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2018-06-05 rbowen
Add a mention of Ohio LinuxFest.
398017 diff | tree
2018-05-31 rbowen
Add a social media bar under the News & Events section
06a935 diff | tree
2018-05-30 rbowen
Link to CFP
89f8db diff | tree
2018-05-26 Fabian Arrotin
Renamed sponsor name and logo - cologuard
134fcc diff | tree
2018-05-24 Jim Perrin
update footer to include privacy policy
b637ca diff | tree
2018-05-24 Jim Perrin
add email to privacy policy. should be ready to go live now
4f0f2d diff | tree
2018-05-22 Jim Perrin
first update privacy policy for GDPR
5ff346 diff | tree
2018-05-17 rbowen
Dojo @ DevConf.us
3d0e96 diff | tree
2018-05-14 rbowen
Fix conflicting change.
deb589 diff | tree
2018-05-14 rbowen
Announce the upcoming CentOS Dojo at CERN.
2d50ac diff | tree
2018-05-10 Fabian Arrotin
Reflected 7 1804 release for download links and RN on front page
db787f diff | tree
2018-05-07 Fabian Arrotin
Added new sponsor Riverfront Networks logo
395e7a diff | tree
2018-05-03 Fabian Arrotin
Added new sponsor for new donated server / itsyndicate
c876df diff | tree
2018-05-01 Fabian Arrotin
Reverted last change breaking nanoc, Adapted ical link to correct location
1d71d8 diff | tree
2018-05-01 rbowen
Update IRC meetings ics
f7381b diff | tree
2018-04-25 rbowen
Update the center-column news section: Add Red Hat Summit Remove long-past ...
1819c6 diff | tree
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