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On 2021-02-10 the CentOS Board of Directors met to discuss ongoing business.

The board welcomed the Hyper Scale SIG Chair (Davide Cavalca) and new Cloud Interim SIG Chair (Amy Marrich).

A proposal to give to all SIG members a email address has been approved. The new email aliases will be enabled when the new authentication system is deployed in April.

A discussion about the need for a CentOS Stream Kernel SIG around common community interests took place. Some challenges are still being discussed (secure boot, signing, kmods distribution, inter-SIG collaboration, integration of existing external projects). A communication will be sent to the centos-devel mailing list when all requirements are analysed and common ground identified.

Rich Bowen mentioned that additional Dojos will be organised during the year as it is a great way to get community feedback and improve involvement of new contributors.

The code of conduct work is on-going and the board would like to make that process completely transparent, and get help from the community when the initial draft is available -

To conclude, as mentioned last month,  the SIG status review has been finalized and updates/recommendations sent to all active SIG.