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On 2020-11-11 the CentOS Board of Directors met to discuss ongoing business.

First, the board would like to thanks everybody involved in CentOS Linux 7.9 release.

The Board was in an Executive session, where Red Hat CTO, Chris Wright joined to present Red Hat plan around CentOS Linux and CentOS Stream. A Board discussion followed.

Following up the discussion around the different users' communities impacted by proposed changes, Chris Wright, mentioned to the Board that Red Hat is also reshaping and expanding the RHEL Developer program. The details will be communicated through standard Red Hat channels.

The following resolutions were approved by the majority of the Board :

CentOS Stream 8 will continue with contributions for the full-support phase of RHEL 8. APPROVED
CentOS Stream 9 will start on schedule with the RHEL 9 Beta. APPROVED
CentOS Linux 9 will not start. APPROVED
CentOS Linux 8 ends in December 2021. APPROVED
An announcement and detailed FAQ will be prepared in next weeks.

No other issue has been discussed this month, and updates will be amended to tickets if necessary.