This git repository contains Kickstarts and other scripts needed
to produce the CentOS LiveCD/DVD 

It contains only kickstarts used to produce the following CentOS 7 live media variants (more to come later):
* CentOS Live CD (minimal Gnome3 desktop with only Firefox)
* CentOS Live DVD - Gnome Spin (normal Gnome3 desktop with office suites/internet applications)
* CentOS Live DVD - KDE Spin (normal KDE4 desktop with office suite/internet applications

You can find the corresponding kickstarts in the kickstarts folder.
If you want to produce a custom live media spin (or want to contribute to a CentOS live media variant), you'll need :
* A CentOS 7 (or el7) machine
* root (or sudo) access
* livecd-tools package (and deps) : for the time being, you can find those here :

Don't forget to change the repository path in the kickstart if you have a nearest or local mirror !