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Quorum and started at :05

Directors in attendance were:

    Jim Perrin
    Tru Huynh
    Pat Riehecky
    Mike McLean
    Brian Exelbierd (Red Hat Liaison)
    Thomas Oulevey (Secretary)

Others in attendance:

    Rich Bowen (Community Manager, Chair)
    Amy Marrich
    Alfredo Moralejo
    Josh Boyer
    Davide Cavalca
    Paul Isaac’s

Topic:  CentOS Stream Feature Request SIG approval

The SIG was approved. Closing issue [#33].

Topic: Departure of Board members and Board nominations

    Cleaning up accesses from old board members. Tracking progress in [#44].
    6 nominations received. Nomination process is still open. Board is happy to keep the nomination process open for a few more weeks.
    Candidates will be contacted in advance before names are published. Interview with the board will follow.
Proposal: Monthly meeting with the community to discuss board meeting outcome

    Monthly meeting, scheduled for the week after a board meeting, where board members can discuss the meeting with the community
    Approved, Rich will check the best format (IRC, other ?) and propose a timeslot.

Reviewed issues :

    [#03] Getting official CentOS images into Azure + AWS Cloud images status and [#27] Providing Official AMIs in Amazon CN regions. ; the board would like to have a summary from the Infrastructure SIG on the status of AWS images and on-going issues/challenges.
    [#22] Draft all recent governance changes or ideas for Board discussion ; the document is still being improved and will be published to the community when ready.
    [#32] Consolidate CentOS Twitter presence to @CentOS ; @centosproject is now @centos on Twitter.

Adjournment at :38