This README describes how to get the most basic working torque service on a single host. To setup a basic single-node localhost-only batch system, install the torque-server, torque-mom, and torque-scheduler packages, and do something like this: 0) If torque is built with munge support then this must be enabled first on all nodes. The munge package should allready be installed. Create a munge key with /usr/sbin/create-munge-key Copy resulting key /etc/munge/munge.key to all torque nodes in your cluster including pbs_server, pbs_mom and client (qstat,qsub) nodes. 1) Get your full hostname with # /bin/hostname --long e.g 2) Edit /etc/torque/server_name to contain the single line 3) Edit /etc/torque/mom/config to contain the single line $pbsserver 4) Create a torque serverdb file. # /usr/sbin/pbs_server -D -t create Warning this will remove any existing serverdb file located at /var/lib/torque/server_priv/serverdb You will have to Ctrl^C the pbs_server command, it will only take a moment to create this file. 5) Start the pbs_server and configure it. service pbs_server start # qmgr -c "s s scheduling=true" # qmgr -c "c q batch queue_type=execution" # qmgr -c "s q batch started=true" # qmgr -c "s q batch enabled=true" # qmgr -c "s q batch resources_default.nodes=1" # qmgr -c "s q batch resources_default.walltime=3600" # qmgr -c "s s default_queue=batch" 6) Add one batch worker to your pbs_server. # qmgr -c "c n" 7) Start the pbs_mom and pbs_sched deamons. # service pbs_mom start # service pbs_sched start 8) Use chkconfig to start the services at boot time. # /sbin/chkconfig pbs_mom on # /sbin/chkconfig pbs_server on # /sbin/chkconfig pbs_sched on # /sbin/chkconfig munge on 9) Submit a test job. As a user not as root run the following $ qsub <