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Board minutes 2016-11-11


  • Jim Perrin
  • Fabian Arrotin
  • Johnny Hughes
  • Mike McLean
  • Ralph Angenendt
  • Tru Huynh
  • Karsten Wade
  • Karanbir Singh

Quorum achieved.

Agenda & notes


Do we want to have the Board manage part of the budget from OSAS/RH?

Yes, on a year-over-year evolution of how things are managed. It’s RH money run on behalf of ...

What do we want to make public?

Spending for community travel Swag & support provided out to community events directly Constraints on paying people back First year -- PayPal only, receipts require Budget limit per number of people, e.g. $150 for 50 people, etc. SIGs Community SIG leads … Cover up to $X of travel May cover some of RH expenses … Talk to management Cover up to $X of travel What is the definition of community in this context? Contributors from a vendor are still a community, but their employer should see the value of sending that person. Contributors from a project sponsored/run by a foundation should be able to find a way of sending a person. Contributors on own time & dime, should find a way to sponsor and support from project as much as possible.


Need a write-up. Three people with at least one Board member to oversee budget management, can do in Year One. Dollar amount to take to the Board for approval. Spending for all vendors coming in managed by the finance committee. Follows the same process. Year one - all run by Board for initial trial All should have a title in the project based on an existing chain of trust. Year two - look for people interested in helping

Getting outside funding

Need a relationship with an open source program office. Run it on behalf of -- they spend at our direction. No pay to play … need to trust the community as to what we want to spend. Build trust in initial year … Community fund … E.g. CPanel wants to give $10K to sponsor people to their conference. Use the same process for decisions as for spending direct money. Transparency of multiple supporters shows diversity.

Equipment budget

Solve problems the Board identifies E.g. signing for SIGs Strategic and tactical Oversight of the Infra Team …

Putting an annual plan together Keep a 10% slush to cover all of above

Credit Suisse

Sponsoring millions in EOL hardware for suitable charities and non-profits Sep 2017 is first set of kit coming available Get CentOS running on the laptops given away How should CentOS Project be involved? Can we use any of that hardware?


Full process write-up. Define what community means in this context. Process to be public. By 1 March. Pick the finance committee.

Advisory capacity (Board)

Getting advice from: Representative of each Team about running the Project. From a specific user / audience? Who are using CentOS, maybe we can help make things better for them, then we get a voice into that community. Senior enough to have influence in that group and able to represent. What can they do? Come from existing contributors Provide wider perspective What does it mean to be on the Advisory Board? Provide advice to the executive leadership Examples Linux Foundation groups have an exec board, then a technical committee and community committee to advise. Proposal: Pick two areas, e.g.: VoIP High Energy Physics Identify four people in each area Arrange a monthly communication channel with those people and an identified CentOS person, with Board members involved. Ask Leslie Hawthorn to facilitate and manage the process. Each Board member identifies two areas of personal interest Two Board members research the areas to find people to be recommended Advisory Board is not a for-life thing, some privilege to be there Articulate the process publicly

Metrics for SIGs

Infra SIG & Fabian as Chair