descriptionModified kernel for alternate architectures
owners Jim Perrin , Karanbir Singh
last changeThursday, January 12, 2017 19:41 +0000
stats1 commits and 0 tags in 1 day metrics
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2015-08-13 Karanbir Singh
setup git repo
e6c3a1 diff | tree
6 days ago sig-altarch7-x86_64 Johnny Hughes upgrade to upstream 4.4.42 LTS log | tree | metrics | feed
2016-11-21 sig-altarch7-aarch64 Jim Perrin adding various cavium patches submitted via the mailing list log | tree | metrics | feed
2015-10-02 3.19 Jim Perrin update of the stock 3.19 kernel with the apm networking patch log | tree | metrics | feed
2015-09-14 xen Jim Perrin add xen patch log | tree | metrics | feed
2015-08-13 master Karanbir Singh setup git repo log | tree | metrics | feed

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Look at the c7 branch if you are working with CentOS-7, or the c4/c5/c6 branch for CentOS-4, 5 or 6

If you find this file in a distro specific branch, it means that no content has been checked in yet