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851637 - snmpd loops inifinitely after receiving SIGTERM

commit 9b15aa36d0fc40b46fe9461d56cf584bbf040691
Author: Jan Safranek <>
Date:   Thu Sep 13 15:25:52 2012 +0200

    CHANGES: snmpd: fixed infinite loop when SIGTEM arrives in middle of internal query processing.
    When snmpd starts internal query, e.g. for 'monitor' config options, it calls
    netsnmp_query_walk(). This function loops until either error occurs or the
    internal request is processed. And if SIGTERM comes to this loop, the request
    is not marked as failed.
    Patch originally from Masahiro Matsuya, mmatsuya [at]

diff --git a/agent/snmp_agent.c b/agent/snmp_agent.c
index 1c00a4c..b7761b0 100644
--- a/agent/snmp_agent.c
+++ b/agent/snmp_agent.c
@@ -3057,6 +3057,9 @@ handle_getnext_loop(netsnmp_agent_session *asp)
             return status;      /* should never really happen */
+    if (!netsnmp_running) {
+        return SNMP_ERR_GENERR;
+    }
     return SNMP_ERR_NOERROR;