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This git repo contains the following scripts that make interfacing with git.c.o, reimzul and nazar as easy as possible.

Tools: * when run from inside a package git checkout, will download the relevant non-text sources from the lookaside cache and drop them into the SOURCES/ dir; note: it will generate 0 byte files in place, rather than download them.

  • This package gets list of repos from gitblit RPC, used to grab CentOS sources. Requires the package 'python-requests' which is in the EPEL repo for CentOS-6. Has a -b switch to pick a specific branch (defaults to master, but you might want to use -b c7)

  • Extracts what appears to be the value of %{dist} from the commit message

  • A very simple script that prepares a git tree for patching. (runs rpmbuild -bp on the tree)

  • when run from inside a package git checkout, shows the list of possible SRPMs available to be built.


  • Nazar : the beanstalkd worker queue that runs most build and delivery services for various CentOS components

  • Reimzul : the buildsystem, it can do

  • source rpm to binary rpm builds
  • manifests + comps.xml to iso media
  • manifests and kickstrt to LiveCD and LiveDVD media
  • manifest to AMI ( for AMP / EC2 )

  • Git.c.o : the site where all the code used is hosted

======================== Unless otherwise noted inside the code an individual script, all scripts in this repository are GPL Version 2.