#10 add lookaside_upload and get_sources.sh from centos-git-common
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Two scrips from centos-git-common (https://git.centos.org/centos-git-common) are frequently used for SIG work:

  • lookaside_upload to upload sources to the lookaside
  • get_sources.sh to fetch artifacts from the lookaside after cloning a package repo

It'd be great to have these distributed as part of centos-packager so they could be easier to discover and use.

while I'd say +1 on this , at least the script should be prefixed with something (don't know what but centos-git ? like so centos-git-lookaside_upload etc), I'd still think that it should be part of centpkg, that now is being worked on for 9-stream .. so maybe having the git.centos.org (instead of gitlab) in centpkg would make more sense ?

So, the problem with centpkg is that is currently doesn't work properly with exploded SRPM-style layouts, i.e. anything before c9s. I've filed https://git.centos.org/centos/centpkg/issue/45 to get that sorted out there, but I think these tools could be useful outside of centpkg as well. Agreed on renaming them for clarity.

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