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On 2020-07-08 the CentOS Board of Directors met to discuss ongoing business. The Board welcomed Brian "bex" Exelbierd as a new member Director as Red Hat Liaison. Additional topics included clarifying the Secretary documents/minutes handling, reviewing the new SIG process document proposed by Rich Bowen.

A reboot of the NFV SIG was approved and the new SIG chair is Alfredo Moralejo. Join us to welcome Alfredo, the NFV SIG meetings minutes can be checked for further details !

Rich Bowen and the board, congratulate Alain Reguera Delgado and Fabian Arrotin for the new CentOS website design and contribution process.

The Board came to the following decisions, resolutions, and agreements discussing the issues listed at :

Action #5 #7 and #14 can be closed.
#17 Board members' links need updating Board member ACTION to review their Biography over the next weeks.
#12 Adding SIG leaders to Board meetings AGREED to invite SIG chairs when SIG input is needed or having a dedicated meeting to have a shorter agenda. More info will come when we redefine the SIG process following Rich Bowen proposal.
#01 Shift Board to be more transparent in support of becoming a contributor-focused open source project ACTION To provide a list of concrete actions over the next weeks. Now we have public issues and a way to contact the board, another change will be to improve the SIG process for contribution.
#10 Add Secretary role to the governance ; ACTION this task is ongoing and should be closed in next weeks.
#13 Get an official CentOS image in to WSL ; ACTION To pursue this item the board needs to draft a list of requirements. and review needed actions.
#18 Rebuilding OVS/OVN in NFV Sig ; AGREED Unanimous consensus to name Alfredo Moralejo as chair.
Note: my apologies for the slow publication of these minutes; transitioning into this new Secretary role has been a little overwhelming, but I am committed to publish next meeting minutes in a timely manner.