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2018-03-28 Fabian Arrotin
Added NFV and ConfigManagement SIGs keys
484a79 diff | tree
2018-02-12 rbowen
Add FOSDEM dojo videos, mention Singapore.
91f492 diff | tree
2018-01-15 rbowen
FOSDEM Dojo details
855855 diff | tree
2017-12-14 Fabian Arrotin
Removed inactive sponsor
7f8376 diff | tree
2017-12-12 Fabian Arrotin
Removed sponsor
f0f77b diff | tree
2017-11-30 Fabian Arrotin
Adding 'download key' link for OpsTools and Virt SIGs
5a8114 diff | tree
2017-11-30 Fabian Arrotin
Adding OpsTools gpg pub key to website (fixes #14213)
7581ba diff | tree
2017-11-15 Fabian Arrotin
Removed inactive sponsor from the list
98198a diff | tree
2017-11-14 Rich Bowen
Extend CFP
e8f94b diff | tree
2017-11-03 Fabian Arrotin
- Renamed calendar.markdown to calendar.md (that's the file used by nanoc...
00bfe1 diff | tree
2017-11-03 Brian (bex) Exelbierd
Adding updated calendar
c9c92d diff | tree
2017-10-28 Fabian Arrotin
Reverted Gemfile.lock to work on CentOS 7
abaa6c diff | tree
2017-10-28 Rich Bowen
FOSDEM Dojo CFP details
a4700c diff | tree
2017-10-21 Rich Bowen
Link to CERN Dojo blog post. Update information about Brussels dojo.
986b66 diff | tree
2017-10-17 Fabian Arrotin
- Added instructions to use nanoc container from registry.centos.org - Forc...
fdc62c diff | tree
2017-10-12 Rich Bowen
00b928 diff | tree
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