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The site is built with nanoc and Bootstrap 3.

We use haml for templates where it makes sense and mostly markdown for content.

Required Gems:

  • nanoc
  • cri
  • compass
  • haml
  • nokogiri // available from Fedora (EPEL?) repository
  • kramdown
  • pry
  • rainpress
  • rubypants
  • sass
  • susy
  • systemu
  • asciidoc // also requires the asciidoc package
  • adsf // if using 'nanoc view' command

May be in RPM:

  • ruby
  • asciidoc
  • nokogiri

Installing on CentOS 7 as well as F19/20/21:

sudo yum install ruby asciidoc rubygem-bundler make gcc ruby-devel zlib-devel zlib gcc-c++
bundle install

Using a built container (all platforms):

Assuming that you have this git repository cloned under /opt/data/git/ :

sudo docker pull # Download the container
sudo docker run --rm -v /opt/data/git/

Please note that it also works with Podman, so no need to install Docker anymore ! :

sudo yum install -y podman
podman run --rm -v /opt/data/git/

View the output

You can just use python http server to view the locally rendered site, before pushing to httpd node. For this you can just use something like this :

cd /opt/data/git/
which python3 >/dev/null && python3 -m http.server 9000 || python -mSimpleHTTPServer 9000

Site Layout

  • Template and menu files live in /layouts
  • Markdown, erb and processed text files live in /content
  • Static site content such as images and javascript live in /static
  • The /lib directory contains nanoc helper files used to process the site
  • Compiled site content exists in /output