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This git repo contains the following scripts that make interfacing with git.c.o, reimzul and nazar as easy as possible.


  • when run from inside a package git checkout, will download the relevant non-text sources from the lookaside cache and drop them into the SOURCES/ dir; note: it will generate 0 byte files in place, rather than download them.

  • reconstructs the srpm from a given commit

  • This package gets list of repos from gitblit RPC, used to grab CentOS sources. Requires the package 'python-requests' which is in the EPEL repo for CentOS-6. Has a -b switch to pick a specific branch (defaults to master, but you might want to use -b c7)

  • Extracts what appears to be the value of %{dist} from the commit message

  • A very simple script that prepares a git tree for patching. (runs rpmbuild -bp on the tree)

  • when run from inside a package git checkout, shows the list of possible SRPMs available to be built.


  • Nazar : the beanstalkd worker queue that runs most build and delivery services for various CentOS components

  • Reimzul : the buildsystem, it can do

  • source rpm to binary rpm builds
  • manifests + comps.xml to iso media
  • manifests and kickstrt to LiveCD and LiveDVD media
  • manifest to AMI ( for AMP / EC2 )

  • Git.c.o : the site where all the code used is hosted


Unless otherwise noted inside the code of an individual script, all scripts in this repository are licensed with the GPL Version 2.0 by default. Community members who initially contribute a script can also choose any OSI Approved License for their scripts if they would rather have something other than the default.