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15:59:35 <quaid> #startmeeting
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15:59:42 <Jeff_S> kbsingh: just sat down in a coffee shop
15:59:48 <quaid> hey Jeff_S
16:00:07 <Jeff_S> stealing wifi from the bar next door =/
16:00:10 <kbsingh> jeff pm
16:00:20 <quaid> #topic Agenda
16:00:26 <quaid> Quick summary of what Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is.
16:00:27 <quaid> Overview of what is possible to do with GSoC for CentOS.
16:00:27 <quaid> What we have so far.
16:00:27 <quaid> What we need to work on now (this week), next (following few weeks), and for the summer (full program length.)
16:00:30 <quaid> How to be successful & work within this community
16:00:40 <kbsingh> going live
16:01:01 <Jeff_S> kbsingh: thanks
16:01:08 <quaid> #topic Quick summary
16:01:14 <Jeff_S> had to tether from my phone, back now
16:02:11 <kbsingh> who has the player going as well ?
16:02:40 <Evolution> not me.
16:02:52 <kbsingh> there is a massive echo thing going on
16:03:12 <Jeff_S> sound is fine for me
16:03:22 <Jeff_S> (I'm on mute too cause it's kinda loud here)
16:03:37 <tigalch> as a listener - sound is fine
16:03:44 <kbsingh> ok
16:07:36 <quaid>
16:13:11 <kbsingh> Jeff_S: good video link.. is that off your phone /
16:13:51 <quaid> #idea time based tasks are not always the best idea
16:14:03 <quaid> #idea don't put a student on a blocking component
16:14:35 <quaid> #agreed must fit in to a discrete task
16:15:10 <quaid> #idea the more we leave open for students to find something that is interesting to them, the more successful they more
16:17:16 <quaid> #idea mentoring is also working on application process with students
16:17:54 <kbsingh> #idea deliver a xen/centos6/image installer delivered
16:18:02 <Jeff_S> kbsingh: yeah, I'm tethering over LTE (but not many bars)
16:18:16 <Jeff_S> but I'm sitting at my laptop
16:18:27 <kbsingh> #idea openstack livecd, pre-setup to run and scale in a diskless environ
16:18:33 <Evolution> should we consider docker as something separate here?
16:18:43 <kbsingh> Evolution: it could be included
16:18:48 <Evolution> docker isn't exactly core to what we're doing, but it does tick many current boxes.
16:18:51 <kbsingh> delivering docker dependancies would be awesome
16:18:54 <Evolution> and it's not critical to what we're doing.
16:19:11 <Evolution> #idea docker deps/images/projects
16:19:36 <quaid> #chair Evolution kbsingh Jeff_S
16:19:36 <centbot> Current chairs: Evolution Jeff_S kbsingh quaid
16:19:47 <Evolution> doh
16:19:49 <Evolution> #idea docker deps/images/projects
16:19:57 <Evolution> that should be in there now then.
16:21:12 <quaid> #idea different levels of tasks out there
16:21:23 <quaid> right, have flexibility in the ideas
16:21:41 <quaid> #agreed students may not have a good concept of what they can do -- push or reign them in
16:21:41 <kbsingh> #idea build and automate the in-cloud update/managent infra
16:21:44 <Evolution> does that email address on the wiki work? centos-gsoc-mentors ?
16:22:00 <quaid> one engineering manager I worked with said, "Developers always say it will take 2 weeks."
16:22:09 <kbsingh> quaid: 17 days
16:24:10 <quaid>
16:25:49 <kbsingh> #idea explore bootstrap for diff arch
16:25:50 <quaid> #idea those with time to help the SIGs already can assist mentors
16:30:59 <quaid> #idea open project ideas around ARM to interest hardware hackers
16:31:14 <quaid> #action need to write a marketing plan
16:31:48 <quaid> #action interested mentors to hang out on existing GSoC channel
16:33:44 <kbsingh> cool, so are we all about getting done ?
16:34:19 <Evolution> I think so.
16:35:22 <quaid> #info expectations need to be set up front with students
16:35:47 <quaid>
16:37:29 <quaid> #endmeeting