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qemu-kvm-tests README

The qemu-kvm-tests rpm contains tests that can be used to verify the
functionality of the installed qemu-kvm package

When installed, the files from this rpm will be arranged in the following
directory structure

├── scripts
│   ├──
│   └── qmp
└── tests
    ├── acceptance
    ├── Makefile.include
    └── qemu-iotests

The tests/ directory within the tests-src/ directory is setup to remain a copy
of a subset of the tests/ directory from the QEMU source tree

The avocado_qemu tests and qemu-iotests, along with files required for the
execution of the avocado_qemu tests (scripts/ and scripts/qmp/) will be
installed in a new location - /usr/lib64/qemu-kvm/tests-src/

avocado_qemu tests:
The avocado_qemu tests can be executed by running the following avocado command:
avocado run -p qemu_bin=/usr/libexec/qemu-kvm /usr/lib64/qemu-kvm/tests/acceptance/
Avocado needs to be installed separately using either pip or from source as
Avocado is not being packaged for RHEL-8.

symlinks to corresponding binaries need to be created for QEMU_PROG,
QEMU_IO_PROG, QEMU_IMG_PROG, and QEMU_NBD_PROG before the iotests can be

The primary purpose of this package is to make these tests available to be
executed as gating tests for the virt module in the RHEL-8 OSCI environment.