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diff -urNp a/man/snmp_config.5.def b/man/snmp_config.5.def
--- a/man/snmp_config.5.def	2017-06-26 11:30:42.728527539 +0200
+++ b/man/snmp_config.5.def	2017-06-26 11:33:19.766436329 +0200
@@ -179,14 +179,28 @@ during normal configuration file process
 # include site specific config
-include site.conf
+includeFile site.conf
-This will search every directory in the configuration path for files
-named site.conf, and will process those files before returning to the
-processing of the original file. Note that if '.conf' is omitted,
-it will be appended. That is, all configuration files must end
-in '.conf'.
+This will load the specified configuration file. The
+path to file must be either absolute, starting with '/',
+or relative. The relative path is then relative to the directory
+where the parent file with 'includeFile' directive resides.
+The included file name does not need to have '.conf' suffix.
+# include a all *.conf files in a directory
+includeDir /etc/snmp/config.d
+This will search specified directory for all files with '.conf'
+suffix and process them as if they were included using includeFile
+directive. The configuration files are not processed in any particular
+The specified directory must be absolute directory path.
 Information about writing C code that makes use of this system in