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21:04:16 <quaid> #startmeeting CentOS Board public meeting
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21:07:11 <quaid> #topic Core S
21:07:19 <quaid> #topic Core SIG
21:07:36 * quaid thinks that is in the log although centbot doesn't have OPs to change the local channel topic
21:08:39 <quaid> #info although RHEL 7 upstream isn't doing a 32-bit build, we have reason to do it as part of building the main distro.
21:08:44 <quaid> #idea 32-bit is part of Core SIG
21:08:49 <quaid> #idea or 32-bit is it's own SIG
21:09:37 <quaid> #info for 64-bit we don't need to build 32-bit ISOs, make sure installs work, and make sure kernels work
21:09:54 <quaid> #idea we could do most of the work in the Core SIG and have the 32-bit SIG focus on the final ISO building and testing
21:16:42 <quaid> #agreed Core SIG can produce 32-bit RPMs, and 32-bit SIG can focus on building and testing ISOs; as that SIG gains merit they can gain more access to do the work; all of the work could be tested as part of the QA.
21:17:09 <quaid> #topic Virt SIG proposal
21:25:36 <quaid> #info Virt SIG would be for all virtualization-related updated software needs, bootstrapping with Xen
21:30:39 <quaid> #idea SIGs should look to the common e.g. qemu in Virt SIG (even to maybe carry a patch for them) before carrying their own variation of a package in their own SIG
21:31:02 <quaid> #idea make it so everyone can consume from central
21:31:25 <quaid> #idea Virt SIG could be a good place for carrying the latest upstream KVM for those who want it
21:31:47 <hughesjr> also a new libvirt is going to be needed
21:31:56 <ccmolik> +1 on new kvm shinynes
21:32:14 <csieh> So is there a "charter" for what the Core SIG should do
21:32:17 <quaid> #info Virt SIG will also need to carry a new libvirt
21:32:31 <quaid> hughesjr: was that an accurate capture of your statement?
21:32:53 <hughesjr> yes
21:32:55 <quaid> csieh: this is the best for now:
21:32:57 <quaid>
21:33:12 <quaid> but it could be updated, such as to include the 32-bit discussion for Cent 7
21:34:15 <Evolution> csieh: is there something in that you'd like to see updated or changed?
21:35:38 <csieh> just would like the goal to be documented,  if changed that is ok just need to document it so others can know what is going on
21:36:12 <quaid> #action Core SIG needs to update it's charter & run that by the Board
21:36:44 <csieh> so the above web page talks about CentOS,  so what really is CentOS as far as this discussion is concerned
21:37:57 <Evolution> csieh: yeah, we need to word that loads better. I think it needs to reference the packages (and build requirements) for the upstream(rh) packages only.
21:38:10 <kbsingh> so, CentOS Linux
21:38:13 <hughesjr> it says CentOS Linux ... so it controls everything that is NON-SIG
21:38:23 <hughesjr> or CoreOS
21:39:09 <hughesjr> and manages all infrastructure owned by the project
21:40:25 <quaid> #info 'CentOS' in the Core SIG description means "CentOS Linux, controls everything not done by other SIGs, is the core OS"
21:40:43 <quaid> hughesjr: I thought we had the Infra SIG as a different SIG, with Core SIG maintaining the build system(s)?
21:41:04 <hughesjr> we WILL have one, but not yet
21:41:08 <quaid> in that I'd like us to be able to add people to Infra SIG without being part of the Core SIG - diff skillsets, merit criteria, etc.
21:41:12 <quaid> hughesjr: ok, thanks
21:41:38 <quaid> #idea have an Infra SIG that takes the infrastructure management work off the hands of the Core SIG, who can then maintian just the build system (or systems for the community builders)
21:42:16 <toracat> who would maintain the source files through ?
21:42:38 <Evolution> toracat: depends on which code you mean?
21:42:47 <toracat> RHEL
21:43:28 <Evolution> we would, the same/similar way we do so now in the private build setup. it'll be read-only and branched
21:43:57 <Evolution> the rhel code would be able to be branched/forked etc. but  not edited.
21:44:08 <toracat> we == Core SIG ?
21:44:10 <hughesjr> the Core SIG will maintain the CentOS Linux source code in ... other SIGs will maintain their code in there
21:44:19 <Evolution> toracat: yes.
21:44:24 <toracat> thanks
21:45:20 <Evolution> toracat: sorry. abusing the 'royal we'
21:45:41 <toracat> :D
21:45:43 <hughesjr> we is we and it is everyone who is not they :D
21:46:30 <Evolution> toracat: good point/question though
21:46:39 <toracat> I want to hear range talk :) he is too quiet
21:47:04 <Arrfab> toracat: .eu people are silent and almost sleeping :-p
21:47:06 <hughesjr> he is asleep
21:47:17 <toracat> I see now
21:48:58 <Evolution> $5 says range has a nice lager/ale beside him.
21:49:02 <quaid> range looks a bit like a monk in his mini-vid inset pic
21:49:58 <quaid> yeah, I want video voting cards
21:50:37 <quaid> #agreed tentatively agreed to approve Virt SIG proposal as new charter, upcoming content on the Wiki; need to get input from Tru
21:50:42 <Evolution> toracat: anything you'd like to hear covered?
21:50:43 <quaid> #topic Any other business?
21:50:53 <Evolution> csieh: you as well
21:50:56 <toracat> Evolution: not for today
21:51:26 <quaid> what do we want to do about the functional SIGs? e.g. QA in particular
21:51:52 <csieh> no other business from me
21:52:21 <toracat> csieh: hi, good to see you here :)
21:56:18 <kbsingh> range looks very pensive
21:56:23 <quaid> #info In general, we'll be able to bring up functional SIGs e.g. Documentation, QA, Promo, Artwork, etc.; have a dependency on an auth system to share resources granularly v. all-or-nothing
21:58:08 <quaid> #info Jim Perring has been working with FreeIPA and Fedora Auth System (FAS) to see how they compare; FreeIPA looks really nice & would be a good reference story; FAS has all the features we need but is really customized.
22:00:43 <quaid> #undo
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22:00:49 <quaid> #info Jim Perrin has been working with FreeIPA and Fedora Auth System (FAS) to see how they compare; FreeIPA looks really nice & would be a good reference story; FAS has all the features we need but is really customized.
22:00:53 <quaid> hate when I do that to his name
22:00:58 <Evolution> toracat: I'm sorry if I butched your name
22:01:07 <toracat> close
22:01:20 <quaid> btw, others can do #info, #idea, only Chairs can do #agreed, #undo
22:01:27 <range> Okay, no hoodie next time :)
22:01:27 <quaid> I'll pass out #chair next time
22:01:31 <Evolution> toracat: phonetic spelling?
22:01:36 <Evolution> toracat: how do I say it?
22:01:45 <quaid> always a good idea to spread chair in case the meeting starter is netsplit
22:01:48 <toracat> Evolution: yes. ah-keh-me
22:01:59 <Evolution> ah, so no long ee sound.
22:02:36 <range> Evolution: No, the lager is on the balcony.
22:02:48 <range> (I might get one, though).
22:02:48 <toracat> now range is awake
22:03:06 <range> Yeah, completely missed this channel :)
22:03:41 <quaid> ok, closing the minutes/log
22:03:45 <quaid> #endmeeting