#1 Fix configure option for enabling ndb s/with/enable/
Closed a year ago by bstinson. Opened 2 years ago by malmond.
rpms/ malmond/rpm enable-ndb  into  c8s

file modified
+2 -2

@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ 

  # build with libimaevm.so

  %bcond_without libimaevm

  # build with new db format

- %bcond_with ndb

+ %bcond_without ndb

  # build with zstd support?

  %bcond_without zstd

  # build with lmdb support?

@@ -453,7 +453,7 @@ 

      --with-selinux \

      --with-cap \

      --with-acl \

-     %{?with_ndb: --with-ndb} \

+     %{?with_ndb: --enable-ndb} \

      %{?with_libimaevm: --with-imaevm} \

      %{?with_zstd: --enable-zstd} \

      %{?with_lmdb: --enable-lmdb} \

The optional behaviour can't be turned on because the option has the wrong name.

Thanks @malmond! We won't be able to merge this directly here, but we can use this to prep a patch that can potentially be used. I'd like to expand this pull request to cover the end goal of enabling that flag, so can you add another commit to flip the bcond and push it to your enable-ndb branch?

1 new commit added

  • Flip the bcond for ndb to enable by default.
2 years ago

As described in bugzilla, it was decided to only utilize the first commit of this pull request to fix the configure flag. This was fixed internally in rpm-4.14.3-3, which was exported to this repo and has now been built and is available in CentOS Stream. As expected, NDB remains disabled, but rebuilding the SRPM with "--with ndb" now works.

Sorry this took so long to deliver, we are actively working to improve this process.

Pull-Request has been closed by bstinson

a year ago