#1 spec: Respect rpmbuild --without debuginfo
Opened 3 years ago by orgads. Modified 2 years ago
rpms/ orgads/kernel c8  into  c8

file modified
@@ -1148,6 +1148,13 @@ 

  %define build_hostldflags %{__global_ldflags}



+ %if !%{with_debuginfo}

+ for i in *.config

+ do

+   sed -i 's/^CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y/# CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO is not set/' $i

+ done

+ %endif


  # enable GCOV kernel config options if gcov is on

  %if %{with_gcov}

  for i in *.config

The build (x86_64) uses 25G, while without CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO it uses 3GB.

1 new commit added

  • config: Remove CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO for non-debug builds
3 years ago

rebased onto 971b96d

3 years ago

Kconfig says about the CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO option:

"If you say Y here the resulting kernel image will include debugging info resulting in a larger kernel image. This adds debug symbols to the kernel and modules (gcc -g), and is needed if you intend to use kernel crashdump or binary object tools like crash, kgdb, LKCD, gdb, etc on the kernel. Say Y here only if you plan to debug the kernel."

We need to be able to do crash analysis, so CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO must be set to yes. This applies to the regular kernel.

I'm not sure I follow. If you pass --without debug --without debuginfo to rpmbuild, then no debuginfo should remain after the build anyway. I suppose it is stripped along the way. Then why create it in the first place?

@orgads the debuginfo are required for debugging, they need to be produced, unless I am not understanding your comment! :)

rebased onto 3c0db51

2 years ago

Ok, my patch was wrong. debug and debuginfo are independent. Please review the new patch.

Thanks for the potential contribution @orgads. Sorry for the delay in response, we're still working out the kinks with our contribution process. CentOS Stream 8 is still built "inside out". What I mean by that is that there is still an internal dist-git and build system where RHEL builds are done, before being exported automatically to this dist-git to be built in the CentOS build system. This means that we can't merge this pull request directly. We can however use it to demonstrate changes and generate a patch file that can be applied to the internal dist-git by RHEL maintainers, if they decide to accept the change. To get their attention, would you mind filing a bugzilla describing this change in detail? This link will pre-populate the necessary fields. Please also link to this pull request in that bugzilla.


This will work much better in CentOS Stream 9, as we're moving to having the RHEL maintainers work directly in a public dist-git so that can merge pull requests from contributors.