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Quorum and started at :05

Directors in attendance were:

Karanbir Singh (Chair)
Johnny Hughes
Jim Perrin
Tru Huynh
Karsten Wade
Pat Riehecky
Mike McLean
Brian Exelbierd (Red Hat Liaison)
Others in attendance:

Rich Bowen (Community Manager, stand-in Secretary)
Amy Marrich
Alfredo Moralejo
Matthias Runge
Josh Boyer
Davide Cavalca
Paul Isaac’s
Aoife Moloney
Brian Stinson
A welcome was given to guest Josh Boyer, representing RHEL engineering interests.

Topic: Board reappointment, and nomination of new directors

Open discussion should take place on public lists, with clear expectations that the vote happens in the board meeting, but that discussion, and nominations, are welcome from the community
Discussion of staggering (6 month offset for half of the directors) vs 12 months?
Two directors have indicated a desire to step down - Karsten Wade and Carl Trieloff - and need to be replaced. Their term as Directors will end effective April 30th, 2021.
Consideration: Maintaining the tension between “new blood” and continuity of leadership.
As we take this to the community, we need to be abundantly clear *what* we are asking of them, but early transparent discussion is preferred where possible.
Action: Discussion of how we address it if/when someone steps down. Interim board members to maintain above the minimum number of seats? Rich to write up proposals for solutions, to present to the board.
Board sentiment is not in favor of an “interim” member class, further differentiating between different directors.
Action: Proposal for “emergency election” for replacing a board member who steps down out of cadence. (Rich to add to above proposals.)
Discussion of development packages not provided in CentOS Stream: Red Hat is keenly aware of the desire to make buildroot packages available in the CentOS Stream project. Progress has been made on plans to enable this in some manner in CentOS Stream without requiring changes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The team is currently working to resolve some technical issues.

Discussion of CentOS Stream SIG proposal. and General support, but will take this to the mailing list and commit to timely response to this request.

Adjournment at :00