JDK-8219142: Remove unused JIMAGE_ResourcePath
  - JDK-8219586: CodeHeap State Analytics processes dead nmethods
  - JDK-8220074: Clean up GCC 8.3 errors in LittleCMS
  - JDK-8220407: compiler/intrinsics/math/ timedout
  - JDK-8222302: [TESTBUG]test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/intrinsics/sha/cli/ fails on any other CPU
  - JDK-8222412: AARCH64: multiple instructions encoding issues
  - JDK-8223020: aarch64: expand minI_rReg and maxI_rReg patterns into separate instructions
  - JDK-8223444: Improve CodeHeap Free Space Management
  - JDK-8223504: Improve performance of forall loops by better inlining of "iterator()" methods
  - JDK-8223667: ASAN build broken
  - JDK-8225081: Remove Telia Company CA certificate expiring in April 2021
  - JDK-8225116: Test intermittently fails
  - JDK-8225438: javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/ failed with Read timed out
  - JDK-8225756: [testbug] compiler/loopstripmining/ sets too short a SafepointTimeoutDelay
  - JDK-8226374: Restrict TLS signature schemes and named groups
  - JDK-8226627: assert(t->singleton()) failed: must be a constant
  - JDK-8226721: Missing intrinsics for Math.ceil, floor, rint
  - JDK-8227080: (fs) Files.newInputStream(...).skip(n) is slow
  - JDK-8227222: vmTestbase/jit/FloatingPoint/gen_math/Loops04/ failed XMM register should be 0-15
  - JDK-8227609: (fs) Files.newInputStream(...).skip(n) should allow skipping beyond file size
  - JDK-8230428: Cleanup dead CastIP node code in formssel.cpp
  - JDK-8231460: Performance issue (CodeHeap) with large free blocks
  - JDK-8231713: x86_32 build failures after JDK-8226721 (Missing intrinsics for Math.ceil, floor, rint)
  - JDK-8231841: AArch64: debug.cpp help() is missing an AArch64 line for pns
  - JDK-8232084: HotSpot build failed with GCC 9.2.1
  - JDK-8232591: AArch64: Add missing match rules for smaddl, smsubl and smnegl
  - JDK-8233185: HttpServer.stop() blocks indefinitely when called on dispatch thread
  - JDK-8233787: Break cycle in vm_version* includes
  - JDK-8233948: AArch64: Incorrect mapping between OptoReg and VMReg for high 64 bits of Vector Register
  - JDK-8234355: Buffer overflow in jcmd GC.class_stats due to too many classes
  - JDK-8235368: Update BCEL to Version 6.4.1
  - JDK-8236859: WebSocket over authenticating proxy fails with NPE
  - JDK-8236992: AArch64: remove redundant load_klass in itable stub
  - JDK-8237743: test/langtools/jdk/jshell/ fails No ExecutionControlProvider with name 'nonExistent' and parameter keys: []
  - JDK-8237804: sun/security/mscapi tests fail with "Key pair not generated, alias <nnnnnn> already exists"
  - JDK-8238175: CTW: Class.getDeclaredMethods fails with assert(k->is_subclass_of(SystemDictionary::Throwable_klass())) failed: invalid exception class
  - JDK-8238567: SoftMainMixer.processAudioBuffers(): Wrong handling of stoppedMixers
  - JDK-8238812: assert(false) failed: bad AD file
  - JDK-8239312: [macos] javax/swing/JFrame/NSTexturedJFrame/
  - JDK-8239386: handle ContendedPaddingWidth in vm_version_aarch64
  - JDK-8239536: Can't use `java.util.List` object after importing `java.awt.List`
  - JDK-8240487: Cleanup whitespace in .cc, .hh, .m, and .mm files
  - JDK-8240848: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException buf for TextCallbackHandler
  - JDK-8241082: Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry data to 03-16-2020 version
  - JDK-8241087: Build failure with VS 2019 (16.5.0) due to C2039 and C2873
  - JDK-8241101: [s390] jtreg test failure after JDK-8238696: not conformant features string
  - JDK-8241248: NullPointerException in
  - JDK-8241372: Several test failures due to Connection reset
  - JDK-8241475: AArch64: Add missing support for PopCountVI node
  - JDK-8241829: Cleanup the code for PrinterJob on windows
  - JDK-8241960: The SHA3 message digests impl of SUN provider are not thread safe after cloned
  - JDK-8242010: Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2020-04-01
  - JDK-8242429: Better implementation for sign extract
  - JDK-8242557: Add length limit for strings in PNGImageWriter
  - JDK-8242919: Paste locks up jshell
  - JDK-8243155: AArch64: Add support for SqrtVF
  - JDK-8243240: AArch64: Add support for MulVB
  - JDK-8243452: JFR: Could not create chunk in repository with over 200 recordings
  - JDK-8243559: Remove root certificates with 1024-bit keys
  - JDK-8243597: AArch64: Add support for integer vector abs
  - JDK-8244031: HttpClient should have more tests for HEAD requests
  - JDK-8244205: HTTP/2 tunnel connections through proxy may be reused regardless of which proxy is selected
  - JDK-8244847: Linux/PPC: runtime/CompressedOops/CompressedClassPointers: smallHeapTest fails
  - JDK-8245511: G1 adaptive IHOP does not account for reclamation of humongous objects by young GC
  - JDK-8246274: G1 old gen allocation tracking is not in a separate class
  - JDK-8247354: [aarch64] PopFrame causes assert(oopDesc::is_oop(obj)) failed: not an oop
  - JDK-8247408: IdealGraph bit check expression canonicalization
  - JDK-8247432: Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2020-09-29
  - JDK-8247438: JShell: When FailOverExecutionControlProvider fails the proximal cause is not shown
  - JDK-8247753: UIManager.getSytemLookAndFeelClassName() returns wrong value on Fedora 32
  - JDK-8248043: Need to eliminate excessive i2l conversions
  - JDK-8248411: [aarch64] Insufficient error handling when CodeBuffer is exhausted
  - JDK-8248568: compiler/c2/ failed: test missing from stdout/stderr
  - JDK-8248870: AARCH64: I2L/L2I conversions can be skipped for masked positive values
  - JDK-8249142: java/awt/FontClass/CreateFont/ is unstable
  - JDK-8249189: AARCH64: more L2I conversions can be skipped
  - JDK-8249719: MethodHandle performance suffers from bad ResolvedMethodTable hash function
  - JDK-8249875: GCC 10 warnings -Wtype-limits with JFR code
  - JDK-8250635: MethodArityHistogram should use Compile_lock in favour of fancy checks
  - JDK-8250876: Fix issues with cross-compile on macos
  - JDK-8251031: Some vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/RuntimeMXBean tests fail with hostnames starting from digits
  - JDK-8251525: AARCH64: Faster Math.signum(fp)
  - JDK-8252259: AArch64: Adjust default value of FLOATPRESSURE
  - JDK-8252311: AArch64: save two words in itable lookup stub
  - JDK-8252779: compiler/graalunit/ failed after 8251525
  - JDK-8252883: AccessDeniedException caused by delayed file deletion on Windows
  - JDK-8253167: ARM32 builds fail after JDK-8247910
  - JDK-8253572: [windows] CDS archive may fail to open with long file names
  - JDK-8253923: C2 doesn't always run loop opts for compilations that include loops
  - JDK-8253948: Memory leak in ImageFileReader
  - JDK-8254631: Better support ALPN byte wire values in SunJSSE
  - JDK-8254717: isAssignableFrom checks in KeyFactorySpi.engineGetKeySpec appear to be backwards
  - JDK-8255086: Update the root locale display names
  - JDK-8255625: AArch64: Implement Base64.encodeBlock accelerator/intrinsic
  - JDK-8255763: C2: OSR miscompilation caused by invalid memory instruction placement
  - JDK-8255992: JFR EventWriter does not use first string from StringPool with id 0
  - JDK-8256037: [TESTBUG] com/sun/jndi/dns/ConfigTests/ fails due to the hard coded threshold is small
  - JDK-8256244: java/lang/ProcessHandle/ fails with TestNG 7.1
  - JDK-8256287: [windows] add loop fuse to map_or_reserve_memory_aligned
  - JDK-8256523: Streamline Java SHA2 implementation
  - JDK-8257414: Drag n Drop target area is wrong on high DPI systems
  - JDK-8257569: Failure observed with JfrVirtualMemory::initialize
  - JDK-8257574: C2: "failed: parsing found no loops but there are some" assert failure
  - JDK-8257580: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.12
  - JDK-8257604: JNI_ArgumentPusherVaArg leaks valist
  - JDK-8257621: JFR StringPool misses cached items across consecutive recordings
  - JDK-8257796: [TESTBUG] fails on x86_32
  - JDK-8257822: C2 crashes with SIGFPE due to a division that floats above its zero check
  - JDK-8257828: SafeFetch may crash if invoked in non-JavaThreads
  - JDK-8257853: Remove dependencies on JNF's JNI utility functions in AWT and 2D code
  - JDK-8257858: [macOS]: Remove JNF dependency from libosxsecurity/KeystoreImpl.m
  - JDK-8257860: [macOS]: Remove JNF dependency from libosxkrb5/SCDynamicStoreConfig.m
  - JDK-8257988: Remove JNF dependency from libsaproc/MacosxDebuggerLocal.m
  - JDK-8258414: OldObjectSample events too expensive
  - JDK-8258505: [TESTBUG] fails due to missing UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions
  - JDK-8258753: StartTlsResponse.close() hangs due to synchronization issues
  - JDK-8259061: C2: assert(found) failed: memory-writing node is not placed in its original loop or an ancestor of it
  - JDK-8259227: C2 crashes with SIGFPE due to a division that floats above its zero check
  - JDK-8259232: Bad JNI lookup during printing
  - JDK-8259276: C2: Empty expression stack when reexecuting tableswitch/lookupswitch instructions after deoptimization
  - JDK-8259343: [macOS] Update JNI error handling in Cocoa code.
  - JDK-8259585: Accessible actions do not work on mac os x
  - JDK-8259651: [macOS] Replace JNF_COCOA_ENTER/EXIT macros
  - JDK-8259662: Don't wrap SocketExceptions into SSLExceptions in SSLSocketImpl
  - JDK-8259710: Inlining trace leaks memory
  - JDK-8259729: Missed JNFInstanceOf -> IsInstanceOf conversion
  - JDK-8259777: Incorrect predication condition generated by ADLC
  - JDK-8259786: initialize last parameter of getpwuid_r
  - JDK-8259843: initialize dli_fname array before calling dll_address_to_library_name
  - JDK-8259869: [macOS] Remove desktop module dependencies on JNF Reference APIs
  - JDK-8259886: Improve SSL session cache performance and scalability
  - JDK-8259983: do not use uninitialized expand_ms value in G1CollectedHeap::expand_heap_after_young_collection
  - JDK-8260030: Improve stringStream buffer handling
  - JDK-8260236: better init AnnotationCollector _contended_group
  - JDK-8260255: C1: LoopInvariantCodeMotion constructor can leave some fields uninitialized
  - JDK-8260284: C2: assert(_base == Int) failed: Not an Int
  - JDK-8260380: Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.12
  - JDK-8260420: C2 compilation fails with assert(found_sfpt) failed: no node in loop that's not input to safepoint
  - JDK-8260426: awt debug_mem.c DMem_AllocateBlock might leak memory
  - JDK-8260432: allocateSpaceForGP in freetypeScaler.c might leak memory
  - JDK-8260616: Removing remaining JNF dependencies in the java.desktop module
  - JDK-8260653: Unreachable nodes keep speculative types alive
  - JDK-8260707: java/lang/instrument/PremainClass/ times out
  - JDK-8260925: HttpsURLConnection does not work  with other JSSE provider.
  - JDK-8260926: Trace resource exhausted events unconditionally
  - JDK-8261020: Wrong format parameter in create_emergency_chunk_path
  - JDK-8261027: AArch64: Support for LSE atomics C++ HotSpot code
  - JDK-8261167: print_process_memory_info add a close call after fopen
  - JDK-8261170: Upgrade to freetype 2.10.4
  - JDK-8261198: [macOS] Incorrect JNI parameters in number conversion in A11Y code
  - JDK-8261235: C1 compilation fails with assert(res->vreg_number() == index) failed: conversion check
  - JDK-8261261: The version extra fields needs to be overridable in jib-profiles.js
  - JDK-8261262: crashed with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
  - JDK-8261354: SIGSEGV at MethodIteratorHost
  - JDK-8261355: No data buffering in SunPKCS11 Cipher encryption when the underlying mechanism has no padding
  - JDK-8261397: try catch Method failing to work when dividing an integer by 0
  - JDK-8261422: Adjust problematic String.format calls in jdk/internal/util/ outOfBoundsMessage
  - JDK-8261447: MethodInvocationCounters frequently run into overflow
  - JDK-8261481: Cannot read Kerberos settings in dynamic store on macOS Big Sur
  - JDK-8261505: Test test/hotspot/jtreg/gc/parallel/ killed by Linux OOM Killer
  - JDK-8261601: free memory in early return in Java_sun_nio_ch_sctp_SctpChannelImpl_receive0
  - JDK-8261649: AArch64: Optimize LSE atomics in C++ code
  - JDK-8261730: C2 compilation fails with assert(store->find_edge(load) != -1) failed: missing precedence edge
  - JDK-8261752: Multiple GC test are missing memory requirements
  - JDK-8261791: (sctp) handleSendFailed in SctpChannelImpl.c potential leaks
  - JDK-8261812: C2 compilation fails with assert(!had_error) failed: bad dominance
  - JDK-8261914: IfNode::fold_compares_helper faces non-canonicalized bool when running JRuby JSON workload
  - JDK-8262093: java/util/concurrent/tck/ failed "assert(false) failed: unexpected node"
  - JDK-8262110: DST starts from incorrect time in 2038
  - JDK-8262121: [11u] Redo 8244287: JFR: Methods samples have line number 0
  - JDK-8262163: Extend settings printout in jcmd VM.metaspace
  - JDK-8262295: C2: Out-of-Bounds Array Load from Clone Source
  - JDK-8262298: G1BarrierSetC2::step_over_gc_barrier fails with assert "bad barrier shape"
  - JDK-8262446: DragAndDrop hangs on Windows
  - JDK-8262461: handle wcstombsdmp return value correctly in unix awt_InputMethod.c
  - JDK-8262465: Very long compilation times and high memory consumption in C2 debug builds
  - JDK-8262726: AArch64: C1 StubAssembler::call_RT can corrupt stack
  - JDK-8262739: String inflation C2 intrinsic prevents insertion of anti-dependencies
  - JDK-8262829: Native crash in Win32PrintServiceLookup.getAllPrinterNames()
  - JDK-8262837: handle split_USE correctly
  - JDK-8262900: ToolBasicTest fails to access HTTP server it starts
  - JDK-8263260: [s390] Support latest hardware (z14 and z15)
  - JDK-8263311: Watch registry changes for remote printers update instead of polling
  - JDK-8263361: Incorrect arraycopy stub selected by C2 for SATB collectors
  - JDK-8263404: RsaPrivateKeySpec is always recognized as RSAPrivateCrtKeySpec in RSAKeyFactory.engineGetKeySpec
  - JDK-8263425: AArch64: two potential bugs in C1 LIRGenerator::generate_address()
  - JDK-8263448: CTW: fatal error: meet not symmetric
  - JDK-8263504: Some OutputMachOpcodes fields are uninitialized
  - JDK-8263557: Possible NULL dereference in Arena::destruct_contents()
  - JDK-8263558: Possible NULL dereference in fast path arena free if ZapResourceArea is true
  - JDK-8263676: AArch64: one potential bug in C1 LIRGenerator::generate_address()
  - JDK-8263729: [test] divert spurious output away from stream under test in ProcessBuilder Basic test
  - JDK-8263846: Bad JNI lookup getFocusOwner in accessibility code on Mac OS X
  - JDK-8264047: Duplicate global variable 'jvm' in libjavajpeg and libawt
  - JDK-8264096: slowdebug jvm crashes when StrInflatedCopy match rule is not supported
  - JDK-8264151: ciMethod::ensure_method_data() should return false is loading resulted in empty state
  - JDK-8264173: [s390] Improve Hardware Feature Detection And Reporting
  - JDK-8264190: Harden TLS interop tests
  - JDK-8264223: CodeHeap::verify fails extra_hops assertion in fastdebug test
  - JDK-8264328: Broken license in javax/swing/JComboBox/8072767/
  - JDK-8264360: Loop strip mining verification fails with "should be on the backedge"
  - JDK-8264626: C1 should be able to inline excluded methods
  - JDK-8264640: CMS ParScanClosure misses a barrier
  - JDK-8264786: [macos] All Swing/AWT apps cause Allow Notifications prompt to appear when app is launched
  - JDK-8264821: DirectIOTest fails on a system with large block size
  - JDK-8264848: [macos] libjvm.dylib linker warning due to macOS version mismatch
  - JDK-8264923: PNGImageWriter.write_zTXt throws Exception with a typo
  - JDK-8264958: C2 compilation fails with assert "n is later than its clone"
  - JDK-8265099: Revert backport to 11u of 8236859: WebSocket over authenticating proxy fails with NPE
  - JDK-8265154: vinserti128 operand mix up for KNL platforms
  - JDK-8265239: Shenandoah: Shenandoah heap region count could be off by 1
  - JDK-8265417: Backport of JDK-8249672 breaks Solaris x86 build
  - JDK-8265421: java/lang/String/ test is missing a memory requirement
  - JDK-8265462: Handle multiple slots in the NSS Internal Module from SunPKCS11's Secmod
  - JDK-8265537: x86 version string truncated after JDK-8249672 11u backport
  - JDK-8265666: Enable AIX build platform to make external debug symbols
  - JDK-8265677: CMS: CardTableBarrierSet::write_ref_array_work() lacks storestore barrier
  - JDK-8265690: Use the latest Ubuntu base image version in Docker testing
  - JDK-8265718: Build failure after JDK-8258414 11u backport
  - JDK-8265750: Fatal error in safepoint.cpp after backport of 8258414
  - JDK-8265784: [C2] Hoisting of DecodeN leaves MachTemp inputs behind
  - JDK-8265938: C2's conditional move optimization does not handle top Phi
  - JDK-8266220: keytool still prompt for store password on a password-less pkcs12 file if -storetype pkcs12 is specified
  - JDK-8266293: Key protection using PBEWithMD5AndDES fails with " Salt must be 8 bytes long"
  - JDK-8266713: [AIX] Build failure after 11u backport of JDK-8247753
  - JDK-8266802: Shenandoah: Round up region size to page size unconditionally
  - JDK-8266892: avoid maybe-uninitialized gcc warnings on linux s390x
  - JDK-8266929: Unable to use algorithms from 3p providers
  - JDK-8267235: [macos_aarch64] InterpreterRuntime::throw_pending_exception messing up LR results in crash
  - JDK-8267561: Shenandoah: Reference processing not properly setup for outside of cycle degenerated GC
  - JDK-8267599: Revert the change to the default PKCS12 macAlgorithm and macIterationCount props for 11u/8u/7u
  - JDK-8267641: [11u] 8227609 backport typo
  - JDK-8267721: Enable sun/security/pkcs11 tests for Amazon Linux 2 AArch64
  - JDK-8268678: test fails as Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 is retired

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8215293: Customizing PKCS12 keystore Generation
New system and security properties have been added to enable users to
customize the generation of PKCS #12 keystores. This includes
algorithms and parameters for key protection, certificate protection,
and MacData. The detailed explanation and possible values for these
properties can be found in the "PKCS12 KeyStore properties" section of
the `` file.

Also, support for the following SHA-2 based HmacPBE algorithms has
been added to the SunJCE provider:

* HmacPBESHA224
* HmacPBESHA256
* HmacPBESHA384
* HmacPBESHA512
* HmacPBESHA512/224
* HmacPBESHA512/256

JDK-8256902: Removed Root Certificates with 1024-bit Keys
The following root certificates with weak 1024-bit RSA public keys
have been removed from the `cacerts` keystore:

Alias Name: thawtepremiumserverca [jdk]
Distinguished Name:, CN=Thawte Premium Server CA, OU=Certification Services Division, O=Thawte Consulting cc, L=Cape Town, ST=Western Cape, C=ZA

Alias Name: verisignclass2g2ca [jdk]
Distinguished Name: OU=VeriSign Trust Network, OU="(c) 1998 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=Class 2 Public Primary Certification Authority - G2, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US

Alias Name: verisignclass3ca [jdk]
Distinguished Name: OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US

Alias Name: verisignclass3g2ca [jdk]
Distinguished Name: OU=VeriSign Trust Network, OU="(c) 1998 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G2, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US

Alias Name: verisigntsaca [jdk]
Distinguished Name: CN=Thawte Timestamping CA, OU=Thawte Certification, O=Thawte, L=Durbanville, ST=Western Cape, C=ZA

JDK-8261361: Removed Telia Company's Sonera Class2 CA certificate

The following root certificate have been removed from the cacerts truststore:

Alias Name: soneraclass2ca
Distinguished Name: CN=Sonera Class2 CA, O=Sonera, C=FI

JDK-8242069: Upgraded the Default PKCS12 Encryption and MAC Algorithms
The default encryption and MAC algorithms used in a PKCS #12 keystore
have been updated. The new algorithms are based on AES-256 and SHA-256
and are stronger than the old algorithms that were based on RC2,
DESede, and SHA-1. See the security properties starting with
`keystore.pkcs12` in the `` file for detailed

For compatibility, a new system property named
`keystore.pkcs12.legacy` is defined that will revert the algorithms to
use the older, weaker algorithms. There is no value defined for this


JDK-8257548: Improve Encoding of TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) Values
Certain TLS ALPN values couldn't be properly read or written by the
SunJSSE provider. This is due to the choice of Strings as the API
interface and the undocumented internal use of the UTF-8 Character Set
which converts characters larger than U+00007F (7-bit ASCII) into
multi-byte arrays that may not be expected by a peer.

ALPN values are now represented using the network byte representation
expected by the peer, which should require no modification for
standard 7-bit ASCII-based character Strings. However, SunJSSE now
encodes/decodes String characters as 8-bit ISO_8859_1/LATIN-1
characters.  This means applications that used characters above
U+000007F that were previously encoded using UTF-8 may need to either
be modified to perform the UTF-8 conversion, or set the Java security
property `jdk.tls.alpnCharset` to "UTF-8" revert the behavior.

See the updated guide at
for more information.

JDK-8244460: Support for certificate_authorities Extension
The "certificate_authorities" extension is an optional extension
introduced in TLS 1.3. It is used to indicate the certificate
authorities (CAs) that an endpoint supports and should be used by the
receiving endpoint to guide certificate selection.

With this JDK release, the "certificate_authorities" extension is
supported for TLS 1.3 in both the client and the server sides.  This
extension is always present for client certificate selection, while it
is optional for server certificate selection.

Applications can enable this extension for server certificate
selection by setting the `jdk.tls.client.enableCAExtension` system
property to `true`.  The default value of the property is `false`.

Note that if the client trusts more CAs than the size limit of the
extension (less than 2^16 bytes), the extension is not enabled.  Also,
some server implementations do not allow handshake messages to exceed
2^14 bytes.  Consequently, there may be interoperability issues when
`jdk.tls.client.enableCAExtension` is set to `true` and the client
trusts more CAs than the server implementation limit.

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.11 (2021-04-20):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8244473: Contextualize registration for JNDI
  - JDK-8244543: Enhanced handling of abstract classes
  - JDK-8249906, CVE-2021-2163: Enhance opening JARs
  - JDK-8250568, CVE-2021-2161: Less ambiguous processing
  - JDK-8253799: Make lists of normal filenames
  - JDK-8257001: Improve Http Client Support
* Other changes
  - JDK-7107012: sun.jvm.hotspot.code.CompressedReadStream readDouble() conversion to long mishandled
  - JDK-7146776: deadlock between URLStreamHandler.getHostAddress and file.Handler.openconnection
  - JDK-8086003: Test fails on OSX with java.lang.RuntimeException 'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000, Narrow klass shift: 3' missing
  - JDK-8168869: jdeps: localized messages don't use proper line breaks
  - JDK-8202343: Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1
  - JDK-8205992: jhsdb cannot attach to Java processes running in Docker containers
  - JDK-8209193: Fix aarch64-linux compilation after -Wreorder changes
  - JDK-8210413: AArch64: Optimize div/rem by constant in C1
  - JDK-8210578: AArch64: Invalid encoding for fmlsvs instruction
  - JDK-8211051: jdeps usage of --dot-output doesn't provide valid output for modular jar
  - JDK-8211057: Gensrc step CompileProperties generates unstable CompilerProperties output
  - JDK-8211150: G1 Full GC not purging code root memory and hence causing memory leak
  - JDK-8211825: ModuleLayer.defineModulesWithXXX does not setup delegation when module reads automatic module
  - JDK-8212043: Add floating-point Math.min/max intrinsics
  - JDK-8212218: [TESTBUG] runtime/ErrorHandling/ timed out
  - JDK-8213116: javax/swing/JComboBox/WindowsComboBoxSize/ fails in Windows
  - JDK-8213909: jdeps --print-module-deps should report missing dependences
  - JDK-8214180: Need better granularity for sleeping
  - JDK-8214223: tools/jdeps/listdeps/ failed due to missing Lib2 file
  - JDK-8214230: Classes generated by are not reproducable
  - JDK-8214741: docs/index.html has no title or copyright
  - JDK-8215687: [Graal] unit test CheckGraalIntrinsics failed after 8212043
  - JDK-8217848: [Graal] vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexhausted003/ fails
  - JDK-8218482: sun/security/krb5/auto/ failed - no KrbException thrown
  - JDK-8218550: Add test omitted from JDK-8212043
  - JDK-8221584: SIGSEGV in os::PlatformEvent::unpark() in JvmtiRawMonitor::raw_exit while posting method exit event
  - JDK-8221995: AARCH64: problems with CAS instructions encoding
  - JDK-8222518: Remove unnecessary caching of Parker object in java.lang.Thread
  - JDK-8222785: aarch64: add necessary masking for immediate shift counts
  - JDK-8223186: HotSpot compile warnings from GCC 9
  - JDK-8225773: jdeps --check produces NPE if there are missing module dependences
  - JDK-8225805: Java Access Bridge does not close the logger
  - JDK-8226810: Failed to launch JVM because of NullPointerException occured on System.props
  - JDK-8229396: jdeps ignores multi-release when generate-module-info used on command line
  - JDK-8229474: Shenandoah: Cleanup CM::update_roots()
  - JDK-8232225: Rework the fix for JDK-8071483
  - JDK-8232905: JFR fails with assertion: assert(t->unflushed_size() == 0) failed: invariant
  - JDK-8233164: C2 fails with assert(phase->C->get_alias_index(t) == phase->C->get_alias_index(t_adr)) failed: correct memory chain
  - JDK-8233910: java/awt/ColorClass/ is failing intermittently in nightly lnux-x64 system
  - JDK-8233912: aarch64: minor improvements of atomic operations
  - JDK-8234508: VM_HeapWalkOperation::iterate_over_object reads non-strong fields with an on-strong load barrier
  - JDK-8234742: Improve handshake logging
  - JDK-8234796: Refactor Handshake::execute to take a more complex type than ThreadClosure
  - JDK-8235324: Dying objects are published from users of CollectedHeap::object_iterate
  - JDK-8235351: Lookup::unreflect should bind with the original caller independent of Method's accessible flag
  - JDK-8237369: Shenandoah: failed vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/AttachOnDemand/attach021/ test
  - JDK-8237392: Shenandoah: Remove unreliable assertion
  - JDK-8237483: AArch64 C1 OopMap inserted twice fatal error
  - JDK-8237495: Java MIDI fails with a dereferenced memory error when asked to send a raw 0xF7
  - JDK-8239355: (dc) Initial value of SO_SNDBUF should allow sending large datagrams (macOS)
  - JDK-8240353: AArch64: missing support for -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes in C1
  - JDK-8240704: failed "AssertionError: Handle use increased by more than 10 percent."
  - JDK-8240751: Shenandoah: fold ShenandoahTracer definition
  - JDK-8240795: [REDO] 8238384 CTW: C2 compilation fails with "assert(store != load->find_exact_control(load->in(0))) failed: dependence cycle found"
  - JDK-8241598: Upgrade JLine to 3.14.0
  - JDK-8241649: Optimize Character.toString
  - JDK-8241770: Module xxxAnnotation() methods throw NCDFE if module-info.class found as resource in unnamed module
  - JDK-8241911: AArch64: Fix a potential register clash issue in reduce_add2I
  - JDK-8242030: Wrong package declarations in jline classes after JDK-8241598
  - JDK-8242565: Policy initialization issues when the denyAfter constraint is enabled
  - JDK-8243618: compiler/rtm/cli tests can be run w/o WhiteBox
  - JDK-8243670: Unexpected test result caused by C2 MergeMemNode::Ideal
  - JDK-8244088: [Regression] Switch of Gnome theme ends up in deadlocked UI
  - JDK-8244154: Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v3.0 header files
  - JDK-8244340: Handshake processing thread lacks yielding
  - JDK-8244573: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown for malformed class file
  - JDK-8244683: A TSA server used by tests
  - JDK-8245005: javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ failed with No enum constant
  - JDK-8245026: PsAdaptiveSizePolicy::_old_gen_policy_is_ready is unused
  - JDK-8245283: JFR: Can't handle constant dynamic used by Jacoco agent
  - JDK-8245512: CRC32 optimization using AVX512 instructions
  - JDK-8245527: LDAP Channel Binding support for Java GSS/Kerberos
  - JDK-8246707: (sc) throws AsynchronousCloseException on closed channel
  - JDK-8246709: sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ compilation failed after JDK-8244683
  - JDK-8247200: assert((unsigned)fpargs < 32)
  - JDK-8247766: [aarch64] guarantee(val < (1U << nbits)) failed: Field too big for insn.
  - JDK-8248336: AArch64: C2: offset overflow in BoxLockNode::emit
  - JDK-8248865: Document JNDI/LDAP timeout properties
  - JDK-8248901: Signed immediate support in .../share/assembler.hpp is broken.
  - JDK-8249543: Force DirectBufferAllocTest to run with -ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
  - JDK-8249588: libwindowsaccessbridge issues on 64bit Windows
  - JDK-8249749: modify a primitive array through a stream and a for cycle causes jre crash
  - JDK-8249787: Make TestGCLocker more resilient with concurrent GCs
  - JDK-8249867: xml declaration is not followed by a newline
  - JDK-8250911: [windows] os::pd_map_memory() error detection broken
  - JDK-8251255: [linux] Add process-memory information to hs-err and
  - JDK-8251359: Shenandoah: filter null oops before calling enqueue/SATB barrier
  - JDK-8251925: C2: RenaissanceStressTest fails with assert(!had_error): bad dominance
  - JDK-8251944: Add Shenandoah test config to compiler/gcbarriers/
  - JDK-8251992: VM crashed running test with -XX:UseAVX=X
  - JDK-8253220: Epsilon: clean up unused code/declarations
  - JDK-8253274: The CycleDMImagetest brokes the system
  - JDK-8253353: Crash in C2: guarantee(n != NULL) failed: No Node
  - JDK-8253368: TLS connection always receives close_notify exception
  - JDK-8255368: Math.exp() gives wrong result for large values on x86 32-bit platforms
  - JDK-8255401: Shenandoah: Allow oldval and newval registers to overlap in cmpxchg_oop()
  - JDK-8253404: C2: assert(C->live_nodes() <= C->max_node_limit()) failed: Live Node limit exceeded limit
  - JDK-8253409: Double-rounding possibility in float fma
  - JDK-8253476: fails on some Linux kernels w/o swap limit capabilities
  - JDK-8253524: C2: Refactor code that clones predicates during loop unswitching
  - JDK-8253644: C2: assert(skeleton_predicate_has_opaque(iff)) failed: unexpected
  - JDK-8253681: closed java/awt/dnd/MouseEventAfterStartDragTest/MouseEventAfterStartDragTest.html test failed
  - JDK-8253702: BigSur version number reported as 10.16, should be 11.nn
  - JDK-8253756: C2 CompilerThread0 crash in Node::add_req(Node*)
  - JDK-8254104: MethodCounters must exist before nmethod is installed
  - JDK-8254734: "dead loop detected" assert failure with patch from 8223051
  - JDK-8254748: Bad Copyright header format after JDK-8212218
  - JDK-8254799: runtime/ErrorHandling/ fails with release VMs
  - JDK-8255058: C1: assert(is_virtual()) failed: type check
  - JDK-8255351: Add detection for Graviton 2 CPUs
  - JDK-8255387: Japanese characters were printed upside down on AIX
  - JDK-8255479: [aarch64] assert(src->section_index_of(target) == CodeBuffer::SECT_NONE) failed: sanity
  - JDK-8255544: Create a checked cast
  - JDK-8255559: Leak File Descriptors Because of ResolverLocalFilesystem#engineResolveURI()
  - JDK-8255681: print callstack in error case in runAWTLoopWithApp
  - JDK-8255734: VM should ignore SIGXFSZ on ppc64, s390 too
  - JDK-8255742: PrintInlining as compiler directive doesn't print virtual calls
  - JDK-8255845: Memory leak in imageFile.cpp
  - JDK-8255880: UI of Swing components is not redrawn after their internal state changed
  - JDK-8255908: ExceptionInInitializerError due to UncheckedIOException while initializing cgroupv1 subsystem
  - JDK-8256025: AArch64: MachCallRuntimeNode::ret_addr_offset() is incorrect for stub calls
  - JDK-8256056: Deoptimization stub doesn't save vector registers on x86
  - JDK-8256061: RegisterSaver::save_live_registers() omits upper halves of ZMM0-15 registers
  - JDK-8256187: [TEST_BUG] Automate test
  - JDK-8256220: C1: x86_32 fails with -XX:UseSSE=1 after JDK-8210764 due to mishandled lir_neg
  - JDK-8256258: some missing NULL checks or asserts after CodeCache::find_blob_unsafe
  - JDK-8256264: Printed GlyphVector outline with low DPI has bad quality on Windows
  - JDK-8256290: javac/lambda/ fails with StackOverflowError on x86_32
  - JDK-8256359: AArch64: runtime/ReservedStack/ fails
  - JDK-8256387: Unexpected result if patching an entire instruction on AArch64
  - JDK-8256421: Add 2 HARICA roots to cacerts truststore
  - JDK-8256488: [aarch64] Use ldpq/stpq instead of ld4/st4 for small copies in StubGenerator::copy_memory
  - JDK-8256489: Make gtest for long path names on Windows more resilient in the presence of virus scanners
  - JDK-8256501: libTestMainKeyWindow fails to build with Xcode 12.2
  - JDK-8256633: Fix product build on Windows+Arm64
  - JDK-8256682: JDK-8202343 is incomplete
  - JDK-8256751: Incremental rebuild with precompiled header fails when touching a header file
  - JDK-8256757: Incorrect MachCallRuntimeNode::ret_addr_offset() for CallLeafNoFP on x86_32
  - JDK-8256806: Shenandoah: optimize shenandoah/jni/ test
  - JDK-8256807: C2: Not marking stores correctly as mismatched in string opts
  - JDK-8256810: Incremental rebuild broken on Macosx
  - JDK-8256818: SSLSocket that is never bound or connected leaks socket resources
  - JDK-8256888: Client manual test problem list update
  - JDK-8257083: Security infra test failures caused by JDK-8202343
  - JDK-8257408: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.11
  - JDK-8257423: [PPC64] Support -XX:-UseInlineCaches
  - JDK-8257436: [aarch64] Regressions in ArrayCopyUnalignedDst.testByte/testChar for 65-78 bytes when UseSIMDForMemoryOps is on
  - JDK-8257513: C2: assert((constant_addr - _masm.code()->consts()->start()) == con.offset())
  - JDK-8257547: Handle multiple prereqs on the same line in deps files
  - JDK-8257561: Some code is not vectorized after 8251925 and 8250607
  - JDK-8257565: epsilonBarrierSet.hpp should not include barrierSetAssembler
  - JDK-8257575: C2: "failed: only phis" assert failure in loop strip mining verification
  - JDK-8257594: C2 compiled checkcast of non-null object triggers endless deoptimization/recompilation cycle
  - JDK-8257633: Missing -mmacosx-version-min=X flag when linking libjvm
  - JDK-8257670: sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ reports leaks
  - JDK-8257707: Fix incorrect format string in Http1HeaderParser
  - JDK-8257746: Regression introduced with JDK-8250984 - memory might be null in some machines
  - JDK-8257798: [PPC64] undefined reference to Klass::vtable_start_offset()
  - JDK-8257884: Re-enable sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ as automatic test
  - JDK-8257910: [JVMCI] Set exception_seen accordingly in the runtime.
  - JDK-8257997: sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ again reports leaks after JDK-8257884
  - JDK-8257999: Parallel GC crash in gc/parallel/ new region is not in covered_region
  - JDK-8258077: Using -Xcheck:jni can lead to a double-free after JDK-8193234
  - JDK-8258247: Couple of issues in fix for JDK-8249906
  - JDK-8258373: Update the text handling in the JPasswordField
  - JDK-8258396: SIGILL in jdk.jfr.internal.PlatformRecorder.rotateDisk()
  - JDK-8258419: RSA cipher buffer cleanup
  - JDK-8258471: "search codecache" clhsdb command does not work
  - JDK-8258534: Epsilon: clean up unused includes
  - JDK-8258805: Japanese characters not entered by mouse click on Windows 10
  - JDK-8258833: Cancel multi-part cipher operations in SunPKCS11 after failures
  - JDK-8258836: JNI local refs exceed capacity getDiagnosticCommandInfo
  - JDK-8258884: [TEST_BUG] Convert applet-based test open/test/jdk/javax/swing/JMenuItem/8031573/ to a regular java test
  - JDK-8259007: This test printed a blank page
  - JDK-8259049: Uninitialized variable after JDK-8257513
  - JDK-8259451: Zero: skip serviceability/sa tests, set vm.hasSA to false
  - JDK-8259580: Shenandoah: uninitialized label in VerifyThreadGCState
  - JDK-8259231: Epsilon: improve performance under contention during virtual space expansion
  - JDK-8259271: gc/parallel/ still fails "assert(covered_region.contains(new_memregion)) failed: new region is not in covered_region"
  - JDK-8259312: fails as soneraclass2ca cert will expire in 90 days
  - JDK-8259319: Illegal package access when SunPKCS11 requires SunJCE's classes
  - JDK-8259339: AllocateUninitializedArray C2 intrinsic fails with void.class input
  - JDK-8259428: AlgorithmId.getEncodedParams() should return copy
  - JDK-8259446: runtime/jni/checked/ fails with stderr not empty
  - JDK-8259949: x86 32-bit build fails when -fcf-protection is passed in the compiler flags
  - JDK-8259619: C1: 3-arg StubAssembler::call_RT stack-use condition is incorrect
  - JDK-8259633: compiler/graalunit/ fails with NPE after JDK-8244543
  - JDK-8259706: C2 compilation fails with assert(vtable_index == Method::invalid_vtable_index) failed: correct sentinel value
  - JDK-8259707: LDAP channel binding does not work with StartTLS extension
  - JDK-8259773: Incorrect encoding of AVX-512 kmovq instruction
  - JDK-8259849: Shenandoah: Rename store-val to IU-barrier
  - JDK-8259954: gc/shenandoah/mxbeans tests fail with -Xcomp
  - JDK-8260029: aarch64: fix typo in verify_oop_array
  - JDK-8260308: Update LogCompilation junit to 4.13.1
  - JDK-8260338: Some fields in HaltNode is not cloned
  - JDK-8260349: Cannot programmatically retrieve Metaspace max set via JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS
  - JDK-8260356: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2021a
  - JDK-8260378: [TESTBUG] reports false positive
  - JDK-8260497: Shenandoah: Improve SATB flushing
  - JDK-8260502: [s390] NativeMovRegMem::verify() fails because it's too strict
  - JDK-8260632: Build failures after JDK-8253353
  - JDK-8260704: ParallelGC: oldgen expansion needs release-store for _end
  - JDK-8261022: Fix incorrect result of Math.abs() with char type
  - JDK-8261089: [TESTBUG] native library of test fails to compile with gcc 4.x
  - JDK-8261183: Follow on to Make lists of normal filenames
  - JDK-8261209: isStandalone property: remove dependency on pretty-print
  - JDK-8261231: Windows IME was disabled after DnD operation
  - JDK-8261251: Shenandoah: Use object size for full GC humongous compaction
  - JDK-8261310: PPC64 Zero build fails with 'VMError::controlled_crash(int)::FunctionDescriptor functionDescriptor' has incomplete type and cannot be defined
  - JDK-8261334: NMT: tuning statistic shows incorrect hash distribution
  - JDK-8261413: Shenandoah: Disable class-unloading in I-U mode
  - JDK-8261522: [PPC64] AES intrinsics write beyond the destination array
  - JDK-8261534: Test sun/security/pkcs11/KeyAgreement/ fails on platforms where no nsslib artifacts are defined
  - JDK-8261585: Restore HandleArea used in Deoptimization::uncommon_trap
  - JDK-8261753: Test java/lang/System/ still failing on BigSur patch versions after JDK-8253702
  - JDK-8261829: Exclude tools/jlink/ in 11u
  - JDK-8261912: Code IfNode::fold_compares_helper more defensively
  - JDK-8261920: [AIX] jshell command throws on non English locales
  - JDK-8262018: Wrong format in SAP copyright header of OsVersionTest
  - JDK-8263069: Exclude some failing tests from security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8258824: LDAP Channel Binding Support for Java GSS/Kerberos
A new JNDI environment property "com.sun.jndi.ldap.tls.cbtype" has
been added to enable TLS Channel Binding data in LDAP authentication
over SSL/TLS protocol to the Windows AD server.  The only valid value
at present is "tls-server-end-point", where channel binding data is
created on the base of the TLS server certificate. See RFC-5929 [0]
and the module description of the `java.naming` module for further

[0] RFC-5929 "Channel Bindings for TLS":


JDK-8260597: Added 2 HARICA Root CA Certificates
The following root certificates have been added to the cacerts truststore:

Alias Name: haricarootca2015
Distinguished Name: CN=Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions RootCA 2015, O=Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions Cert. Authority, L=Athens, C=GR

Alias Name: haricaeccrootca2015
Distinguished Name: CN=Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions ECC RootCA 2015, O=Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions Cert. Authority, L=Athens, C=GR


JDK-8256490: Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1
TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are versions of the TLS protocol that are no longer
considered secure and have been superseded by more secure and modern
versions (TLS 1.2 and 1.3).

These versions have now been disabled by default. If you encounter
issues, you can, at your own risk, re-enable the versions by removing
"TLSv1" and/or "TLSv1.1" from the `jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms`
security property in the `` configuration file.


JDK-8214213: jdeps --print-module-deps Reports Transitive Dependencies
`jdeps --print-module-deps`, `--list-deps`, and `--list-reduce-deps`
options have been enhanced as follows.

1. By default, they perform transitive module dependence analysis on
libraries on the class path and module path, both directly and
indirectly, as required by the given input JAR files or
classes. Previously, they only reported the modules required by the
given input JAR files or classes.  The `--no-recursive` option can be
used to request non-transitive dependence analysis.

2. By default, they flag any missing dependency, i.e. not found from
class path and module path, as an error.  The `--ignore-missing-deps`
option can be used to suppress missing dependence errors. Note that a
custom image is created with the list of modules output by jdeps when
using the `--ignore-missing-deps` option for a non-modular
application. Such an application, running on the custom image, might
fail at runtime when missing dependence errors are suppressed.


JDK-8249867 XML declaration is not followed by a newline

The DOM Load and Save `LSSerializer` does not have an explicit control
for whether or not the XML Declaration ends with a newline. In this
release, a JDK implementation specific property
`` and
corresponding System property `jdk.xml.isStandalone` are added to
control the addition of a newline and act independently without
having to set the pretty-print property. This property can be used to
reverse the incompatible change introduced in Java SE 7 Update 4 with
an update of Xalan 2.7.1 where a newline is omitted when pretty-print
is required.

For details, please refer to the bug report and the java.xml module-summary.


// to set the property, get an instance of LSSerializer and set it along with pretty-print
LSSerializer ser = impl.createLSSerializer();
ser.getDomConfig().setParameter("format-pretty-print", true);
ser.getDomConfig().setParameter("", true);

// to use the System property, set it before initializing a LSSerializer
System.setProperty("jdk.xml.isStandalone", “true”);

// to clear the property, place the line anywhere after the LSSerializer is initialized

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.10 (2021-01-19):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8247619: Improve Direct Buffering of Characters
* Other changes
  - JDK-6722928: Support SSPI as a native GSS-API provider
  - JDK-7185258: [macosx] Deadlock in SunToolKit.realSync()
  - JDK-8152332: [macosx] JFileChooser cannot be serialized on Mac OS X
  - JDK-8161684: [testconf] Add VerifyOops' testing into compiler tiers
  - JDK-8171279: Support X25519 and X448 in TLS
  - JDK-8173361: various crashes in JvmtiExport::post_compiled_method_load
  - JDK-8173658: JvmtiExport::post_class_unload() is broken for non-JavaThread initiators
  - JDK-8191006: hsdis disassembler plugin does not compile with binutils 2.29+
  - JDK-8197981: Missing return statement in __sync_val_compare_and_swap_8
  - JDK-8198334: java/awt/FileDialog/8003399/ fails in headless mode
  - JDK-8200151: Add 8 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/ConfigTests/
  - JDK-8208279: Add 8 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/EnvTests/
  - JDK-8208483: Add 5 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/FactoryTests/
  - JDK-8208542: Add 4 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/ListTests/
  - JDK-8208665: Amend cross-compilation docs with qemu-debootstrap recipe
  - JDK-8210088: ProblemList gc/epsilon/
  - JDK-8210339: Add 10 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/FedTests/
  - JDK-8211450: UndetVar::dup is not copying the kind field to the duplicated instance
  - JDK-8212160: JVMTI agent crashes with "assert(_value != 0LL) failed: resolving NULL _value"
  - JDK-8212226: SurfaceManager throws "Invalid Image variant" for MultiResolutionImage (Windows)
  - JDK-8213400: Support choosing group name in keytool keypair generation
  - JDK-8213535: Windows HiDPI html lightweight tooltips are truncated
  - JDK-8213698: Improve devkit creation and add support for linux/ppc64/ppc64le/s390x
  - JDK-8214025: assert(t->singleton()) failed: must be a constant when ScavengeRootsInCode < 2
  - JDK-8214242: compiler/arguments/ fails because of missing UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions
  - JDK-8214787: Zero builds fail with "undefined JavaThread::thread_state()"
  - JDK-8215583: Exclude runtime/handshake/
  - JDK-8216012: Infinite loop in RSA KeyPairGenerator
  - JDK-8216324: GetClassMethods is confused by the presence of default methods in super interfaces
  - JDK-8217429: WebSocket over authenticating proxy fails to send Upgrade headers
  - JDK-8217976: test/jdk/java/net/httpclient/websocket/ fails intermittently
  - JDK-8218021: Have jarsigner preserve posix permission attributes
  - JDK-8218287: jshell tool: input behavior unstable after 12-ea+24 on Windows
  - JDK-8218851: JVM crash in custom classloader stress test, JDK 12 & 13
  - JDK-8220420: Cleanup c1_LinearScan
  - JDK-8222072: JVMTI GenerateEvents() sends CompiledMethodLoad events to wrong jvmtiEnv
  - JDK-8222286: Fix for JDK-8213419 is broken on s390
  - JDK-8222527: HttpClient doesn't send HOST header when tunelling HTTP/1.1 through http proxy
  - JDK-8222533: jtreg test jdk/internal/platform/cgroup/ fails on SLES12.3 linux ppc64le machine
  - JDK-8224506: [TESTBUG] fails with exitValue = 137
  - JDK-8224555: vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/contention/TC02/tc02t001/ failed
  - JDK-8224650: Add tests to support X25519 and X448 in TLS
  - JDK-8225072: Add LuxTrust certificate that is expiring in March 2021 to list of allowed but expired certs
  - JDK-8225329: -XX:+PrintBiasedLockingStatistics causes crash during initialization on Windows platforms
  - JDK-8225687: Newly added sspi.cpp in JDK-6722928 still contains some small errors
  - JDK-8227006: [linux] Runtime.availableProcessors execution time increased by factor of 100
  - JDK-8227275: Within native OOM error handling, assertions may hang the process
  - JDK-8227647: [Graal] fails due to "RuntimeException: static java.lang.Object compiler.uncommontrap.Test8009761.m3(boolean,boolean) not compiled"
  - JDK-8229495: SIGILL in C2 generated OSR compilation
  - JDK-8230910: libsspi_bridge does not build on Windows 32bit
  - JDK-8232114: JVM crashed at imjpapi.dll in native code
  - JDK-8234147: Avoid looking up standard charsets in core libraries
  - JDK-8234393: [macos] printing ignores printer tray
  - JDK-8234863: Increase default value of MaxInlineLevel
  - JDK-8235218: Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8173361
  - JDK-8235456: Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8212160
  - JDK-8235829: graal crashes with test
  - JDK-8236124: Minimal VM slowdebug build failed after JDK-8212160
  - JDK-8236512: PKCS11 Connection closed after Cipher.doFinal and NoPadding
  - JDK-8236944: The legVecZ operand should be limited to zmm0-zmm15 registers
  - JDK-8237186: Fix typo in copyright header of java/io/Reader/
  - JDK-8237499: JFR: Include stack trace in the ThreadStart event
  - JDK-8237512: AArch64: aarch64TestHook leaks a BufferBlob
  - JDK-8237524: AArch64: String.compareTo() may return incorrect result
  - JDK-8237950: C2 compilation fails with "Live Node limit exceeded limit" during ConvI2L::Ideal optimization
  - JDK-8238579: HttpsURLConnection drops the timeout and hangs forever in read
  - JDK-8239105: Add exception for expiring Digicert root certificates to VerifyCACerts test
  - JDK-8239477: jdk/jfr/jcmd/ fails -XX:+VerifyOops with "verify_oop: rsi: broken oop"
  - JDK-8239497: SEGV in EdgeUtils::field_name_symbol(Edge const&)
  - JDK-8239886: Minimal VM build fails after JDK-8237499
  - JDK-8240633: Memory leaks in the implementations of FileChooserUI
  - JDK-8240690: Race condition between EDT and BasicDirectoryModel.FilesLoader.run0()
  - JDK-8241234: Unify monitor enter/exit runtime entries.
  - JDK-8241311: Move some charset mapping tests from closed to open
  - JDK-8241797: Add some tests to the problem list
  - JDK-8242029: AArch64: skip G1 array copy pre-barrier if marking not active
  - JDK-8242335: Additional Tests for RSASSA-PSS
  - JDK-8242480: Negative value may be returned by getFreeSwapSpaceSize() in the docker
  - JDK-8242614: cleanup duplicated test ldap server in some com/sun/jndi/ldap/ tests
  - JDK-8242846: Bring back test/jdk/tools/jlink/plugins/
  - JDK-8243114: Implement montgomery{Multiply,Square}intrinsics on Windows
  - JDK-8243290: Improve diagnostic messages for class verification and redefinition failures
  - JDK-8243488: Add tests for set/get SendBufferSize and getReceiveBufferSize in DatagramSocket
  - JDK-8243549: sun/security/ssl/CipherSuite/ failed with Unsupported signature algorithm: DSA
  - JDK-8243617: compiler/onSpinWait/ test uses wrong class
  - JDK-8243619: compiler/codecache/ test misses -version
  - JDK-8244142: some hotspot/runtime tests don't check exit code of forked JVM
  - JDK-8244278: Excessive code cache flushes and sweeps
  - JDK-8244282: test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/intrinsics/ fails with --illegal-access=deny
  - JDK-8244621: [macos10.15] Garbled FX printing plus CoreText warnings on Catalina when building with Xcode 11
  - JDK-8244819: hsdis does not compile with binutils 2.34+
  - JDK-8245051: c1 is broken if it is compiled by gcc without -fno-lifetime-dse
  - JDK-8245168: jlink should not be treated as a "small" tool
  - JDK-8245400: Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.11
  - JDK-8246381: VM crashes with "Current BasicObjectLock* below than low_mark"
  - JDK-8246434: Threads::print_on_error assumes that the heap has been set up
  - JDK-8246648: issue with OperatingSystemImpl getFreeSwapSpaceSize in docker after 8242480
  - JDK-8247201: Print potential pointer value of readable stack memory in hs_err file
  - JDK-8247763: assert(outer->outcnt() == 2) failed: 'only phis' failure in LoopNode::verify_strip_mined()
  - JDK-8247867: Upgrade to freetype 2.10.2
  - JDK-8248190: Enable Power10 system and implement new byte-reverse instructions
  - JDK-8248226: TestCloneAccessStressGCM fails with -XX:-ReduceBulkZeroing
  - JDK-8248347: windows build broken by JDK-8243114
  - JDK-8248532: Every time I change keyboard language at my MacBook, Java crashes
  - JDK-8248552: C2 crashes with SIGFPE due to division by zero
  - JDK-8248596: [TESTBUG] compiler/loopopts/ times out with Graal enabled
  - JDK-8248745: Add jarsigner and keytool tests for restricted algorithms
  - JDK-8248791: sun/util/resources/cldr/ fails with -XX:-ReduceInitialCardMarks -XX:-ReduceBulkZeroing
  - JDK-8248845: AArch64: stack corruption after spilling vector register
  - JDK-8249176: Update GlobalSignR6CA test certificates
  - JDK-8249183: JVM crash in "AwtFrame::WmSize" method
  - JDK-8249192: MonitorInfo stores raw oops across safepoints
  - JDK-8249602: C2: assert(cnt == _outcnt) failed: no insertions allowed
  - JDK-8249603: C1: assert(has_error == false) failed: register allocation invalid
  - JDK-8249605: C2: assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected
  - JDK-8249607: C2: assert(!had_error) failed: bad dominance
  - JDK-8249608: Vector register used by C2 compiled method corrupted at safepoint
  - JDK-8249672: Include microcode revision in features_string on x86
  - JDK-8249748: gtest silently ignores bad jvm arguments
  - JDK-8249821: Separate libharfbuzz from libfontmanager
  - JDK-8250598: Hyper-V is detected in spite of running on host OS
  - JDK-8250605: Linux x86_32 builds fail after JDK-8249821
  - JDK-8250636: iso8601_time returns incorrect offset part on MacOS
  - JDK-8250665: Wrong translation for the month name of May in ar_JO,LB,SY
  - JDK-8250772: Test com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently with javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException
  - JDK-8250825: C2 crashes with assert(field != __null) failed: missing field
  - JDK-8250894: Provide a configure option to build and run against the platform libharfbuzz
  - JDK-8250928: JFR: Improve hash algorithm for stack traces
  - JDK-8250968: Symlinks attributes not preserved when using jarsigner on zip files
  - JDK-8250984: Memory Docker tests fail on some Linux kernels w/o cgroupv1 swap limit capabilities
  - JDK-8251118: BiasedLocking::preserve_marks should not have a HandleMark
  - JDK-8251189: com/sun/jndi/ldap/ failed due to timeout
  - JDK-8251257: NMT: jcmd VM.native_memory scale=1 crashes target VM
  - JDK-8251365: Build failure on AIX after 8250636
  - JDK-8251397: NPE on ClassValue.ClassValueMap.cacheArray
  - JDK-8251456: [TESTBUG] compiler/vectorization/ failed OutOfMemoryError
  - JDK-8251458: Parse::do_lookupswitch fails with "assert(_cnt >= 0) failed"
  - JDK-8251535: Partial peeling at unsigned test adds incorrect loop exit check
  - JDK-8251949: ZGC: Set explicit heap size for compiler/gcbarriers tests
  - JDK-8252090: JFR: StreamWriterHost::write_unbuffered() stucks in an infinite loop OpenJDK (build 13.0.1+9)
  - JDK-8252415: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.10
  - JDK-8252470: java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/ fails on Windows
  - JDK-8252497: Incorrect numeric currency code for ROL
  - JDK-8252660: Shenandoah: support manageable SoftMaxHeapSize option
  - JDK-8252679: Two windows specific FileDIalog tests may fail on some Windows_Server_2016_Standard
  - JDK-8252696: Loop unswitching may cause out of bound array load to be executed
  - JDK-8252754: Hash code calculation of JfrStackTrace is inconsistent
  - JDK-8253219: Epsilon: clean up unnecessary includes
  - JDK-8253224: Shenandoah: ShenandoahStrDedupQueue destructor calls virtual num_queues()
  - JDK-8253226: Shenandoah: remove unimplemented ShenandoahStrDedupQueue::verify
  - JDK-8253269: The CheckCommonColors test should provide more info on failure
  - JDK-8253284: Zero OrderAccess barrier mappings are incorrect
  - JDK-8253375: OSX build fails with Xcode 12.0 (12A7209)
  - JDK-8253778: ShenandoahSafepoint::is_at_shenandoah_safepoint should not access VMThread state from other threads
  - JDK-8253791: Issue with useAppleColor check in CSystemColors.m
  - JDK-8254016: Test8237524 fails with -XX:-CompactStrings option
  - JDK-8254081: java/security/cert/PolicyNode/ fails due to an expired certificate
  - JDK-8254144: Non-x86 Zero builds fail with return-type warning in os_linux_zero.cpp
  - JDK-8254166: Zero: return-type warning in zeroInterpreter_zero.cpp
  - JDK-8254177: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020b
  - JDK-8254185: Fix Code cache sweeper heuristics for JDK 11
  - JDK-8254190: [s390] interpreter misses exception check after calling monitorenter
  - JDK-8254790: SIGSEGV in string_indexof_char and stringL_indexof_char intrinsics
  - JDK-8254854: [cgroups v1] Metric limits not properly detected on some join controller combinations
  - JDK-8254982: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020c
  - JDK-8255050: Add pkcs11/KeyStore/ to Problem list
  - JDK-8255065: Zero: accessor_entry misses the IRIW case
  - JDK-8255226: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020d
  - JDK-8255269: Unsigned overflow in g1Policy.cpp
  - JDK-8255365: Problem list failing client manual tests
  - JDK-8255457: Shenandoah: cleanup ShenandoahMarkTask
  - JDK-8255466: C2 crashes at ciObject::get_oop() const+0x0
  - JDK-8255550: x86: Assembler::cmpq(Address dst, Register src) encoding is incorrect
  - JDK-8255603: Memory/Performance regression after JDK-8210985
  - JDK-8255760: Shenandoah: match constants style in ShenandoahMarkTask fallback
  - JDK-8255937: Better cleanup for test/jdk/javax/imageio/stream/
  - JDK-8256427: Test com/sun/jndi/dns/ConfigTests/ does not work on AIX
  - JDK-8256452: Integrate missing part of JDK-8232370 to 11u
  - JDK-8256483: [TESTBUG] serviceability/jvmti/GetClassMethods/libOverpassMethods.c fails to compile on gcc 4.4.x
  - JDK-8256557: libharfbuzz fails to link on gcc 4.4.x due to -Wl,-z,defs
  - JDK-8256618: Zero: Linux x86_32 build still fails
  - JDK-8256736: Zero: GTest tests fail with "unsuppported vm variant"
  - JDK-8256809: Annotation processing causes NPE during flow analysis
  - JDK-8257181: s390x builds are very noisy with gc-sections messages
  - JDK-8257242: [macOS] Java app crashes while switching input methods
  - JDK-8257545: SunJSSE FIPS regression in key exchange after JDK-8171279 11u backport
  - JDK-8257641: Shenandoah: Query is_at_shenandoah_safepoint() from control thread should return false
  - JDK-8257701: Shenandoah: objArrayKlass metadata is not marked with chunked arrays
  - JDK-8258630: Add expiry exception for QuoVadis root certificate

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8213821: -groupname Option Added to keytool Key Pair Generation
A new `-groupname` option has been added to `keytool -genkeypair` so
that a user can specify a named group when generating a key pair. For
example, `keytool -genkeypair -keyalg EC -groupname secp384r1` will
generate an EC key pair by using the `secp384r1` curve. Because there
might be multiple curves with the same size, using the `-groupname`
option is preferred over the `-keysize` option.

JDK-8248263: jarsigner Preserves POSIX File Permission and symlink Attributes
When signing a file that contains POSIX file permission or symlink
attributes, `jarsigner` now preserves these attributes in the newly
signed file but warns that these attributes are unsigned and not
protected by the signature. The same warning is printed during the
`jarsigner -verify` operation for such files.

Note that the `jar` tool does not read/write these attributes. This
change is more visible to tools like `unzip` where these attributes
are preserved.


JDK-8225764:  Support for X25519 and X448 in TLS

The named elliptic curve groups `x25519` and `x448` are now available
for JSSE key agreement in TLS versions 1.0 to 1.3, with `x25519` being
the most preferred of the default enabled named groups.  The default
ordered list is now:

* x25519
* secp256r1
* secp384r1
* secp521r1
* x448
* secp256k1
* ffdhe2048
* ffdhe3072
* ffdhe4096
* ffdhe6144
* ffdhe8192

The default list can be overridden using the system property *`jdk.tls.namedGroups`*.


JDK-8214079: Added a Default Native GSS-API Library on Windows
A native GSS-API library has been added to JDK on the Windows
platform. The library is client-side only and uses the default
credentials. It will be loaded when the ``
system property is set to "true". A user can still load a third-party
native GSS-API library by setting the system property
`` to its path.

New in release OpenJDK (2020-10-20):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Regression fixes
  - JDK-8250861: Crash in MinINode::Ideal(PhaseGVN*, bool)

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.9 (2020-10-20):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8233624: Enhance JNI linkage
  - JDK-8236196: Improve string pooling
  - JDK-8236862, CVE-2020-14779: Enhance support of Proxy class
  - JDK-8237990, CVE-2020-14781: Enhanced LDAP contexts
  - JDK-8237995, CVE-2020-14782: Enhance certificate processing
  - JDK-8240124: Better VM Interning
  - JDK-8241114, CVE-2020-14792: Better range handling
  - JDK-8242680, CVE-2020-14796: Improved URI Support
  - JDK-8242685, CVE-2020-14797: Better Path Validation
  - JDK-8242695, CVE-2020-14798: Enhanced buffer support
  - JDK-8243302: Advanced class supports
  - JDK-8244136, CVE-2020-14803: Improved Buffer supports
  - JDK-8244479: Further constrain certificates
  - JDK-8244955: Additional Fix for JDK-8240124
  - JDK-8245407: Enhance zoning of times
  - JDK-8245412: Better class definitions
  - JDK-8245417: Improve certificate chain handling
  - JDK-8248574: Improve jpeg processing
  - JDK-8249927: Specify limits of jdk.serialProxyInterfaceLimit
  - JDK-8253019: Enhanced JPEG decoding
* Other changes
  - JDK-6532025: GIF reader throws misleading exception with truncated images
  - JDK-6949753: [TEST BUG]: java/awt/print/PageFormat/ needs update by removing a infinite loop
  - JDK-8022535: [TEST BUG] javax/swing/text/html/parser/ fails
  - JDK-8062947: Fix exception message to correctly represent LDAP connection failure
  - JDK-8067354: com/sun/jdi/ failed
  - JDK-8134599: TEST_BUG: java/rmi/transport/closeServerSocket/ fails intermittently with Address already in use
  - JDK-8151678: com/sun/jndi/ldap/ failed due to timeout on DeadServerNoTimeoutTest is incorrect
  - JDK-8160768: Add capability to custom resolve host/domain names within the default JNDI LDAP provider
  - JDK-8172404: Tools should warn if weak algorithms are used before restricting them
  - JDK-8193367: Annotated type variable bounds crash javac
  - JDK-8202117: com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently: Connection reset
  - JDK-8203026: java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table
  - JDK-8203281: [Windows] JComboBox change in ui when editor.setBorder() is called
  - JDK-8203382: Rename SystemDictionary::initialize_wk_klass to resolve_wk_klass
  - JDK-8203393: com/sun/jdi/ and fail due to timeout
  - JDK-8203928: [Test] Convert non-JDB scaffolding serviceability shell script tests to java
  - JDK-8204963: javax.swing.border.TitledBorder has a memory leak
  - JDK-8204994: SA might fail to attach to process with "Windbg Error: WaitForEvent failed"
  - JDK-8205534: Remove SymbolTable dependency from serviceability agent
  - JDK-8206309: Tier1 SA tests fail
  - JDK-8208281: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/ timed out
  - JDK-8209109: [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step1
  - JDK-8209332: [TEST] test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/ is incorrect
  - JDK-8209342: Problemlist SA tests on Solaris due to Error attaching to process: Can't create thread_db agent!
  - JDK-8209343: Test javax/swing/border/ should be marked as headful
  - JDK-8209517: com/sun/jdi/ fails with timeout
  - JDK-8209604: [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step2
  - JDK-8209605: com/sun/jdi/ fails with ZGC
  - JDK-8209608: Problem list com/sun/jdi/
  - JDK-8210131: vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/allocation/AP10/ap10t001/ failed with ObjectFree: GetCurrentThreadCpuTimerInfo returned unexpected error code
  - JDK-8210243: [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step3
  - JDK-8210527: JShell: NullPointerException in jdk.jshell.Eval.translateExceptionStack
  - JDK-8210560: [TEST] convert com/sun/jdi redefineClass-related tests
  - JDK-8210725: com/sun/jdi/ fails with waitForPrompt timed out after 60 seconds
  - JDK-8210748: [TESTBUG] lib.jdb.Jdb.waitForPrompt() should clarify which output is the pending reply after a timeout
  - JDK-8210760: [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step4
  - JDK-8210977: jdk/jfr/event/oldobject/ fails to find ThreadLocalObject
  - JDK-8211292: [TEST] convert com/sun/jdi/ test
  - JDK-8211694: JShell: Redeclared variable should be reset
  - JDK-8212200: assert when shared java.lang.Object is redefined by JVMTI agent
  - JDK-8212629: [TEST] wrong breakpoint in test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/DeferredStepTest
  - JDK-8212665: com/sun/jdi/ jj1 (line 57) - unexpected. lastLine=52, minLine=52, maxLine=55
  - JDK-8212807: tools/jar/multiRelease/ times out
  - JDK-8213182: Minimal VM build failure after JDK-8212200 (assert when shared java.lang.Object is redefined by JVMTI agent)
  - JDK-8213214: Set when running tests
  - JDK-8213275: fails with jdk.internal.vm.PostVMInitHook not found
  - JDK-8213574: Deadlock in string table expansion when dumping lots of CDS classes
  - JDK-8213703: LambdaConversionException: Invalid receiver type not a subtype of implementation type interface
  - JDK-8214074: Ghash optimization using AVX instructions
  - JDK-8214491: Upgrade to JLine 3.9.0
  - JDK-8214797: timed out
  - JDK-8215243: JShell tests failing intermitently with \"Problem cleaning up the following threads:\"
  - JDK-8215244: jdk/jshell/ testHistoryReference failed
  - JDK-8215354: x86_32 build failures after JDK-8214074 (Ghash optimization using AVX instructions)
  - JDK-8215438: jshell tool: Ctrl-D causes EOF
  - JDK-8216021: RunTest.gmk might set concurrency level to 1 on Windows
  - JDK-8216974: HttpConnection not returned to the pool after 204 response
  - JDK-8218948: SimpleDateFormat :: format - Zone Names are not reflected correctly during run time
  - JDK-8219712: code_size2 (defined in stub_routines_x86.hpp) is too small on new Skylake CPUs
  - JDK-8220150: macos10.14 Mojave returns anti-aliased glyphs instead of aliased B&W glyphs
  - JDK-8221658: aarch64: add necessary predicate for ubfx patterns
  - JDK-8221759: Crash when completing \"\"
  - JDK-8221918: runtime/SharedArchiveFile/serviceability/ fails: Shared archive not found
  - JDK-8222074: Enhance auto vectorization for x86
  - JDK-8222079: Don't use memset to initialize fields decode_env constructor in disassembler.cpp
  - JDK-8222769: [TESTBUG] TestJFRNetworkEvents should not rely on hostname command
  - JDK-8223688: JShell: crash on the instantiation of raw anonymous class
  - JDK-8223777: In posix_spawn mode, failing to exec() jspawnhelper does not result in an error
  - JDK-8223940: Private key not supported by chosen signature algorithm
  - JDK-8224184: jshell got IOException at exiting with AIX
  - JDK-8224234: compiler/codegen/ fails in test_mulc
  - JDK-8225037: throws NullPointerException
  - JDK-8225625: AES Electronic Codebook (ECB) encryption and decryption optimization using AVX512 + VAES instructions
  - JDK-8226536: Catch OOM from deopt that fails rematerializing objects
  - JDK-8226575: OperatingSystemMXBean should be made container aware
  - JDK-8226697: Several tests which need the @key headful keyword are missing it.
  - JDK-8226809: Circular reference in printed stack trace is not correctly indented & ambiguous
  - JDK-8227059: sun/security/tools/keytool/ timed out
  - JDK-8227269: Slow class loading when running with JDWP
  - JDK-8227595: keytool/fakegen/ fails due to "exitValue = 6"
  - JDK-8228448: Jconsole can't connect to itself
  - JDK-8228967: Trust/Key store and SSL context utilities for tests
  - JDK-8229378: jdwp library loader in linker_md.c quietly truncates on buffer overflow
  - JDK-8229815: Upgrade Jline to 3.12.1
  - JDK-8230000: some httpclients testng tests run zero test
  - JDK-8230002: javax/xml/jaxp/unittest/transform/ runs zero test
  - JDK-8230010: Remove jdk8037819/
  - JDK-8230094: CCE in createXMLEventWriter(Result) over an arbitrary XMLStreamWriter
  - JDK-8230402: Allocation of compile task fails with assert: "Leaking compilation tasks?"
  - JDK-8230767: FlightRecorderListener returns null recording
  - JDK-8230870: (zipfs) Add a ZIP FS test that is similar to test/jdk/java/util/zip/
  - JDK-8231209: [REDO] ThreadMXBean::getThreadAllocatedBytes() can be quicker for self thread
  - JDK-8231586: enlarge encoding space for OopMapValue offsets
  - JDK-8231953: Wrong assumption in assertion in oop::register_oop
  - JDK-8231968: getCurrentThreadAllocatedBytes default implementation s/b getThreadAllocatedBytes
  - JDK-8232083: Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8231586
  - JDK-8232161: Align some one-way conversion in MS950 charset with Windows
  - JDK-8232855: jshell missing word in /help help
  - JDK-8233027: OopMapSet::all_do does twice during iteration
  - JDK-8233228: Disable weak named curves by default in TLS, CertPath, and Signed JAR
  - JDK-8233386: Initialize NULL fields for unused decorations
  - JDK-8233452: java.math.BigDecimal.sqrt() with RoundingMode.FLOOR results in incorrect result
  - JDK-8233686: XML transformer uses excessive amount of memory
  - JDK-8233741: AES Countermode (AES-CTR) optimization using AVX512 + VAES instructions
  - JDK-8233829: javac cannot find non-ASCII module name under non-UTF8 environment
  - JDK-8233958: Memory retention due to HttpsURLConnection finalizer that serves no purpose
  - JDK-8234011: (zipfs) Memory leak in ZipFileSystem.releaseDeflater()
  - JDK-8234058: runtime/CompressedOops/ fails with 'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000' missing from stdout/stderr
  - JDK-8234149: Several regression tests do not dispose Frame at end
  - JDK-8234347: "Turkey" meta time zone does not generate composed localized names
  - JDK-8234385: [TESTBUG] java/awt/EventQueue/6980209/ fails in linux nightly
  - JDK-8234535: Cross compilation fails due to missing CFLAGS for the BUILD_CC
  - JDK-8234541: C1 emits an empty message when it inlines successfully
  - JDK-8234687: change javap reporting on unknown attributes
  - JDK-8236464: SO_LINGER option is ignored by SSLSocket in JDK 11
  - JDK-8236548: Localized time zone name inconsistency between English and other locales
  - JDK-8236617: jtreg test containers/docker/ fails after 8226575
  - JDK-8237182: Update copyright header for shenandoah and epsilon files
  - JDK-8237888: security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails when checking validity interval
  - JDK-8237977: Further update javax/net/ssl/compatibility/
  - JDK-8238270: HTTP/2 client does not decrease stream count when receives 204 response
  - JDK-8238284: [macos] Zero VM build fails due to an obvious typo
  - JDK-8238380: java.base/unix/native/libjava/childproc.c "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
  - JDK-8238386: (sctp) jdk.sctp/unix/native/libsctp/SctpNet.c "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
  - JDK-8238388: libj2gss/NativeFunc.o "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
  - JDK-8238448: RSASSA-PSS signature verification fail when using certain odd key sizes
  - JDK-8238710: LingeredApp doesn't log stdout/stderr if exits with non-zero code
  - JDK-8239083: C1 assert(known_holder == NULL || (known_holder->is_instance_klass() && (!known_holder->is_interface() || ((ciInstanceKlass*)known_holder)->has_nonstatic_concrete_methods())), "should be non-static concrete method");
  - JDK-8239385: KerberosTicket client name refers wrongly to sAMAccountName in AD
  - JDK-8240169: javadoc fails to link to non-modular api docs
  - JDK-8240295: hs_err elapsed time in seconds is not accurate enough
  - JDK-8240360: NativeLibraryEvent has wrong library name on Linux
  - JDK-8240676: Meet not symmetric failure when running lucene on jdk8
  - JDK-8241007: Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahCriticalControlThreadPriority support
  - JDK-8241065: Shenandoah: remove leftover code after JDK-8231086
  - JDK-8241086: Test runtime/NMT/ is failing on 32bit Windows
  - JDK-8241130: com.sun.jndi.ldap.EventSupport.removeDeadNotifier: java.lang.NullPointerException
  - JDK-8241138: http.nonProxyHosts=* causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in DefaultProxySelector
  - JDK-8241319: WB_GetCodeBlob doesn't have ResourceMark
  - JDK-8241478: vmTestbase/gc/gctests/Steal/steal001/ fails with OOME
  - JDK-8241574: Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahAssertToSpaceClosure
  - JDK-8241750: x86_32 build failure after JDK-8227269
  - JDK-8242184: CRL generation error with RSASSA-PSS
  - JDK-8242283: Can't start JVM when java home path includes non-ASCII character
  - JDK-8242556: Cannot load RSASSA-PSS public key with non-null params from byte array
  - JDK-8243029: Rewrite javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ with a flexible interop test framework
  - JDK-8243138: Enhance BaseLdapServer to support starttls extended request
  - JDK-8243320: Add SSL root certificates to Oracle Root CA program
  - JDK-8243321: Add Entrust root CA - G4 to Oracle Root CA program
  - JDK-8243389: enhance os::pd_print_cpu_info on linux
  - JDK-8243453: java --describe-module failed with non-ASCII module name under non-UTF8 environment
  - JDK-8243470: [macos] bring back O2 opt level for unsafe.cpp
  - JDK-8243489: Thread CPU Load event may contain wrong data for CPU time under certain conditions
  - JDK-8243925: Toolkit#getScreenInsets() returns wrong value on HiDPI screens (Windows)
  - JDK-8244087: 2020-04-24 public suffix list update
  - JDK-8244151: Update MUSCLE PC/SC-Lite headers to the latest release 1.8.26
  - JDK-8244164: AArch64: jaotc generates incorrect code for compressed OOPs with non-zero heap base
  - JDK-8244196: adjust output in os_linux
  - JDK-8244225: stringop-overflow warning on strncpy call from compile_the_world_in
  - JDK-8244287: JFR: Methods samples have line number 0
  - JDK-8244703: "platform encoding not initialized" exceptions with debugger, JNI
  - JDK-8244719: CTW: C2 compilation fails with "assert(!VerifyHashTableKeys || _hash_lock == 0) failed: remove node from hash table before modifying it"
  - JDK-8244729: Shenandoah: remove resolve paths from SBSA::generate_shenandoah_lrb
  - JDK-8244763: Update --release 8 symbol information after JSR 337 MR3
  - JDK-8244818: Java2D Queue Flusher crash while moving application window to external monitor
  - JDK-8245151: jarsigner should not raise duplicate warnings on verification
  - JDK-8245616: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.9
  - JDK-8245714: "Bad graph detected in build_loop_late" when loads are pinned on loop limit check uncommon branch
  - JDK-8245801: StressRecompilation triggers assert "redundunt OSR recompilation detected. memory leak in CodeCache!"
  - JDK-8245832: JDK build make-static-libs should build all JDK libraries
  - JDK-8245880: Shenandoah: check class unloading flag early in concurrent code root scan
  - JDK-8245981: Upgrade to jQuery 3.5.1
  - JDK-8246027: Minimal fastdebug build broken after JDK-8245801
  - JDK-8246094: [macos] Sound Recording and playback is not working
  - JDK-8246153: TestEliminateArrayCopy fails with -XX:+StressReflectiveCode
  - JDK-8246193: Possible NPE in ENC-PA-REP search in AS-REQ
  - JDK-8246196: javax/management/MBeanServer/OldMBeanServerTest fails with AssertionError
  - JDK-8246203: Segmentation fault in verification due to stack overflow with -XX:+VerifyIterativeGVN
  - JDK-8246330: Add TLS Tests for Legacy ECDSA curves
  - JDK-8246453: TestClone crashes with "all collected exceptions must come from the same place"
  - JDK-8247246: Add explicit and expose presence of default methods
  - JDK-8247350: [aarch64] assert(false) failed: wrong size of mach node
  - JDK-8247502: PhaseStringOpts crashes while optimising effectively dead code
  - JDK-8247615: Initialize the bytes left for the heap sampler
  - JDK-8247824: CTW: C2 (Shenandoah) compilation fails with SEGV in SBC2Support::pin_and_expand
  - JDK-8247874: Replacement in not working when --with-vendor-bug-url contains '&'
  - JDK-8247979: aarch64: missing side effect of killing flags for clearArray_reg_reg
  - JDK-8248214: Add paddings for TaskQueueSuper to reduce false-sharing cache contention
  - JDK-8248219: aarch64: missing memory barrier in fast_storefield and fast_accessfield
  - JDK-8248348: Regression caused by the update to BCEL 6.0
  - JDK-8248385: [testbug][11u] Adapt TestInitiExceptions to jtreg 5.1
  - JDK-8248495: [macos] zerovm is broken due to libffi headers location
  - JDK-8248851: CMS: Missing memory fences between free chunk check and klass read
  - JDK-8248987: AOT's seems to eagerly fail-fast on Windows
  - JDK-8249159: Downport test rework for SSLSocketTemplate from 8224650
  - JDK-8249215: JFrame::setVisible crashed with -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 on Japanese Windows.
  - JDK-8249251: [dark_mode ubuntu 20.04] The selected menu is not highlighted in GTKLookAndFeel
  - JDK-8249255: Build fails if source code in cygwin home dir
  - JDK-8249277: is failing with timeout in OpenJDK 11
  - JDK-8249278: Revert JDK-8226253 which breaks the spec of AccessibleState.SHOWING for JList
  - JDK-8249560: Shenandoah: Fix racy GC request handling
  - JDK-8249801: Shenandoah: Clear soft-refs on requested GC cycle
  - JDK-8249953: Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/mxbeans tests should account for corner cases
  - JDK-8250582: Revert Principal Name type to NT-UNKNOWN when requesting TGS Kerberos tickets
  - JDK-8250609: C2 crash in IfNode::fold_compares
  - JDK-8250627: Use -XX:+/-UseContainerSupport for enabling/disabling Java container metrics
  - JDK-8250755: Better cleanup for jdk/test/javax/imageio/plugins/shared/
  - JDK-8250787: Provider.put no longer registering aliases in FIPS env
  - JDK-8250826: jhsdb does not work with coredump which comes from Substrate VM
  - JDK-8250827: Shenandoah: needs to reset/finish StringTable's dead count before/after parallel walk
  - JDK-8250844: Make sure {type,obj}ArrayOopDesc accessors check the bounds
  - JDK-8251117: Cannot check P11Key size in P11Cipher and P11AEADCipher
  - JDK-8251354: Shenandoah: Fix jdk/jfr/tool/ test failure
  - JDK-8251451: Shenandoah: Remark ObjectSynchronizer roots with I-U
  - JDK-8251469: Better cleanup for test/jdk/javax/imageio/
  - JDK-8251487: Shenandoah: missing detail timing tracking for final mark cleaning phase
  - JDK-8252120: compiler/oracle/ misspells "occured"
  - JDK-8252157: JDK-8231209 11u backport breaks jmm binary compatibility
  - JDK-8252258: [11u] JDK-8242154 changes the default vendor
  - JDK-8252804: [test] Fix '' test after downport of 8234011
  - JDK-8253134: JMM_VERSION should remain at 0x20020000 (JDK 10) in JDK 11
  - JDK-8253283: [11u] Test build/translations/ failing after JDK-8252258
  - JDK-8253813: Backout JDK-8244287 from 11u: it causes several crashes

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8240196: Modified the MS950 charset Encoder's Conversion Table
In this release, some of the one-way byte-to-char mappings have been
aligned with the preferred mappings provided by the Unicode Consortium


JDK-8238914: Localized Time Zone Name Inconsistency Between English and Other Locales
English time zone names provided by the CLDR locale provider are now
correctly synthesized following the CLDR spec, rather than substituted
from the COMPAT provider. For example, SHORT style names are no longer
synthesized abbreviations of LONG style names, but instead produce GMT
offset formats.


JDK-8236876: OperatingSystemMXBean Methods Inside a Container Return Container Specific Data
When executing in a container, or other virtualized operating
environment, the following `OperatingSystemMXBean` methods in this
release return container specific information, if
available. Otherwise, they return host specific data:

* getFreePhysicalMemorySize()
* getTotalPhysicalMemorySize()
* getFreeSwapSpaceSize()
* getTotalSwapSpaceSize()
* getSystemCpuLoad()


JDK-8250756: Added Entrust Root Certification Authority - G4 certificate
The Entrust root certificate has been added to the cacerts truststore:

Alias Name: entrustrootcag4
Distinguished Name: CN=Entrust Root Certification Authority - G4, OU="(c) 2015 Entrust,  Inc. - for authorized use only", OU=See, O="Entrust, Inc.", C=US

JDK-8250860: Added 3 SSL Corporation Root CA Certificates
The following root certificates have been added to the cacerts truststore for the SSL Corporation:

Alias Name: sslrootrsaca
Distinguished Name: Root Certification Authority RSA, O=SSL Corporation, L=Houston, ST=Texas, C=US

Alias Name: sslrootevrsaca
Distinguished Name: EV Root Certification Authority RSA R2, O=SSL Corporation, L=Houston, ST=Texas, C=US

Alias Name: sslrooteccca
Distinguished Name: Root Certification Authority ECC, O=SSL Corporation, L=Houston, ST=Texas, C=US

JDK-8236730: Weak Named Curves in TLS, CertPath, and Signed JAR Disabled by Default
Weak named curves are disabled by default by adding them to the
following `disabledAlgorithms` security properties:

* jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms
* jdk.certpath.disabledAlgorithms
* jdk.jar.disabledAlgorithms

Red Hat has always disabled many of the curves provided by upstream,
so the only addition in this release is:

* secp256k1

The curves that remain enabled are:

* secp256r1
* secp384r1
* secp521r1
* X25519
* X448

When large numbers of weak named curves need to be disabled, adding
individual named curves to each `disabledAlgorithms` property would be
overwhelming. To relieve this, a new security property,
`jdk.disabled.namedCurves`, is implemented that can list the named
curves common to all of the `disabledAlgorithms` properties. To use
the new property in the `disabledAlgorithms` properties, precede the
full property name with the keyword `include`.  Users can still add
individual named curves to `disabledAlgorithms` properties separate
from this new property.  No other properties can be included in the
`disabledAlgorithms` properties.

To restore the named curves, remove the `include
jdk.disabled.namedCurves` either from specific or from all
`disabledAlgorithms` security properties. To restore one or more
curves, remove the specific named curve(s) from the
`jdk.disabled.namedCurves` property.

JDK-8244286: Tools Warn If Weak Algorithms Are Used Before Restricting Them
The `keytool` and `jarsigner` tools have been updated to warn users
about weak cryptographic algorithms being used before they are
disabled. In this release, the tools issue warnings for the SHA-1 hash
algorithm and 1024-bit RSA/DSA keys.


JDK-8242147: New System Properties to Configure the TLS Signature Schemes
Two new system properties have been added to customize the TLS
signature schemes in JDK. `jdk.tls.client.SignatureSchemes` has been
added for the TLS client side, and `jdk.tls.server.SignatureSchemes`
has been added for the server side.

Each system property contains a comma-separated list of supported
signature scheme names specifying the signature schemes that could be
used for the TLS connections.

The names are described in the "Signature Schemes" section of the
*Java Security Standard Algorithm Names Specification*.


JDK-8242059: Support for canonicalize in krb5.conf

The 'canonicalize' flag in the [krb5.conf file][0] is now supported by
the JDK Kerberos implementation. When set to *true*, RFC 6806 [1] name
canonicalization is requested by clients in TGT requests to KDC
services (AS protocol). Otherwise, and by default, it is not

The new default behavior is different from previous releases where
name canonicalization was always requested by clients in TGT requests
to KDC services (provided that support for RFC 6806[1] was not
explicitly disabled with the **
system or security properties).


JDK-8254177: US/Pacific-New Zone name removed as part of tzdata2020b
Following JDK's update to tzdata2020b, the long-obsolete files
pacificnew and systemv have been removed. As a result, the
"US/Pacific-New" zone name declared in the pacificnew data file is no
longer available for use.

Information regarding the update can be viewed at

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.8 (2020-07-14):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8230613: Better ASCII conversions
  - JDK-8231800: Better listing of arrays
  - JDK-8232014: Expand DTD support
  - JDK-8233234: Better Zip Naming
  - JDK-8233239, CVE-2020-14562: Enhance TIFF support
  - JDK-8233255: Better Swing Buttons
  - JDK-8234032: Improve basic calendar services
  - JDK-8234042: Better factory production of certificates
  - JDK-8234418: Better parsing with CertificateFactory
  - JDK-8234836: Improve serialization handling
  - JDK-8236191: Enhance OID processing
  - JDK-8236867, CVE-2020-14573: Enhance Graal interface handling
  - JDK-8237117, CVE-2020-14556: Better ForkJoinPool behavior
  - JDK-8237592, CVE-2020-14577: Enhance certificate verification
  - JDK-8238002, CVE-2020-14581: Better matrix operations
  - JDK-8238013: Enhance String writing
  - JDK-8238804: Enhance key handling process
  - JDK-8238842: AIOOBE in GIFImageReader.initializeStringTable
  - JDK-8238843: Enhanced font handing
  - JDK-8238920, CVE-2020-14583: Better Buffer support
  - JDK-8238925: Enhance WAV file playback
  - JDK-8240119, CVE-2020-14593: Less Affine Transformations
  - JDK-8240482: Improved WAV file playback
  - JDK-8241379: Update JCEKS support
  - JDK-8241522: Manifest improved jar headers redux
  - JDK-8242136, CVE-2020-14621: Better XML namespace handling
* Other changes
  - JDK-6933331: (d3d/ogl) java.lang.IllegalStateException: Buffers have not been created
  - JDK-7124307: JSpinner and changing value by mouse
  - JDK-8022574: remove HaltNode code after uncommon trap calls
  - JDK-8039082: [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/dnd/BadSerializationTest/ fails
  - JDK-8040630: Popup menus and tooltips flicker with previous popup contents when first shown
  - JDK-8044365: (dc) failing with ENOMEM when joining group (OS X 10.9)
  - JDK-8048215: [TESTBUG] java/lang/management/ManagementFactory/ Expected non-null LockInfo
  - JDK-8051349: nsk/jvmti/scenarios/sampling/SP06/sp06t003 fails in nightly
  - JDK-8080353: JShell: Better error message on attempting to add default method
  - JDK-8139876: Exclude hanging nsk/stress/stack from execution with deoptimization enabled
  - JDK-8146090: java/lang/ref/ fails with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
  - JDK-8153430: jdk regression test MletParserLocaleTest, ParserInfiniteLoopTest reduce default timeout
  - JDK-8156207: Resource allocated BitMaps are often cleared unnecessarily
  - JDK-8159740: JShell: corralled declarations do not have correct source to wrapper mapping
  - JDK-8175984: ICC_Profile has un-needed, not-empty finalize method
  - JDK-8176359: Frame#setMaximizedbounds not working properly in multi screen environments
  - JDK-8183369: RFC unconformity of HttpURLConnection with proxy
  - JDK-8187078: -XX:+VerifyOops finds numerous problems when running JPRT
  - JDK-8191169: java/net/Authenticator/ failed intermittently
  - JDK-8191930: [Graal] emits unparseable XML into compile log
  - JDK-8193879: Java debugger hangs on method invocation
  - JDK-8196019: java/awt/Window/Grab/ fails on Windows
  - JDK-8196181: sun/java2d/GdiRendering/ fails
  - JDK-8198000: java/awt/List/EmptyListEventTest/ debug assert on Windows
  - JDK-8198001: java/awt/Menu/WrongParentAfterRemoveMenu/ debug assert on Windows
  - JDK-8198339: Test javax/swing/border/ is unstable
  - JDK-8200701: jdk/jshell/ fails on Windows, after JDK-8198801
  - JDK-8203264: JNI exception pending in PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c:740
  - JDK-8203672: JNI exception pending in PlainSocketImpl.c
  - JDK-8203673: JNI exception pending in DualStackPlainDatagramSocketImpl.c:398
  - JDK-8204834: Fix confusing "allocate" naming in OopStorage
  - JDK-8205399: Set node color on pinned HashMap.TreeNode deletion
  - JDK-8205653: test/jdk/sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ and fail with handshake_failure
  - JDK-8206179: com/sun/management/OperatingSystemMXBean/ fails with Committed virtual memory size illegal value
  - JDK-8207334: VM times out in VM_HandshakeAllThreads::doit() with RunThese30M
  - JDK-8208277: Code cache heap (-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize) doesn't work with 1GB LargePages
  - JDK-8209113: Use WeakReference for lastFontStrike for created Fonts
  - JDK-8209333: Socket reset issue for TLS 1.3 socket close
  - JDK-8209439: C2 library_call can potentially ignore Math.pow intrinsic or use null pointer
  - JDK-8209534: [TESTBUG]runtime/appcds/cacheObject/ fails with EnableJVMCI.
  - JDK-8210147: adjust some WSAGetLastError usages in windows network coding
  - JDK-8210284: "assert((av & 0x00000001) == 0) failed: unsupported V8" on Solaris 11.4
  - JDK-8210303: VM_HandshakeAllThreads fails assert with "failed: blocked and not walkable"
  - JDK-8210515: [TESTBUG] needs to check if EnableJVMCI is set.
  - JDK-8210788: Javadoc for Thread.join(long, int) should specify that it waits forever when both arguments are zero
  - JDK-8211301: [macos] support full window content options
  - JDK-8211332: Space for stub routines (code_size2) is too small on new Skylake CPUs
  - JDK-8211339: NPE during SSL handshake caused by HostnameChecker
  - JDK-8211392: compiler/profiling/spectrapredefineclass_classloaders/ times out in JDK12 CI
  - JDK-8211743: [AOT] crash in ScopeDesc::decode_body() when JVMTI walks AOT frames
  - JDK-8212154: [TESTBUG] CheckArchivedModuleApp fails with NPE when JVMCI is absent
  - JDK-8212167: JShell : Stack trace of exception has wrong line number
  - JDK-8212933: Thread-SMR: requesting a VM operation whilst holding a ThreadsListHandle can cause deadlocks
  - JDK-8212986: Make Visual Studio compiler check less strict
  - JDK-8213250: CDS archive creation aborts due to metaspace object allocation failure
  - JDK-8213516: jck test api/javax_accessibility/AccessibleState/fields.html fails intermittent
  - JDK-8213947: ARM32: failed check_simd should set UsePopCountInstruction to false
  - JDK-8214418: half-closed SSLEngine status may cause application dead loop
  - JDK-8214440: ldap over a TLS connection negotiate failed with " hostname of the server '' does not match the hostname in the server's certificate"
  - JDK-8214444: Wrong strncat limits in dfa.cpp
  - JDK-8214481: freetype path does not disable TrueType hinting with AA+FM hints
  - JDK-8214571: -Xdoclint of array serialField gives "error: array type not allowed here"
  - JDK-8214856: Errors with JSZip in web console after upgrade to 3.1.5
  - JDK-8214862: assert(proj != __null) at compile.cpp:3251
  - JDK-8215369: Jcstress pollute /var/tmp with temporary files.
  - JDK-8215551: Missing case label in nmethod::reloc_string_for()
  - JDK-8215555: TieredCompilation C2 threads can excessively block handshakes
  - JDK-8215711: Missing key_share extension for (EC)DHE key exchange should alert missing_extension
  - JDK-8216151: [Graal] Module has not been granted
  - JDK-8216154: C4819 warnings at HotSpot sources on Windows
  - JDK-8216541: CompiledICHolders of VM locked unloaded nmethods are released too late
  - JDK-8217230: assert(t == t_no_spec) failure in NodeHash::check_no_speculative_types()
  - JDK-8217404: --with-jvm-features doesn't work when multiple features are explicitly disabled
  - JDK-8217447: Develop flag TraceICs is broken
  - JDK-8217606: LdapContext#reconnect always opens a new connection
  - JDK-8218807: Compilation database (compile_commands.json) may contain obsolete items
  - JDK-8219214: Infinite Loop in CodeSection::dump()
  - JDK-8219904: ClassCastException when calling FlightRecorderMXBean#getRecordings()
  - JDK-8219991: New fix of the deadlock in
  - JDK-8221121: applications/microbenchmarks are encountering crashes in tier5
  - JDK-8221445: FastSysexMessage constructor crashes MIDI receiption thread
  - JDK-8221482: Initialize VMRegImpl::regName[] earlier to prevent assert during PrintStubCode
  - JDK-8221741: ClassCastException can happen when is used
  - JDK-8221823: Requested JDialog width is ignored
  - JDK-8223108: Test java/awt/EventQueue/ is unstable
  - JDK-8223935: PIT: java/awt/font/ fails on windows10
  - JDK-8224109: Text spaced incorrectly by drawString under rotation with fractional metric
  - JDK-8224632: testbug: java/awt/dnd/RemoveDropTargetCrashTest/ fails on MacOS
  - JDK-8224793: os::die() does not honor CreateCoredumpOnCrash option
  - JDK-8224847: gc/stress/ fails with reserved greater than expected
  - JDK-8224931: disable JAOTC invokedynamic support until 8223533 is fixed
  - JDK-8224997: ChaCha20-Poly1305 TLS cipher suite decryption throws ShortBufferException
  - JDK-8225068: Remove DocuSign root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
  - JDK-8225069: Remove Comodo root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
  - JDK-8225126: Test SetBoundsPaintTest.html faild on Windows when desktop is scaled
  - JDK-8225325: Add tests for redefining a class' private method during resolution of the bootstrap specifier
  - JDK-8225622: [AOT] runtime/SharedArchiveFile/ crashed with AOTed java.base
  - JDK-8225653: Provide more information when hitting SIGILL from HaltNode
  - JDK-8225783: Incorrect use of binary operators on booleans in type.cpp
  - JDK-8225789: Empty method parameter type should generate ClassFormatError
  - JDK-8226198: use of & instead of && in LibraryCallKit::arraycopy_restore_alloc_state
  - JDK-8226253: JAWS reports wrong number of radio buttons when buttons are hidden.
  - JDK-8226653: [accessibility] Can edit text cell correctly, but Accessibility Tool reads nothing about editor
  - JDK-8226806: [macOS 10.14] Methods of Java Robot should be called from appropriate thread
  - JDK-8226879: Memory leak in Type::hashcons
  - JDK-8227632: Incorrect PrintCompilation message: made not compilable on levels 0 1 2 3 4
  - JDK-8228407: JVM crashes with shared archive file mismatch
  - JDK-8228482: fix xlc16/xlclang comparison of distinct pointer types and string literal conversion warnings
  - JDK-8228757: Fail fast if the handshake type is unknown
  - JDK-8229158: make UseSwitchProfiling non-experimental or false by-default
  - JDK-8229421: The logic of java/net/ipv6tests/ is flawed
  - JDK-8229855: C2 fails with assert(false) failed: bad AD file
  - JDK-8230591: AArch64: Missing intrinsics for Math.ceil, floor, rint
  - JDK-8231118: ARM32: Math tests failures
  - JDK-8231213: Migrate SimpleDateFormatConstTest to JDK Repo
  - JDK-8231243: [TESTBUG] cannot find font file
  - JDK-8231438: [macOS] Dark mode for the desktop is not supported
  - JDK-8231550: C2: ShouldNotReachHere() in verify_strip_mined_scheduling
  - JDK-8231564: setMaximizedBounds is broken with large display scale and multiple monitors
  - JDK-8231572: Use -lobjc instead of -fobjc-link-runtime in libosxsecurity
  - JDK-8231631: sun/net/ftp/ fails intermittently with NPE
  - JDK-8231671: Fix copyright headers in hotspot (missing comma after year)
  - JDK-8231720: Some perf regressions after 8225653
  - JDK-8231779: crash HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate
  - JDK-8231863: Crash if classpath is read from @argument file and the main gets option argument
  - JDK-8232080: jlink plugins for vendor information and run-time options
  - JDK-8232106: [x86] C2: SIGILL due to usage of SSSE3 instructions on processors which don't support it
  - JDK-8232134: Change to Visual Studio 2017 15.9.16 for building on Windows at Oracle
  - JDK-8232226: [macos 10.15] test/jdk/java/awt/color/EqualityTest/ may fail
  - JDK-8232357: Compare version info of Santuario to legal notice
  - JDK-8232572: Add hooks for custom output dir in Bundles.gmk
  - JDK-8232634: Problem List
  - JDK-8232748: Build static versions of certain JDK libraries
  - JDK-8232846: ProcessHandle.Info command with non-English shows question marks
  - JDK-8233033: C2 produces wrong result while unswitching a loop due to lost control dependencies
  - JDK-8233137: runtime/ErrorHandling/ fails after 8232080
  - JDK-8233197: Invert JvmtiExport::post_vm_initialized() and Jfr:on_vm_start() start-up order for correct option parsing
  - JDK-8233291: [TESTBUG] tools/jlink/plugins/ fails with debug or non-server VMs
  - JDK-8233364: Fix undefined behavior in Canonicalizer::do_ShiftOp
  - JDK-8233573: Toolkit.getScreenInsets(GraphicsConfiguration) may throw ClassCastException
  - JDK-8233608: Minimal build broken after JDK-8233494
  - JDK-8233621: Mismatch in jsse.enableMFLNExtension property name
  - JDK-8233696: [TESTBUG]Some jtreg tests fail when CAPS_LOCK is ON
  - JDK-8233707: systemScale.cpp could not compile with VS2019
  - JDK-8233801: test fails on Solaris 11.4
  - JDK-8233880: Support compilers with multi-digit major version numbers
  - JDK-8233920: MethodHandles::tryFinally generates illegal bytecode for long/double return type
  - JDK-8234137: The "" test may run external applications
  - JDK-8234146: compiler/jsr292/ times out on SPARC
  - JDK-8234184: [TESTBUG] java/awt/Mouse/EnterExitEvents/ fails in Windows
  - JDK-8234270: [REDO] JDK-8204128 NMT might report incorrect numbers for Compiler area
  - JDK-8234332: [TESTBUG] java/awt/Focus/DisposedWindow/DisposeDialogNotActivateOwnerTest/ fails on linux-x64 nightly
  - JDK-8234398: Replace ID2D1Factory::GetDesktopDpi with GetDeviceCaps
  - JDK-8234522: [macos] Crash with use of native file dialog
  - JDK-8234691: Potential double-free in ParallelSPCleanupTask constructor
  - JDK-8234696: tools/jlink/plugins/ times out
  - JDK-8234727: sun/security/ssl/X509TrustManagerImpl tests support TLSv1.3
  - JDK-8234728: Some security tests should support TLSv1.3
  - JDK-8234779: Provide idiom for declaring classes noncopyable
  - JDK-8234968: check calloc rv in libinstrument InvocationAdapter
  - JDK-8235153: [TESTBUG] [macos 10.15] java/awt/Graphics/DrawImageBG/ fails
  - JDK-8235183: Remove the "HACK CODE" in comment
  - JDK-8235263: Revert TLS 1.3 change that wrapped IOExceptions
  - JDK-8235311: Tag mismatch may alert bad_record_mac
  - JDK-8235332: fails with -XX:+StressGCM
  - JDK-8235452: Strip mined loop verification fails with assert(is_OuterStripMinedLoop()) failed: invalid node class
  - JDK-8235584: UseProfiledLoopPredicate fails with assert(_phase->get_loop(c) == loop) failed: have to be in the same loop
  - JDK-8235620: Broken merge between JDK-8006406 and JDK-8003559
  - JDK-8235638: NPE in LWWindowPeer.getOnscreenGraphics()
  - JDK-8235686: Add more custom hooks in Bundles.gmk
  - JDK-8235739: Rare NPE at WComponentPeer.getGraphics()
  - JDK-8235762: JVM crash in SWPointer during C2 compilation
  - JDK-8235834: IBM-943 charset encoder needs updating
  - JDK-8235874: The ordering of Cipher Suites is not maintained provided through jdk.tls.client.cipherSuites and jdk.tls.server.cipherSuites system property.
  - JDK-8235908: omit ThreadPriorityPolicy warning when value is set from image
  - JDK-8235984: C2: assert(out->in(PhiNode::Region) == head || out->in(PhiNode::Region) == slow_head) failed: phi must be either part of the slow or the fast loop
  - JDK-8236211: [Graal] compiler/graalunit/ is skipped in all testing
  - JDK-8236470: Deal with ECDSA using ecdsa-with-SHA2 plus hash algorithm as AlgorithmId
  - JDK-8236545: Compilation error in mach5 java/awt/FileDialog/
  - JDK-8236700: Upgrading JSZip from v3.1.5 to v3.2.2
  - JDK-8236759: ShouldNotReachHere in PhaseIdealLoop::verify_strip_mined_scheduling
  - JDK-8236897: Fix the copyright header for pkcs11gcm2.h
  - JDK-8236921: Add build target to produce a JDK image suitable for a Graal/SVM build
  - JDK-8236953: [macos] JavaFX SwingNode is not rendered on macOS
  - JDK-8236996: Incorrect Roboto font rendering on Windows with subpixel antialiasing
  - JDK-8237045: JVM uses excessive memory with -XX:+EnableJVMCI -XX:JVMCICounterSize=2147483648
  - JDK-8237055: [TESTBUG] compiler/c2/ fails with release VMs
  - JDK-8237086: assert(is_MachReturn()) running CTW with fix for JDK-8231291
  - JDK-8237192: Generate stripped/public pdbs on Windows for jdk images
  - JDK-8237396: JvmtiTagMap::weak_oops_do() should not trigger barriers
  - JDK-8237474: Default SSLEngine should create in server role
  - JDK-8237859: C2: Crash when loads float above range check
  - JDK-8237951: CTW: C2 compilation fails with "malformed control flow"
  - JDK-8237962: give better error output for invalid OCSP response intervals in CertPathValidator checks
  - JDK-8238190: [JVMCI] Fix single implementor speculation for diamond shapes.
  - JDK-8238356: CodeHeap::blob_count() overestimates the number of blobs
  - JDK-8238452: Keytool generates wrong expiration date if validity is set to 2050/01/01
  - JDK-8238555: Allow Initialization of SunPKCS11 with NSS when there are external FIPS modules in the NSSDB
  - JDK-8238575: DragSourceEvent.getLocation() returns wrong value on HiDPI screens (Windows)
  - JDK-8238676: jni crashes on accessing it from process exit hook
  - JDK-8238721: Add failing client jtreg tests to the Problem List
  - JDK-8238738: AudioSystem.getMixerInfo() takes about 30 sec to report a gone audio device
  - JDK-8238756: C2: assert(((n) == __null || !VerifyIterativeGVN || !((n)->is_dead()))) failed: can not use dead node
  - JDK-8238765: PhaseCFG::schedule_pinned_nodes cannot handle precedence edges from unmatched CFG nodes correctly
  - JDK-8238898: Missing hash characters for header on license file
  - JDK-8238942: Rendering artifacts with LCD text and fractional metrics
  - JDK-8238985: [TESTBUG] The arrow image is blue instead of green
  - JDK-8239000: handle ContendedPaddingWidth in vm_version_ppc
  - JDK-8239055: Wrong implementation of VMState.hasListener
  - JDK-8239091: Reversed arguments in call to strstr in freetype "debug" code.
  - JDK-8239142: C2's UseUniqueSubclasses optimization is broken for array accesses
  - JDK-8239224: libproc_impl.c previous_thr may be used uninitialized warning
  - JDK-8239351: Give more meaningful InternalError messages in Deflater.c
  - JDK-8239365: ProcessBuilder test modifications for AIX execution
  - JDK-8239456: vtable stub generation: assert failure (code size estimate)
  - JDK-8239457: call ReleaseStringUTFChars before early returns in Java_sun_security_pkcs11_wrapper_PKCS11_connect
  - JDK-8239462: jdk.hotspot.agent misses some ReleaseStringUTFChars calls in case of early returns
  - JDK-8239557: [TESTBUG] validating "END." marker at lastline is not always true
  - JDK-8239787: AArch64: String.indexOf may incorrectly handle empty strings
  - JDK-8239792: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.8
  - JDK-8239798: SSLSocket closes socket both socket endpoints on a SocketTimeoutException
  - JDK-8239819: XToolkit: Misread of screen information memory
  - JDK-8239852: java/util/concurrent tests fail with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges: assert(!VerifyGraphEdges) failed: verification should have failed
  - JDK-8239893: Windows handle Leak when starting processes using ProcessBuilder
  - JDK-8239915: Zero VM crashes when handling dynamic constant
  - JDK-8239931: [win][x86] vtable stub generation: assert failure (code size estimate) follow-up
  - JDK-8239976: Put JDK-8239965 on the ProblemList.txt
  - JDK-8240073: Fix 'test-make' build target in 11u
  - JDK-8240197: Cannot start JVM when $JAVA_HOME includes CJK characters
  - JDK-8240202: A few client tests leave mouse buttons pressed
  - JDK-8240220: IdealLoopTree::dump_head predicate printing is broken
  - JDK-8240223: Use consistent predicate order in and with PhaseIdealLoop::find_predicate
  - JDK-8240227: Loop predicates should be copied to unswitched loops
  - JDK-8240286: [TESTBUG] Test command error in hotspot/jtreg/compiler/loopopts/superword/
  - JDK-8240518: Incorrect JNU_ReleaseStringPlatformChars in Windows Print
  - JDK-8240529: CheckUnhandledOops breaks NULL check in Modules::define_module
  - JDK-8240576: JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::merge_many_backedges
  - JDK-8240603: Windows 32bit compile error after 8238676
  - JDK-8240629: argfiles parsing broken for argfiles with comment cross 4096 bytes chunk
  - JDK-8240711: failed due to "ExportException: Port already in use:"
  - JDK-8240786: [TESTBUG] The test java/awt/Window/GetScreenLocation/ fails on HiDPI screen
  - JDK-8240824: enhance print_full_memory_info on Linux by THP related information
  - JDK-8240827: Downport from "8221882: Use fiber-friendly java.util.concurrent.locks in JSSE"
  - JDK-8240905: assert(mem == (Node*)1 || mem == mem2) failed: multiple Memories being matched at once?
  - JDK-8240972: macOS codesign fail on macOS 10.13.5 or older
  - JDK-8241445: Fix copyright in test/jdk/tools/launcher/
  - JDK-8241458: [JVMCI] add mark value to expose CodeOffsets::Frame_Complete
  - JDK-8241464: [11u] Backport: make rehashing be a needed guaranteed safepoint cleanup action
  - JDK-8241556: Memory leak if -XX:CompileCommand is set
  - JDK-8241568: (fs) UserPrincipalLookupService.lookupXXX failure with IOE "Operation not permitted"
  - JDK-8241586: compiler/cpuflags/ fails on aarch64
  - JDK-8241638: launcher time metrics always report 1 on Linux when _JAVA_LAUNCHER_DEBUG set
  - JDK-8241660: Add virtualization information output to hs_err file on macOS
  - JDK-8241808: [TESTBUG] The JDK-8039467 bug appeared on macOS
  - JDK-8241888: Mirror system property with a security one
  - JDK-8241900: Loop unswitching may cause dependence on null check to be lost
  - JDK-8241948: enhance list of environment variables printed in hs_err file
  - JDK-8241996: on linux set full relro in the linker flags
  - JDK-8242108: Performance regression after fix for JDK-8229496
  - JDK-8242141: New System Properties to configure the TLS signature schemes
  - JDK-8242154: Backport parts of JDK-4947890 to OpenJDK 11u
  - JDK-8242174: [macos] The NestedModelessDialogTest test make the macOS unstable
  - JDK-8242239: [Graal] javax/management/generified/ fails: FAILED: queryMBeans sets same
  - JDK-8242294: JSSE Client does not throw SSLException when an alert occurs during handshaking
  - JDK-8242379: [TESTBUG] compiler/loopopts/ fails with release VMs
  - JDK-8242470: Update Xerces to Version 2.12.1
  - JDK-8242498: Invalid "sun.awt.TimedWindowEvent" object leads to JVM crash
  - JDK-8242541: Small charset issues (ISO8859-16, x-eucJP-Open, x-IBM834 and x-IBM949C)
  - JDK-8242626: enhance posix print_rlimit_info
  - JDK-8243059: Build fails when --with-vendor-name contains a comma
  - JDK-8243539: Copyright info (Year) should be updated for fix of 8241638
  - JDK-8243541: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020a
  - JDK-8244407: JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::split_fall_in
  - JDK-8244520: problemlist java/awt/font/Rotate/ on linux
  - JDK-8244777: ClassLoaderStats VM Op uses constant hash value
  - JDK-8244853: The static build of libextnet is missing the JNI_OnLoad_extnet function
  - JDK-8244951: Missing entitlements for hardened runtime
  - JDK-8245047: [PPC64] C2: ReverseBytes + Load always match to unordered Load (acquire semantics missing)
  - JDK-8245649: Revert 8245397 backport of 8230591
  - JDK-8246031: SSLSocket.getSession() doesn't close connection for timeout/ interrupts
  - JDK-8246613: Choose the default SecureRandom algo based on registration ordering
  - JDK-8248505: Unexpected NoSuchAlgorithmException when using secure random impl from BCFIPS provider

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8244167: Removal of Comodo Root CA Certificate
The following expired Comodo root CA certificate was removed from the `cacerts` keystore: +
alias name "addtrustclass1ca [jdk]"

Distinguished Name: CN=AddTrust Class 1 CA Root, OU=AddTrust TTP Network, O=AddTrust AB, C=SE

JDK-8244166: Removal of DocuSign Root CA Certificate
The following expired DocuSign root CA certificate was removed from the `cacerts` keystore: +
alias name "keynectisrootca [jdk]"



JDK-8240191: Allow SunPKCS11 initialization with NSS when external FIPS modules are present in the Security Modules Database
The SunPKCS11 security provider can now be initialized with NSS when
FIPS-enabled external modules are configured in the Security Modules
Database (NSSDB). Prior to this change, the SunPKCS11 provider would
throw a RuntimeException with the message: "FIPS flag set for
non-internal module" when such a library was configured for NSS in
non-FIPS mode.

This change allows the JDK to work properly with recent NSS releases
in GNU/Linux operating systems when the system-wide FIPS policy is
turned on.

Further information can be found in JDK-8238555.


JDK-8245077: Default SSLEngine Should Create in Server Role
In JDK 11 and later, `` by default used client
mode when handshaking.  As a result, the set of default enabled
protocols may differ to what is expected. `SSLEngine` would usually be
used in server mode. From this JDK release onwards, `SSLEngine` will
default to server mode. The
` mode)` method may
be used to configure the mode.

JDK-8242147: New System Properties to Configure the TLS Signature Schemes

Two new System Properties are added to customize the TLS signature
schemes in JDK.  `jdk.tls.client.SignatureSchemes` is added for TLS
client side, and `jdk.tls.server.SignatureSchemes` is added for server

Each System Property contains a comma-separated list of supported
signature scheme names specifying the signature schemes that could be
used for the TLS connections.

The names are described in the "Signature Schemes" section of the
*Java Security Standard Algorithm Names Specification*.

New in release OpenJDK 11.0.7 (2020-04-14):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8223898, CVE-2020-2754: Forward references to Nashorn
  - JDK-8223904, CVE-2020-2755: Improve Nashorn matching
  - JDK-8224541, CVE-2020-2756: Better mapping of serial ENUMs
  - JDK-8224549, CVE-2020-2757: Less Blocking Array Queues
  - JDK-8225603: Enhancement for big integers
  - JDK-8226346: Build better binary builders
  - JDK-8227467: Better class method invocations
  - JDK-8227542: Manifest improved jar headers
  - JDK-8229733: TLS message handling improvements
  - JDK-8231415, CVE-2020-2773: Better signatures in XML
  - JDK-8231785: Improved socket permissions
  - JDK-8232424, CVE-2020-2778: More constrained algorithms
  - JDK-8232581, CVE-2020-2767: Improve TLS verification
  - JDK-8233250: Better X11 rendering
  - JDK-8233410: Better Build Scripting
  - JDK-8234027: Better JCEKS key support
  - JDK-8234408, CVE-2020-2781: Improve TLS session handling
  - JDK-8234825, CVE-2020-2800: Better Headings for HTTP Servers
  - JDK-8234841, CVE-2020-2803: Enhance buffering of byte buffers
  - JDK-8235274, CVE-2020-2805: Enhance typing of methods
  - JDK-8235691, CVE-2020-2816: Enhance TLS connectivity
  - JDK-8236201, CVE-2020-2830: Better Scanner conversions
  - JDK-8238960: linux-i586 builds are inconsistent as the newly build jdk is not able to reserve enough space for object heap
* Other changes
  - JDK-4919790: Errors in alert ssl message does not reflect the actual certificate status
  - JDK-4949105: Access Bridge lacks html tags parsing
  - JDK-7092821: is synchronized and became scalability bottleneck
  - JDK-7143743: Potential memory leak with zip provider
  - JDK-8005819: Support cross-realm MSSFU
  - JDK-8042383: [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicMenuUI/4983388/ fails with shortcuts on menus do not work
  - JDK-8068184: Fix for JDK-8032832 caused a deadlock
  - JDK-8145845: [AOT] NullPointerException in compiler/whitebox/
  - JDK-8152988: [AOT] Update test batch definitions to include aot-ed java.base module mode into hs-comp testing
  - JDK-8160926: FLAGS_COMPILER_CHECK_ARGUMENTS doesn't handle cross-compilation
  - JDK-8163083: SocketListeningConnector does not allow invocations with port 0
  - JDK-8163251: Hard coded loop limit prevents reading of smart card data greater than 8k
  - JDK-8167276: jvmci/compilerToVM/ fails with -XX:-EliminateAllocations
  - JDK-8169718: nsk/jdb/locals/locals002: ERROR: Cannot find boolVar with expected value: false
  - JDK-8176556: java/awt/dnd/ImageTransferTest/ fails for JFIF
  - JDK-8178798: Two compiler/aot/verification/vmflags tests fail by timeout with UseAVX=3
  - JDK-8183107: PKCS11 regression regarding checkKeySize
  - JDK-8185005: Improve performance of ThreadMXBean.getThreadInfo(long ids[], int maxDepth)
  - JDK-8189633: Missing -Xcheck:jni checking for DeleteWeakGlobalRef
  - JDK-8189861: Refactor CacheFind
  - JDK-8193042: NativeLookup::lookup_critical_entry() should only load shared library once
  - JDK-8193596: java/net/DatagramPacket/ failed due to timeout
  - JDK-8194944: Regression automated test 'open/test/jdk/javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8145896/' fails
  - JDK-8196467: javax/swing/JInternalFrame/ fails
  - JDK-8196969: JTreg Failure: serviceability/sa/ causes NPE
  - JDK-8198321: javax/swing/JEditorPane/5076514/ fails
  - JDK-8198398: Test javax/swing/JColorChooser/ fails in mach5
  - JDK-8199072: Test javax/swing/GroupLayout/6613904/ is unstable
  - JDK-8200432: javadoc fails with ClassCastException on {@link byte[]}
  - JDK-8201349: build broken when configured with --with-zlib=bundled on gcc 7.3
  - JDK-8201355: Avoid native memory allocation in
  - JDK-8201513: nsk/jvmti/IterateThroughHeap/filter-* are broken
  - JDK-8203364: Some serviceability/sa/ tests intermittently fail with LingeredApp terminated with non-zero exit code 3
  - JDK-8203687: javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ supports TLS 1.3
  - JDK-8203904: javax/swing/JSplitPane/4816114/ The divider location is wrong
  - JDK-8203911: Test runtime/modules/getModuleJNI/GetModule fails with -Xcheck:jni
  - JDK-8204525: [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/ ran out of java heap
  - JDK-8204529: gc/ fail with Agent 7 timed out
  - JDK-8204551: Event descriptions are truncated in logs
  - JDK-8206963: [AOT] bug with multiple class loaders
  - JDK-8207367: 10 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi tests timed out when running with jtreg
  - JDK-8207832: serviceability/sa/ failed with "Couldn't find core file location"
  - JDK-8207938: At step6,Click Add button,case failed automatically.
  - JDK-8208157: requires.VMProps throws NPE for missing properties in "release" file
  - JDK-8208379: compiler/jvmci/events/ failed with "Got unexpected event count after 2nd install attempt: expected 9 to equal 2"
  - JDK-8208658: Make CDS archived heap regions usable even if compressed oop encoding has changed
  - JDK-8208715: Conversion of milliseconds to nanoseconds in UNIXProcess contains bug
  - JDK-8209361: [AOT] Unexpected number of references for JVMTI_HEAP_REFERENCE_CONSTANT_POOL [111-->111]: 0 (expected at least 1)
  - JDK-8209385: CDS runtime classpath checking is too strict when only classes from the system modules are archived
  - JDK-8209389: SIGSEGV in WalkOopAndArchiveClosure::do_oop_work.
  - JDK-8209418: Synchronize test/jdk/sanity/client/lib/jemmy with code-tools/jemmy/v2
  - JDK-8209494: Create a test for SwingSet InternalFrameDemo
  - JDK-8209499: Create test for SwingSet EditorPaneDemo
  - JDK-8209574: [AOT] breakpoint events are generated in different threads does not meet expected count
  - JDK-8209686: cleanup arguments to PhaseIdealLoop() constructor
  - JDK-8209789: Synchronize test/jdk/sanity/client/lib/jemmy with code-tools/jemmy/v2
  - JDK-8209802: Garbage collectors should register JFR types themselves to avoid build errors.
  - JDK-8209807: improve handling exception in requires.VMProps
  - JDK-8209817: stack is executable when building with Clang on Linux
  - JDK-8209824: Improve the code coverage for ThreadLocal
  - JDK-8209826: Undefined reference to os::write after JDK-8209657 (filemap.hpp cleanup)
  - JDK-8209850: Allow NamedThreads to use GlobalCounter critical sections
  - JDK-8209976: Improve iteration over non-JavaThreads
  - JDK-8209993: Create a test for SwingSet3 ToolTipDemo
  - JDK-8210024: JFR calls virtual is_Java_thread from ~Thread()
  - JDK-8210052: Enable testing for all the available look and feels in SwingSet3 demo tests
  - JDK-8210055: Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo tests
  - JDK-8210057: Enable different look and feels in SwingSet3 demo test InternalFrameDemoTest
  - JDK-8210058: Algorithmic Italic font leans opposite angle in Printing
  - JDK-8210220: [AOT] jdwp test cases are failing with error # ERROR: TEST FAILED: Cought IOException while receiving event packet
  - JDK-8210289: ArchivedKlassSubGraphInfoRecord is incomplete
  - JDK-8210459: Add support for generating compile_commands.json
  - JDK-8210476: sun/security/mscapi/ fails with Still too slow
  - JDK-8210512: [Testbug] vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ObjectReference/referringObjects/referringObjects002/ fails with unexpected size of ClassLoaderReference.referringObjects
  - JDK-8210523: runtime/appcds/cacheObject/ crash
  - JDK-8210632: Add key exchange algorithm to javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/
  - JDK-8210699: Problem list tests which times out in Xcomp mode
  - JDK-8210793: [JVMCI] failed to find DiagnosticCommand.class
  - JDK-8210910: Create test for FileChooserDemo
  - JDK-8210994: Create test for SwingSet3 FrameDemo
  - JDK-8211139: Increase timeout value in all tests under jdk/sanity/client/SwingSet/src
  - JDK-8211160: Handle different look and feels in JInternalFrameOperator
  - JDK-8211211: vmTestbase/metaspace/stressDictionary/ timeout
  - JDK-8211322: Reduce the timeout of tooltip in SwingSet2DemoTest
  - JDK-8211443: Enable different look and feels in SwingSet3 demo test SplitPaneDemoTest
  - JDK-8211703: JInternalFrame : java.lang.AssertionError: cannot find the internal frame
  - JDK-8211781: re-building fails after changing Graal sources
  - JDK-8212897: Some improvements in the EditorPaneDemotest
  - JDK-8212903: [TestBug] Tests test/jdk/javax/swing/LookAndFeel/8145547/ and fail on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  - JDK-8213009: Refactoring existing SunMSCAPI classes
  - JDK-8213010: Supporting keys created with certmgr.exe
  - JDK-8213168: Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo test FileChooserDemoTest
  - JDK-8213348: service providers missing in module descriptor
  - JDK-8213906: Update arm devkits with libXrandr headers
  - JDK-8213908: AssertionError in DeferredAttr at setOverloadKind
  - JDK-8214124: [TESTBUG] Bugs in runtime/NMT/
  - JDK-8214344: C2: assert(con.basic_type() != T_ILLEGAL) failed: elembt=byte; loadbt=void; unsigned=0
  - JDK-8214345: infinite recursion while checking super class
  - JDK-8214471: Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo test ToolTipDemoTest
  - JDK-8214534: Setting of THIS_FILE in the build is broken
  - JDK-8214557: Filter out VM flags which don't affect AOT code generation
  - JDK-8214578: [macos] Problem with backslashes on macOS/JIS keyboard: Java ignores system settings
  - JDK-8214840: runtime/NMT/ timed out
  - JDK-8214850: Rename vm_operations.?pp files to vmOperations.?pp files
  - JDK-8214904: failed due to "Too few ThreadDeath hits; expected at least 6 but saw only 5"
  - JDK-8215322: add @file support to jaotc
  - JDK-8215355: Object monitor deadlock with no threads holding the monitor (using jemalloc 5.1)
  - JDK-8215396: JTabbedPane preferred size calculation is wrong for SCROLL_TAB_LAYOUT
  - JDK-8216180: [AOT] compiler/intrinsics/bigInteger/ crashed with AOT enabled
  - JDK-8216353: Use utility APIs introduced in org/netbeans/jemmy/util/LookAndFeel class in client sanity test cases
  - JDK-8216354: Syntax error in toolchain_windows.m4
  - JDK-8216472: (se) Stack overflow during selection operation leads to crash (win)
  - JDK-8216535: tools/jimage/ timed out
  - JDK-8217235: Create automated test for SwingSet ColorChooserDemoTest
  - JDK-8217297: Add support for multiple look and feel for SwingSet SliderDemoTest
  - JDK-8217338: [Containers] Improve systemd slice memory limit support
  - JDK-8217613: [AOT] TEST_OPTS_AOT_MODULES doesn't work on mac
  - JDK-8217634: RunTest documentation and usability update
  - JDK-8217717: ZGC: Broken oop map in C1 load barrier stub
  - JDK-8217728: Speed up incremental rerun of "make hotspot"
  - JDK-8218268: Javac treats Manifest Class-Path entries as Paths instead of URLs
  - JDK-8218662: Allow 204 responses with Content-Length:0
  - JDK-8218882: NET_Writev is declared, NET_WriteV is defined
  - JDK-8218889: Improperly use of the Optional API
  - JDK-8219205: JFR file without license header
  - JDK-8219597: (bf) Heap buffer state changes could provoke unexpected exceptions
  - JDK-8219723: javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ failed on some SNI cases
  - JDK-8220348: [ntintel] asserts about copying unaligned array
  - JDK-8220451: jdi/EventQueue/remove/remove004 failed due to "ERROR: thread2 is not alive"
  - JDK-8220456: jdi/EventQueue/remove_l/remove_l004 failed due to "TIMEOUT while waiting for event"
  - JDK-8220479: java/nio/channels/Selector/ failed at testTwoChannels()
  - JDK-8220613: java/util/Arrays/ times out with fastdebug build
  - JDK-8220688: [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/ timed out
  - JDK-8220786: Create new switch to redirect error reporting output to stdout or stderr
  - JDK-8221270: Duplicated synchronized keywords in SSLSocketImpl
  - JDK-8221312: test/jdk/sanity/client/SwingSet/src/ failed
  - JDK-8221851: Use of THIS_FILE in hotspot invalidates precompiled header on Linux/GCC
  - JDK-8221885: Add intermittent test in the JavaSound to the ProblemList
  - JDK-8222264: Windows incremental build is broken with JDK-8217728
  - JDK-8222391: javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ should be more flexible
  - JDK-8222448: java/lang/reflect/PublicMethods/ times out
  - JDK-8222519: ButtonDemoScreenshotTest fails randomly with "still state to be reached"
  - JDK-8222741: jdi/EventQueue/remove/remove004 fails due to VMDisconnectedException
  - JDK-8223003: SunMSCAPI keys are not cleaned up
  - JDK-8223063: Support CNG RSA keys
  - JDK-8223158: Docked MacBook cannot start any Java Swing applications
  - JDK-8223260: NamingManager should cache InitialContextFactory
  - JDK-8223464: Improve version string for Oracle CI builds
  - JDK-8223558: Java does not render Myanmar script correctly
  - JDK-8223627: jdk-13+20 bundle name contains null instead of ea
  - JDK-8223638: Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 6
  - JDK-8223678: Add Visual Studio Code workspace generation support (for native code)
  - JDK-8223727: com/sun/jndi/ldap/privconn/ failed due to hang in LdapRequest.getReplyBer
  - JDK-8223769: Assert triggers with -XX:+StressReflectiveCode
  - JDK-8224187: Refactor arraycopy_prologue to allow ZGC read barriers on arraycopy
  - JDK-8224475: JTextPane does not show images in HTML rendering
  - JDK-8224673: Adjust permission for delayed starting of debugging
  - JDK-8224705: Tests that need to be problem-listed or have printer resources
  - JDK-8224778: test/jdk/demo/jfc/J2Ddemo/ cannot find J2Ddemo.jar
  - JDK-8224821: java/awt/Focus/NoAutotransferToDisabledCompTest/ fails linux-x64
  - JDK-8224830: test/jdk/java/awt/Focus/ModalExcludedWindowClickTest/ fails on linux-x64
  - JDK-8224851: AArch64: fix warnings and errors with Clang and GCC 8.3
  - JDK-8224905: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failed with stream closed
  - JDK-8225007: java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ may hang
  - JDK-8225105: java/awt/Focus/ShowFrameCheckForegroundTest/ fails in Windows 10
  - JDK-8225117: java/math/BigInteger/ fails with ParseException
  - JDK-8225128: Add exception for expiring DocuSign root to VerifyCACerts test
  - JDK-8225130: Add exception for expiring Comodo roots to VerifyCACerts test
  - JDK-8225144: [macos] In Aqua L&F backspace key does not delete when Shift is pressed
  - JDK-8225180: SignedObject with invalid Key not throwing the InvalidKeyException in Windows
  - JDK-8225182: JNI exception pending in DestroyXIMCallback of awt_InputMethod.c:1327
  - JDK-8225199: [Graal] compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ fails with -XX:CompileThresholdScaling=0.1
  - JDK-8225305: ProblemList java/lang/invoke/VarHandles tests
  - JDK-8225350: compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ timed out
  - JDK-8225430: Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 14
  - JDK-8225435: Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry to the latest for JDK14
  - JDK-8225487: giflib legal file is missing attribution for openbsd-reallocarray.c
  - JDK-8225567: Wrong file headers with 8202414 fix changeset
  - JDK-8225684: [AOT] vmTestbase/vm/oom/production/AlwaysOOMProduction tests fail with AOTed java.base
  - JDK-8225766: Curve in certificate should not affect signature scheme when using TLSv1.3
  - JDK-8225797: OldObjectSample event creates unexpected amount of checkpoint data
  - JDK-8226381: ProblemList java/lang/reflect/PublicMethods/
  - JDK-8226406: JVM fails to detect mismatched or corrupt CDS archive
  - JDK-8226608: Hide the onjcmd option from the help output
  - JDK-8226892: ActionListeners on JRadioButtons don't get notified when selection is changed with arrow keys
  - JDK-8227112: exclude compiler/intrinsics/sha/sanity tests from AOT runs
  - JDK-8227324: Upgrade to freetype 2.10.1
  - JDK-8227528: failed due to "RuntimeException: 'Safepoint sync time longer than' missing from stdout/stderr"
  - JDK-8227645: Some tests in serviceability/sa run with fixed -Xmx values and risk running out of memory
  - JDK-8227646: [TESTBUG] appcds/SharedArchiveConsistency timed out
  - JDK-8227662: freetype seeks to index at the end of the font data
  - JDK-8228479: Correct the format of ColorChooserDemoTest
  - JDK-8228613: order is no longer deterministic
  - JDK-8228969: 2019-09-28 public suffix list update
  - JDK-8229236: CriticalJNINatives: dll handling should be done in native thread state
  - JDK-8229345: Memory leak due to vtable stubs not being shared on SPARC
  - JDK-8229888: (zipfs) Updating an existing zip file does not preserve original permissions
  - JDK-8229994: assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in get_early_ctrl_for_expensive
  - JDK-8230004: jdk/internal/jimage/ runs no test
  - JDK-8230235: Rendering HTML with empty img attribute and documentBaseKey cause Exception
  - JDK-8230390: Problemlist SA tests with AOT
  - JDK-8230400: Missing constant pool entry for a method in stacktrace
  - JDK-8230459: Test failed to resume JVMCI CompilerThread
  - JDK-8230480: check malloc/calloc results in java.desktop
  - JDK-8230597: Update GIFlib library to the 5.2.1
  - JDK-8230611: infinite loop in LogOutputList::wait_until_no_readers()
  - JDK-8230624: [TESTBUG] Problemlist JFR compiler/
  - JDK-8230677: Should disable Escape Analysis if JVMTI capability can_get_owned_monitor_info was taken
  - JDK-8230926: [macosx] Two apostrophes are entered instead of one with "U.S. International - PC" layout
  - JDK-8231025: Incorrect method tag offset for big endian platform
  - JDK-8231081: TestMetadataRetention fails due to missing symbol id
  - JDK-8231387: returns random result due to race condition with mutating methods in the same class
  - JDK-8231430: C2: Memory stomp in max_array_length() for T_ILLEGAL type
  - JDK-8231445: check ZALLOC return values in awt coding
  - JDK-8231507: Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.1.4
  - JDK-8231584: Deadlock with ClassLoader.findLibrary and System.loadLibrary call
  - JDK-8231753: use more Posix functionality in aix os::print_os_info
  - JDK-8231810: javax/net/ssl/templates/ fails intermittently with "java.lang.Exception: Unexpected EOF"
  - JDK-8232003: (fs) Files.write can leak file descriptor in the exception case
  - JDK-8232056: fails with ZGC: Heap too small
  - JDK-8232060: add some initializations using sigemptyset in os_aix.cpp
  - JDK-8232154: Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1
  - JDK-8232167: Visual Studio install found through --with-tools-dir value is discarded
  - JDK-8232170: FSInfo#getJarClassPath throws an exception not declared in its throws clause
  - JDK-8232200: [macos 10.15] Windows in fullscreen tests jumps around the screen
  - JDK-8232207: Linux os::available_memory re-reads cgroup configuration on every invocation
  - JDK-8232224: [TESTBUG] problemlist JFR
  - JDK-8232370: Refactor some com.sun.jdi tests to enable IDE integration
  - JDK-8232433: [macos 10.15] java/awt/Window/LocationAtScreenCorner/ may fail
  - JDK-8232571: Add missing SIGINFO signal
  - JDK-8232692: [TESTBUG] compiler/aot/fingerprint/ fails when cds is disabled
  - JDK-8232713: Update BCEL version to 6.3.1 in license file
  - JDK-8232806: Introduce a system property to disable eager lambda initialization
  - JDK-8232834: RunTest sometimes fails to produce valid exitcode.txt
  - JDK-8232880: Update test documentation with additional settings for client UI tooltip tests
  - JDK-8232950: SUNPKCS11 Provider incorrectly check key length for PSS Signatures.
  - JDK-8233018: Add a new test to verify that DatagramSocket is not interruptible
  - JDK-8233019: java.lang.Class.isPrimitive() (C1) returns wrong result if Klass* is aligned to 32bit
  - JDK-8233032: assert(in_bb(n)) failed: must be
  - JDK-8233078: fix minimal VM build on Linux ppc64(le)
  - JDK-8233328: fix minimal VM build on Linux s390x
  - JDK-8233383: Various minor fixes
  - JDK-8233466: aarch64: remove unnecessary load of mdo when profiling return and parameters type
  - JDK-8233491: Crash in AdapterHandlerLibrary::get_adapter with CDS due to code cache exhaustion
  - JDK-8233529: loopTransform.cpp:2984: Error: assert(p_f->Opcode() == Op_IfFalse) failed
  - JDK-8233548: Update CUP to v0.11b
  - JDK-8233649: Update ProblemList.txt to exclude failing headful tests on macos
  - JDK-8233656: assert(d->is_CFG() && n->is_CFG()) failed: must have CFG nodes
  - JDK-8233657: Intermittent NPE in Component.validate()
  - JDK-8234288: Turkey Time Zone returns incorrect time zone name
  - JDK-8234323: NULL-check return value of SurfaceData_InitOps on macosx
  - JDK-8234339: replace JLI_StrTok in java_md_solinux.c
  - JDK-8234340: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.7
  - JDK-8234350: assert(mode == ControlAroundStripMined && (use == sfpt || !use->is_reachable_from_root())) failed: missed a node
  - JDK-8234386: [macos] NPE was thrown at expanding Choice from maximized frame
  - JDK-8234397: add OS uptime information to os::print_os_info output
  - JDK-8234423: Modifying ArrayList.subList().subList() resets modCount of subList
  - JDK-8234466: Class loading deadlock involving X509Factory#commitEvent()
  - JDK-8234501: remove obsolete NET_ReadV
  - JDK-8234525: enable link-time section-gc for linux s390x to remove unused code
  - JDK-8234610: MaxVectorSize set wrongly when UseAVX=3 is specified after JDK-8221092
  - JDK-8234617: C1: Incorrect result of field load due to missing narrowing conversion
  - JDK-8234723: javax/net/ssl/TLS tests support TLSv1.3
  - JDK-8234724: javax/net/ssl/templates/ supports TLSv1.3
  - JDK-8234741: enhance os::get_core_path on macOS
  - JDK-8234769: Duplicate attribution in
  - JDK-8234786: Fix for JDK-8214578 breaks OS X 10.12 compatibility
  - JDK-8234809: set relro in linker flags when building with gcc
  - JDK-8234824: java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ fails on Windows 10
  - JDK-8235243: handle VS2017 15.9 and VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
  - JDK-8235288: AVX 512 instructions inadvertently used on Xeon for small vector width operations
  - JDK-8235325: build failure on Linux after 8235243
  - JDK-8235383: C1 compilation fails with -XX:+PrintIRDuringConstruction -XX:+Verbose
  - JDK-8235489: handle return values of sscanf calls in hotspot
  - JDK-8235509: Backport for JDK-8209657 Refactor filemap.hpp to simplify integration with Serviceability Agent.
  - JDK-8235510: performance drop after 8200067
  - JDK-8235563: [TESTBUG] appcds/ does not handle archive mapping failure
  - JDK-8235637: jhsdb jmap from OpenJDK 11.0.5 doesn't work if prelink is enabled
  - JDK-8235671: enhance print_rlimit_info in os_posix
  - JDK-8235744: PIT: test/jdk/javax/swing/text/html/ times out in linux-x64
  - JDK-8235904: Infinite loop when rendering huge lines
  - JDK-8235998: [c2] Memory leaks during tracing after '8224193: stringStream should not use Resource Area'.
  - JDK-8236039: JSSE Client does not accept status_request extension in CertificateRequest messages for TLS 1.3
  - JDK-8236140: assert(!VerifyHashTableKeys || _hash_lock == 0) failed: remove node from hash table before modifying it
  - JDK-8236179: C1 register allocation error with T_ADDRESS
  - JDK-8236488: Support for configure option --with-native-debug-symbols=internal is impossible on Windows
  - JDK-8236500: Windows ucrt.dll should be looked up in versioned WINSDK subdirectory
  - JDK-8236709: struct SwitchRange in HS violates C++ One Definition Rule
  - JDK-8236848: [JDK 11u] make run-test-tier1 fails after backport of JDK-8232834
  - JDK-8236873: Worker has a deadlock bug
  - JDK-8237217: Incorrect G1StringDedupEntry type used in StringDedupTable destructor
  - JDK-8237368: Problem with NullPointerException in RMI
  - JDK-8237375: SimpleThresholdPolicy misses CounterDecay timestamp initialization
  - JDK-8237508: Simplify JarFile.isInitializing
  - JDK-8237540: Missing files in backport of JDK-8210910
  - JDK-8237541: Missing files in backport of JDK-8236528
  - JDK-8237600: Test SunJSSEFIPSInit fails on Ubuntu
  - JDK-8237819: s390x - remove unused pd_zero_to_words_large
  - JDK-8237869: exclude jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ because of instabilities
  - JDK-8237879: make 4.3 breaks build
  - JDK-8237945: CTW: C2 compilation fails with assert(just_allocated_object(alloc_ctl) == ptr) failed: most recent allo
  - JDK-8238225: Issues reported after replacing symlink at Contents/MacOS/libjli.dylib with binary
  - JDK-8238247: CTW runner should sweep nmethods more aggressively
  - JDK-8238366: CTW runner closes standard output on exit
  - JDK-8238438: SuperWord::co_locate_pack picks memory state of first instead of last load
  - JDK-8238502: sunmscapi.dll causing EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
  - JDK-8238534: Deep sign macOS bundles before bundle archive is being created
  - JDK-8238591: CTW: Split applications/ctw/modules/
  - JDK-8238596: AVX enabled by default for Skylake even when unsupported
  - JDK-8238811: C2: assert(i >= req() || i == 0 || is_Region() || is_Phi()) with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges
  - JDK-8239005: [TESTBUG] test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/StackGuardPages/ exeinvoke.c: must initialize static state before calling do_overflow()
  - JDK-8239466: Loss of precision in counter decay calculation in 11u backport of JDK-8237375
  - JDK-8239856: [ntintel] asserts about copying unaligned array element
  - JDK-8240724: [test] jdk11 downport of 8224475 misses binary file test/jdk/javax/swing/JTextPane/arrow.png
  - JDK-8241296: Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()

Notes on individual issues:


JDK-8239467: Apache Santuario Library Updated to Version 2.1.4
The Apache Santuario library has been upgraded to version 2.1.4. As a
result, a new system property
`` has been

This new system property sets the pool size of the internal
`DocumentBuilder` cache used when processing XML Signatures. The
function is equivalent to the
`` system property used in
Apache Santuario and has the same default value of 20.