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From: Florian Festi <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2016 17:45:33 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] Add man page for systemd-inhibit plugin

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 man_man8dir = $(mandir)/man8
 man_man8_DATA = rpm.8 rpmbuild.8 rpmdeps.8 rpmgraph.8 rpm2cpio.8
 man_man8_DATA += rpmdb.8 rpmkeys.8 rpmsign.8 rpmspec.8
+man_man8_DATA += rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit.8
 EXTRA_DIST += $(man_man8_DATA)
 man_fr_man8dir = $(mandir)/fr/man8
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+.TH "RPM-SYSTEMD-INHIBIT" "8" "14 Apr 2016" "Red Hat, Inc."
+rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit \- Plugin for the RPM Package Manager
+.SH Description
+This plugin for RPM prevents the system to enter shutdown, sleep or idle
+mode while there is a rpm transaction running to prevent system corruption
+that can occur if the transaction is interrupted by a reboot.
+This is achieved by using the inhibit DBUS interface of systemd. The call is
+roughly equivalent to executing
+\fBsystemd-inhibit --mode=block --what=idle:sleep:shutdown --who=RPM --why="Transaction running"\fR 
+See \fBsystemd-inhibit(1)\fR for the details of this mechanism. 
+It is strongly advised to have the plugin installed on all systemd
+based systems.
+.SH Prerequisites
+For the plugin to work systemd has to be used as init system and
+though the DBUS system bus must be available. If the plugin cannot access the
+interface it gives a warning but does not stop the transaction.
+.SH Configuration
+The plugin currently does not have any configuration option other than
+turning it on and off. It can be disabled by commenting out the
+\fI%__transaction_systemd_inhibit\fR macro in main macros file
+(typically located at \fI/usr/lib/rpm/macros\fR) or otherwise change
+the value of the macro.
+Another option is to remove the plugin from the system if it is
+packaged in its own sub package.