Centpkg is a wrapper for rpkg which interacts with RPM git repositories like the ones hosted at Rpkg also provides some convenience methods/commands for local builds via mock or rpmbuild, for interacting with koji, and for generating patches.

Centpkg is in pre-alpha state, as of now this is a proof of concept.

For now only a very small subset of rpkg commands are enabled.

Exception handling at the top level has been disabled for now to get better tracebacks during development.

Installing from Git

Centpkg currently requires the EPEL repository for pyrpkg and other dependencies.

root# <Download and configure the relevant epel-release RPM>
root# yum install pyrpkg
root# git clone
root# cd centpkg
root# python install

Currently Somewhat-working Commands

Git Operations

$ centpkg clone --anonymous -b c7 a2ps        # clones the CentOS 7 branch of the a2ps package
$ centpkg add-tag                             # Adds a git tag to the repo
$ centpkg list-tag                            # Shows the relevant git tags
$ centpkg delete-tag                          # Shows the relevant git tags
$ centpkg commit                              # Commits to the current branch
$ centpkg pull                                # Pulls from the git remote
$ centpkg switch-branch                       # Switch to a git branch (if it exists upstream it will track it for you)

File/Working directory operations

$ centpkg sources                             # Downloads the binary sources from lookaside and checks hashes
$ centpkg clean                               # Removes untracked files

Build Operations

$ centpkg local                               # Runs a full rpmbuild
$ centpkg compile                             # Runs rpmbuild -bc
$ centpkg verify-files                        # Runs rpmbuild -bl
$ centpkg mockbuild                           # Runs a local mockbuild


Unless otherwise specified, all files are licensed under GPLv2+. See COPYING for more license information