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yesterday Fabian Arrotin
Changed sponsor logo and removed inactive ones
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8 days ago rbowen
ornl dojo
f449f7 diff | tree
8 days ago Fabian Arrotin
Redirecting docs to new website. Fixed some links to https
76672d diff | tree
9 days ago Fabian Arrotin
Switch download links to new 7.6.1810 release
fcd1df diff | tree
2018-11-26 Fabian Arrotin
Added missing PaaS SIG pub key and download links for other ones
f6cc9c diff | tree
2018-11-26 rbowen
Add NFV SIG to listing.
c6beb1 diff | tree
2018-11-07 rbowen
FOSDEM dojo schedule and reg
1d3270 diff | tree
2018-10-23 Fabian Arrotin
Added instructions for people willing to use podman instead of Docker
4f7719 diff | tree
2018-10-22 Rich Bowen
Update mention of CERN Dojo, until I can get a blog post published.
28712e diff | tree
2018-10-18 Rich Bowen
That event is over
b77a97 diff | tree
2018-09-26 Fabian Arrotin
Adding Storage SIG GPG key to be downloaded from website. Fixes #15317
ad0970 diff | tree
2018-09-20 rbowen
Update news stories on front page
7bdd58 diff | tree
2018-09-19 Fabian Arrotin
Renamed a sponsor and removed one
95ca8c diff | tree
2018-08-16 Fabian Arrotin
fixed link for sponsor/donor
bd55dd diff | tree
2018-08-01 Fabian Arrotin
Added new sponsor/logo to website (hostiserver)
09a0d5 diff | tree
2018-07-18 Fabian Arrotin
Modified link/logo for existing sponsor (Backup Vault)
2ff827 diff | tree
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