Blob Blame History Raw
# All Global changes to build and install go here.
# Per the below section about __spec_install_pre, any rpm
# environment changes that affect %%install need to go
# here before the %%install macro is pre-built.

# Disable LTO in userspace packages.
%global _lto_cflags %{nil}

# Option to enable compiling with clang instead of gcc.
%bcond_with toolchain_clang

%if %{with toolchain_clang}
%global toolchain clang

# Cross compile on copr for arm
# See
%if 0%{?_with_cross_arm:1}
%global _target_cpu armv7hl
%global _arch arm
%global _build_arch arm
%global _with_cross    1

# The kernel's %%install section is special
# Normally the %%install section starts by cleaning up the BUILD_ROOT
# like so:
# %%__spec_install_pre %%{___build_pre}\
#     [ "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT" != "/" ] && rm -rf "${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}"\
#     mkdir -p `dirname "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT"`\
#     mkdir "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT"\
# %%{nil}
# But because of kernel variants, the %%build section, specifically
# BuildKernel(), moves each variant to its final destination as the
# variant is built.  This violates the expectation of the %%install
# section.  As a result we snapshot the current env variables and
# purposely leave out the removal section.  All global wide changes
# should be added above this line otherwise the %%install section
# will not see them.
%global __spec_install_pre %{___build_pre}

# At the time of this writing (2019-03), RHEL8 packages use w2.xzdio
# compression for rpms (xz, level 2).
# Kernel has several large (hundreds of mbytes) rpms, they take ~5 mins
# to compress by single-threaded xz. Switch to threaded compression,
# and from level 2 to 3 to keep compressed sizes close to "w2" results.
# NB: if default compression in /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/macros ever changes,
# this one might need tweaking (e.g. if default changes to w3.xzdio,
# change below to w4T.xzdio):
# This is disabled on i686 as it triggers oom errors

%ifnarch i686
%define _binary_payload w3T.xzdio

Summary: The Linux kernel

# For a kernel released for public testing, released_kernel should be 1.
# For internal testing builds during development, it should be 0.
# For rawhide and/or a kernel built from an rc or git snapshot,
# released_kernel should be 0.
# For a stable, released kernel, released_kernel should be 1.
%global released_kernel 0

%global distro_build 45

# hyperscale
# %if 0%{?fedora}
# %define secure_boot_arch x86_64
# %else
# %define secure_boot_arch x86_64
# %endif

# Signing for secure boot authentication
# %ifarch %{secure_boot_arch}
# %global signkernel 1
# %else
%global signkernel 0
# %endif

# Sign modules on all arches
%global signmodules 0

# Compress modules only for architectures that build modules
%ifarch noarch
%global zipmodules 0
%global zipmodules 1

%if %{zipmodules}
%global zipsed -e 's/\.ko$/\.ko.xz/'
# for parallel xz processes, replace with 1 to go back to single process
%global zcpu `nproc --all`

# define buildid .local

%if 0%{?fedora}
%define primary_target fedora
%define primary_target centos-sig-hyperscale

%define rpmversion 5.14.0
%define stableversion 5.14
%define pkgrelease 45.hs1.el8

# This is needed to do merge window version magic
%define patchlevel 14

# allow pkg_release to have configurable %%{?dist} tag
%define specrelease 45.hs1%{?buildid}%{?dist}

%define pkg_release %{specrelease}

# What parts do we want to build? These are the kernels that are built IF the
# architecture allows it. All should default to 1 (enabled) and be flipped to
# 0 (disabled) by later arch-specific checks.

# The following build options are enabled by default.
# Use either --without <opt> in your rpmbuild command or force values
# to 0 in here to disable them.
# standard kernel
%define with_up        %{?_without_up:        0} %{?!_without_up:        1}
# kernel PAE (only valid for ARM (lpae))
%define with_pae       %{?_without_pae:       0} %{?!_without_pae:       1}
# kernel-debug
%define with_debug     %{?_without_debug:     0} %{?!_without_debug:     1}
# kernel-doc
%define with_doc       %{?_without_doc:       0} %{?!_without_doc:       1}
# kernel-headers
%define with_headers   %{?_without_headers:   0} %{?!_without_headers:   1}
%define with_cross_headers   %{?_without_cross_headers:   0} %{?!_without_cross_headers:   1}
# perf
%define with_perf      %{?_without_perf:      0} %{?!_without_perf:      1}
# tools
%define with_tools     %{?_without_tools:     0} %{?!_without_tools:     1}
# bpf tool
%define with_bpftool   %{?_without_bpftool:   0} %{?!_without_bpftool:   1}
# kernel-debuginfo
%define with_debuginfo %{?_without_debuginfo: 0} %{?!_without_debuginfo: 1}
# Want to build a the vsdo directories installed
%define with_vdso_install %{?_without_vdso_install: 0} %{?!_without_vdso_install: 1}
# kernel-zfcpdump (s390 specific kernel for zfcpdump)
%define with_zfcpdump  %{?_without_zfcpdump:  0} %{?!_without_zfcpdump:  1}
# kernel-abi-whitelists
%define with_kernel_abi_whitelists %{?_without_kernel_abi_whitelists: 0} %{?!_without_kernel_abi_whitelists: 1}
# internal samples and selftests
%define with_selftests %{?_without_selftests: 0} %{?!_without_selftests: 1}
# Additional options for user-friendly one-off kernel building:
# Only build the base kernel (--with baseonly):
%define with_baseonly  %{?_with_baseonly:     1} %{?!_with_baseonly:     0}
# Only build the pae kernel (--with paeonly):
%define with_paeonly   %{?_with_paeonly:      1} %{?!_with_paeonly:      0}
# Only build the debug kernel (--with dbgonly):
%define with_dbgonly   %{?_with_dbgonly:      1} %{?!_with_dbgonly:      0}
# Control whether we perform a compat. check against published ABI.
%define with_kabichk   %{?_without_kabichk:   0} %{?!_without_kabichk:   0}
# Temporarily disable kabi checks until RC.
%define with_kabichk 0
# Control whether we perform a compat. check against DUP ABI.
%define with_kabidupchk %{?_with_kabidupchk:  1} %{?!_with_kabidupchk:   0}
# Control whether to run an extensive DWARF based kABI check.
# Note that this option needs to have baseline setup in SOURCE300.
%define with_kabidwchk %{?_without_kabidwchk: 0} %{?!_without_kabidwchk: 0}
%define with_kabidw_base %{?_with_kabidw_base: 1} %{?!_with_kabidw_base: 0}
# should we do C=1 builds with sparse
%define with_sparse    %{?_with_sparse:       1} %{?!_with_sparse:       0}
# Cross compile requested?
%define with_cross    %{?_with_cross:         1} %{?!_with_cross:        0}
# build a release kernel on rawhide
%define with_release   %{?_with_release:      1} %{?!_with_release:      0}

# verbose build, i.e. no silent rules and V=1
%define with_verbose %{?_with_verbose:        1} %{?!_with_verbose:      0}

# check for mismatched config options
%define with_configchecks %{?_without_configchecks:        0} %{?!_without_configchecks:        1}

# gcov support
%define with_gcov %{?_with_gcov:1}%{?!_with_gcov:0}

# ipa_clone support
%define with_ipaclones %{?_without_ipaclones: 0} %{?!_without_ipaclones: 1}

# Want to build a vanilla kernel build without any non-upstream patches?
%define with_vanilla %{?_with_vanilla: 1} %{?!_with_vanilla: 0}

# Set debugbuildsenabled to 1 for production (build separate debug kernels)
#  and 0 for rawhide (all kernels are debug kernels).
# See also 'make debug' and 'make release'.
%define debugbuildsenabled 1

# The kernel tarball/base version
%define kversion 5.14

%if 0%{?fedora}
# Kernel headers are being split out into a separate package
%define with_headers 0
%define with_cross_headers 0
# no ipa_clone for now
%define with_ipaclones 0
# no whitelist
%define with_kernel_abi_whitelists 0
# Fedora builds these separately
%define with_perf 0
%define with_tools 0
%define with_bpftool 0

%if %{with_verbose}
%define make_opts V=1
%define make_opts -s

%if %{with toolchain_clang}
%global make_opts %{make_opts} HOSTCC=clang CC=clang
# clang does not support the -fdump-ipa-clones option
%global with_ipaclones 0

# turn off debug kernel and kabichk for gcov builds
%if %{with_gcov}
%define with_debug 0
%define with_kabichk 0
%define with_kabidupchk 0
%define with_kabidwchk 0

# turn off kABI DWARF-based check if we're generating the base dataset
%if %{with_kabidw_base}
%define with_kabidwchk 0

# kpatch_kcflags are extra compiler flags applied to base kernel
# -fdump-ipa-clones is enabled only for base kernels on selected arches
%if %{with_ipaclones}
%ifarch x86_64 ppc64le
%define kpatch_kcflags -fdump-ipa-clones
%define with_ipaclones 0

%define make_target bzImage
%define image_install_path boot

%define KVERREL %{version}-%{release}.%{_target_cpu}
%define KVERREL_RE %(echo %KVERREL | sed 's/+/[+]/g')
%define hdrarch %_target_cpu
%define asmarch %_target_cpu

%if 0%{!?nopatches:1}
%define nopatches 0

%if %{with_vanilla}
%define nopatches 1

%if %{nopatches}
%define variant -vanilla

%if !%{debugbuildsenabled}
%define with_debug 0

%if !%{with_debuginfo}
%define _enable_debug_packages 0
%define debuginfodir /usr/lib/debug
# Needed because we override almost everything involving build-ids
# and debuginfo generation. Currently we rely on the old alldebug setting.
%global _build_id_links alldebug

# kernel PAE is only built on ARMv7
%ifnarch armv7hl
%define with_pae 0

# if requested, only build base kernel
%if %{with_baseonly}
%define with_pae 0
%define with_debug 0

# if requested, only build pae kernel
%if %{with_paeonly}
%define with_up 0
%define with_debug 0

# if requested, only build debug kernel
%if %{with_dbgonly}
%define with_up 0
%define with_tools 0
%define with_perf 0
%define with_bpftool 0

# turn off kABI DUP check and DWARF-based check if kABI check is disabled
%if !%{with_kabichk}
%define with_kabidupchk 0
%define with_kabidwchk 0

%if %{with_vdso_install}
%define use_vdso 1

%ifnarch noarch
%define with_kernel_abi_whitelists 0

# Overrides for generic default options

# only package docs noarch
%ifnarch noarch
%define with_doc 0
%define doc_build_fail true

%if 0%{?fedora}
# don't do debug builds on anything but i686 and x86_64
%ifnarch i686 x86_64
%define with_debug 0

# don't build noarch kernels or headers (duh)
%ifarch noarch
%define with_up 0
%define with_headers 0
%define with_cross_headers 0
%define with_tools 0
%define with_perf 0
%define with_bpftool 0
%define with_selftests 0
%define with_debug 0
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-*.config

# sparse blows up on ppc
%ifnarch ppc64le
%define with_sparse 0

# zfcpdump mechanism is s390 only
%ifnarch s390x
%define with_zfcpdump 0

%if 0%{?fedora}
# This is not for Fedora
%define with_zfcpdump 0

# Per-arch tweaks

%ifarch i686
%define asmarch x86
%define hdrarch i386
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-i?86*.config
%define kernel_image arch/x86/boot/bzImage

%ifarch x86_64
%define asmarch x86
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-x86_64*.config
%define kernel_image arch/x86/boot/bzImage

%ifarch ppc64le
%define asmarch powerpc
%define hdrarch powerpc
%define make_target vmlinux
%define kernel_image vmlinux
%define kernel_image_elf 1
%define use_vdso 0
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-ppc64le*.config

%ifarch s390x
%define asmarch s390
%define hdrarch s390
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-s390x.config
%define kernel_image arch/s390/boot/bzImage
%define vmlinux_decompressor arch/s390/boot/compressed/vmlinux

%ifarch %{arm}
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-arm*.config
%define skip_nonpae_vdso 1
%define asmarch arm
%define hdrarch arm
%define make_target bzImage
%define kernel_image arch/arm/boot/zImage
%define kernel_mflags KALLSYMS_EXTRA_PASS=1
# we only build headers/perf/tools on the base arm arches
# just like we used to only build them on i386 for x86
%ifnarch armv7hl
%define with_headers 0
%define with_cross_headers 0
# These currently don't compile on armv7
%define with_selftests 0

%ifarch aarch64
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-aarch64*.config
%define asmarch arm64
%define hdrarch arm64
%define make_target Image.gz
%define kernel_image arch/arm64/boot/Image.gz

# Should make listnewconfig fail if there's config options
# printed out?
%if %{nopatches}
%define with_configchecks 0

# Setting the compiler to clang enables some different config options
# than what is expected, so disable this check for now.
# TODO: What's the best way to fix this?  Do wee need a different set of
# configs for clang?
%if %{with toolchain_clang}
%define with_configchecks 0

# To temporarily exclude an architecture from being built, add it to
# %%nobuildarches. Do _NOT_ use the ExclusiveArch: line, because if we
# don't build kernel-headers then the new build system will no longer let
# us use the previous build of that package -- it'll just be completely AWOL.
# Which is a BadThing(tm).

# We only build kernel-headers on the following...
%if 0%{?fedora}
%define nobuildarches i386
%define nobuildarches i386 i686 %{arm}

%ifarch %nobuildarches
# disable BuildKernel commands
%define with_up 0
%define with_debug 0
%define with_pae 0
%define with_zfcpdump 0

%define with_debuginfo 0
%define with_perf 0
%define with_tools 0
%define with_bpftool 0
%define with_selftests 0
%define _enable_debug_packages 0

# Architectures we build tools/cpupower on
%if 0%{?fedora}
%define cpupowerarchs %{ix86} x86_64 ppc64le %{arm} aarch64
%define cpupowerarchs i686 x86_64 ppc64le aarch64

%if 0%{?use_vdso}

%if 0%{?skip_nonpae_vdso}
%define _use_vdso 0
%define _use_vdso 1

%define _use_vdso 0

# Packages that need to be installed before the kernel is, because the %%post
# scripts use them.
%define kernel_prereq  coreutils, systemd >= 203-2, /usr/bin/kernel-install
%define initrd_prereq  dracut >= 027

Name: kernel%{?variant}
License: GPLv2 and Redistributable, no modification permitted
Version: %{rpmversion}
Release: %{pkg_release}
# SET %%nobuildarches (ABOVE) INSTEAD
%if 0%{?fedora}
ExclusiveArch: x86_64 s390x %{arm} aarch64 ppc64le
ExclusiveArch: noarch i386 i686 x86_64 s390x %{arm} aarch64 ppc64le
ExclusiveOS: Linux
%ifnarch %{nobuildarches}
Requires: kernel-core-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}
Requires: kernel-modules-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}

# List the packages used during the kernel build
BuildRequires: kmod, patch, bash, tar, git-core
BuildRequires: bzip2, xz, findutils, gzip, m4, perl-interpreter, perl-Carp, perl-devel, perl-generators, make, diffutils, gawk
BuildRequires: gcc, binutils, redhat-rpm-config, hmaccalc, bison, flex, gcc-c++
BuildRequires: net-tools, hostname, bc, elfutils-devel
BuildRequires: dwarves
BuildRequires: python3-devel
BuildRequires: gcc-plugin-devel
%if %{with_headers}
BuildRequires: rsync
%if %{with_doc}
BuildRequires: xmlto, asciidoc, python3-sphinx, python3-sphinx_rtd_theme
%if %{with_sparse}
BuildRequires: sparse
%if %{with_perf}
BuildRequires: zlib-devel binutils-devel newt-devel perl(ExtUtils::Embed) bison flex xz-devel
BuildRequires: audit-libs-devel
BuildRequires: java-devel
%ifnarch %{arm} s390x
BuildRequires: numactl-devel
%if %{with_tools}
BuildRequires: gettext ncurses-devel
BuildRequires: libcap-devel libcap-ng-devel
%ifnarch s390x
BuildRequires: pciutils-devel
%if %{with_bpftool}
BuildRequires: python3-docutils
BuildRequires: zlib-devel binutils-devel
%if %{with_selftests}
BuildRequires: clang llvm
%ifnarch %{arm}
BuildRequires: numactl-devel
BuildRequires: libcap-devel libcap-ng-devel rsync
BuildConflicts: rhbuildsys(DiskFree) < 500Mb
%if %{with_debuginfo}
BuildRequires: rpm-build, elfutils
BuildConflicts: rpm <
BuildConflicts: dwarves < 1.13
# Most of these should be enabled after more investigation
%undefine _include_minidebuginfo
%undefine _find_debuginfo_dwz_opts
%undefine _unique_build_ids
%undefine _unique_debug_names
%undefine _unique_debug_srcs
%undefine _debugsource_packages
%undefine _debuginfo_subpackages
%global _find_debuginfo_opts -r
%global _missing_build_ids_terminate_build 1
%global _no_recompute_build_ids 1
%if %{with_kabidwchk} || %{with_kabidw_base}
BuildRequires: kabi-dw

# hyperscale
# there's a sign-file in the kernel's scripts
# %if %{signkernel}%{signmodules}
BuildRequires: openssl openssl-devel
# %if %{signkernel}
# %ifarch x86_64 aarch64
BuildRequires: nss-tools
BuildRequires: pesign >= 0.10-4
# %endif
# %endif
# %endif

%if %{with_cross}
BuildRequires: binutils-%{_build_arch}-linux-gnu, gcc-%{_build_arch}-linux-gnu
%define cross_opts CROSS_COMPILE=%{_build_arch}-linux-gnu-
%define __strip %{_build_arch}-linux-gnu-strip

# These below are required to build man pages
%if %{with_perf}
BuildRequires: xmlto
%if %{with_perf} || %{with_tools}
BuildRequires: asciidoc

%if %{with toolchain_clang}
BuildRequires: clang

# Because this is the kernel, it's hard to get a single upstream URL
# to represent the base without needing to do a bunch of patching. This
# tarball is generated from a src-git tree. If you want to see the
# exact git commit you can run
# xzcat -qq ${TARBALL} | git get-tar-commit-id
Source0: linux-5.14.0-45.hs1.el8.tar.xz

Source1: Makefile.rhelver

# Name of the packaged file containing signing key
%ifarch ppc64le
%define signing_key_filename kernel-signing-ppc.cer
%ifarch s390x
%define signing_key_filename kernel-signing-s390.cer

Source8: x509.genkey.rhel
Source9: x509.genkey.fedora

%if %{?released_kernel}

Source10: redhatsecurebootca5.cer
Source11: redhatsecurebootca1.cer
Source12: redhatsecureboot501.cer
Source13: redhatsecureboot301.cer
Source14: secureboot_s390.cer
Source15: secureboot_ppc.cer

%define secureboot_ca_1 %{SOURCE10}
%define secureboot_ca_0 %{SOURCE11}
%ifarch x86_64 aarch64
%define secureboot_key_1 %{SOURCE12}
%define pesign_name_1 redhatsecureboot501
%define secureboot_key_0 %{SOURCE13}
%define pesign_name_0 redhatsecureboot301
%ifarch s390x
%define secureboot_key_0 %{SOURCE14}
%define pesign_name_0 redhatsecureboot302
%ifarch ppc64le
%define secureboot_key_0 %{SOURCE15}
%define pesign_name_0 redhatsecureboot303

# released_kernel

Source10: redhatsecurebootca4.cer
Source11: redhatsecurebootca2.cer
Source12: redhatsecureboot401.cer
Source13: redhatsecureboot003.cer

%define secureboot_ca_1 %{SOURCE10}
%define secureboot_ca_0 %{SOURCE11}
%define secureboot_key_1 %{SOURCE12}
%define pesign_name_1 redhatsecureboot401
%define secureboot_key_0 %{SOURCE13}
%define pesign_name_0 redhatsecureboot003

# released_kernel

Source22: mod-extra.list.rhel
Source16: mod-extra.list.fedora

# Source80:
# Source81:
# Source82:
# Source83:
# Source86:
# Source87:
# Source89:

# Source96:
# Source97:
%define modsign_cmd %{SOURCE18}

Source20: kernel-aarch64-rhel.config
Source21: kernel-aarch64-debug-rhel.config
# Source30: kernel-ppc64le-rhel.config
# Source31: kernel-ppc64le-debug-rhel.config
# Source32: kernel-s390x-rhel.config
# Source33: kernel-s390x-debug-rhel.config
# Source34: kernel-s390x-zfcpdump-rhel.config
Source35: kernel-x86_64-rhel.config
Source36: kernel-x86_64-debug-rhel.config

# Source37: kernel-aarch64-fedora.config
# Source38: kernel-aarch64-debug-fedora.config
# Source39: kernel-armv7hl-fedora.config
# Source40: kernel-armv7hl-debug-fedora.config
# Source41: kernel-armv7hl-lpae-fedora.config
# Source42: kernel-armv7hl-lpae-debug-fedora.config
# Source43: kernel-i686-fedora.config
# Source44: kernel-i686-debug-fedora.config
# Source45: kernel-ppc64le-fedora.config
# Source46: kernel-ppc64le-debug-fedora.config
# Source47: kernel-s390x-fedora.config
# Source48: kernel-s390x-debug-fedora.config
# Source49: kernel-x86_64-fedora.config
# Source50: kernel-x86_64-debug-fedora.config

Source5000: kernel-x86_64-centos-sig-hyperscale.config
Source5001: kernel-x86_64-debug-centos-sig-hyperscale.config
Source5004: mod-extra.list.centos-sig-hyperscale
Source5005: kernel-aarch64-centos-sig-hyperscale.config
Source5006: kernel-aarch64-debug-centos-sig-hyperscale.config
Source5009: mod-extra.list.centos-sig-hyperscale



Source54: mod-internal.list

Source100: rheldup3.x509
Source101: rhelkpatch1.x509

Source200: check-kabi

Source201: Module.kabi_aarch64
Source202: Module.kabi_ppc64le
Source203: Module.kabi_s390x
Source204: Module.kabi_x86_64

Source210: Module.kabi_dup_aarch64
Source211: Module.kabi_dup_ppc64le
Source212: Module.kabi_dup_s390x
Source213: Module.kabi_dup_x86_64

Source300: kernel-abi-stablelists-%{rpmversion}-%{distro_build}.tar.bz2
Source301: kernel-kabi-dw-%{rpmversion}-%{distro_build}.tar.bz2

# Sources for kernel-tools
Source2000: cpupower.service
Source2001: cpupower.config

# Some people enjoy building customized kernels from the dist-git in Fedora and
# use this to override configuration options. One day they may all use the
# source tree, but in the mean time we carry this to support the legacy workflow
Source3001: kernel-local
Source3003: Patchlist.changelog

Source4000: README.rst

## Patches needed for building this package

%if !%{nopatches}

Patch1: patch-%{stableversion}-redhat.patch

# empty final patch to facilitate testing of kernel patches
Patch999999: linux-kernel-test.patch


The kernel meta package

# This macro does requires, provides, conflicts, obsoletes for a kernel package.
#	%%kernel_reqprovconf <subpackage>
# It uses any kernel_<subpackage>_conflicts and kernel_<subpackage>_obsoletes
# macros defined above.
%define kernel_reqprovconf \
Provides: kernel = %{rpmversion}-%{pkg_release}\
Provides: kernel-%{_target_cpu} = %{rpmversion}-%{pkg_release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: kernel-drm-nouveau = 16\
Provides: kernel-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Requires(pre): %{kernel_prereq}\
Requires(pre): %{initrd_prereq}\
Requires(pre): linux-firmware >= 20150904-56.git6ebf5d57\
Requires(preun): systemd >= 200\
Conflicts: xfsprogs < 4.3.0-1\
Conflicts: xorg-x11-drv-vmmouse < 13.0.99\
%{expand:%%{?kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_conflicts:Conflicts: %%{kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_conflicts}}}\
%{expand:%%{?kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_obsoletes:Obsoletes: %%{kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_obsoletes}}}\
%{expand:%%{?kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_provides:Provides: %%{kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_provides}}}\
# We can't let RPM do the dependencies automatic because it'll then pick up\
# a correct but undesirable perl dependency from the module headers which\
# isn't required for the kernel proper to function\
AutoReq: no\
AutoProv: yes\

%package doc
Summary: Various documentation bits found in the kernel source
Group: Documentation
%description doc
This package contains documentation files from the kernel
source. Various bits of information about the Linux kernel and the
device drivers shipped with it are documented in these files.

You'll want to install this package if you need a reference to the
options that can be passed to Linux kernel modules at load time.

%package headers
Summary: Header files for the Linux kernel for use by glibc
Obsoletes: glibc-kernheaders < 3.0-46
Provides: glibc-kernheaders = 3.0-46
%if "0%{?variant}"
Obsoletes: kernel-headers < %{rpmversion}-%{pkg_release}
Provides: kernel-headers = %{rpmversion}-%{pkg_release}
%description headers
Kernel-headers includes the C header files that specify the interface
between the Linux kernel and userspace libraries and programs.  The
header files define structures and constants that are needed for
building most standard programs and are also needed for rebuilding the
glibc package.

%package cross-headers
Summary: Header files for the Linux kernel for use by cross-glibc
%description cross-headers
Kernel-cross-headers includes the C header files that specify the interface
between the Linux kernel and userspace libraries and programs.  The
header files define structures and constants that are needed for
building most standard programs and are also needed for rebuilding the
cross-glibc package.

%package debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu}
Summary: Kernel source files used by %{name}-debuginfo packages
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel)
%description debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu}
This package is required by %{name}-debuginfo subpackages.
It provides the kernel source files common to all builds.

%if %{with_perf}
%package -n perf
Summary: Performance monitoring for the Linux kernel
License: GPLv2
%description -n perf
This package contains the perf tool, which enables performance monitoring
of the Linux kernel.

%package -n perf-debuginfo
Summary: Debug information for package perf
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n perf-debuginfo
This package provides debug information for the perf package.

# Note that this pattern only works right to match the .build-id
# symlinks because of the trailing nonmatching alternation and
# the leading .*, because of's buggy handling
# of matching the pattern against the symlinks file.
%{expand:%%global _find_debuginfo_opts %{?_find_debuginfo_opts} -p '.*%%{_bindir}/perf(\.debug)?|.*%%{_libexecdir}/perf-core/.*|.*%%{_libdir}/traceevent/plugins/.*|.*%%{_libdir}/\.debug)?|XXX' -o perf-debuginfo.list}

%package -n python3-perf
Summary: Python bindings for apps which will manipulate perf events
%description -n python3-perf
The python3-perf package contains a module that permits applications
written in the Python programming language to use the interface
to manipulate perf events.

%package -n python3-perf-debuginfo
Summary: Debug information for package perf python bindings
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n python3-perf-debuginfo
This package provides debug information for the perf python bindings.

# the python_sitearch macro should already be defined from above
%{expand:%%global _find_debuginfo_opts %{?_find_debuginfo_opts} -p '.*%%{python3_sitearch}/perf.*so(\.debug)?|XXX' -o python3-perf-debuginfo.list}

# with_perf

%if %{with_tools}
%package -n kernel-tools
Summary: Assortment of tools for the Linux kernel
License: GPLv2
%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
Provides:  cpupowerutils = 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpupowerutils < 1:009-0.6.p1
Provides:  cpufreq-utils = 1:009-0.6.p1
Provides:  cpufrequtils = 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpufreq-utils < 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpufrequtils < 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpuspeed < 1:1.5-16
Requires: kernel-tools-libs = %{version}-%{release}
%define __requires_exclude ^%{_bindir}/python
%description -n kernel-tools
This package contains the tools/ directory from the kernel source
and the supporting documentation.

%package -n kernel-tools-libs
Summary: Libraries for the kernels-tools
License: GPLv2
%description -n kernel-tools-libs
This package contains the libraries built from the tools/ directory
from the kernel source.

%package -n kernel-tools-libs-devel
Summary: Assortment of tools for the Linux kernel
License: GPLv2
Requires: kernel-tools = %{version}-%{release}
%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
Provides:  cpupowerutils-devel = 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpupowerutils-devel < 1:009-0.6.p1
Requires: kernel-tools-libs = %{version}-%{release}
Provides: kernel-tools-devel
%description -n kernel-tools-libs-devel
This package contains the development files for the tools/ directory from
the kernel source.

%package -n kernel-tools-debuginfo
Summary: Debug information for package kernel-tools
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n kernel-tools-debuginfo
This package provides debug information for package kernel-tools.

# Note that this pattern only works right to match the .build-id
# symlinks because of the trailing nonmatching alternation and
# the leading .*, because of's buggy handling
# of matching the pattern against the symlinks file.
%{expand:%%global _find_debuginfo_opts %{?_find_debuginfo_opts} -p '.*%%{_bindir}/centrino-decode(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/powernow-k8-decode(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/cpupower(\.debug)?|.*%%{_libdir}/libcpupower.*|.*%%{_bindir}/turbostat(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/x86_energy_perf_policy(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/tmon(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/lsgpio(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/gpio-hammer(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/gpio-event-mon(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/gpio-watch(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/iio_event_monitor(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/iio_generic_buffer(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/lsiio(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/intel-speed-select(\.debug)?|XXX' -o kernel-tools-debuginfo.list}

# with_tools

%if %{with_bpftool}

%package -n bpftool
Summary: Inspection and simple manipulation of eBPF programs and maps
License: GPLv2
%description -n bpftool
This package contains the bpftool, which allows inspection and simple
manipulation of eBPF programs and maps.

%package -n bpftool-debuginfo
Summary: Debug information for package bpftool
Group: Development/Debug
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n bpftool-debuginfo
This package provides debug information for the bpftool package.

%{expand:%%global _find_debuginfo_opts %{?_find_debuginfo_opts} -p '.*%%{_sbindir}/bpftool(\.debug)?|XXX' -o bpftool-debuginfo.list}

# with_bpftool

%if %{with_selftests}

%package selftests-internal
Summary: Kernel samples and selftests
License: GPLv2
Requires: binutils, bpftool, iproute-tc, nmap-ncat
Requires: kernel-modules-internal = %{version}-%{release}
%description selftests-internal
Kernel sample programs and selftests.

# Note that this pattern only works right to match the .build-id
# symlinks because of the trailing nonmatching alternation and
# the leading .*, because of's buggy handling
# of matching the pattern against the symlinks file.
%{expand:%%global _find_debuginfo_opts %{?_find_debuginfo_opts} -p '.*%%{_libexecdir}/(ksamples|kselftests)/.*|XXX' -o selftests-debuginfo.list}

# with_selftests

%if %{with_gcov}
%package gcov
Summary: gcov graph and source files for coverage data collection.
%description gcov
kernel-gcov includes the gcov graph and source files for gcov coverage collection.

%package -n kernel-abi-whitelists
Summary: The Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel ABI symbol whitelists
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n kernel-abi-whitelists
The kABI package contains information pertaining to the Red Hat Enterprise
Linux kernel ABI, including lists of kernel symbols that are needed by
external Linux kernel modules, and a yum plugin to aid enforcement.

%if %{with_kabidw_base}
%package kabidw-base
Summary: The baseline dataset for kABI verification using DWARF data
Group: System Environment/Kernel
AutoReqProv: no
%description kabidw-base
The kabidw-base package contains data describing the current ABI of the Red Hat
Enterprise Linux kernel, suitable for the kabi-dw tool.

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage>-debuginfo package.
#	%%kernel_debuginfo_package <subpackage>
# Explanation of the find_debuginfo_opts: We build multiple kernels (debug
# pae etc.) so the regex filters those kernels appropriately. We also
# have to package several binaries as part of kernel-devel but getting
# unique build-ids is tricky for these userspace binaries. We don't really
# care about debugging those so we just filter those out and remove it.
%define kernel_debuginfo_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}debuginfo\
Summary: Debug information for package %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}\
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}-debuginfo-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel)\
AutoReqProv: no\
%description %{?1:%{1}-}debuginfo\
This package provides debug information for package %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}.\
This is required to use SystemTap with %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}-%{KVERREL}.\
%{expand:%%global _find_debuginfo_opts %{?_find_debuginfo_opts} -p '.*\/usr\/src\/kernels/.*|XXX' -o ignored-debuginfo.list -p '/.*/%%{KVERREL_RE}%{?1:[+]%{1}}/.*|/.*%%{KVERREL_RE}%{?1:\+%{1}}(\.debug)?' -o debuginfo%{?1}.list}\

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage>-devel package.
#	%%kernel_devel_package <subpackage> <pretty-name>
%define kernel_devel_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}devel\
Summary: Development package for building kernel modules to match the %{?2:%{2} }kernel\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-devel-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: kernel-devel-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: kernel-devel-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel)\
AutoReqProv: no\
Requires(pre): findutils\
Requires: findutils\
Requires: perl-interpreter\
Requires: openssl-devel\
Requires: elfutils-libelf-devel\
Requires: bison\
Requires: flex\
Requires: make\
Requires: gcc\
%description %{?1:%{1}-}devel\
This package provides kernel headers and makefiles sufficient to build modules\
against the %{?2:%{2} }kernel package.\

# kernel-<variant>-ipaclones-internal package
%define kernel_ipaclones_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}ipaclones-internal\
Summary: *.ipa-clones files generated by -fdump-ipa-clones for kernel%{?1:-%{1}}\
Group: System Environment/Kernel\
AutoReqProv: no\
%description %{?1:%{1}-}ipaclones-internal\
This package provides *.ipa-clones files.\

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage>-modules-internal package.
#	%%kernel_modules_internal_package <subpackage> <pretty-name>
%define kernel_modules_internal_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}modules-internal\
Summary: Extra kernel modules to match the %{?2:%{2} }kernel\
Group: System Environment/Kernel\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-internal-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-internal-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-internal = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel-module)\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-internal-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Requires: kernel-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Requires: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
AutoReq: no\
AutoProv: yes\
%description %{?1:%{1}-}modules-internal\
This package provides kernel modules for the %{?2:%{2} }kernel package for Red Hat internal usage.\

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage>-modules-extra package.
#	%%kernel_modules_extra_package <subpackage> <pretty-name>
%define kernel_modules_extra_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}modules-extra\
Summary: Extra kernel modules to match the %{?2:%{2} }kernel\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-extra-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-extra-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-extra = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel-module)\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-extra-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Requires: kernel-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Requires: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
AutoReq: no\
AutoProv: yes\
%description %{?1:%{1}-}modules-extra\
This package provides less commonly used kernel modules for the %{?2:%{2} }kernel package.\

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage>-modules package.
#	%%kernel_modules_package <subpackage> <pretty-name>
%define kernel_modules_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}modules\
Summary: kernel modules to match the %{?2:%{2}-}core kernel\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: kernel-modules-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: kernel-modules = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel-module)\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-modules-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Requires: kernel-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
AutoReq: no\
AutoProv: yes\
%description %{?1:%{1}-}modules\
This package provides commonly used kernel modules for the %{?2:%{2}-}core kernel package.\

# this macro creates a kernel-<subpackage> meta package.
#	%%kernel_meta_package <subpackage>
%define kernel_meta_package() \
%package %{1}\
summary: kernel meta-package for the %{1} kernel\
Requires: kernel-%{1}-core-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}+%{1}\
Requires: kernel-%{1}-modules-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}+%{1}\
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel)\
%description %{1}\
The meta-package for the %{1} kernel\

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage> and its -devel and -debuginfo too.
#	%%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for <configuration>
#	%%kernel_variant_package [-n <pretty-name>] <subpackage>
%define kernel_variant_package(n:) \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}core\
Summary: %{variant_summary}\
Provides: kernel-%{?1:%{1}-}core-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?variant}%{?1:+%{1}}\
Provides: installonlypkg(kernel)\
%if %{?1:1} %{!?1:0} \
%{expand:%%kernel_meta_package %{?1:%{1}}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_devel_package %{?1:%{1}} %{!?{-n}:%{1}}%{?{-n}:%{-n*}}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_modules_package %{?1:%{1}} %{!?{-n}:%{1}}%{?{-n}:%{-n*}}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_modules_extra_package %{?1:%{1}} %{!?{-n}:%{1}}%{?{-n}:%{-n*}}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_modules_internal_package %{?1:%{1}} %{!?{-n}:%{1}}%{?{-n}:%{-n*}}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_debuginfo_package %{?1:%{1}}}\

# Now, each variant package.

%if %{with_pae}
%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for Cortex-A15
%kernel_variant_package lpae
%description lpae-core
This package includes a version of the Linux kernel with support for
Cortex-A15 devices with LPAE and HW virtualisation support

%if %{with_zfcpdump}
%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for zfcpdump usage
%kernel_variant_package zfcpdump
%description zfcpdump-core
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz) for use by the
zfcpdump infrastructure.
# with_zfcpdump

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled with extra debugging enabled
%kernel_variant_package debug
%description debug-core
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system:  memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

This variant of the kernel has numerous debugging options enabled.
It should only be installed when trying to gather additional information
on kernel bugs, as some of these options impact performance noticably.

# And finally the main -core package

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel
%description core
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system: memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

%if %{with_ipaclones}

# do a few sanity-checks for --with *only builds
%if %{with_baseonly}
%if !%{with_up}
echo "Cannot build --with baseonly, up build is disabled"
exit 1

# more sanity checking; do it quietly
if [ "%{patches}" != "%%{patches}" ] ; then
  for patch in %{patches} ; do
    if [ ! -f $patch ] ; then
      echo "ERROR: Patch  ${patch##/*/}  listed in specfile but is missing"
      exit 1
fi 2>/dev/null

patch_command='patch -p1 -F1 -s'
  local patch=$1
  if [ ! -f $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch ]; then
    exit 1
  if ! grep -E "^Patch[0-9]+: $patch\$" %{_specdir}/${RPM_PACKAGE_NAME%%%%%{?variant}}.spec ; then
    if [ "${patch:0:8}" != "patch-5." ] ; then
      echo "ERROR: Patch  $patch  not listed as a source patch in specfile"
      exit 1
  fi 2>/dev/null
  case "$patch" in
  *.bz2) bunzip2 < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" | $patch_command ${1+"$@"} ;;
  *.gz)  gunzip  < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" | $patch_command ${1+"$@"} ;;
  *.xz)  unxz    < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" | $patch_command ${1+"$@"} ;;
  *) $patch_command ${1+"$@"} < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" ;;

# don't apply patch if it's empty
  local patch=$1
  if [ ! -f $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch ]; then
    exit 1
  local C=$(wc -l $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch | awk '{print $1}')
  if [ "$C" -gt 9 ]; then
    ApplyPatch $patch ${1+"$@"}

%setup -q  -n kernel-5.14.0-45.hs1.el8 -c
mv linux-5.14.0-45.hs1.el8 linux-%{KVERREL}

cd linux-%{KVERREL}
cp -a %{SOURCE1} .

%if !%{nopatches}

ApplyOptionalPatch patch-%{stableversion}-redhat.patch

ApplyOptionalPatch linux-kernel-test.patch


# Any further pre-build tree manipulations happen here.

chmod +x scripts/
mv COPYING COPYING-%{version}-%{release}

# This Prevents scripts/setlocalversion from mucking with our version numbers.
touch .scmversion

# Mangle /usr/bin/python shebangs to /usr/bin/python3
# Mangle all Python shebangs to be Python 3 explicitly
# -p preserves timestamps
# -n prevents creating ~backup files
# -i specifies the interpreter for the shebang
# This fixes errors such as
# *** ERROR: ambiguous python shebang in /usr/bin/kvm_stat: #!/usr/bin/python. Change it to python3 (or python2) explicitly.
# We patch all sources below for which we got a report/error. -i "%{__python3} %{py3_shbang_opts}" -p -n \
	tools/kvm/kvm_stat/kvm_stat \
	scripts/show_delta \
	scripts/diffconfig \
	scripts/bloat-o-meter \
	scripts/jobserver-exec \
	tools \
	Documentation \

# only deal with configs if we are going to build for the arch
%ifnarch %nobuildarches

if [ -L configs ]; then
	rm -f configs
mkdir configs
cd configs

# Drop some necessary files from the source dir into the buildroot
cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/kernel-*.config .
cp %{SOURCE51} .
cp %{SOURCE3000} .
# kernel-local
cp %{SOURCE3001} .
VERSION=%{version} ./ %{primary_target} %{debugbuildsenabled}

# Merge in any user-provided local config option changes
%ifnarch %nobuildarches
for i in %{all_arch_configs}
  mv $i $i.tmp
  ./ %{SOURCE3001} $i.tmp > $i
  rm $i.tmp

# enable GCOV kernel config options if gcov is on
%if %{with_gcov}
for i in *.config

# Add DUP and kpatch certificates to system trusted keys for RHEL
%if 0%{?rhel}
%if %{signkernel}%{signmodules}
openssl x509 -inform der -in %{SOURCE100} -out rheldup3.pem
openssl x509 -inform der -in %{SOURCE101} -out rhelkpatch1.pem
cat rheldup3.pem rhelkpatch1.pem > ../certs/rhel.pem
for i in *.config; do

cp %{SOURCE52} .
%if %{with_configchecks}
	OPTS="$OPTS -w -n -c"
./ $OPTS kernel %{rpmversion}

cp %{SOURCE56} .
RPM_SOURCE_DIR=$RPM_SOURCE_DIR ./ %{primary_target}

# end of kernel config

cd ..
# # End of Configs stuff

# get rid of unwanted files resulting from patch fuzz
find . \( -name "*.orig" -o -name "*~" \) -delete >/dev/null

# remove unnecessary SCM files
find . -name .gitignore -delete >/dev/null

cd ..

### build

%if %{with_sparse}
%define sparse_mflags	C=1

  eu-strip --remove-comment -o "$2" "$1"

# Note we need to disable these flags for cross builds because the flags
# from redhat-rpm-config assume that host == target so target arch
# flags cause issues with the host compiler.
%if !%{with_cross}
%define build_hostcflags  %{?build_cflags}
%define build_hostldflags %{?build_ldflags}

%define make %{__make} %{?cross_opts} %{?make_opts} HOSTCFLAGS="%{?build_hostcflags}" HOSTLDFLAGS="%{?build_hostldflags}"

InitBuildVars() {
    # Initialize the kernel .config file and create some variables that are
    # needed for the actual build process.


    # Pick the right kernel config file


    # make sure EXTRAVERSION says what we want it to say
    # Trim the release if this is a CI build, since KERNELVERSION is limited to 64 characters
    ShortRel=$(perl -e "print \"%{release}\" =~ s/\.pr\.[0-9A-Fa-f]{32}//r")
    perl -p -i -e "s/^EXTRAVERSION.*/EXTRAVERSION = -${ShortRel}.%{_target_cpu}${Flav}/" Makefile

    # if pre-rc1 devel kernel, must fix up PATCHLEVEL for our versioning scheme
    # if we are post rc1 this should match anyway so this won't matter
    perl -p -i -e 's/^PATCHLEVEL.*/PATCHLEVEL = %{patchlevel}/' Makefile

    %{make} %{?_smp_mflags} mrproper
    cp configs/$Config .config

    %if %{signkernel}%{signmodules}
    cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/x509.genkey certs/.

    Arch=`head -1 .config | cut -b 3-`
    echo USING ARCH=$Arch


    # add kpatch flags for base kernel
    if [ "$Flavour" == "" ]; then
        KCFLAGS="$KCFLAGS %{?kpatch_kcflags}"

BuildKernel() {

    if [ "$Flavour" = "zfcpdump" ]; then

    # When the bootable image is just the ELF kernel, strip it.
    # We already copy the unstripped file into the debuginfo package.
    if [ "$KernelImage" = vmlinux ]; then

    InitBuildVars $Flavour

    echo BUILDING A KERNEL FOR ${Flavour} %{_target_cpu}...

    %{make} ARCH=$Arch olddefconfig >/dev/null

    # This ensures build-ids are unique to allow parallel debuginfo
    perl -p -i -e "s/^CONFIG_BUILD_SALT.*/CONFIG_BUILD_SALT=\"%{KVERREL}\"/" .config
    %{make} ARCH=$Arch KCFLAGS="$KCFLAGS" WITH_GCOV="%{?with_gcov}" %{?_smp_mflags} $MakeTarget %{?sparse_mflags} %{?kernel_mflags}
    if [ $DoModules -eq 1 ]; then
	%{make} ARCH=$Arch KCFLAGS="$KCFLAGS" WITH_GCOV="%{?with_gcov}" %{?_smp_mflags} modules %{?sparse_mflags} || exit 1

    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer
%if %{with_debuginfo}
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/%{image_install_path}

%ifarch %{arm} aarch64
    %{make} ARCH=$Arch dtbs INSTALL_DTBS_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/dtb-$KernelVer
    %{make} ARCH=$Arch dtbs_install INSTALL_DTBS_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/dtb-$KernelVer
    cp -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/dtb-$KernelVer $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/dtb
    find arch/$Arch/boot/dts -name '*.dtb' -type f -delete

    # Start installing the results
    install -m 644 .config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/config-$KernelVer
    install -m 644 .config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/config
    install -m 644 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/$KernelVer
    install -m 644 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/

    # We estimate the size of the initramfs because rpm needs to take this size
    # into consideration when performing disk space calculations. (See bz #530778)
    dd if=/dev/zero of=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/initramfs-$KernelVer.img bs=1M count=20

    if [ -f arch/$Arch/boot/zImage.stub ]; then
      cp arch/$Arch/boot/zImage.stub $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/zImage.stub-$KernelVer || :
      cp arch/$Arch/boot/zImage.stub $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/zImage.stub-$KernelVer || :

    %if %{signkernel}
    if [ "$KernelImage" = vmlinux ]; then
        # We can't strip and sign $KernelImage in place, because
        # we need to preserve original vmlinux for debuginfo.
        # Use a copy for signing.
        $CopyKernel $KernelImage $KernelImage.tosign

    # Sign the image if we're using EFI
    # aarch64 kernels are gziped EFI images
    if [ "$KernelExtension" == "gz" ]; then

    %ifarch x86_64 aarch64
    %pesign -s -i $SignImage -o vmlinuz.tmp -a %{secureboot_ca_0} -c %{secureboot_key_0} -n %{pesign_name_0}
    %pesign -s -i vmlinuz.tmp -o vmlinuz.signed -a %{secureboot_ca_1} -c %{secureboot_key_1} -n %{pesign_name_1}
    rm vmlinuz.tmp
    %ifarch s390x ppc64le
    if [ -x /usr/bin/rpm-sign ]; then
	rpm-sign --key "%{pesign_name_0}" --lkmsign $SignImage --output vmlinuz.signed
    elif [ $DoModules -eq 1 ]; then
	chmod +x scripts/sign-file
	./scripts/sign-file -p sha256 certs/signing_key.pem certs/signing_key.x509 $SignImage vmlinuz.signed
	mv $SignImage vmlinuz.signed

    if [ ! -s vmlinuz.signed ]; then
        echo "pesigning failed"
        exit 1
    mv vmlinuz.signed $SignImage
    if [ "$KernelExtension" == "gz" ]; then
        gzip -f9 $SignImage
    # signkernel

    $CopyKernel $KernelImage \
    chmod 755 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/$InstallName-$KernelVer
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/$InstallName-$KernelVer $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/$InstallName

    # hmac sign the kernel for FIPS
    echo "Creating hmac file: $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/.vmlinuz-$KernelVer.hmac"
    ls -l $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/$InstallName-$KernelVer
    sha512hmac $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/$InstallName-$KernelVer | sed -e "s,$RPM_BUILD_ROOT,," > $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/.vmlinuz-$KernelVer.hmac;
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/.vmlinuz-$KernelVer.hmac $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/.vmlinuz.hmac

    if [ $DoModules -eq 1 ]; then
	# Override $(mod-fw) because we don't want it to install any firmware
	# we'll get it from the linux-firmware package and we don't want conflicts
	%{make} %{?_smp_mflags} ARCH=$Arch INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT %{?_smp_mflags} modules_install KERNELRELEASE=$KernelVer mod-fw=

%if %{with_gcov}
    # install gcov-needed files to $BUILDROOT/$BUILD/...:
    #   gcov_info->filename is absolute path
    #   gcno references to sources can use absolute paths (e.g. in out-of-tree builds)
    #   sysfs symlink targets (set up at compile time) use absolute paths to BUILD dir
    find . \( -name '*.gcno' -o -name '*.[chS]' \) -exec install -D '{}' "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/$(pwd)/{}" \;

    # add an a noop %%defattr statement 'cause rpm doesn't like empty file list files
    echo '%%defattr(-,-,-)' > ../kernel${Flavour:+-${Flavour}}-ldsoconf.list
    if [ $DoVDSO -ne 0 ]; then
        %{make} ARCH=$Arch INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT vdso_install KERNELRELEASE=$KernelVer
        if [ -s ldconfig-kernel.conf ]; then
             install -D -m 444 ldconfig-kernel.conf \
	     echo /etc/$KernelVer.conf >> ../kernel${Flavour:+-${Flavour}}-ldsoconf.list

        rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/vdso/.build-id

    # And save the headers/makefiles etc for building modules against
    # This all looks scary, but the end result is supposed to be:
    # * all arch relevant include/ files
    # * all Makefile/Kconfig files
    # * all script/ files

    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/source
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    (cd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer ; ln -s build source)
    # dirs for additional modules per module-init-tools, kbuild/modules.txt
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/updates
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/weak-updates
    # CONFIG_KERNEL_HEADER_TEST generates some extra files in the process of
    # testing so just delete
    find . -name *.h.s -delete
    # first copy everything
    cp --parents `find  -type f -name "Makefile*" -o -name "Kconfig*"` $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    if [ ! -e Module.symvers ]; then
        touch Module.symvers
    cp Module.symvers $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    if [ -s Module.markers ]; then
      cp Module.markers $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    # create the kABI metadata for use in packaging
    # NOTENOTE: the name symvers is used by the rpm backend
    # NOTENOTE: to discover and run the /usr/lib/rpm/fileattrs/kabi.attr
    # NOTENOTE: script which dynamically adds exported kernel symbol
    # NOTENOTE: checksums to the rpm metadata provides list.
    # NOTENOTE: if you change the symvers name, update the backend too
    echo "**** GENERATING kernel ABI metadata ****"
    gzip -c9 < Module.symvers > $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/symvers-$KernelVer.gz
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/symvers-$KernelVer.gz $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/symvers.gz

%if %{with_kabichk}
    echo "**** kABI checking is enabled in kernel SPEC file. ****"
    chmod 0755 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/check-kabi
    if [ -e $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/Module.kabi_%{_target_cpu}$Flavour ]; then
        cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/Module.kabi_%{_target_cpu}$Flavour $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/Module.kabi
        $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/check-kabi -k $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/Module.kabi -s Module.symvers || exit 1
        # for now, don't keep it around.
        rm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/Module.kabi
        echo "**** NOTE: Cannot find reference Module.kabi file. ****"

%if %{with_kabidupchk}
    echo "**** kABI DUP checking is enabled in kernel SPEC file. ****"
    if [ -e $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/Module.kabi_dup_%{_target_cpu}$Flavour ]; then
        cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/Module.kabi_dup_%{_target_cpu}$Flavour $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/Module.kabi
        $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/check-kabi -k $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/Module.kabi -s Module.symvers || exit 1
        # for now, don't keep it around.
        rm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/Module.kabi
        echo "**** NOTE: Cannot find DUP reference Module.kabi file. ****"

%if %{with_kabidw_base}
    # Don't build kabi base for debug kernels
    if [ "$Flavour" != "kdump" -a "$Flavour" != "debug" ]; then
        mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf
        tar xjvf %{SOURCE301} -C $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf

        mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/whitelists
        tar xjvf %{SOURCE300} -C $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/whitelists

        echo "**** GENERATING DWARF-based kABI baseline dataset ****"
        chmod 0755 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/
        $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/ generate \
            "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/whitelists/kabi-current/kabi_whitelist_%{_target_cpu}" \
            "$(pwd)" \
            "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabidw-base/%{_target_cpu}${Flavour:+.${Flavour}}" || :

        rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf

%if %{with_kabidwchk}
    if [ "$Flavour" != "kdump" ]; then
        mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf
        tar xjvf %{SOURCE301} -C $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf
        if [ -d "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/base/%{_target_cpu}${Flavour:+.${Flavour}}" ]; then
            mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/whitelists
            tar xjvf %{SOURCE300} -C $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/whitelists

            echo "**** GENERATING DWARF-based kABI dataset ****"
            chmod 0755 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/
            $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/ generate \
                "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/whitelists/kabi-current/kabi_whitelist_%{_target_cpu}" \
                "$(pwd)" \
                "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/base/%{_target_cpu}${Flavour:+.${Flavour}}.tmp" || :

            echo "**** kABI DWARF-based comparison report ****"
            $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/ compare \
                "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/base/%{_target_cpu}${Flavour:+.${Flavour}}" \
                "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf/base/%{_target_cpu}${Flavour:+.${Flavour}}.tmp" || :
            echo "**** End of kABI DWARF-based comparison report ****"
            echo "**** Baseline dataset for kABI DWARF-BASED comparison report not found ****"

        rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kabi-dwarf

    # then drop all but the needed Makefiles/Kconfig files
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include
    cp .config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a scripts $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts/tracing
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts/

    # Files for 'make scripts' to succeed with kernel-devel.
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/security/selinux/include
    cp -a --parents security/selinux/include/classmap.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents security/selinux/include/initial_sid_to_string.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/tools/include/tools
    cp -a --parents tools/include/tools/be_byteshift.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/include/tools/le_byteshift.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    # Files for 'make prepare' to succeed with kernel-devel.
    cp -a --parents tools/include/linux/compiler* $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/include/linux/types.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/build/Build.include $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/build/Build $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/build/fixdep.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/objtool/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/bpf/resolve_btfids $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    cp --parents security/selinux/include/policycap_names.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents security/selinux/include/policycap.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    cp -a --parents tools/include/asm-generic $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/include/linux $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/include/uapi/asm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/include/uapi/asm-generic $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/include/uapi/linux $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/include/vdso $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/scripts/utilities.mak $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/lib/subcmd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/lib/*.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/objtool/*.[ch] $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/objtool/Build $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/objtool/include/objtool/*.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/lib/bpf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp --parents tools/lib/bpf/Build $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    if [ -f tools/objtool/objtool ]; then
      cp -a tools/objtool/objtool $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/tools/objtool/ || :
    if [ -f tools/objtool/fixdep ]; then
      cp -a tools/objtool/fixdep $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/tools/objtool/ || :
    if [ -d arch/$Arch/scripts ]; then
      cp -a arch/$Arch/scripts $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/arch/%{_arch} || :
    if [ -f arch/$Arch/*lds ]; then
      cp -a arch/$Arch/*lds $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/arch/%{_arch}/ || :
    if [ -f arch/%{asmarch}/kernel/ ]; then
      cp -a --parents arch/%{asmarch}/kernel/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts/*.o
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts/*/*.o
%ifarch ppc64le
    cp -a --parents arch/powerpc/lib/crtsavres.[So] $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    if [ -d arch/%{asmarch}/include ]; then
      cp -a --parents arch/%{asmarch}/include $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
%ifarch aarch64
    # arch/arm64/include/asm/xen references arch/arm
    cp -a --parents arch/arm/include/asm/xen $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    # arch/arm64/include/asm/opcodes.h references arch/arm
    cp -a --parents arch/arm/include/asm/opcodes.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    # include the machine specific headers for ARM variants, if available.
%ifarch %{arm}
    if [ -d arch/%{asmarch}/mach-${Flavour}/include ]; then
      cp -a --parents arch/%{asmarch}/mach-${Flavour}/include $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    # include a few files for 'make prepare'
    cp -a --parents arch/arm/tools/gen-mach-types $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/arm/tools/mach-types $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/

    cp -a include $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include
%ifarch i686 x86_64
    # files for 'make prepare' to succeed with kernel-devel
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/entry/syscalls/syscall_32.tbl $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/entry/syscalls/syscall_64.tbl $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/tools/relocs_32.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/tools/relocs_64.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/tools/relocs.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/tools/relocs_common.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/tools/relocs.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/purgatory/purgatory.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/purgatory/stack.S $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/purgatory/setup-x86_64.S $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/purgatory/entry64.S $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/boot/string.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/boot/string.c $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents arch/x86/boot/ctype.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/

    cp -a --parents scripts/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a --parents scripts/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/

    cp -a --parents tools/arch/x86/include/asm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/arch/x86/include/uapi/asm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/objtool/arch/x86/lib $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/arch/x86/lib/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/arch/x86/tools/gen-insn-attr-x86.awk $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a --parents tools/objtool/arch/x86/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    # Clean up intermediate tools files
    find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/tools \( -iname "*.o" -o -iname "*.cmd" \) -exec rm -f {} +

    # Make sure the Makefile and version.h have a matching timestamp so that
    # external modules can be built
    touch -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/Makefile $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h

    # Copy .config to include/config/auto.conf so "make prepare" is unnecessary.
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/.config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include/config/auto.conf

%if %{with_debuginfo}
    eu-readelf -n vmlinux | grep "Build ID" | awk '{print $NF}' >
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/

    # save the vmlinux file for kernel debugging into the kernel-debuginfo rpm
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/lib/modules/$KernelVer
    cp vmlinux $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/lib/modules/$KernelVer
    if [ -n "%{vmlinux_decompressor}" ]; then
	    eu-readelf -n  %{vmlinux_decompressor} | grep "Build ID" | awk '{print $NF}' >
	    # Without build-id the build will fail. But for s390 the build-id
	    # wasn't added before 5.11. In case it is missing prefer not
	    # packaging the debuginfo over a build failure.
	    if [ -s ]; then
		    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
		    cp %{vmlinux_decompressor} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/lib/modules/$KernelVer/vmlinux.decompressor

    find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer -name "*.ko" -type f >modnames

    # mark modules executable so that strip-to-file can strip them
    xargs --no-run-if-empty chmod u+x < modnames

    # Generate a list of modules for block and networking.

    grep -F /drivers/ modnames | xargs --no-run-if-empty nm -upA |
    sed -n 's,^.*/\([^/]*\.ko\):  *U \(.*\)$,\1 \2,p' > drivers.undef

      sed -r -n -e "s/^([^ ]+) \\.?($2)\$/\\1/p" drivers.undef |
        LC_ALL=C sort -u > $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/modules.$1
      if [ ! -z "$3" ]; then
        sed -r -e "/^($3)\$/d" -i $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/modules.$1

    collect_modules_list networking \
    collect_modules_list block \
      'ata_scsi_ioctl|scsi_add_host|scsi_add_host_with_dma|blk_alloc_queue|blk_init_queue|register_mtd_blktrans|scsi_esp_register|scsi_register_device_handler|blk_queue_physical_block_size' 'pktcdvd.ko|dm-mod.ko'
    collect_modules_list drm \
    collect_modules_list modesetting \

    # detect missing or incorrect license tags
    ( find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer -name '*.ko' | xargs /sbin/modinfo -l | \
        grep -E -v 'GPL( v2)?$|Dual BSD/GPL$|Dual MPL/GPL$|GPL and additional rights$' ) && exit 1

    # remove files that will be auto generated by depmod at rpm -i time
    pushd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/
        rm -f modules.{alias*,builtin.bin,dep*,*map,symbols*,devname,softdep}

    # Identify modules in the kernel-modules-extras package
    %{SOURCE17} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT lib/modules/$KernelVer $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/mod-extra.list
    # Identify modules in the kernel-modules-extras package
    %{SOURCE17} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT lib/modules/$KernelVer %{SOURCE54} internal

    # Generate the kernel-core and kernel-modules files lists

    # Copy the file for depmod to use, and create a backup of the
    # full module tree so we can restore it after we're done filtering
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/.
    pushd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
    mkdir restore
    cp -r lib/modules/$KernelVer/* restore/.

    # don't include anything going into kernel-modules-extra in the file lists
    xargs rm -rf < mod-extra.list
    # don't include anything going int kernel-modules-internal in the file lists
    xargs rm -rf < mod-internal.list

    if [ $DoModules -eq 1 ]; then
	# Find all the module files and filter them out into the core and
	# modules lists.  This actually removes anything going into -modules
	# from the dir.
	find lib/modules/$KernelVer/kernel -name *.ko | sort -n > modules.list
	cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/filter-*.sh .
	./ modules.list %{_target_cpu}
	rm filter-*.sh

	# Run depmod on the resulting module tree and make sure it isn't broken
	depmod -b . -aeF ./ $KernelVer &> depmod.out
	if [ -s depmod.out ]; then
	    echo "Depmod failure"
	    cat depmod.out
	    exit 1
	    rm depmod.out
	# Ensure important files/directories exist to let the packaging succeed
	echo '%%defattr(-,-,-)' > modules.list
	echo '%%defattr(-,-,-)' > k-d.list
	mkdir -p lib/modules/$KernelVer/kernel
	# Add files usually created by make modules, needed to prevent errors
	# thrown by depmod during package installation
	touch lib/modules/$KernelVer/modules.order
	touch lib/modules/$KernelVer/modules.builtin

    # remove files that will be auto generated by depmod at rpm -i time
    pushd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/
        rm -f modules.{alias*,builtin.bin,dep*,*map,symbols*,devname,softdep}

    # Go back and find all of the various directories in the tree.  We use this
    # for the dir lists in kernel-core
    find lib/modules/$KernelVer/kernel -mindepth 1 -type d | sort -n > module-dirs.list

    # Cleanup
    cp -r restore/* lib/modules/$KernelVer/.
    rm -rf restore

    # Make sure the files lists start with absolute paths or rpmbuild fails.
    # Also add in the dir entries
    sed -e 's/^lib*/\/lib/' %{?zipsed} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/k-d.list > ../kernel${Flavour:+-${Flavour}}-modules.list
    sed -e 's/^lib*/%dir \/lib/' %{?zipsed} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/module-dirs.list > ../kernel${Flavour:+-${Flavour}}-core.list
    sed -e 's/^lib*/\/lib/' %{?zipsed} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/modules.list >> ../kernel${Flavour:+-${Flavour}}-core.list
    sed -e 's/^lib*/\/lib/' %{?zipsed} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/mod-extra.list >> ../kernel${Flavour:+-${Flavour}}-modules-extra.list
    sed -e 's/^lib*/\/lib/' %{?zipsed} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/mod-internal.list >> ../kernel${Flavour:+-${Flavour}}-modules-internal.list

    # Cleanup
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/k-d.list
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/modules.list
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/module-dirs.list
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/mod-extra.list
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/mod-internal.list

%if %{signmodules}
    if [ $DoModules -eq 1 ]; then
	# Save the signing keys so we can sign the modules in __modsign_install_post
	cp certs/signing_key.pem certs/signing_key.pem.sign${Flav}
	cp certs/signing_key.x509 certs/signing_key.x509.sign${Flav}

    # Move the devel headers out of the root file system
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/src/kernels
    mv $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/$DevelDir

    # This is going to create a broken link during the build, but we don't use
    # it after this point.  We need the link to actually point to something
    # when kernel-devel is installed, and a relative link doesn't work across
    # the F17 UsrMove feature.
    ln -sf $DevelDir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    # prune junk from kernel-devel
    find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/src/kernels -name ".*.cmd" -delete

    # build a BLS config for this kernel
    %{SOURCE53} "$KernelVer" "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT" "%{?variant}"

    # Red Hat UEFI Secure Boot CA cert, which can be used to authenticate the kernel
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer
    %ifarch x86_64 aarch64
       install -m 0644 %{secureboot_ca_0} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/kernel-signing-ca-20200609.cer
       install -m 0644 %{secureboot_ca_1} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/kernel-signing-ca-20140212.cer
       ln -s kernel-signing-ca-20200609.cer $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/kernel-signing-ca.cer
       install -m 0644 %{secureboot_ca_0} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/kernel-signing-ca.cer
    %ifarch s390x ppc64le
    if [ $DoModules -eq 1 ]; then
	if [ -x /usr/bin/rpm-sign ]; then
	    install -m 0644 %{secureboot_key_0} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/%{signing_key_filename}
	    install -m 0644 certs/signing_key.x509.sign${Flav} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/kernel-signing-ca.cer
	    openssl x509 -in certs/signing_key.pem.sign${Flav} -outform der -out $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/%{signing_key_filename}
	    chmod 0644 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/doc/kernel-keys/$KernelVer/%{signing_key_filename}

%if %{with_ipaclones}
    MAXPROCS=$(echo %{?_smp_mflags} | sed -n 's/-j\s*\([0-9]\+\)/\1/p')
    if [ -z "$MAXPROCS" ]; then
    if [ "$Flavour" == "" ]; then
        mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/$DevelDir-ipaclones
        find . -name '*.ipa-clones' | xargs -i{} -r -n 1 -P $MAXPROCS install -m 644 -D "{}" "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/$DevelDir-ipaclones/{}"


# DO it...

# prepare directories
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_libexecdir}

cd linux-%{KVERREL}

%if %{with_debug}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image %{_use_vdso} debug

%if %{with_zfcpdump}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image %{_use_vdso} zfcpdump

%if %{with_pae}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image %{use_vdso} lpae

%if %{with_up}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image %{_use_vdso}

%ifnarch noarch i686
%if !%{with_debug} && !%{with_zfcpdump} && !%{with_up}
# If only building the user space tools, then initialize the build environment
# and some variables so that the various userspace tools can be built.

%global perf_make \
  %{__make} -s EXTRA_CFLAGS="${RPM_OPT_FLAGS}" LDFLAGS="%{__global_ldflags}" %{?cross_opts} -C tools/perf V=1 NO_PERF_READ_VDSO32=1 NO_PERF_READ_VDSOX32=1 WERROR=0 NO_LIBUNWIND=1 HAVE_CPLUS_DEMANGLE=1 NO_GTK2=1 NO_STRLCPY=1 NO_BIONIC=1 prefix=%{_prefix} PYTHON=%{__python3}
%if %{with_perf}
# perf
# make sure is executable
chmod +x tools/perf/
%{perf_make} DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT all

%global tools_make \
  %{make} CFLAGS="${RPM_OPT_FLAGS}" LDFLAGS="%{__global_ldflags}" V=1

%if %{with_tools}
%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
# cpupower
# make sure is executable.
chmod +x tools/power/cpupower/utils/
%{tools_make} %{?_smp_mflags} -C tools/power/cpupower CPUFREQ_BENCH=false
%ifarch x86_64
    pushd tools/power/cpupower/debug/x86_64
    %{tools_make} %{?_smp_mflags} centrino-decode powernow-k8-decode
%ifarch x86_64
   pushd tools/power/x86/x86_energy_perf_policy/
   pushd tools/power/x86/turbostat
   pushd tools/power/x86/intel-speed-select
pushd tools/thermal/tmon/
pushd tools/iio/
# Needs to be fixed to pick up CFLAGS
pushd tools/gpio/
# Needs to be fixed to pick up CFLAGS

%global bpftool_make \
%if %{with_bpftool}
pushd tools/bpf/bpftool

%if %{with_selftests}
%{make} -s %{?_smp_mflags} ARCH=$Arch V=1 samples/bpf/
pushd tools/testing/selftests
# We need to install here because we need to call make with ARCH set which
# doesn't seem possible to do in the install section.
%{make} -s %{?_smp_mflags} ARCH=$Arch V=1 TARGETS="bpf livepatch net" INSTALL_PATH=%{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests install

%if %{with_doc}
# Make the HTML pages.
%{__make} PYTHON=/usr/bin/python3 htmldocs || %{doc_build_fail}

# sometimes non-world-readable files sneak into the kernel source tree
chmod -R a=rX Documentation
find Documentation -type d | xargs chmod u+w

# In the modsign case, we do 3 things.  1) We check the "flavour" and hard
# code the value in the following invocations.  This is somewhat sub-optimal
# but we're doing this inside of an RPM macro and it isn't as easy as it
# could be because of that.  2) We restore the .tmp_versions/ directory from
# the one we saved off in BuildKernel above.  This is to make sure we're
# signing the modules we actually built/installed in that flavour.  3) We
# grab the arch and invoke command to actually sign the modules.
# We have to do all of those things _after_ find-debuginfo runs, otherwise
# that will strip the signature off of the modules.
# Don't sign modules for the zfcpdump flavour as it is monolithic.

%define __modsign_install_post \
  if [ "%{signmodules}" -eq "1" ]; then \
    if [ "%{with_pae}" -ne "0" ]; then \
       %{modsign_cmd} certs/signing_key.pem.sign+lpae certs/signing_key.x509.sign+lpae $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/%{KVERREL}+lpae/ \
    fi \
    if [ "%{with_debug}" -ne "0" ]; then \
      %{modsign_cmd} certs/signing_key.pem.sign+debug certs/signing_key.x509.sign+debug $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/%{KVERREL}+debug/ \
    fi \
    if [ "%{with_up}" -ne "0" ]; then \
      %{modsign_cmd} certs/signing_key.pem.sign certs/signing_key.x509.sign $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/%{KVERREL}/ \
    fi \
  fi \
  if [ "%{zipmodules}" -eq "1" ]; then \
    find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/ -type f -name '*.ko' | xargs -P%{zcpu} xz; \
  fi \

### Special hacks for debuginfo subpackages.

# This macro is used by %%install, so we must redefine it before that.
%define debug_package %{nil}

%if %{with_debuginfo}

%ifnarch noarch
%global __debug_package 1
%files -f debugfiles.list debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu}


# We don't want to package debuginfo for self-tests and samples but
# we have to delete them to avoid an error messages about unpackaged
# files.
# Delete the debuginfo for kernel-devel files
%define __remove_unwanted_dbginfo_install_post \
  if [ "%{with_selftests}" -ne "0" ]; then \
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/debug/usr/libexec/ksamples; \
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/debug/usr/libexec/kselftests; \
  fi \
  rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/debug/usr/src; \

# Disgusting hack alert! We need to ensure we sign modules *after* all
# invocations of strip occur, which is in __debug_install_post if
# runs, and __os_install_post if not.
%define __spec_install_post \

### install


cd linux-%{KVERREL}

%if %{with_doc}

# copy the source over
mkdir -p $docdir
tar -h -f - --exclude=man --exclude='.*' -c Documentation | tar xf - -C $docdir

# with_doc

# We have to do the headers install before the tools install because the
# kernel headers_install will remove any header files in /usr/include that
# it doesn't install itself.

%if %{with_headers}
# Install kernel headers
%{__make} ARCH=%{hdrarch} INSTALL_HDR_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr headers_install

find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include \
     \( -name .install -o -name .check -o \
        -name ..install.cmd -o -name ..check.cmd \) -delete


%if %{with_cross_headers}
%if 0%{?fedora}
HDR_ARCH_LIST='arm arm64 powerpc s390 x86'
HDR_ARCH_LIST='arm64 powerpc s390 x86'
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/tmp-headers

for arch in $HDR_ARCH_LIST; do
	mkdir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/tmp-headers/arch-${arch}
	%{__make} ARCH=${arch} INSTALL_HDR_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/tmp-headers/arch-${arch} headers_install

find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/tmp-headers \
     \( -name .install -o -name .check -o \
        -name ..install.cmd -o -name ..check.cmd \) -delete

# Copy all the architectures we care about to their respective asm directories
for arch in $HDR_ARCH_LIST ; do
	mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/${arch}-linux-gnu/include
	mv $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/tmp-headers/arch-${arch}/include/* $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/${arch}-linux-gnu/include/

rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/tmp-headers

%if %{with_kernel_abi_whitelists}
# kabi directory

# install kabi releases directories
# with_kernel_abi_whitelists

%if %{with_perf}
# perf tool binary and supporting scripts/binaries
%{perf_make} DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT lib=%{_lib} install-bin install-traceevent-plugins
# remove the 'trace' symlink.
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/trace

# For both of the below, yes, this should be using a macro but right now
# it's hard coded and we don't actually want it anyway right now.
# Whoever wants examples can fix it up!

# remove examples
rm -rf %{buildroot}/usr/lib/perf/examples
# remove the stray files that somehow got packaged
rm -rf %{buildroot}/usr/lib/perf/include/bpf/bpf.h
rm -rf %{buildroot}/usr/lib/perf/include/bpf/stdio.h
rm -rf %{buildroot}/usr/lib/perf/include/bpf/linux/socket.h
rm -rf %{buildroot}/usr/lib/perf/include/bpf/pid_filter.h
rm -rf %{buildroot}/usr/lib/perf/include/bpf/unistd.h

# python-perf extension
%{perf_make} DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT install-python_ext

# perf man pages (note: implicit rpm magic compresses them later)
mkdir -p %{buildroot}/%{_mandir}/man1
%{perf_make} DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT install-man

%if %{with_tools}
%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
%{make} -C tools/power/cpupower DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT libdir=%{_libdir} mandir=%{_mandir} CPUFREQ_BENCH=false install
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/*.{a,la}
%find_lang cpupower
mv cpupower.lang ../
%ifarch x86_64
    pushd tools/power/cpupower/debug/x86_64
    install -m755 centrino-decode %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/centrino-decode
    install -m755 powernow-k8-decode %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/powernow-k8-decode
chmod 0755 %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/*
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_unitdir} %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig
install -m644 %{SOURCE2000} %{buildroot}%{_unitdir}/cpupower.service
install -m644 %{SOURCE2001} %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig/cpupower
%ifarch x86_64
   mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man8
   pushd tools/power/x86/x86_energy_perf_policy
   %{tools_make} DESTDIR=%{buildroot} install
   pushd tools/power/x86/turbostat
   %{tools_make} DESTDIR=%{buildroot} install
   pushd tools/power/x86/intel-speed-select
   %{tools_make} CFLAGS+="-D_GNU_SOURCE -Iinclude" DESTDIR=%{buildroot} install
pushd tools/thermal/tmon
%{tools_make} INSTALL_ROOT=%{buildroot} install
pushd tools/iio
%{__make} DESTDIR=%{buildroot} install
pushd tools/gpio
%{__make} DESTDIR=%{buildroot} install
pushd tools/kvm/kvm_stat
%{__make} INSTALL_ROOT=%{buildroot} install-tools
%{__make} INSTALL_ROOT=%{buildroot} install-man

%if %{with_bpftool}
pushd tools/bpf/bpftool
%{bpftool_make} prefix=%{_prefix} bash_compdir=%{_sysconfdir}/bash_completion.d/ mandir=%{_mandir} install doc-install
# man-pages packages this (rhbz #1686954, #1918707)
# jvreeland: eh.
# rm %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man7/bpf-helpers.7

%if %{with_selftests}
pushd samples
install -d %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples
# install bpf samples
pushd bpf
install -d %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/bpf
find -type f -executable -exec install -m755 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/bpf \;
install -m755 *.sh %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/bpf
# compiles test_lwt_bpf.c when run; this works only from the
# kernel tree. Just remove it.
rm %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/bpf/
install -m644 tcp_bpf.readme %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/bpf
# install pktgen samples
pushd pktgen
install -d %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/pktgen
find . -type f -executable -exec install -m755 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/pktgen/{} \;
find . -type f ! -executable -exec install -m644 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/ksamples/pktgen/{} \;
# install drivers/net/mlxsw selftests
pushd tools/testing/selftests/drivers/net/mlxsw
find -type d -exec install -d %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/drivers/net/mlxsw/{} \;
find -type f -executable -exec install -D -m755 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/drivers/net/mlxsw/{} \;
find -type f ! -executable -exec install -D -m644 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/drivers/net/mlxsw/{} \;
# install net/forwarding selftests
pushd tools/testing/selftests/net/forwarding
find -type d -exec install -d %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/net/forwarding/{} \;
find -type f -executable -exec install -D -m755 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/net/forwarding/{} \;
find -type f ! -executable -exec install -D -m644 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/net/forwarding/{} \;
# install tc-testing selftests
pushd tools/testing/selftests/tc-testing
find -type d -exec install -d %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/tc-testing/{} \;
find -type f -executable -exec install -D -m755 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/tc-testing/{} \;
find -type f ! -executable -exec install -D -m644 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/tc-testing/{} \;
# install livepatch selftests
pushd tools/testing/selftests/livepatch
find -type d -exec install -d %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/livepatch/{} \;
find -type f -executable -exec install -D -m755 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/livepatch/{} \;
find -type f ! -executable -exec install -D -m644 {} %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/kselftests/livepatch/{} \;

# We have to do the headers checksum calculation after the tools install because
# these might end up installing their own set of headers on top of kernel's
%if %{with_headers}
# compute a content hash to export as Provides: kernel-headers-checksum
HEADERS_CHKSUM=$(export LC_ALL=C; find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include -type f -name "*.h" \
			! -path $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/linux/version.h | \
		 sort | xargs cat | sha1sum - | cut -f 1 -d ' ');
# export the checksum via usr/include/linux/version.h, so the dynamic
# find-provides can grab the hash to update it accordingly
echo "#define KERNEL_HEADERS_CHECKSUM \"$HEADERS_CHKSUM\"" >> $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/linux/version.h

### clean

### scripts

%if %{with_tools}
%post -n kernel-tools-libs

%postun -n kernel-tools-libs

# This macro defines a %%post script for a kernel*-devel package.
#	%%kernel_devel_post [<subpackage>]
# Note we don't run hardlink if ostree is in use, as ostree is
# a far more sophisticated hardlink implementation.
%define kernel_devel_post() \
%{expand:%%post %{?1:%{1}-}devel}\
if [ -f /etc/sysconfig/kernel ]\
    . /etc/sysconfig/kernel || exit $?\
if [ "$HARDLINK" != "no" -a -x /usr/bin/hardlink -a ! -e /run/ostree-booted ] \
    (cd /usr/src/kernels/%{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}} &&\
     /usr/bin/find . -type f | while read f; do\
       hardlink -c /usr/src/kernels/*%{?dist}.*/$f $f\

# This macro defines a %%post script for a kernel*-modules-extra package.
# It also defines a %%postun script that does the same thing.
#	%%kernel_modules_extra_post [<subpackage>]
%define kernel_modules_extra_post() \
%{expand:%%post %{?1:%{1}-}modules-extra}\
/sbin/depmod -a %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}\
%{expand:%%postun %{?1:%{1}-}modules-extra}\
/sbin/depmod -a %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}\

# This macro defines a %%post script for a kernel*-modules-internal package.
# It also defines a %%postun script that does the same thing.
#	%%kernel_modules_internal_post [<subpackage>]
%define kernel_modules_internal_post() \
%{expand:%%post %{?1:%{1}-}modules-internal}\
/sbin/depmod -a %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}\
%{expand:%%postun %{?1:%{1}-}modules-internal}\
/sbin/depmod -a %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}\

# This macro defines a %%post script for a kernel*-modules package.
# It also defines a %%postun script that does the same thing.
#	%%kernel_modules_post [<subpackage>]
%define kernel_modules_post() \
%{expand:%%post %{?1:%{1}-}modules}\
/sbin/depmod -a %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}\
%{expand:%%postun %{?1:%{1}-}modules}\
/sbin/depmod -a %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}\

# This macro defines a %%posttrans script for a kernel package.
#	%%kernel_variant_posttrans [<subpackage>]
# More text can follow to go at the end of this variant's %%post.
%define kernel_variant_posttrans() \
%{expand:%%posttrans %{?1:%{1}-}core}\
%if 0%{!?fedora:1}\
if [ -x %{_sbindir}/weak-modules ]\
    %{_sbindir}/weak-modules --add-kernel %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}} || exit $?\
/bin/kernel-install add %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}} /lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}/vmlinuz || exit $?\

# This macro defines a %%post script for a kernel package and its devel package.
#	%%kernel_variant_post [-v <subpackage>] [-r <replace>]
# More text can follow to go at the end of this variant's %%post.
%define kernel_variant_post(v:r:) \
%{expand:%%kernel_devel_post %{?-v*}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_modules_post %{?-v*}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_modules_extra_post %{?-v*}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_modules_internal_post %{?-v*}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_variant_posttrans %{?-v*}}\
%{expand:%%post %{?-v*:%{-v*}-}core}\
if [ `uname -i` == "x86_64" -o `uname -i` == "i386" ] &&\
   [ -f /etc/sysconfig/kernel ]; then\
  /bin/sed -r -i -e 's/^DEFAULTKERNEL=%{-r*}$/DEFAULTKERNEL=kernel%{?-v:-%{-v*}}/' /etc/sysconfig/kernel || exit $?\

# This macro defines a %%preun script for a kernel package.
#	%%kernel_variant_preun <subpackage>
%define kernel_variant_preun() \
%{expand:%%preun %{?1:%{1}-}core}\
/bin/kernel-install remove %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}} /lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}}/vmlinuz || exit $?\
if [ -x %{_sbindir}/weak-modules ]\
    %{_sbindir}/weak-modules --remove-kernel %{KVERREL}%{?1:+%{1}} || exit $?\

%kernel_variant_post -r kernel-smp

%if %{with_pae}
%kernel_variant_preun lpae
%kernel_variant_post -v lpae -r (kernel|kernel-smp)

%kernel_variant_preun debug
%kernel_variant_post -v debug

%if %{with_zfcpdump}
%kernel_variant_preun zfcpdump
%kernel_variant_post -v zfcpdump

if [ -x /sbin/ldconfig ]
    /sbin/ldconfig -X || exit $?

### file lists

%if %{with_headers}
%files headers

%if %{with_cross_headers}
%files cross-headers

%if %{with_kernel_abi_whitelists}
%files -n kernel-abi-whitelists

%if %{with_kabidw_base}
%ifarch x86_64 s390x ppc64 ppc64le aarch64
%files kabidw-base

# only some architecture builds need kernel-doc
%if %{with_doc}
%files doc
%dir %{_datadir}/doc/kernel-doc-%{rpmversion}/Documentation
%dir %{_datadir}/doc/kernel-doc-%{rpmversion}

%if %{with_perf}
%files -n perf
%dir %{_libdir}/traceevent/plugins
%dir %{_libexecdir}/perf-core
%doc linux-%{KVERREL}/tools/perf/Documentation/examples.txt

%files -n python3-perf

%if %{with_debuginfo}
%files -f perf-debuginfo.list -n perf-debuginfo

%files -f python3-perf-debuginfo.list -n python3-perf-debuginfo
# with_perf

%if %{with_tools}
%ifnarch %{cpupowerarchs}
%files -n kernel-tools
%files -n kernel-tools -f cpupower.lang
%ifarch x86_64
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig/cpupower
%ifarch x86_64
# cpupowerarchs

%if %{with_debuginfo}
%files -f kernel-tools-debuginfo.list -n kernel-tools-debuginfo

%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
%files -n kernel-tools-libs

%files -n kernel-tools-libs-devel
# with_tools

%if %{with_bpftool}
%files -n bpftool

%if %{with_debuginfo}
%files -f bpftool-debuginfo.list -n bpftool-debuginfo

%if %{with_selftests}
%files selftests-internal

# empty meta-package
%ifnarch %nobuildarches noarch

%if %{with_gcov}
%ifarch x86_64 s390x ppc64le aarch64
%files gcov

# This is %%{image_install_path} on an arch where that includes ELF files,
# or empty otherwise.
%define elf_image_install_path %{?kernel_image_elf:%{image_install_path}}

# This macro defines the %%files sections for a kernel package
# and its devel and debuginfo packages.
#	%%kernel_variant_files [-k vmlinux] <condition> <subpackage> <without_modules>
%define kernel_variant_files(k:) \
%if %{2}\
%{expand:%%files -f kernel-%{?3:%{3}-}core.list %{?1:-f kernel-%{?3:%{3}-}ldsoconf.list} %{?3:%{3}-}core}\
%{!?_licensedir:%global license %%doc}\
%license linux-%{KVERREL}/COPYING-%{version}-%{release}\
%ghost /%{image_install_path}/%{?-k:%{-k*}}%{!?-k:vmlinuz}-%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}\
/lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}/.vmlinuz.hmac \
%ghost /%{image_install_path}/.vmlinuz-%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}.hmac \
%ifarch %{arm} aarch64\
/lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}/dtb \
%ghost /%{image_install_path}/dtb-%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}} \
%attr(600,root,root) /lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}/\
%ghost /boot/{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}\
%ghost /boot/symvers-%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}.gz\
%ghost /boot/config-%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}\
%ghost /boot/initramfs-%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}.img\
%dir /lib/modules\
%dir /lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}\
%dir /lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?3:+%{3}}/kernel\
%if %{1}\
%{expand:%%files -f kernel-%{?3:%{3}-}modules.list %{?3:%{3}-}modules}\
%{expand:%%files %{?3:%{3}-}devel}\
%defverify(not mtime)\
%{expand:%%files -f kernel-%{?3:%{3}-}modules-extra.list %{?3:%{3}-}modules-extra}\
%config(noreplace) /etc/modprobe.d/*-blacklist.conf\
%{expand:%%files -f kernel-%{?3:%{3}-}modules-internal.list %{?3:%{3}-}modules-internal}\
%if %{with_debuginfo}\
%ifnarch noarch\
%{expand:%%files -f debuginfo%{?3}.list %{?3:%{3}-}debuginfo}\
%if %{?3:1} %{!?3:0}\
%{expand:%%files %{3}}\

%kernel_variant_files %{_use_vdso} %{with_up}
%kernel_variant_files %{_use_vdso} %{with_debug} debug
%kernel_variant_files %{use_vdso} %{with_pae} lpae
%kernel_variant_files %{_use_vdso} %{with_zfcpdump} zfcpdump 1

%define kernel_variant_ipaclones(k:) \
%if %{1}\
%if %{with_ipaclones}\
%{expand:%%files %{?2:%{2}-}ipaclones-internal}\
%defverify(not mtime)\

%kernel_variant_ipaclones %{with_up}

# plz don't put in a version string unless you're going to tag
# and build.
* Mon Feb 07 2022 test <justin@local> [5.14.0-45.hs1.el8]
- v5.14 rebase

* Thu Jan 20 2022 Neal Gompa <> [5.14.0-45.hs1.el9]
- redhat/configs: Disable fbdev drivers and use simpledrm instead (Javier Martinez Canillas) [1986223]
- drm: simpledrm: fix wrong unit with pixel clock (Javier Martinez Canillas) [1986223]
- drm: fb_helper: improve CONFIG_FB dependency (Javier Martinez Canillas) [1986223]
- drm: fb_helper: fix CONFIG_FB dependency (Javier Martinez Canillas) [1986223]
- drivers/firmware: fix SYSFB depends to prevent build failures (Javier Martinez Canillas) [1986223]
- drivers/firmware: consolidate EFI framebuffer setup for all arches (Javier Martinez Canillas) [1986223]
- drivers/firmware: move x86 Generic System Framebuffers support (Javier Martinez Canillas) [1986223]
- redhat/configs: Enable the Btrfs file system (Neal Gompa)

* Tue Jan 18 2022 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-45.el9]
- workqueue, kasan: avoid alloc_pages() when recording stack (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- kasan: generic: introduce kasan_record_aux_stack_noalloc() (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- kasan: common: provide can_alloc in kasan_save_stack() (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- lib/stackdepot: introduce __stack_depot_save() (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- lib/stackdepot: remove unused function argument (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- lib/stackdepot: include gfp.h (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Introduce show_one_worker_pool and show_one_workqueue. (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: make sysfs of unbound kworker cpumask more clever (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: fix state-dump console deadlock (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Remove unused WORK_NO_COLOR (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Assign a color to barrier work items (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Mark barrier work with WORK_STRUCT_INACTIVE (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Change the code of calculating work_flags in insert_wq_barrier() (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Change arguement of pwq_dec_nr_in_flight() (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Rename "delayed" (delayed by active management) to "inactive" (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Replace deprecated ida_simple_*() with ida_alloc()/ida_free() (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Fix typo in comments (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- workqueue: Fix possible memory leaks in wq_numa_init() (Phil Auld) [2022894]
- nvme: avoid race in shutdown namespace removal (Ewan D. Milne) [2014529]
- powerpc/xmon: Dump XIVE information for online-only processors. (Steve Best) [2037642]
- ipv4: make exception cache less predictible (Antoine Tenart) [2015112] {CVE-2021-20322}
- [s390] s390/cio: make ccw_device_dma_* more robust (Claudio Imbrenda) [1997541]
- [s390] s390/pci: add s390_iommu_aperture kernel parameter (Claudio Imbrenda) [2034134]
- [s390] s390/pci: fix zpci_zdev_put() on reserve (Claudio Imbrenda) [2034132]
- [s390] s390/pci: cleanup resources only if necessary (Claudio Imbrenda) [2034132]
- [s390] s390/sclp: fix Secure-IPL facility detection (Claudio Imbrenda) [2034116]
- Revert "[redhat] Generate a crashkernel.default for each kernel build" (Coiby Xu) [2034490]
- ibmvnic: Process crqs after enabling interrupts (Diego Domingos) [2020021]
- ibmvnic: delay complete() (Diego Domingos) [2020021]
- ibmvnic: don't stop queue in xmit (Diego Domingos) [2019988]
- bpf/selftests: disable test failing on RHEL9 (Viktor Malik) [2006315]
- bpf/selftests: disable a verifier test for powerpc (Viktor Malik) [2032734]
- bpf/selftests: allow disabling tests (Viktor Malik) [2036656]
- kernel/crash_core: suppress unknown crashkernel parameter warning (Philipp Rudo) [2026570]
- mm/vmalloc: do not adjust the search size for alignment overhead (David Hildenbrand) [2029493]
- Bluetooth: fix use-after-free error in lock_sock_nested() (Gopal Tiwari) [2005691]
- lib: zstd: Don't add -O3 to cflags (Neal Gompa) [2034834]
- lib: zstd: Don't inline functions in zstd_opt.c (Neal Gompa) [2034834]
- lib: zstd: Fix unused variable warning (Neal Gompa) [2034834]
- lib: zstd: Add cast to silence clang's -Wbitwise-instead-of-logical (Neal Gompa) [2034834]
- MAINTAINERS: Add maintainer entry for zstd (Neal Gompa) [2034834]
- lib: zstd: Upgrade to latest upstream zstd version 1.4.10 (Neal Gompa) [2034834]
- lib: zstd: Add decompress_sources.h for decompress_unzstd (Neal Gompa) [2034834]
- lib: zstd: Add kernel-specific API (Neal Gompa) [2034834]

* Mon Jan 17 2022 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-44.el9]
- dm btree remove: fix use after free in rebalance_children() (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm table: log table creation error code (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm: make workqueue names device-specific (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm writecache: Make use of the helper macro kthread_run() (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm crypt: Make use of the helper macro kthread_run() (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm: Remove redundant flush_workqueue() calls (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm crypt: log aead integrity violations to audit subsystem (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm integrity: log audit events for dm-integrity target (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm: introduce audit event module for device mapper (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm: fix mempool NULL pointer race when completing IO (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm rq: don't queue request to blk-mq during DM suspend (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm clone: make array 'descs' static (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm verity: skip redundant verity_handle_err() on I/O errors (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm crypt: use in_hardirq() instead of deprecated in_irq() (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: update dm documentation for ima measurement support (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: update dm target attributes for ima measurements (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: add a warning in dm_init if duplicate ima events are not measured (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: prefix ima event name related to device mapper with dm_ (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: add version info to dm related events in ima log (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: prefix dm table hashes in ima log with hash algorithm (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm crypt: Avoid percpu_counter spinlock contention in crypt_page_alloc() (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm: add documentation for IMA measurement support (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm: update target status functions to support IMA measurement (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: measure data on device rename (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: measure data on table clear (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: measure data on device remove (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: measure data on device resume (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm ima: measure data on table load (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm writecache: add event counters (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm writecache: report invalid return from writecache_map helpers (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm writecache: further writecache_map() cleanup (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm writecache: factor out writecache_map_remap_origin() (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- dm writecache: split up writecache_map() to improve code readability (Benjamin Marzinski) [2031198]
- redhat: Pull in openssl-devel as a build dependency correctly (Neal Gompa) [2034670]
- redhat/configs: Enable ThinkLMI support (Mark Pearson) [2030770]
- platform/x86: think-lmi: Abort probe on analyze failure (Mark Pearson) [2030770]
- platform/x86: think-lmi: add debug_cmd (Mark Pearson) [2030770]
- include/linux/timer.h: Pad timer_list struct for KABI (Prarit Bhargava) [2034452]
- kernel: Include RHEL Ecosystem message (Prarit Bhargava) [2033650]
- include/linux/ioport.h: Pad resource struct for KABI (Prarit Bhargava) [2033475]
- include/linux/hrtimer.h: Pad hrtimer struct for KABI (Prarit Bhargava) [2033473]
- redhat/configs: Add explicit values for ZRAM_DEF_COMP_LZ4* configs (Neal Gompa) [2032758]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_CRYPTO_ZSTD (Neal Gompa) [2032758]
- redhat/configs: Migrate defaults for ZRAM from pending-common to common (Neal Gompa) [2032758]
- Enable iSER on s390x (Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus) [1965279]

* Fri Jan 14 2022 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-43.el9]
- mm: COW: restore full accuracy in page reuse (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: thp: replace the page lock with the seqlock for the THP mapcount (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: COW: skip the page lock in the COW copy path (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: gup: gup_must_unshare() use can_read_pin_swap_page() (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: hugetlbfs: gup: gup_must_unshare(): enable hugetlbfs (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: hugetlbfs: FOLL_FAULT_UNSHARE (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: hugetlbfs: COR: copy-on-read fault (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: gup: FOLL_UNSHARE RHEL (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: gup: FOLL_NOUNSHARE: optimize follow_page (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: gup: FOLL_UNSHARE (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: gup: gup_must_unshare() (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: gup: COR: copy-on-read fault (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: thp: introduce page_trans_huge_anon_shared (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: thp: stabilize the THP mapcount in page_remove_anon_compound_rmap (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: thp: make the THP mapcount atomic with a seqlock (Andrea Arcangeli) [1958742]
- mm: thp: consolidate mapcount logic on THP split (David Hildenbrand) [1958742]
- powerpc/xive: Change IRQ domain to a tree domain (Daniel Henrique Barboza) [2008723]
- tcp: fix page frag corruption on page fault (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- sock: fix /proc/net/sockstat underflow in sk_clone_lock() (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- net: add and use skb_unclone_keeptruesize() helper (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- net: stream: don't purge sk_error_queue in sk_stream_kill_queues() (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- net, neigh: Fix NTF_EXT_LEARNED in combination with NTF_USE (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- net-sysfs: initialize uid and gid before calling net_ns_get_ownership (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- net: Prevent infinite while loop in skb_tx_hash() (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- napi: fix race inside napi_enable (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- skb_expand_head() adjust skb->truesize incorrectly (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- bpf: use skb_expand_head in bpf_out_neigh_v4/6 (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- ax25: use skb_expand_head (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- vrf: fix NULL dereference in vrf_finish_output() (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- vrf: use skb_expand_head in vrf_finish_output (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- ipv4: use skb_expand_head in ip_finish_output2 (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- ipv6: use skb_expand_head in ip6_xmit (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- ipv6: use skb_expand_head in ip6_finish_output2 (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- skbuff: introduce skb_expand_head() (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- net/af_unix: fix a data-race in unix_dgram_poll (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- net: don't unconditionally copy_from_user a struct ifreq for socket ioctls (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- devlink: Clear whole devlink_flash_notify struct (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- devlink: Break parameter notification sequence to be before/after unload/load driver (Paolo Abeni) [2028276]
- vhost_net: fix OoB on sendmsg() failure. (Paolo Abeni) [2026821]
- printk: restore flushing of NMI buffers on remote CPUs after NMI backtraces (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]
- lib/nmi_backtrace: Serialize even messages about idle CPUs (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]
- printk: syslog: close window between wait and read (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]
- printk: convert @syslog_lock to mutex (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]
- printk: remove NMI tracking (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]
- printk: remove safe buffers (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]
- printk: track/limit recursion (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]
- lib/nmi_backtrace: explicitly serialize banner and regs (Prarit Bhargava) [2023082]

* Thu Jan 13 2022 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-42.el9]
- scsi: smartpqi: Update version to 2.1.12-055 (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add 3252-8i PCI id (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Fix duplicate device nodes for tape changers (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Fix boot failure during LUN rebuild (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add extended report physical LUNs (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Avoid failing I/Os for offline devices (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add TEST UNIT READY check for SANITIZE operation (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Update LUN reset handler (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Capture controller reason codes (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add controller handshake during kdump (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Update device removal management (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Replace one-element array with flexible-array member (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Fix an error code in pqi_get_raid_map() (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Update version to 2.1.10-020 (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Fix ISR accessing uninitialized data (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add PCI IDs for new ZTE controllers (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add PCI ID for new ntcom controller (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add SCSI cmd info for resets (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Change Kconfig menu entry to Microchip (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Change driver module macros to Microchip (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Update copyright notices (Don Brace) [1869853]
- scsi: smartpqi: Add PCI IDs for H3C P4408 controllers (Don Brace) [1869853]
- powerpc/module_64: Fix livepatching for RO modules (Joe Lawrence) [2019205]
- net-sysfs: try not to restart the syscall if it will fail eventually (Antoine Tenart) [2030634]
- CI: Enable realtime checks for baselines (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Cleanup residue from ARK (Veronika Kabatova)
- redhat: ignore ksamples and kselftests on the badfuncs rpminspect test (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat: disable upstream check for rpminspect (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_CRYPTO_BLAKE2B (Neal Gompa) [2031547]
- selftests: netfilter: switch zone stress to socat (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- netfilter: conntrack: set on IPS_ASSURED if flows enters internal stream state (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- netfilter: conntrack: serialize hash resizes and cleanups (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- selftests: netfilter: add zone stress test with colliding tuples (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- selftests: netfilter: add selftest for directional zone support (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- netfilter: conntrack: include zone id in tuple hash again (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- netfilter: conntrack: make max chain length random (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- netfilter: refuse insertion if chain has grown too large (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- netfilter: conntrack: switch to siphash (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- netfilter: conntrack: sanitize table size default settings (Florian Westphal) [2030759]
- redhat: configs: increase CONFIG_DEBUG_KMEMLEAK_MEM_POOL_SIZE (Rafael Aquini) [2008118]
- iommu/dma: Fix incorrect error return on iommu deferred attach (Jerry Snitselaar) [2030394]
- RDMA/siw: Mark Software iWARP Driver as tech-preview (Kamal Heib) [2023416]
- genirq: Fix kernel doc indentation (Prarit Bhargava) [2023084]
- genirq: Change force_irqthreads to a static key (Prarit Bhargava) [2023084]
- genirq: Clarify documentation for request_threaded_irq() (Prarit Bhargava) [2023084]

* Wed Jan 12 2022 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-41.el9]
- af_unix: Return errno instead of NULL in unix_create1(). (Balazs Nemeth) [2030037]
- s390/ftrace: remove preempt_disable()/preempt_enable() pair (Wander Lairson Costa) [1938117]
- ftrace: do CPU checking after preemption disabled (Wander Lairson Costa) [1938117]
- ftrace: disable preemption when recursion locked (Wander Lairson Costa) [1938117]
- redhat: build and include memfd to kernel-selftests-internal (Aristeu Rozanski) [2027506]
- netfilter: flowtable: fix IPv6 tunnel addr match (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: ipvs: Fix reuse connection if RS weight is 0 (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: ctnetlink: do not erase error code with EINVAL (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: ctnetlink: fix filtering with CTA_TUPLE_REPLY (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nfnetlink_queue: fix OOB when mac header was cleared (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: core: Fix clang warnings about unused static inlines (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nft_dynset: relax superfluous check on set updates (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nf_tables: skip netdev events generated on netns removal (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: Kconfig: use 'default y' instead of 'm' for bool config option (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: fix panic that occurs when timer_type has garbage value (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nf_tables: honor NLM_F_CREATE and NLM_F_EXCL in event notification (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nf_tables: reverse order in rule replacement expansion (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nf_tables: add position handle in event notification (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: conntrack: fix boot failure with nf_conntrack.enable_hooks=1 (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: log: work around missing softdep backend module (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nf_tables: unlink table before deleting it (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- ipvs: check that ip_vs_conn_tab_bits is between 8 and 20 (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: nft_ct: protect nft_ct_pcpu_template_refcnt with mutex (Florian Westphal) [2028203]
- netfilter: ipvs: make global sysctl readonly in non-init netns (Antoine Tenart) [2008417]
- net/sched: sch_ets: don't remove idle classes from the round-robin list (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net/sched: store the last executed chain also for clsact egress (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net: sched: act_mirred: drop dst for the direction from egress to ingress (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net/sched: sch_ets: don't peek at classes beyond 'nbands' (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net/sched: sch_ets: properly init all active DRR list handles (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net: Fix offloading indirect devices dependency on qdisc order creation (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net/core: Remove unused field from struct flow_indr_dev (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net/sched: sch_taprio: fix undefined behavior in ktime_mono_to_any (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net/sched: act_ct: Fix byte count on fragmented packets (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- mqprio: Correct stats in mqprio_dump_class_stats(). (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net/sched: sch_taprio: properly cancel timer from taprio_destroy() (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net_sched: fix NULL deref in fifo_set_limit() (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net: sched: flower: protect fl_walk() with rcu (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- fq_codel: reject silly quantum parameters (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- net: sched: Fix qdisc_rate_table refcount leak when get tcf_block failed (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- sch_htb: Fix inconsistency when leaf qdisc creation fails (Davide Caratti) [2025552]
- redhat/configs: Add two new CONFIGs (Prarit Bhargava) [2022993]
- redhat/configs: Remove dead CONFIG files (Prarit Bhargava) [2022993]
- redhat/configs/evaluate_configs: Add find dead configs option (Prarit Bhargava) [2022993]

* Mon Jan 10 2022 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-40.el9]
- cpu/hotplug: Remove deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- livepatch: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- coresight: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- hwmon: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- tracing: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- padata: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- crypto: virtio - Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- platform/x86: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- powerpc: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- x86/mce/inject: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- x86/microcode: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- x86/mtrr: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- x86/mmiotrace: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- workqueue: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- net/iucv: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- s390/sclp: replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- s390: replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- net: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- virtio_net: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- ACPI: processor: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- PM: sleep: s2idle: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- cpufreq: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- powercap: intel_rapl: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- sgi-xpc: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Prarit Bhargava) [2023079]
- Input: i8042 - Add quirk for Fujitsu Lifebook T725 (Neal Gompa) [2019937]
- sctp: remove unreachable code from sctp_sf_violation_chunk() (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: return true only for pathmtu update in sctp_transport_pl_toobig (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: subtract sctphdr len in sctp_transport_pl_hlen (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: reset probe_timer in sctp_transport_pl_update (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: allow IP fragmentation when PLPMTUD enters Error state (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: fix transport encap_port update in sctp_vtag_verify (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: account stream padding length for reconf chunk (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: break out if skb_header_pointer returns NULL in sctp_rcv_ootb (Xin Long) [2024909]
- sctp: add vtag check in sctp_sf_ootb (Xin Long) [2003494] {CVE-2021-3772}
- sctp: add vtag check in sctp_sf_do_8_5_1_E_sa (Xin Long) [2003494] {CVE-2021-3772}
- sctp: add vtag check in sctp_sf_violation (Xin Long) [2003494] {CVE-2021-3772}
- sctp: fix the processing for COOKIE_ECHO chunk (Xin Long) [2003494] {CVE-2021-3772}
- sctp: fix the processing for INIT_ACK chunk (Xin Long) [2003494] {CVE-2021-3772}
- sctp: fix the processing for INIT chunk (Xin Long) [2003494] {CVE-2021-3772}
- sctp: use init_tag from inithdr for ABORT chunk (Xin Long) [2003494] {CVE-2021-3772}
- drm/nouveau: clean up all clients on device removal (Karol Herbst) [1911185] {CVE-2020-27820}
- drm/nouveau: Add a dedicated mutex for the clients list (Karol Herbst) [1911185] {CVE-2020-27820}
- drm/nouveau: use drm_dev_unplug() during device removal (Karol Herbst) [1911185] {CVE-2020-27820}
- redhat/configs: NFS: disable UDP, insecure enctypes (Benjamin Coddington) [1952863]

* Fri Dec 24 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-39.el9]
- cpuidle: pseries: Do not cap the CEDE0 latency in fixup_cede0_latency() (Gustavo Walbon) [2029870]
- cpuidle: pseries: Fixup CEDE0 latency only for POWER10 onwards (Gustavo Walbon) [2029870]
- powerpc/mce: Fix access error in mce handler (Gustavo Walbon) [2027829]
- powerpc/pseries/mobility: ignore ibm, platform-facilities updates (Gustavo Walbon) [2023438]
- KVM: SVM: Do not terminate SEV-ES guests on GHCB validation failure (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1961151]
- KVM: SEV: Fall back to vmalloc for SEV-ES scratch area if necessary (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1961151]
- KVM: SEV: Return appropriate error codes if SEV-ES scratch setup fails (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1961151]
- KVM: SEV: Refactor out sev_es_state struct (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1961151]
- redhat/configs: enable DWARF5 feature if toolchain supports it (Lianbo Jiang) [2009205]
- init: make unknown command line param message clearer (Andrew Halaney) [2004361]
- Bluetooth: btusb: Add one more Bluetooth part for WCN6855 (Gopal Tiwari) [2020943]
- Bluetooth: btusb: Add the new support IDs for WCN6855 (Gopal Tiwari) [2020943]
- Bluetooth: btusb: re-definition for board_id in struct qca_version (Gopal Tiwari) [2020943]
- Bluetooth: btusb: Add support using different nvm for variant WCN6855 controller (Gopal Tiwari) [2020943]
- cgroup: Make rebind_subsystems() disable v2 controllers all at once (Waiman Long) [1986734]
- bnxt_en: Event handler for PPS events (Ken Cox) [1990151]
- bnxt_en: 1PPS functions to configure TSIO pins (Ken Cox) [1990151]
- bnxt_en: 1PPS support for 5750X family chips (Ken Cox) [1990151]
- bnxt_en: Do not read the PTP PHC during chip reset (Ken Cox) [1990151]
- bnxt_en: Move bnxt_ptp_init() from bnxt_open() back to bnxt_init_one() (Ken Cox) [1990151]

* Thu Dec 23 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-38.el9]
- x86/fpu/signal: Initialize sw_bytes in save_xstate_epilog() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- iommu/vt-d: Remove unused PASID_DISABLED (David Arcari) [2004190]
- Add CONFIG_STRICT_SIGALTSTACK_SIZE (David Arcari) [2004190]
- selftests/x86/amx: Add context switch test (David Arcari) [2004190]
- selftests/x86/amx: Add test cases for AMX state management (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/signal: Use fpu::__state_user_size for sigalt stack validation (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/signal: Implement sigaltstack size validation (David Arcari) [2004190]
- signal: Add an optional check for altstack size (David Arcari) [2004190]
- tools arch x86: Sync the msr-index.h copy with the kernel sources (David Arcari) [2004190]
- tools headers cpufeatures: Sync with the kernel sources (David Arcari) [2004190]
- tools headers UAPI: Sync arch prctl headers with the kernel sources (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Optimize out sigframe xfeatures when in init state (David Arcari) [2004190]
- Documentation/x86: Add documentation for using dynamic XSTATE features (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Include vmalloc.h for vzalloc() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/amx: Enable the AMX feature in 64-bit mode (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/msr-index: Add MSRs for XFD (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/cpufeatures: Add eXtended Feature Disabling (XFD) feature bit (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Add XFD handling for dynamic states (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Calculate the default sizes independently (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/amx: Define AMX state components and have it used for boot-time checks (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Prepare XSAVE feature table for gaps in state component numbers (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Add fpstate_realloc()/free() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Add XFD #NM handler (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Update XFD state where required (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Add sanity checks for XFD (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Add XFD state to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Reset permission and fpstate on exec() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Prepare fpu_clone() for dynamically enabled features (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/process: Clone FPU in copy_thread() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Prepare for variable sigframe length (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Add basic helpers for dynamically enabled features (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/arch_prctl: Add controls for dynamic XSTATE components (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Add fpu_state_config::legacy_features (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Add members to struct fpu to cache permission information (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Provide xstate_calculate_size() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Remove old KVM FPU interface (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/kvm: Convert FPU handling to a single swap buffer (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Provide infrastructure for KVM FPU cleanup (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Prepare for sanitizing KVM FPU code (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Move remaining xfeature helpers to core (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Rework restore_regs_from_fpstate() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Mop up xfeatures_mask_uabi() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move xstate feature masks to fpu_*_cfg (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move xstate size to fpu_*_cfg (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Cleanup size calculations (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Cleanup fpu__init_system_xstate_size_legacy() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Provide struct fpu_config (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Use fpstate for size and features (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Use fpstate for copy_uabi_to_xstate() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Use fpstate in __copy_xstate_to_uabi_buf() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Use fpstate in fpu_copy_kvm_uabi_to_fpstate() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Use fpstate for xsave_to_user_sigframe() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Use fpstate for os_xsave() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Use fpstate::size (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Add size and mask information to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/process: Move arch_thread_struct_whitelist() out of line (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Remove fpu::state (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/KVM: Convert to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/math-emu: Convert to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/core: Convert to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Convert to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/regset: Convert to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Convert tracing to fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Replace KVMs xstate component clearing (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Convert restore_fpregs_from_fpstate() to struct fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Convert fpstate_init() to struct fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Provide struct fpstate (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Replace KVMs home brewed FPU copy to user (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Provide a proper function for ex_handler_fprestore() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Replace the includes of fpu/internal.h (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Mop up the internal.h leftovers (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Remove internal.h dependency from fpu/signal.h (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move fpstate functions to api.h (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move mxcsr related code to core (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/sev: Include fpu/xcr.h (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move fpregs_restore_userregs() to core (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Make WARN_ON_FPU() private (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move legacy ASM wrappers to core (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move os_xsave() and os_xrstor() to core (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Make os_xrstor_booting() private (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Clean up CPU feature tests (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move context switch and exit to user inlines into sched.h (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Mark fpu__init_prepare_fx_sw_frame() as __init (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Rework copy_xstate_to_uabi_buf() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Replace KVMs home brewed FPU copy from user (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Move KVMs FPU swapping to FPU core (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Mark all init only functions __init (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/xstate: Provide and use for_each_xfeature() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Cleanup xstate xcomp_bv initialization (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Do not inherit FPU context for kernel and IO worker threads (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Remove pointless memset in fpu_clone() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Cleanup the on_boot_cpu clutter (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Restrict xsaves()/xrstors() to independent states (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Update stale comments (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Remove pointless argument from switch_fpu_finish() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- iommu/vt-d: Clean up unused PASID updating functions (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Mask out the invalid MXCSR bits properly (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Restore the masking out of reserved MXCSR bits (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Fix missed conversion to correct boolean retval in save_xstate_epilog() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Change return code of restore_fpregs_from_user() to boolean (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Change return code of check_xstate_in_sigframe() to boolean (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Change return type of __fpu_restore_sig() to boolean (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Change return type of fpu__restore_sig() to boolean (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/signal: Change return type of restore_sigcontext() to boolean (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Change return type of copy_fpregs_to_sigframe() helpers to boolean (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Change return type of copy_fpstate_to_sigframe() to boolean (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Move xstate clearing out of copy_fpregs_to_sigframe() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Move header zeroing out of xsave_to_user_sigframe() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu/signal: Clarify exception handling in restore_fpregs_from_user() (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/fpu: Use EX_TYPE_FAULT_MCE_SAFE for exception fixups (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/extable: Provide EX_TYPE_DEFAULT_MCE_SAFE and EX_TYPE_FAULT_MCE_SAFE (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/extable: Rework the exception table mechanics (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/mce: Deduplicate exception handling (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/extable: Get rid of redundant macros (David Arcari) [2004190]
- x86/extable: Tidy up redundant handler functions (David Arcari) [2004190]

* Wed Dec 22 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-37.el9]
- sched,x86: Don't use cluster topology for x86 hybrid CPUs (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/uclamp: Fix rq->uclamp_max not set on first enqueue (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- preempt/dynamic: Fix setup_preempt_mode() return value (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/cputime: Fix getrusage(RUSAGE_THREAD) with nohz_full (Phil Auld) [2020279 2029640]
- sched/scs: Reset task stack state in bringup_cpu() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- Enable CONFIG_SCHED_CLUSTER for RHEL (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- arch_topology: Fix missing clear cluster_cpumask in remove_cpu_topology() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- mm: move node_reclaim_distance to fix NUMA without SMP (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/core: Mitigate race cpus_share_cache()/update_top_cache_domain() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Prevent dead task groups from regaining cfs_rq's (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- x86/smp: Factor out parts of native_smp_prepare_cpus() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched,x86: Fix L2 cache mask (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Cleanup newidle_balance (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Remove sysctl_sched_migration_cost condition (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Wait before decaying max_newidle_lb_cost (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Skip update_blocked_averages if we are defering load balance (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Account update_blocked_averages in newidle_balance cost (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/core: Remove rq_relock() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Improve wake_up_all_idle_cpus() take #2 (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Disable -Wunused-but-set-variable (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- irq_work: Handle some irq_work in a per-CPU thread on PREEMPT_RT (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- irq_work: Also rcuwait for !IRQ_WORK_HARD_IRQ on PREEMPT_RT (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- irq_work: Allow irq_work_sync() to sleep if irq_work() no IRQ support. (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/rt: Annotate the RT balancing logic irqwork as IRQ_WORK_HARD_IRQ (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Fix DEBUG && !SCHEDSTATS warn (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/numa: Fix a few comments (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/numa: Remove the redundant member numa_group::fault_cpus (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/numa: Replace hard-coded number by a define in numa_task_group() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Remove pointless preemption disable in sched_submit_work() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Move mmdrop to RCU on RT (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Move kprobes cleanup out of finish_task_switch() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Disable TTWU_QUEUE on RT (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Limit the number of task migrations per batch on RT (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Removed useless update of p->recent_used_cpu (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Add cluster scheduler level for x86 (Phil Auld) [1921343 2020279]
- x86/cpu: Add get_llc_id() helper function (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- x86/smp: Add a per-cpu view of SMT state (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Add cluster scheduler level in core and related Kconfig for ARM64 (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- topology: Represent clusters of CPUs within a die (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- topology: use bin_attribute to break the size limitation of cpumap ABI (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- cpumask: Omit terminating null byte in cpumap_print_{list,bitmask}_to_buf (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- cpumask: introduce cpumap_print_list/bitmask_to_buf to support large bitmask and list (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Make cookie functions static (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched,livepatch: Use wake_up_if_idle() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Simplify wake_up_*idle*() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched,livepatch: Use task_call_func() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched,rcu: Rework try_invoke_on_locked_down_task() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Improve try_invoke_on_locked_down_task() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- kernel/sched: Fix sched_fork() access an invalid sched_task_group (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/topology: Remove unused numa_distance in cpu_attach_domain() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Remove unused inline function __rq_clock_broken() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Consider SMT in ASYM_PACKING load balance (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Carve out logic to mark a group for asymmetric packing (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Provide update_sg_lb_stats() with sched domain statistics (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Optimize checking for group_asym_packing (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/topology: Introduce sched_group::flags (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/dl: Support schedstats for deadline sched class (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/dl: Support sched_stat_runtime tracepoint for deadline sched class (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/rt: Support schedstats for RT sched class (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/rt: Support sched_stat_runtime tracepoint for RT sched class (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Introduce task block time in schedstats (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Make schedstats helpers independent of fair sched class (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Make struct sched_statistics independent of fair sched class (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Use __schedstat_set() in set_next_entity() (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- kselftests/sched: cleanup the child processes (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Add document for burstable CFS bandwidth (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Add cfs bandwidth burst statistics (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- fs/proc/uptime.c: Fix idle time reporting in /proc/uptime (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Switch wait_task_inactive to HRTIMER_MODE_REL_HARD (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/core: Simplify core-wide task selection (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Trigger nohz.next_balance updates when a CPU goes NOHZ-idle (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched/fair: Add NOHZ balancer flag for nohz.next_balance updates (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: adjust sleeper credit for SCHED_IDLE entities (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: reduce sched slice for SCHED_IDLE entities (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- sched: Account number of SCHED_IDLE entities on each cfs_rq (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- wait: use LIST_HEAD_INIT() to initialize wait_queue_head (Phil Auld) [2020279]
- kthread: Move prio/affinite change into the newly created thread (Phil Auld) [2020279]

* Tue Dec 21 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-36.el9]
- drivers: base: cacheinfo: Get rid of DEFINE_SMP_CALL_CACHE_FUNCTION() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2031644]
- hugetlbfs: flush TLBs correctly after huge_pmd_unshare (Rafael Aquini) [2026378] {CVE-2021-4002}
- bareudp: Add extack support to bareudp_configure() (Guillaume Nault) [2032483]
- bareudp: Move definition of struct bareudp_conf to bareudp.c (Guillaume Nault) [2032483]
- bareudp: Remove bareudp_dev_create() (Guillaume Nault) [2032483]
- scsi: core: Fix shost->cmd_per_lun calculation in scsi_add_host_with_dma() (Cathy Avery) [2030468]
- net: fix GRO skb truesize update (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- sk_buff: avoid potentially clearing 'slow_gro' field (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- veth: use skb_prepare_for_gro() (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- skbuff: allow 'slow_gro' for skb carring sock reference (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- net: optimize GRO for the common case. (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- sk_buff: track extension status in slow_gro (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- sk_buff: track dst status in slow_gro (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- sk_buff: introduce 'slow_gro' flags (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- selftests: net: veth: add tests for set_channel (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- veth: create by default nr_possible_cpus queues (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- veth: implement support for set_channel ethtool op (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- veth: factor out initialization helper (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- veth: always report zero combined channels (Paolo Abeni) [2028927]
- [kernel] bpf: set default value for bpf_jit_harden (Jiri Olsa) [2028734]
- scsi: ibmvfc: Fix up duplicate response detection (Steve Best) [2028709]
- kabi: Add kABI macros for enum type (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: expand and clarify documentation of aux structs (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: introduce RH_KABI_USE_AUX_PTR (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: rename RH_KABI_SIZE_AND_EXTEND to AUX (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: more consistent _RH_KABI_SIZE_AND_EXTEND (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: use fixed field name for extended part (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: fix dereference in RH_KABI_CHECK_EXT (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: fix RH_KABI_SET_SIZE macro (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: expand and clarify documentation (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: make RH_KABI_USE replace any number of reserved fields (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: rename RH_KABI_USE2 to RH_KABI_USE_SPLIT (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: change RH_KABI_REPLACE2 to RH_KABI_REPLACE_SPLIT (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: change RH_KABI_REPLACE_UNSAFE to RH_KABI_BROKEN_REPLACE (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: introduce RH_KABI_ADD_MODIFIER (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: Include kconfig.h (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: macros for intentional kABI breakage (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: fix the note about terminating semicolon (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]
- kabi: introduce RH_KABI_HIDE_INCLUDE and RH_KABI_FAKE_INCLUDE (Čestmír Kalina) [2024595]

* Mon Dec 20 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-35.el9]
- drm/hyperv: Fix device removal on Gen1 VMs (Mohammed Gamal) [2018067]
- wireguard: device: reset peer src endpoint when netns exits (Hangbin Liu) [1967796]
- nvmet: use IOCB_NOWAIT only if the filesystem supports it (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: fix incomplete data digest send (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: fix memory leak when performing a controller reset (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: add an helper to free the cmd buffers (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: fix a race condition between release_queue and io_work (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: fix use-after-free when a port is removed (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-rdma: fix use-after-free when a port is removed (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: fix use-after-free when a port is removed (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: fix header digest verification (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: fix data digest pointer calculation (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet-tcp: fix a memory leak when releasing a queue (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: fix a width vs precision bug in nvmet_subsys_attr_serial_show() (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: fixup buffer overrun in nvmet_subsys_attr_serial() (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: return bool from nvmet_passthru_ctrl and nvmet_is_passthru_req (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: looks at the passthrough controller when initializing CAP (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: check that host sqsize does not exceed ctrl MQES (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: avoid duplicate qid in connect cmd (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: pass back cntlid on successful completion (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvmet: remove redundant assignments of variable status (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-fabrics: ignore invalid fast_io_fail_tmo values (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: fix memory leak when freeing a queue (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: validate R2T PDU in nvme_tcp_handle_r2t() (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: fix data digest pointer calculation (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: fix possible req->offset corruption (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: fix H2CData PDU send accounting (again) (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme: fix per-namespace chardev deletion (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme: keep ctrl->namespaces ordered (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: fix incorrect h2cdata pdu offset accounting (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: fix io_work priority inversion (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-multipath: fix ANA state updates when a namespace is not present (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme: update keep alive interval when kato is modified (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: Do not reset transport on data digest errors (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-rdma: don't update queue count when failing to set io queues (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: don't update queue count when failing to set io queues (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: pair send_mutex init with destroy (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- nvme-tcp: don't check blk_mq_tag_to_rq when receiving pdu data (Chris Leech) [2022054]
- ovl: fix missing negative dentry check in ovl_rename() (Miklos Szeredi) [2011181]
- selftests/bpf/xdp_redirect_multi: Limit the tests in netns (Hangbin Liu) [2008895]
- selftests/bpf/xdp_redirect_multi: Give tcpdump a chance to terminate cleanly (Hangbin Liu) [2008895]
- selftests/bpf/xdp_redirect_multi: Use arping to accurate the arp number (Hangbin Liu) [2008895]
- selftests/bpf/xdp_redirect_multi: Put the logs to tmp folder (Hangbin Liu) [2008895]

* Sat Dec 18 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-34.el9]
- nvdimm/pmem: cleanup the disk if pmem_release_disk() is yet assigned (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvdimm/pmem: stop using q_usage_count as external pgmap refcount (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- libnvdimm/pmem: Fix crash triggered when I/O in-flight during unbind (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvdimm/pmem: fix creating the dax group (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- md: fix a lock order reversal in md_alloc (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- tools headers UAPI: Sync linux/fs.h with the kernel sources (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- Documentation: raise minimum supported version of GCC to 5.1 (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: Use pr_warn_once() for loop_control_remove() warning (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- zram: only make zram_wb_devops for CONFIG_ZRAM_WRITEBACK (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: call rq_qos_done() before ref check in batch completions (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix parameter not described warning (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: avoid to touch unloaded module instance when opening bdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Hold invalidate_lock in BLKRESETZONE ioctl (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Hold invalidate_lock in BLKZEROOUT ioctl (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Hold invalidate_lock in BLKDISCARD ioctl (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: don't insert FUA request with data into scheduler queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-cgroup: fix missing put device in error path from blkg_conf_pref() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: avoid to quiesce queue in elevator_init_mq (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- Revert "mark pstore-blk as broken" (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: cancel blk-mq dispatch work in both blk_cleanup_queue and disk_release() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix missing queue put in error path (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Check ADMIN before NICE for IOPRIO_CLASS_RT (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: fix filesystem I/O request allocation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blkcg: Remove extra blkcg_bio_issue_init (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: rename blk_attempt_bio_merge (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: don't grab ->q_usage_counter in blk_mq_sched_bio_merge (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix kerneldoc for disk_register_independent_access__ranges() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use enum type for blk_mq_alloc_data->rq_flags (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: Revert "bcache: use bvec_virt" (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ataflop: Add missing semicolon to return statement (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- floppy: address add_disk() error handling on probe (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ataflop: address add_disk() error handling on probe (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: update __register_blkdev() probe documentation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ataflop: remove ataflop_probe_lock mutex (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mtd/ubi/block: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/sunvdc: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- z2ram: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: Remove duplicate assignments (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- drbd: Fix double free problem in drbd_create_device (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: fix use-after-free problem in bcache_device_free() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- zram: replace fsync_bdev with sync_blockdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- zram: avoid race between zram_remove and disksize_store (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- zram: don't fail to remove zram during unloading module (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- zram: fix race between zram_reset_device() and disksize_store() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: error out if socket index doesn't match in nbd_handle_reply() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: Fix hungtask when nbd_config_put (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: Fix incorrect error handle when first_minor is illegal in nbd_dev_add (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: fix possible overflow for 'first_minor' in nbd_dev_add() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: fix max value for 'first_minor' (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/brd: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ps3vram: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ps3disk: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- zram: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: wait until quiesce is done (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- scsi: make sure that request queue queiesce and unquiesce balanced (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- scsi: avoid to quiesce sdev->request_queue two times (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: add one API for waiting until quiesce is done (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: don't free tags if the tag_set is used by other device in queue initialztion (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix device_add_disk() kobject_create_and_add() error handling (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: ensure cached plug request matches the current queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move queue enter logic into blk_mq_submit_bio() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: make bio_queue_enter() fast-path available inline (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: split request allocation components into helpers (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: have plug stored requests hold references to the queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: update hctx->nr_active in blk_mq_end_request_batch() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: add RQF_ELV debug entry (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: only try to run plug merge if request has same queue with incoming bio (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move RQF_ELV setting into allocators (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm: don't stop request queue after the dm device is suspended (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: replace always false argument with 'false' (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: assign correct tag before doing prefetch of request (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: fix redundant check of !e expression (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use new bdev_nr_bytes() helper for blkdev_{read,write}_iter() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add a loff_t cast to bdev_nr_bytes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- null_blk: Fix handling of submit_queues and poll_queues attributes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: ataflop: Fix warning comparing pointer to 0 (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: replace snprintf in show functions with sysfs_emit (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: move uapi header bcache.h to bcache code directory (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: ataflop: more blk-mq refactoring fixes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove support for cryptoloop and the xor transfer (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mtd: add add_disk() error handling (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- rnbd: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- um/drivers/ubd_kern: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- m68k/emu/nfblock: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- xen-blkfront: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm: add add_disk() error handling (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: aoe: fixup coccinelle warnings (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: remove bch_crc64_update (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: use bvec_kmap_local in bch_data_verify (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: remove the backing_dev_name field from struct cached_dev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: remove the cache_dev_name field from struct cache (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: move calc_cached_dev_sectors to proper place on backing device detach (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: fix error info in register_bcache() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: reserve never used bits from bkey.high (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- md: bcache: Fix spelling of 'acquire' (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- s390/dasd: fix possibly missed path verification (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- s390/dasd: fix missing path conf_data after failed allocation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- s390/dasd: summarize dasd configuration data in a separate structure (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- s390/dasd: move dasd_eckd_read_fc_security (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- s390/dasd: split up dasd_eckd_read_conf (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- s390/dasd: fix kernel doc comment (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- s390/dasd: handle request magic consistently as unsigned int (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: Fix use-after-free in pid_show (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: ataflop: fix breakage introduced at blk-mq refactoring (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: fix uaf in nbd_handle_reply() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: partition nbd_read_stat() into nbd_read_reply() and nbd_handle_reply() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: clean up return value checking of sock_xmit() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: don't start request if nbd_queue_rq() failed (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: check sock index in nbd_read_stat() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: make sure request completion won't concurrent (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: don't handle response without a corresponding request message (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mtip32xx: Remove redundant 'flush_workqueue()' calls (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- swim3: add missing major.h include (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sx8: fix an error code in carm_init_one() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pf: fix error codes in pf_init_unit() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pcd: fix error codes in pcd_init_unit() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- xtensa/platforms/iss/simdisk: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/ataflop: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/ataflop: provide a helper for cleanup up an atari disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/ataflop: add registration bool before calling del_gendisk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/ataflop: use the blk_cleanup_disk() helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- swim: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- swim: add a floppy registration bool which triggers del_gendisk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- swim: add helper for disk cleanup (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- swim: simplify using blk_cleanup_disk() on swim_remove() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- amiflop: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- floppy: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- floppy: fix calling platform_device_unregister() on invalid drives (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- floppy: use blk_cleanup_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- floppy: fix add_disk() assumption on exit due to new developments (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/swim3: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- rbd: add add_disk() error handling (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- cdrom/gdrom: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pf: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/sx8: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/rsxx: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pktcdvd: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mtip32xx: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pd: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pcd: capture errors on cdrom_register() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pcd: fix ordering of unregister_cdrom() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pcd: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pd: cleanup initialization (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pf: cleanup initialization (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pcd: cleanup initialization (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pcd: move the identify buffer into pcd_identify (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- n64cart: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- drbd: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- aoe: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- null_blk: poll queue support (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: simplify the block device syncing code (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- fat: use sync_blockdev_nowait (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- btrfs: use sync_blockdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- xen-blkback: use sync_blockdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove __sync_blockdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- fs: remove __sync_filesystem (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- cdrom: Remove redundant variable and its assignment (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- cdrom: docs: reformat table in Documentation/userspace-api/ioctl/cdrom.rst (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- drivers/cdrom: improved ioctl for media change detection (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- partitions/ibm: use bdev_nr_sectors instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- partitions/efi: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/ioctl: use bdev_nr_sectors and bdev_nr_bytes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: cache inode size in bdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- udf: use sb_bdev_nr_blocks (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- reiserfs: use sb_bdev_nr_blocks (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ntfs: use sb_bdev_nr_blocks (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- jfs: use sb_bdev_nr_blocks (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ext4: use sb_bdev_nr_blocks (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add a sb_bdev_nr_blocks helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it in blkdev_fallocate (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- squashfs: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- reiserfs: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- pstore/blk: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nilfs2: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nfs/blocklayout: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- jfs: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- hfsplus: use bdev_nr_sectors instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- hfs: use bdev_nr_sectors instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- fat: use bdev_nr_sectors instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- cramfs: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- btrfs: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- affs: use bdev_nr_sectors instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- fs: simplify init_page_buffers (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- fs: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it in blkdev_max_block (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- target/iblock: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvmet: use bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- md: use bdev_nr_sectors instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm: use bdev_nr_sectors and bdev_nr_bytes instead of open coding them (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- drbd: use bdev_nr_sectors instead of open coding it (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: remove bdev_sectors (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add a bdev_nr_bytes helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move the SECTOR_SIZE related definitions to blk_types.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq-debugfs: Show active requests per queue for shared tags (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: improve readability of blk_mq_end_request_batch() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- virtio-blk: Use blk_validate_block_size() to validate block size (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: Use blk_validate_block_size() to validate block size (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: Use blk_validate_block_size() to validate block size (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Add a helper to validate the block size (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: re-flow blk_mq_rq_ctx_init() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: prefetch request to be initialized (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: pass in blk_mq_tags to blk_mq_rq_ctx_init() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add rq_flags to struct blk_mq_alloc_data (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add async version of bio_set_polled (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: kill DIO_MULTI_BIO (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: kill unused polling bits in __blkdev_direct_IO() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: avoid extra iter advance with async iocb (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Add independent access ranges support (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: don't issue request directly in case that current is to be blocked (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sbitmap: silence data race warning (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-cgroup: synchronize blkg creation against policy deactivation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: refactor bio_iov_bvec_set() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add single bio async direct IO helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sched: make task_struct->plug always defined (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq-sched: Don't reference queue tagset in blk_mq_sched_tags_teardown() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix req_bio_endio append error handling (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-crypto: update inline encryption documentation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-crypto: rename blk_keyslot_manager to blk_crypto_profile (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-crypto: rename keyslot-manager files to blk-crypto-profile (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-crypto-fallback: properly prefix function and struct names (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: Use invalidate_disk() helper on disconnect (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: Remove the unnecessary bdev checks and unused bdev variable (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: Use invalidate_disk() helper to invalidate gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Add invalidate_disk() helper to invalidate the gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: kill extra rcu lock/unlock in queue enter (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- percpu_ref: percpu_ref_tryget_live() version holding RCU (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: convert fops.c magic constants to SHIFT_SECTOR (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: clean up blk_mq_submit_bio() merging (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: optimise boundary blkdev_read_iter's checks (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- fs: bdev: fix conflicting comment from lookup_bdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Fix blk_mq_tagset_busy_iter() for shared tags (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: cleanup the flush plug helpers (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: optimise blk_flush_plug_list (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: move blk_mq_flush_plug_list to block/blk-mq.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: only flush requests from the plug in blk_mq_submit_bio (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove inaccurate requeue check (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: inline a part of bio_release_pages() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't bloat enter_queue with percpu_ref (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: optimise req_bio_endio() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: convert leftovers to bdev_get_queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: turn macro helpers into inline functions (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: support concurrent queue quiesce/unquiesce (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: loop: clear NVME_CTRL_ADMIN_Q_STOPPED after admin queue is reallocated (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: paring quiesce/unquiesce (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: prepare for pairing quiescing and unquiescing (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: apply nvme API to quiesce/unquiesce admin queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: add APIs for stopping/starting admin queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block, bfq: fix UAF problem in bfqg_stats_init() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: inline fast path of driver tag allocation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: don't handle non-flush requests in blk_insert_flush (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: attempt direct issue of plug list (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: change plugging to use a singly linked list (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-wbt: prevent NULL pointer dereference in wb_timer_fn (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: align blkdev_dio inlined bio to a cacheline (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move blk_mq_tag_to_rq() inline (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: get rid of plug list sorting (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: return whether or not to unplug through boolean (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't call blk_status_to_errno in blk_update_request (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move bdev_read_only() into the header (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix too broad elevator check in blk_mq_free_request() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add support for blk_mq_end_request_batch() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sbitmap: add helper to clear a batch of tags (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add a struct io_comp_batch argument to fops->iopoll() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: provide helpers for rq_list manipulation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove some blk_mq_hw_ctx debugfs entries (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove debugfs blk_mq_ctx dispatched/merged/completed attributes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: cache rq_flags inside blk_mq_rq_ctx_init() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: blk_mq_rq_ctx_init cache ctx/q/hctx (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: skip elevator fields init for non-elv queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: store elevator state in request (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: only mark bio as tracked if it really is tracked (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: improve layout of struct request (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move update request helpers into blk-mq.c (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove useless caller argument to print_req_error() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't bother iter advancing a fully done bio (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: convert the rest of block to bdev_get_queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use bdev_get_queue() in blk-core.c (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use bdev_get_queue() in bio.c (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use bdev_get_queue() in bdev.c (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: cache request queue in bdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: handle fast path of bio splitting inline (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use flags instead of bit fields for blkdev_dio (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: cache bdev in struct file for raw bdev IO (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't allow writing to the poll queue attribute (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: switch polling to be bio based (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: define 'struct bvec_iter' as packed (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use SLAB_TYPESAFE_BY_RCU for the bio slab (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: rename REQ_HIPRI to REQ_POLLED (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- io_uring: don't sleep when polling for I/O (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: replace the spin argument to blk_iopoll with a flags argument (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: remove blk_qc_t_valid (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: remove blk_qc_t_to_tag and blk_qc_t_is_internal (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: factor out a "classic" poll helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: factor out a blk_qc_to_hctx helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- io_uring: fix a layering violation in io_iopoll_req_issued (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't try to poll multi-bio I/Os in __blkdev_direct_IO (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- direct-io: remove blk_poll support (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: only check previous entry for plug merge attempt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move CONFIG_BLOCK guard to top Makefile (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move menu "Partition type" to block/partitions/Kconfig (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: simplify Kconfig files (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove redundant =y from BLK_CGROUP dependency (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: improve batched tag allocation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sbitmap: add __sbitmap_queue_get_batch() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: optimise *end_request non-stat path (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: mark bio_truncate static (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move bio_get_{first,last}_bvec out of bio.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: mark __bio_try_merge_page static (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move bio_full out of bio.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fold bio_cur_bytes into blk_rq_cur_bytes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move bio_mergeable out of bio.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't include <linux/ioprio.h> in <linux/bio.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove BIO_BUG_ON (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: inline hot part of __blk_mq_sched_restart (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: inline hot paths of blk_account_io_*() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: merge block_ioctl into blkdev_ioctl (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move the *blkdev_ioctl declarations out of blkdev.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: unexport blkdev_ioctl (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't dereference request after flush insertion (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: cleanup blk_mq_submit_bio (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: cleanup and rename __blk_mq_alloc_request (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: pre-allocate requests if plug is started and is a batch (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: bump max plugged deferred size from 16 to 32 (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: inherit request start time from bio for BLK_CGROUP (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move blk-throtl fast path inline (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Change shared sbitmap naming to shared tags (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Stop using pointers for blk_mq_tags bitmap tags (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Use shared tags for shared sbitmap support (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Refactor and rename blk_mq_free_map_and_{requests->rqs}() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Add blk_mq_alloc_map_and_rqs() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Add blk_mq_tag_update_sched_shared_sbitmap() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Don't clear driver tags own mapping (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Pass driver tags to blk_mq_clear_rq_mapping() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq-sched: Rename blk_mq_sched_free_{requests -> rqs}() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq-sched: Rename blk_mq_sched_alloc_{tags -> map_and_rqs}() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Invert check in blk_mq_update_nr_requests() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Relocate shared sbitmap resize in blk_mq_update_nr_requests() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Rename BLKDEV_MAX_RQ -> BLKDEV_DEFAULT_RQ (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Change rqs check in blk_mq_free_rqs() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: print the current process in handle_bad_sector (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/mq-deadline: Prioritize high-priority requests (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/mq-deadline: Stop using per-CPU counters (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/mq-deadline: Add an invariant check (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/mq-deadline: Improve request accounting further (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move struct request to blk-mq.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move integrity handling out of <linux/blkdev.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move a few merge helpers out of <linux/blkdev.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: drop unused includes in <linux/genhd.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: drop unused includes in <linux/blkdev.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move elevator.h to block/ (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove the struct blk_queue_ctx forward declaration (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove the cmd_size field from struct request_queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove the unused blk_queue_state enum (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove the unused rq_end_sector macro (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sched: move the <linux/blkdev.h> include out of kernel/sched/sched.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- kernel: remove spurious blkdev.h includes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- arch: remove spurious blkdev.h includes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mm: remove spurious blkdev.h includes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mm: don't include <linux/blkdev.h> in <linux/backing-dev.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mm: don't include <linux/blk-cgroup.h> in <linux/backing-dev.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mm: don't include <linux/blk-cgroup.h> in <linux/writeback.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: nbd: add sanity check for first_minor (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mmc: core: Store pointer to bio_crypt_ctx in mmc_request (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- iomap: simplify iomap_add_to_ioend (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- iomap: simplify iomap_readpage_actor (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- io_uring: don't halt iopoll too early (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Fix partition check for host-aware zoned block devices (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: schedule queue restart after BLK_STS_ZONE_RESOURCE (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: drain queue after disk is removed from sysfs (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix incorrect references to disk objects (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-cgroup: blk_cgroup_bio_start() should use irq-safe operations on blkg->iostat_cpu (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block, bfq: reset last_bfqq_created on group change (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: warn when putting the final reference on a registered disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- brd: reduce the brd_devices_mutex scope (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- kyber: avoid q->disk dereferences in trace points (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: keep q_usage_counter in atomic mode after del_gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: drain file system I/O on del_gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: split bio_queue_enter from blk_queue_enter (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: factor out a blk_try_enter_queue helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: call submit_bio_checks under q_usage_counter (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/rnbd-clt-sysfs: fix a couple uninitialized variable bugs (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: decode QUEUE_FLAG_HCTX_ACTIVE in debugfs output (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: genhd: fix double kfree() in __alloc_disk_node() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: use shifts rather than multiplies (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- Revert "block, bfq: honor already-setup queue merges" (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: hold ->invalidate_lock in blkdev_fallocate (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blktrace: Fix uaf in blk_trace access after removing by sysfs (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: don't call rq_qos_ops->done_bio if the bio isn't tracked (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-cgroup: fix UAF by grabbing blkcg lock before destroying blkg pd (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blkcg: fix memory leak in blk_iolatency_init (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: flush the integrity workqueue in blk_integrity_unregister (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: check if a profile is actually registered in blk_integrity_unregister (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: avoid to iterate over stale request (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- n64cart: fix return value check in n64cart_probe() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: allow 4x BLK_MAX_REQUEST_COUNT at blk_plug for multiple_queues (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move fs/block_dev.c to block/bdev.c (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: split out operations on block special files (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-throttle: fix UAF by deleteing timer in blk_throtl_exit() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: genhd: don't call blkdev_show() with major_names_lock held (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- cdrom: update uniform CD-ROM maintainership in MAINTAINERS file (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: reduce the loop_ctl_mutex scope (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bio: fix kerneldoc documentation for bio_alloc_kiocb() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block, bfq: honor already-setup queue merges (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/mq-deadline: Move dd_queued() to fix defined but not used warning (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bio: improve kerneldoc documentation for bio_alloc_kiocb() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: provide bio_clear_hipri() helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use the percpu bio cache in __blkdev_direct_IO (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- io_uring: enable use of bio alloc cache (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: clear BIO_PERCPU_CACHE flag if polling isn't supported (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bio: add allocation cache abstraction (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- fs: add kiocb alloc cache flag (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bio: optimize initialization of a bio (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- Revert "floppy: reintroduce O_NDELAY fix" (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: remove nbd->destroy_complete (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: only return usable devices from nbd_find_unused (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: set nbd->index before releasing nbd_index_mutex (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: prevent IDR lookups from finding partially initialized devices (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: reset NBD to NULL when restarting in nbd_genl_connect (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: add missing locking to the nbd_dev_add error path (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- params: lift param_set_uint_minmax to common code (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: reduce the nbd_index_mutex scope (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: refactor device search and allocation in nbd_genl_connect (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: return the allocated nbd_device from nbd_dev_add (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: remove nbd_del_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: refactor device removal (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: do del_gendisk() asynchronously for NBD_DESTROY_ON_DISCONNECT (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nbd: add the check to prevent overflow in __nbd_ioctl() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- xen-blkfront: Remove redundant assignment to variable err (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/rnbd: Use sysfs_emit instead of s*printf function for sysfs show (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block/rnbd-clt: Use put_cpu_ptr after get_cpu_ptr (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sg: pass the device name to blk_trace_setup (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block, bfq: cleanup the repeated declaration (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-crypto: fix check for too-large dun_bytes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-zoned: allow BLKREPORTZONE without CAP_SYS_ADMIN (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-zoned: allow zone management send operations without CAP_SYS_ADMIN (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: mark blkdev_fsync static (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: refine the disk_live check in del_gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mmc: sdhci-tegra: Enable MMC_CAP2_ALT_GPT_TEGRA (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mmc: block: Support alternative_gpt_sector() operation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- partitions/efi: Support non-standard GPT location (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Add alternative_gpt_sector() operation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bio: fix page leak bio_add_hw_page failure (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove CONFIG_DEBUG_BLOCK_EXT_DEVT (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove a pointless call to MINOR() in device_add_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- null_blk: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- virtio_blk: add error handling support for add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add error handling for device_add_disk / add_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: return errors from disk_alloc_events (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: return errors from blk_integrity_add (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: call blk_register_queue earlier in device_add_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: call blk_integrity_add earlier in device_add_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: create the bdi link earlier in device_add_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: call bdev_add later in device_add_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fold register_disk into device_add_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add a sanity check for a live disk in del_gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add an explicit ->disk backpointer to the request_queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: hold a request_queue reference for the lifetime of struct gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: pass a request_queue to __blk_alloc_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove the minors argument to __alloc_disk_node (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove alloc_disk and alloc_disk_node (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: cleanup the lockdep handling in *alloc_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sg: do not allocate a gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- st: do not allocate a gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: use blk_mq_alloc_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add back the bd_holder_dir reference in bd_link_disk_holder (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix default IO priority handling (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: Introduce IOPRIO_NR_LEVELS (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: fix IOPRIO_PRIO_CLASS() and IOPRIO_PRIO_VALUE() macros (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: change ioprio_valid() to an inline function (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: improve ioprio class description comment (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: bfq: fix bfq_set_next_ioprio_data() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: unexport blk_register_queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-cgroup: stop using seq_get_buf (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-cgroup: refactor blkcg_print_stat (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dcssblk: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dasd: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ps3vram: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ubd: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sd: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- virtio_blk: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- rbd: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- squashfs: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm-integrity: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm-ebs: use bvec_virt (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm: make EBS depend on !HIGHMEM (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use bvec_virt in bio_integrity_{process,free} (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bvec: add a bvec_virt helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: ensure the bdi is freed after inode_detach_wb (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: free the extended dev_t minor later (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-throtl: optimize IOPS throttle for large IO scenarios (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: pass a gendisk to bdev_resize_partition (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: pass a gendisk to bdev_del_partition (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: pass a gendisk to bdev_add_partition (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: store a gendisk in struct parsed_partitions (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove GENHD_FL_UP (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: move the del_gendisk call out of bcache_device_free (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bcache: add proper error unwinding in bcache_device_init (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- sx8: use the internal state machine to check if del_gendisk needs to be called (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: replace the GENHD_FL_UP check in nvme_mpath_shutdown_disk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- nvme: remove the GENHD_FL_UP check in nvme_ns_remove (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mmc: block: cleanup gendisk creation (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- mmc: block: let device_add_disk create disk attributes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move some macros to blkdev.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: return ELEVATOR_DISCARD_MERGE if possible (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove the bd_bdi in struct block_device (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: move the bdi from the request_queue to the gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add a queue_has_disk helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: pass a gendisk to blk_queue_update_readahead (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove support for delayed queue registrations (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm: delay registering the gendisk (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm: move setting md->type into dm_setup_md_queue (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm: cleanup cleanup_mapped_device (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: support delayed holder registration (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: look up holders by bdev (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove the extra kobject reference in bd_link_disk_holder (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: make the block holder code optional (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: Select I/O scheduler 'none' from inside add_disk() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- blk-mq: Introduce the BLK_MQ_F_NO_SCHED_BY_DEFAULT flag (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove blk-mq-sysfs dead code (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: raise media_change event (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add a helper to raise a media changed event (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: export diskseq in sysfs (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add ioctl to read the disk sequence number (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: export the diskseq in uevents (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: add disk sequence number (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove cmdline-parser.c (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove disk_name() (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: simplify disk name formatting in check_partition (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: simplify printing the device names disk_stack_limits (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use the %%pg format specifier in show_partition (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use the %%pg format specifier in printk_all_partitions (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: reduce stack usage in diskstats_show (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove bdput (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove bdgrab (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- loop: don't grab a reference to the block device (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: change the refcounting for partitions (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: allocate bd_meta_info later in add_partitions (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: unhash the whole device inode earlier (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: assert the locking state in delete_partition (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use bvec_kmap_local in bio_integrity_process (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use bvec_kmap_local in t10_pi_type1_{prepare,complete} (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use memcpy_from_bvec in __blk_queue_bounce (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use memcpy_from_bvec in bio_copy_kern_endio_read (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use memcpy_to_bvec in copy_to_high_bio_irq (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: rewrite bio_copy_data_iter to use bvec_kmap_local and memcpy_to_bvec (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: remove bvec_kmap_irq and bvec_kunmap_irq (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ps3disk: use memcpy_{from,to}_bvec (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- dm-writecache: use bvec_kmap_local instead of bvec_kmap_irq (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- rbd: use memzero_bvec (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- block: use memzero_page in zero_fill_bio (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bvec: add memcpy_{from,to}_bvec and memzero_bvec helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bvec: add a bvec_kmap_local helper (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- bvec: fix the include guards for bvec.h (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- MIPS: don't include <linux/genhd.h> in <asm/mach-rc32434/rb.h> (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- ioprio: move user space relevant ioprio bits to UAPI includes (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- Revert "virtio-blk: Add validation for block size in config space" (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- virtio-blk: remove unneeded "likely" statements (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- Revert "blk-mq: avoid to iterate over stale request" (Ming Lei) [2018403]
- Revert "block: return ELEVATOR_DISCARD_MERGE if possible" (Ming Lei) [2018403]

* Thu Dec 16 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-33.el9]
- s390/kexec: handle R_390_PLT32DBL rela in arch_kexec_apply_relocations_add() (Philipp Rudo) [2023155]
- s390/kexec_file: fix error handling when applying relocations (Philipp Rudo) [2023155]
- s390/kexec_file: print some more error messages (Philipp Rudo) [2023155]
- udp: Validate checksum in udp_read_sock() (Xin Long) [2026952]
- net: udp: correct the document for udp_mem (Xin Long) [2026952]
- net: udp6: replace __UDP_INC_STATS() with __UDP6_INC_STATS() (Xin Long) [2026952]
- net: prefer socket bound to interface when not in VRF (Xin Long) [2026952]
- udp6: allow SO_MARK ctrl msg to affect routing (Xin Long) [2026952]
- net: udp: annotate data race around udp_sk(sk)->corkflag (Xin Long) [2026952]
- net/ipv4/udp_tunnel_core.c: remove superfluous header files from udp_tunnel_core.c (Xin Long) [2026952]
- udp_tunnel: Fix udp_tunnel_nic work-queue type (Xin Long) [2026952]
- selftests: add a test case for mirred egress to ingress (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests/net: udpgso_bench_rx: fix port argument (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: net: test_vxlan_under_vrf: fix HV connectivity test (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: net: tls: remove unused variable and code (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests/net: Fix reuseport_bpf_numa by skipping unavailable nodes (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: net: switch to socat in the GSO GRE test (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: net: properly support IPv6 in GSO GRE test (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- kselftests/net: add missed test to Makefile (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- kselftests/net: add missed to Makefile (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- kselftests/net: add missed test to Makefile (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: udp: test for passing SO_MARK as cmsg (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests/net: update .gitignore with newly added tests (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: net: bridge: update IGMP/MLD membership interval value (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: lib: forwarding: allow tests to not require mz and jq (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- fcnal-test: kill hanging ping/nettest binaries on cleanup (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: net/fcnal: Test --{force,no}-bind-key-ifindex (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: nettest: Add --{force,no}-bind-key-ifindex (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: forwarding: Add IPv6 GRE hierarchical tests (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: forwarding: Add IPv6 GRE flat tests (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- testing: selftests: tc_common: Add tc_check_at_least_x_packets() (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- testing: selftests: forwarding.config.sample: Add tc flag (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: net: fib_nexthops: Wait before checking reported idle time (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftest: net: fix typo in altname test (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: add simple GSO GRE test (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests/net: allow GRO coalesce test on veth (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests/net: Use kselftest skip code for skipped tests (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- tools/net: Use bitwise instead of arithmetic operator for flags (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests: vrf: Add test for SNAT over VRF (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests/net: GRO coalesce test (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- selftests/net: remove min gso test in packet_snd (Hangbin Liu) [2025461]
- tipc: fix size validations for the MSG_CRYPTO type (Xin Long) [2020513] {CVE-2021-43267}
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_RD_ZSTD for rhel (Tao Liu) [2020132]
- powerpc/security: Use a mutex for interrupt exit code patching (Steve Best) [2019202]
- EDAC/mce_amd: Do not load edac_mce_amd module on guests (Aristeu Rozanski) [2000778]

* Thu Dec 16 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-32.el9]
- redhat: configs: explicitly unset CONFIG_DAMON (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: restrict CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG to 64 bit (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: remove CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG_SPARSE (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: remove CONFIG_X86_64_ACPI_NUMA dependency from CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memory-hotplug.rst: document the "auto-movable" online policy (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memory-hotplug.rst: fix wrong /sys/module/memory_hotplug/parameters/ path (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memory-hotplug.rst: fix two instances of "movablecore" that should be "movable_node" (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftest/vm: fix ksm selftest to run with different NUMA topologies (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmalloc: introduce alloc_pages_bulk_array_mempolicy to accelerate memory allocation (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: unify memcg stat flushing (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: flush stats only if updated (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/swapfile: fix an integer overflow in swap_show() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/gup: further simplify __gup_device_huge() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: add memcpy test that avoids out-of-bounds write (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- tools/testing/selftests/vm/split_huge_page_test.c: fix application of sizeof to pointer (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon/core-test: fix wrong expectations for 'damon_split_regions_of()' (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: khugepaged: skip huge page collapse for special files (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, thp: bail out early in collapse_file for writeback page (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmalloc: fix numa spreading for large hash tables (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/secretmem: avoid letting secretmem_users drop to zero (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/oom_kill.c: prevent a race between process_mrelease and exit_mmap (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: filemap: check if THP has hwpoisoned subpage for PMD page fault (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: hwpoison: remove the unnecessary THP check (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: page_alloc: skip bulk allocator for __GFP_ACCOUNT (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- secretmem: Prevent secretmem_users from wrapping to zero (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- Revert "mm/secretmem: use refcount_t instead of atomic_t" (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: exclude MEMBLOCK_NOMAP regions from kmemleak (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- Revert "memblock: exclude NOMAP regions from kmemleak" (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/thp: decrease nr_thps in file's mapping on THP split (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/secretmem: fix NULL page->mapping dereference in page_is_secretmem() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: fix incorrect memcg slab count for bulk free (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: fix potential use-after-free in slab_debugfs_fops (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: fix potential memoryleak in kmem_cache_open() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: fix mismatch between reconstructed freelist depth and cnt (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: fix two bugs in slab_debug_trace_open() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mempolicy: do not allow illegal MPOL_F_NUMA_BALANCING | MPOL_LOCAL in mbind() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: check memory total_size (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: fix CPUHP state to update node demotion order (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: add CPU hotplug to demotion #ifdef (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: optimize hotplug-time demotion order updates (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- userfaultfd: fix a race between writeprotect and exit_mmap() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/userfaultfd: selftests: fix memory corruption with thp enabled (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: exclude NOMAP regions from kmemleak (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- misc: fastrpc: Add missing lock before accessing find_vma() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: fix uninitialized use in overcommit_policy_handler (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_failure: fix the missing pte_unmap() call (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: always respect CONFIG_KASAN_STACK (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug: sync up latest migrate_reason to migrate_reason_names (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug: sync up MR_CONTIG_RANGE and MR_LONGTERM_PIN (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: fs: invalidate bh_lrus for only cold path (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/shmem.c: fix judgment error in shmem_is_huge() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon: don't use strnlen() with known-bogus source length (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: fix Kconfig check of CC_HAS_WORKING_NOSANITIZE_ADDRESS (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, hwpoison: add is_free_buddy_page() in HWPoisonHandlable() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: flush lruvec stats in the refault (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- netfilter: nf_tables: Fix oversized kvmalloc() calls (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: Fully initialize invalidate_lock, amend lock class later (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- tools/bootconfig: Define memblock_free_ptr() to fix build error (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: introduce saner 'memblock_free_ptr()' interface (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- bpf: Add oversize check before call kvcalloc() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- netfilter: ipset: Fix oversized kvmalloc() calls (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- bpf, mm: Fix lockdep warning triggered by stack_map_get_build_id_offset() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- tools headers UAPI: Sync files changed by new process_mrelease syscall and the removal of some compat entry points (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- arm64: kdump: Skip kmemleak scan reserved memory for kdump (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mempolicy: fix a race between offset_il_node and mpol_rebind_task (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/kmemleak: allow __GFP_NOLOCKDEP passed to kmemleak's gfp (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mmap_lock: change trace and locking order (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/page_alloc.c: avoid accessing uninitialized pcp page migratetype (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm,vmscan: fix divide by zero in get_scan_count (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/hugetlb: initialize hugetlb_usage in mm_init (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/hmm: bypass devmap pte when all pfn requested flags are fulfilled (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- arch: remove compat_alloc_user_space (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- compat: remove some compat entry points (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: simplify compat numa syscalls (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: simplify compat_sys_move_pages (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kexec: avoid compat_alloc_user_space (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kexec: move locking into do_kexec_load (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: migrate: change to use bool type for 'page_was_mapped' (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: migrate: fix the incorrect function name in comments (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: migrate: introduce a local variable to get the number of pages (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmstat: protect per cpu variables with preempt disable on RT (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/workingset: correct kernel-doc notations (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- percpu: remove export of pcpu_base_addr (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- MAINTAINERS: update for DAMON (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon: add user space selftests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon: add kunit tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- Documentation: add documents for DAMON (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon/dbgfs: support multiple contexts (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon/dbgfs: export kdamond pid to the user space (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon: implement a debugfs-based user space interface (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon: add a tracepoint (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon: implement primitives for the virtual memory address spaces (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/idle_page_tracking: make PG_idle reusable (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon: adaptively adjust regions (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/damon/core: implement region-based sampling (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: introduce Data Access MONitor (DAMON) (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kfence: test: fail fast if disabled at boot (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kfence: show cpu and timestamp in alloc/free info (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/secretmem: use refcount_t instead of atomic_t (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: introduce PAGEFLAGS_MASK to replace ((1UL << NR_PAGEFLAGS) - 1) (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: in_irq() cleanup (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- highmem: don't disable preemption on RT in kmap_atomic() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/early_ioremap.c: remove redundant early_ioremap_shutdown() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: don't allow executable ioremap mappings (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: move ioremap_page_range to vmalloc.c (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: remove redundant compound_head() calling (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: use helper zone_is_zone_device() to simplify the code (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: improved dynamic memory group aware "auto-movable" online policy (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: memory group aware "auto-movable" online policy (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- virtio-mem: use a single dynamic memory group for a single virtio-mem device (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- dax/kmem: use a single static memory group for a single probed unit (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- ACPI: memhotplug: use a single static memory group for a single memory device (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: track present pages in memory groups (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- drivers/base/memory: introduce "memory groups" to logically group memory blocks (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: introduce "auto-movable" online policy (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: track present early pages per zone (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- ACPI: memhotplug: memory resources cannot be enabled yet (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: remove nid parameter from remove_memory() and friends (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: remove nid parameter from arch_remove_memory() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memory_hotplug: use "unsigned long" for PFN in zone_for_pfn_range() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: memory_hotplug: cleanup after removal of pfn_valid_within() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: remove pfn_valid_within() and CONFIG_HOLES_IN_ZONE (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memory-hotplug.rst: complete admin-guide overhaul (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memory-hotplug.rst: remove locking details from admin-guide (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- Revert "memcg: enable accounting for pollfd and select bits arrays" (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- Revert "memcg: enable accounting for file lock caches" (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- Revert "mm/gup: remove try_get_page(), call try_get_compound_head() directly" (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- binfmt: a.out: Fix bogus semicolon (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: convert kmem_cpu_slab protection to local_lock (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: use migrate_disable() on PREEMPT_RT (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: protect put_cpu_partial() with disabled irqs instead of cmpxchg (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: make slab_lock() disable irqs with PREEMPT_RT (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: slub: make object_map_lock a raw_spinlock_t (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: slub: move flush_cpu_slab() invocations __free_slab() invocations out of IRQ context (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slab: split out the cpu offline variant of flush_slab() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: don't disable irqs in slub_cpu_dead() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: only disable irq with spin_lock in __unfreeze_partials() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: separate detaching of partial list in unfreeze_partials() from unfreezing (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: detach whole partial list at once in unfreeze_partials() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: discard slabs in unfreeze_partials() without irqs disabled (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: move irq control into unfreeze_partials() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: call deactivate_slab() without disabling irqs (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: make locking in deactivate_slab() irq-safe (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: move reset of c->page and freelist out of deactivate_slab() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: stop disabling irqs around get_partial() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: check new pages with restored irqs (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: validate slab from partial list or page allocator before making it cpu slab (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: restore irqs around calling new_slab() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: move disabling irqs closer to get_partial() in ___slab_alloc() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: do initial checks in ___slab_alloc() with irqs enabled (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: move disabling/enabling irqs to ___slab_alloc() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: simplify kmem_cache_cpu and tid setup (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: restructure new page checks in ___slab_alloc() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: return slab page from get_partial() and set c->page afterwards (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: dissolve new_slab_objects() into ___slab_alloc() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: extract get_partial() from new_slab_objects() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: remove redundant unfreeze_partials() from put_cpu_partial() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: don't disable irq for debug_check_no_locks_freed() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: allocate private object map for validate_slab_cache() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: allocate private object map for debugfs listings (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, slub: don't call flush_all() from slab_debug_trace_open() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/madvise: add MADV_WILLNEED to process_madvise() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmstat: remove unneeded return value (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmstat: simplify the array size calculation (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmstat: correct some wrong comments (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/percpu,c: remove obsolete comments of pcpu_chunk_populated() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests: vm: add COW time test for KSM pages (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests: vm: add KSM merging time test (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: KSM: fix data type (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests: vm: add KSM merging across nodes test (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests: vm: add KSM zero page merging test (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests: vm: add KSM unmerge test (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests: vm: add KSM merge test (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: correct kernel-doc notation (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: wire up syscall process_mrelease (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: introduce process_mrelease system call (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: make memblock_find_in_range method private (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mempolicy.c: use in_task() in mempolicy_slab_node() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mempolicy: unify the create() func for bind/interleave/prefer-many policies (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mempolicy: advertise new MPOL_PREFERRED_MANY (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/hugetlb: add support for mempolicy MPOL_PREFERRED_MANY (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/memplicy: add page allocation function for MPOL_PREFERRED_MANY policy (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mempolicy: add MPOL_PREFERRED_MANY for multiple preferred nodes (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mempolicy: use readable NUMA_NO_NODE macro instead of magic number (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: compaction: support triggering of proactive compaction by user (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: compaction: optimize proactive compaction deferrals (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, vmscan: guarantee drop_slab_node() termination (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: add 'else' to remove check_pending label (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: remove unneeded return value of kswapd_run() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: remove misleading setting to sc->priority (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: remove the PageDirty check after MADV_FREE pages are page_ref_freezed (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmpressure: replace vmpressure_to_css() with vmpressure_to_memcg() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: add sysfs interface to enable reclaim migration (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: never demote for memcg reclaim (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: Consider anonymous pages without swap (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: add helper for querying ability to age anonymous pages (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmscan: add page demotion counter (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: demote pages during reclaim (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: enable returning precise migrate_pages() success count (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/migrate: update node demotion order on hotplug events (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/numa: automatically generate node migration order (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests/vm/userfaultfd: wake after copy failure (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- userfaultfd: prevent concurrent API initialization (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- userfaultfd: change mmap_changing to atomic (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- hugetlb: fix hugetlb cgroup refcounting during vma split (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- hugetlb: before freeing hugetlb page set dtor to appropriate value (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- hugetlb: drop ref count earlier after page allocation (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- hugetlb: simplify prep_compound_gigantic_page ref count racing code (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: fix panic caused by __page_handle_poison() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: hwpoison: dump page for unhandlable page (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- doc: hwpoison: correct the support for hugepage (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: hwpoison: don't drop slab caches for offlining non-LRU page (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/hwpoison: fix some obsolete comments (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/hwpoison: change argument struct page **hpagep to *hpage (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/hwpoison: fix potential pte_unmap_unlock pte error (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/hwpoison: remove unneeded variable unmap_success (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/page_isolation: tracing: trace all test_pages_isolated failures (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/page_alloc.c: use in_task() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/page_alloc: make alloc_node_mem_map() __init rather than __ref (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/page_alloc.c: fix 'zone_id' may be used uninitialized in this function warning (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: stop poisoning raw allocations (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: introduce memmap_alloc() to unify memory map allocation (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/page_alloc: always initialize memory map for the holes (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: avoid corrupting memory in kasan_rcu_uaf (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: avoid corrupting memory in copy_user_test (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: clean up ksize_uaf (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: only do kmalloc_uaf_memset for generic mode (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: disable kmalloc_memmove_invalid_size for HW_TAGS (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: avoid corrupting memory via memset (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: avoid writing invalid memory (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kasan: test: rework kmalloc_oob_right (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/kasan: move kasan.fault to mm/kasan/report.c (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmalloc: fix wrong behavior in vread (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- lib/test_vmalloc.c: add a new 'nr_pages' parameter (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmalloc: remove gfpflags_allow_blocking() check (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/vmalloc: use batched page requests in bulk-allocator (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/sparse: clarify pgdat_to_phys (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- include/linux/mmzone.h: avoid a warning in sparse memory support (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/sparse: set SECTION_NID_SHIFT to 6 (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: sparse: remove __section_nr() function (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: sparse: pass section_nr to find_memory_block (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: sparse: pass section_nr to section_mark_present (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/bootmem_info.c: mark __init on register_page_bootmem_info_section (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/mremap: fix memory account on do_munmap() failure (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- remap_file_pages: Use vma_lookup() instead of find_vma() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/pagemap: add mmap_assert_locked() annotations to find_vma*() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: change fault_in_pages_* to have an unsigned size parameter (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm,do_huge_pmd_numa_page: remove unnecessary TLB flushing code (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: remove flush_kernel_dcache_page (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- scatterlist: replace flush_kernel_dcache_page with flush_dcache_page (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mmc: mmc_spi: replace flush_kernel_dcache_page with flush_dcache_page (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mmc: JZ4740: remove the flush_kernel_dcache_page call in jz4740_mmc_read_data (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests: Fix spelling mistake "cann't" -> "cannot" (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- selftests/vm: use kselftest skip code for skipped tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: make memcg->event_list_lock irqsafe (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: fix up drain_local_stock comment (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, memcg: save some atomic ops when flush is already true (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, memcg: remove unused functions (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: memcontrol: set the correct memcg swappiness restriction (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: replace in_interrupt() by !in_task() in active_memcg() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: cleanup racy sum avoidance code (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for ldt_struct objects (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for posix_timers_cache slab (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for signals (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for new namesapces and struct nsproxy (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for fasync_cache (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for file lock caches (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for pollfd and select bits arrays (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: enable accounting for mnt_cache entries (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: charge fs_context and legacy_fs_context (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: infrastructure to flush memcg stats (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memcg: switch lruvec stats to rstat (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, memcg: inline swap-related functions to improve disabled memcg config (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, memcg: inline mem_cgroup_{charge/uncharge} to improve disabled memcg config (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm, memcg: add mem_cgroup_disabled checks in vmpressure and swap-related functions (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: decide stat.st_blksize by shmem_is_huge() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: shmem_is_huge(vma, inode, index) (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: SGP_NOALLOC to stop collapse_file() on race (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: move shmem_huge_enabled() upwards (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: revert shmem's use of transhuge_vma_enabled() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: remove shrinklist addition from shmem_setattr() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: fix split_huge_page() after FALLOC_FL_KEEP_SIZE (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- huge tmpfs: fix fallocate(vanilla) advance over huge pages (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- shmem: shmem_writepage() split unlikely i915 THP (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- shmem: include header file to declare swap_info (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- shmem: remove unneeded function forward declaration (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- shmem: remove unneeded header file (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- shmem: remove unneeded variable ret (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- shmem: use raw_spinlock_t for ->stat_lock (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/gup: remove try_get_page(), call try_get_compound_head() directly (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/gup: small refactoring: simplify try_grab_page() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/gup: documentation corrections for gup/pup (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: gup: use helper PAGE_ALIGNED in populate_vma_page_range() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: gup: fix potential pgmap refcnt leak in __gup_device_huge() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: gup: remove useless BUG_ON in __get_user_pages() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: gup: remove unneed local variable orig_refs (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: gup: remove set but unused local variable major (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: delete unused get_kernel_page() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- include/linux/buffer_head.h: fix boolreturn.cocci warnings (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- fs, mm: fix race in unlinking swapfile (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- fs: inode: count invalidated shadow pages in pginodesteal (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- fs: drop_caches: fix skipping over shadow cache inodes (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- fs: update documentation of get_write_access() and friends (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- filesystems/locking: fix Malformed table warning (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- writeback: memcg: simplify cgroup_writeback_by_id (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- writeback: use READ_ONCE for unlocked reads of writeback stats (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- writeback: rename domain_update_bandwidth() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- writeback: fix bandwidth estimate for spiky workload (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- writeback: reliably update bandwidth estimation (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- writeback: track number of inodes under writeback (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- writeback: make the laptop_mode prototypes available unconditionally (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: remove irqsave/restore locking from contexts with irqs enabled (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: add kernel_misc_reclaimable in show_free_areas (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: report a more useful address for reclaim acquisition (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: fix corrupted page flag (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: remove unused code (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in PGD and P4D modifying tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in PUD modifying tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in PMD modifying tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in PTE modifying tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in migration and thp tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in soft_dirty and swap tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in protnone and devmap tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in leaf and savewrite tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: use struct pgtable_debug_args in basic tests (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm/debug_vm_pgtable: introduce struct pgtable_debug_args (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: ignore MAP_DENYWRITE in ksys_mmap_pgoff() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: remove VM_DENYWRITE (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- binfmt: remove in-tree usage of MAP_DENYWRITE (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kernel/fork: always deny write access to current MM exe_file (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- kernel/fork: factor out replacing the current MM exe_file (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- binfmt: don't use MAP_DENYWRITE when loading shared libraries via uselib() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- ARM: 9115/1: mm/maccess: fix unaligned copy_{from,to}_kernel_nofault (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- net-memcg: pass in gfp_t mask to mem_cgroup_charge_skmem() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: Check memory add/cap ordering (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- memblock: Add missing debug code to memblock_add_node() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: don't allow oversized kvmalloc() calls (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: Add kvrealloc() (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: hide laptop_mode_wb_timer entirely behind the BDI API (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: Add functions to lock invalidate_lock for two mappings (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: Protect operations adding pages to page cache with invalidate_lock (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- mm: Fix comments mentioning i_mutex (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]
- exit/bdflush: Remove the deprecated bdflush system call (Rafael Aquini) [2023396]

* Tue Dec 14 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-31.el9]
- Disable CONFIG_DEBUG_PREEMPT to restore performance (Phil Auld) [2030877]
- tcp: seq_file: Avoid skipping sk during tcp_seek_last_pos (Paolo Abeni) [2028279]
- tcp: fix tp->undo_retrans accounting in tcp_sacktag_one() (Paolo Abeni) [2028279]
- tcp: md5: Fix overlap between vrf and non-vrf keys (Paolo Abeni) [2028279]
- tcp: don't free a FIN sk_buff in tcp_remove_empty_skb() (Paolo Abeni) [2028279]
- tcp: Fix uninitialized access in skb frags array for Rx 0cp. (Paolo Abeni) [2028279]
- tcp_cubic: fix spurious Hystart ACK train detections for not-cwnd-limited flows (Paolo Abeni) [2028279]
- Revert "ibmvnic: check failover_pending in login response" (Steve Best) [2010612]
- ibmvnic: check failover_pending in login response (Steve Best) [2010612]
- ibmvnic: check failover_pending in login response (Steve Best) [2010612]
- kernfs: don't create a negative dentry if inactive node exists (Ian Kent) [2004858]
- kernfs: also call kernfs_set_rev() for positive dentry (Ian Kent) [2004858]
- kernfs: dont call d_splice_alias() under kernfs node lock (Ian Kent) [2004858]
- kernfs: use i_lock to protect concurrent inode updates (Ian Kent) [2004858]
- kernfs: switch kernfs to use an rwsem (Ian Kent) [2004858]
- kernfs: use VFS negative dentry caching (Ian Kent) [2004858]
- kernfs: add a revision to identify directory node changes (Ian Kent) [2004858]
- drm/hyperv: Fix double mouse pointers (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1999697]
- Revert "watchdog: iTCO_wdt: Account for rebooting on second timeout" (Frantisek Sumsal) [2020918]
- watchdog: iTCO_wdt: Fix detection of SMI-off case (Frantisek Sumsal) [2020918]
- redhat/kernel.spec.template: enable dependencies generation (Eugene Syromiatnikov) [1975927]
- redhat: configs: Update configs for vmware (Kamal Heib) [1991676 2009344]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_DRM_VMWGFX on aarch64 (Michel Dänzer) [1992253]

* Mon Dec 13 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-30.el9]
- selftests: KVM: avoid failures due to reserved HyperTransport region (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Fix when shadow_root_level=5 && guest root_level<4 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: inhibit APICv when KVM_GUESTDBG_BLOCKIRQ active (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/xen: Fix get_attr of KVM_XEN_ATTR_TYPE_SHARED_INFO (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Use rw_semaphore for APICv lock to allow vCPU parallelism (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: test KVM_GUESTDBG_BLOCKIRQ (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- x86/sgx/virt: implement SGX_IOC_VEPC_REMOVE ioctl (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- x86/sgx/virt: extract sgx_vepc_remove_page (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Do not mark all registers as avail/dirty during RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Complete prefetch for trailing SPTEs for direct, legacy MMU (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: SVM: don't set VMLOAD/VMSAVE intercepts on vCPU reset (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: kvm: fix mismatched fclose() after popen() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: set CPUID before setting sregs in vcpu creation (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Unregister posted interrupt wakeup handler on hardware unsetup (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- Revert "x86/kvm: fix vcpu-id indexed array sizes" (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Cache CR3 in prev_roots when PCID is disabled (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Fix tlb flush for tdp in kvm_invalidate_pcid() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Don't reset mmu context when toggling X86_CR4_PGE (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Don't reset mmu context when X86_CR4_PCIDE 1->0 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: kvm_faultin_pfn has to return false if pfh is returned (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Drop a redundant, broken remote TLB flush (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Drop a redundant remote TLB flush in kvm_zap_gfn_range() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Take srcu lock in post_kvm_run_save() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: fix another issue with string I/O VMGEXITs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/xen: Fix kvm_xen_has_interrupt() sleeping in kvm_vcpu_block() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: switch pvclock_gtod_sync_lock to a raw spinlock (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- tools headers UAPI: Sync x86's asm/kvm.h with the kernel sources (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- tools headers UAPI: Sync linux/kvm.h with the kernel sources (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: kvm_stat: do not show halt_wait_ns (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: go over the sev_pio_data buffer in multiple passes if needed (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: keep INS functions together (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: remove unnecessary arguments from complete_emulator_pio_in (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: split the two parts of emulator_pio_in (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: clean up kvm_sev_es_ins/outs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: leave vcpu->arch.pio.count alone in emulator_pio_in_out (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: rename guest_ins_data to sev_pio_data (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV: Flush cache on non-coherent systems before RECEIVE_UPDATE_DATA (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: MMU: Reset mmu->pkru_mask to avoid stale data (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: promptly process interrupts delivered while in guest mode (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: check for interrupts before deciding whether to exit the fast path (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: reduce ghcb_sa_len to 32 bits (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Remove redundant handling of bus lock vmexit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: WARN if APIC HW/SW disable static keys are non-zero on unload (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- Revert "KVM: x86: Open code necessary bits of kvm_lapic_set_base() at vCPU RESET" (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: Set guest_state_protected after VMSA update (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: fix lazy allocation of rmaps (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV-ES: fix length of string I/O (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- kvm: fix objtool relocation warning (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Ensure all migrations are performed when test is affined (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Swap order of CPUID entry "index" vs. "significant flag" checks (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- x86/kvmclock: Move this_cpu_pvti into kvmclock.h (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: KVM: Don't clobber XMM register when read (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Fix a TSX_CTRL_CPUID_CLEAR field mask issue (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: KVM: Explicitly use movq to read xmm registers (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: KVM: Call ucall_init when setting up in rseq_test (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Remove tlbs_dirty (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Synchronize the shadow pagetable before link it (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Fix missed remote tlb flush in rmap_write_protect() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: nSVM: don't copy virt_ext from vmcb12 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: nSVM: test eax for 4K alignment for GP errata workaround (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: selftests: test simultaneous uses of V_IRQ from L1 and L0 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: nSVM: restore int_vector in svm_clear_vintr (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- kvm: x86: Add AMD PMU MSRs to msrs_to_save_all[] (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: nVMX: re-evaluate emulation_required on nested VM exit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: nVMX: don't fail nested VM entry on invalid guest state if !from_vmentry (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: VMX: synthesize invalid VM exit when emulating invalid guest state (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: nSVM: refactor svm_leave_smm and smm_enter_smm (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: SVM: call KVM_REQ_GET_NESTED_STATE_PAGES on exit from SMM mode (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: reset pdptrs_from_userspace when exiting smm (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: nSVM: restore the L1 host state prior to resuming nested guest on SMM exit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: KVM: Use cpumask_available() to check for NULL cpumask when kicking vCPUs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Clean up benign vcpu->cpu data races when kicking vCPUs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Create a separate dirty bitmap per slot (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Refactor help message for -s backing_src (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Change backing_src flag to -s in demand_paging_test (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV: Allow some commands for mirror VM (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV: Update svm_vm_copy_asid_from for SEV-ES (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: Fix nested bus lock VM exit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Identify vCPU0 by its vcpu_idx instead of its vCPUs array entry (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Query vcpu->vcpu_idx directly and drop its accessor (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- kvm: fix wrong exception emulation in check_rdtsc (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV: Pin guest memory for write for RECEIVE_UPDATE_DATA (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: fix missing sev_decommission in sev_receive_start (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SEV: Acquire vcpu mutex when updating VMSA (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: do not shrink halt_poll_ns below grow_start (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: fix comments of handle_vmon() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Handle SRCU initialization failure during page track init (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Remove defunct "nr_active_uret_msrs" field (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: KVM: Align SMCCC call with the spec in steal_time (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: KVM: Fix check for !POLLIN in demand_paging_test (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Clear KVM's cached guest CR3 at RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Mark all registers as avail/dirty at vCPU creation (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Add a test for KVM_RUN+rseq to detect task migration bugs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- tools: Move x86 syscall number fallbacks to .../uapi/ (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: rseq: Update rseq when processing NOTIFY_RESUME on xfer to KVM guest (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: kvm: fix get_run_delay() ignoring fscanf() return warn (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests: kvm: move get_run_delay() into lib/test_util (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests:kvm: fix get_trans_hugepagesz() ignoring fscanf() return warn (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- selftests:kvm: fix get_warnings_count() ignoring fscanf() return warn (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- tools: rename bitmap_alloc() to bitmap_zalloc() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Drop unused kvm_dirty_gfn_invalid() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Update vCPU's hv_clock before back to guest when tsc_offset is adjusted (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: MMU: mark role_regs and role accessors as maybe unused (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- x86/kvm: Don't enable IRQ when IRQ enabled in kvm_wait (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: stats: Add VM stat for remote tlb flush requests (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Remove unnecessary export of kvm_{inc,dec}_notifier_count() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Move lpage_disallowed_link further "down" in kvm_mmu_page (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Relocate kvm_mmu_page.tdp_mmu_page for better cache locality (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- Revert "KVM: x86: mmu: Add guest physical address check in translate_gpa()" (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Remove unused field mmio_cached in struct kvm_mmu_page (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- kvm: x86: Increase KVM_SOFT_MAX_VCPUS to 710 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- kvm: x86: Increase MAX_VCPUS to 1024 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- kvm: x86: Set KVM_MAX_VCPU_ID to 4*KVM_MAX_VCPUS (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: avoid running vmx_handle_exit_irqoff in case of emulation (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Don't freak out if pml5_root is NULL on 4-level host (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Add 5-level page table support for SVM (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Support shadowing NPT when 5-level paging is enabled in host (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Allow CPU to force vendor-specific TDP level (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: clamp host mapping level to max_level in kvm_mmu_max_mapping_level (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: implement KVM_GUESTDBG_BLOCKIRQ (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: split svm_handle_invalid_exit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Drop 'shared' param from tdp_mmu_link_page() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Add detailed page size stats (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Avoid collision with !PRESENT SPTEs in TDP MMU lpage stats (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Remove redundant spte present check in mmu_set_spte (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: stats: Add halt polling related histogram stats (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: stats: Add halt_wait_ns stats for all architectures (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Add checks for histogram stats bucket_size field (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: stats: Update doc for histogram statistics (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: stats: Support linear and logarithmic histogram statistics (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: AVIC: drop unsupported AVIC base relocation code (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: call avic_vcpu_load/avic_vcpu_put when enabling/disabling AVIC (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: move check for kvm_vcpu_apicv_active outside of avic_vcpu_{put|load} (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: avoid refreshing avic if its state didn't change (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: remove svm_toggle_avic_for_irq_window (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: hyper-v: Deactivate APICv only when AutoEOI feature is in use (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: add warning for mistmatch between AVIC vcpu state and AVIC inhibition (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: APICv: fix race in kvm_request_apicv_update on SVM (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: don't disable APICv memslot when inhibited (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: allow APICv memslot to be enabled but invisible (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: allow kvm_faultin_pfn to return page fault handling code (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: rename try_async_pf to kvm_faultin_pfn (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: bump mmu notifier count in kvm_zap_gfn_range (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: add comment explaining arguments to kvm_zap_gfn_range (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: fix parameters to kvm_flush_remote_tlbs_with_address (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- Revert "KVM: x86/mmu: Allow zap gfn range to operate under the mmu read lock" (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Introduce mmu_rmaps_stat per-vm debugfs file (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Introduce kvm_mmu_slot_lpages() helpers (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Allow to have arch-specific per-vm debugfs files (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: Unconditionally clear nested.pi_pending on nested VM-Enter (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Clean up redundant ROL16(val, n) macro definition (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Move declaration of kvm_spurious_fault() to x86.h (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Kill off __ex() and __kvm_handle_fault_on_reboot() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Hide VMCS control calculators in vmx.c (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Drop caching of KVM's desired sec exec controls for vmcs01 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: Pull KVM L0's desired controls directly from vmcs01 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: stats: remove dead stores (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Reset DR6 only when KVM_DEBUGREG_WONT_EXIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Set host DR6 only on VMX and for KVM_DEBUGREG_WONT_EXIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Remove unneeded KVM_DEBUGREG_RELOAD (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- x86: Fix typo s/ECLR/ELCR/ for the PIC register (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Move vcpu_args_set into perf_test_util (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: selftests: Support multiple slots in dirty_log_perf_test (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Rename __gfn_to_rmap to gfn_to_rmap (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Leverage vcpu->last_used_slot for rmap_add and rmap_recycle (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Leverage vcpu->last_used_slot in tdp_mmu_map_handle_target_level (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Cache the last used slot index per vCPU (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Move last_used_slot logic out of search_memslots (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: xen: do not use struct gfn_to_hva_cache (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/pmu: Introduce pmc->is_paused to reduce the call time of perf interfaces (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Optimize zapping rmap (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Optimize pte_list_desc with per-array counter (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: MMU: Tune PTE_LIST_EXT to be bigger (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: const-ify all relevant uses of struct kvm_memory_slot (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Don't take mmu_lock for range invalidation unless necessary (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Block memslot updates across range_start() and range_end() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nSVM: remove useless kvm_clear_*_queue (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Preserve guest's CR0.CD/NW on INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Drop redundant clearing of vcpu->arch.hflags at INIT/RESET (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Emulate #INIT in response to triple fault shutdown (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Move RESET-only VMWRITE sequences to init_vmcs() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Remove redundant write to set vCPU as active at RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Smush x2APIC MSR bitmap adjustments into single function (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Remove unnecessary initialization of msr_bitmap_mode (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Don't redo x2APIC MSR bitmaps when userspace filter is changed (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: Remove obsolete MSR bitmap refresh at nested transitions (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Remove obsolete MSR bitmap refresh at vCPU RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Move setting of sregs during vCPU RESET/INIT to common x86 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Don't _explicitly_ reconfigure user return MSRs on vCPU INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Refresh list of user return MSRs after setting guest CPUID (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Skip pointless MSR bitmap update when setting EFER (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Stuff save->dr6 at during VMSA sync, not at RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Drop redundant writes to vmcb->save.cr4 at RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Tweak order of cr0/cr4/efer writes at RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: Don't evaluate "emulation required" on nested VM-Exit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Skip emulation required checks during pmode/rmode transitions (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Process CR0.PG side effects after setting CR0 assets (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Skip the permission_fault() check on MMIO if CR0.PG=0 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Pull GUEST_CR3 from the VMCS iff CR3 load exiting is disabled (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: Do not clear CR3 load/store exiting bits if L1 wants 'em (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Fold ept_update_paging_mode_cr0() back into vmx_set_cr0() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Remove direct write to vcpu->arch.cr0 during vCPU RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Invert handling of CR0.WP for EPT without unrestricted guest (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Don't bother writing vmcb-> at vCPU RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Move EDX initialization at vCPU RESET to common code (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Consolidate APIC base RESET initialization code (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Open code necessary bits of kvm_lapic_set_base() at vCPU RESET (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Stuff vcpu->arch.apic_base directly at vCPU RESET (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Set BSP bit in reset BSP vCPU's APIC base by default (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Don't force set BSP bit when local APIC is managed by userspace (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Migrate the PIT only if vcpu0 is migrated, not any BSP (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Remove defunct BSP "update" in local APIC reset (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: WARN if the APIC map is dirty without an in-kernel local APIC (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Drop explicit MMU reset at RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Remove explicit MMU reset in enter_rmode() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Fall back to KVM's hardcoded value for EDX at RESET/INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Require exact CPUID.0x1 match when stuffing EDX at INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: VMX: Set EDX at INIT with CPUID.0x1, Family-Model-Stepping (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: SVM: Zero out GDTR.base and IDTR.base on INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: nVMX: Set LDTR to its architecturally defined value on nested VM-Exit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Flush the guest's TLB on INIT (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: APICv: drop immediate APICv disablement on current vCPU (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: enable TDP MMU by default (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: fast_page_fault support for the TDP MMU (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Make walk_shadow_page_lockless_{begin,end} interoperate with the TDP MMU (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Fix use of enums in trace_fast_page_fault (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Rename cr2_or_gpa to gpa in fast_page_fault (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Introduce kvm_get_kvm_safe() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- x86/kvm: remove non-x86 stuff from arch/x86/kvm/ioapic.h (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: X86: Add per-vm stat for max rmap list size (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Return old SPTE from mmu_spte_clear_track_bits() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Refactor shadow walk in __direct_map() to reduce indentation (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Hoist kvm_dirty_regs check out of sync_regs() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86/mmu: Mark VM as bugged if page fault returns RET_PF_INVALID (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: x86: Use KVM_BUG/KVM_BUG_ON to handle bugs that are fatal to the VM (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Export kvm_make_all_cpus_request() for use in marking VMs as bugged (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Add infrastructure and macro to mark VM as bugged (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: Get rid of kvm_get_pfn() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- KVM: arm64: Use get_page() instead of kvm_get_pfn() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- docs: kvm: properly format code blocks and lists (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]
- docs: kvm: fix build warnings (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2009338]

* Thu Dec 09 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-29.el9]
- posix-cpu-timers: Prevent spuriously armed 0-value itimer (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Unbreak hrtimer_force_reprogram() (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Use raw_cpu_ptr() in clock_was_set() (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- clocksource: Make clocksource watchdog test safe for slow-HZ systems (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- posix-cpu-timers: Recalc next expiration when timer_settime() ends up not queueing (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- posix-cpu-timers: Consolidate timer base accessor (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- posix-cpu-timers: Remove confusing return value override (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- posix-cpu-timers: Force next expiration recalc after itimer reset (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- posix-cpu-timers: Force next_expiration recalc after timer deletion (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- posix-cpu-timers: Assert task sighand is locked while starting cputime counter (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- posix-timers: Remove redundant initialization of variable ret (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Avoid more SMP function calls in clock_was_set() (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Avoid unnecessary SMP function calls in clock_was_set() (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Add bases argument to clock_was_set() (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- time/timekeeping: Avoid invoking clock_was_set() twice (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- timekeeping: Distangle resume and clock-was-set events (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- timerfd: Provide timerfd_resume() (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Force clock_was_set() handling for the HIGHRES=n, NOHZ=y case (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Ensure timerfd notification for HIGHRES=n (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Consolidate reprogramming code (Phil Auld) [2022896]
- hrtimer: Avoid double reprogramming in __hrtimer_start_range_ns() (Phil Auld) [2022896]

* Wed Dec 08 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-28.el9]
- rcu: Fix rcu_dynticks_curr_cpu_in_eqs() vs noinstr (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- efi: Change down_interruptible() in virt_efi_reset_system() to down_trylock() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- Documentation: core-api/cpuhotplug: Rewrite the API section (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- docs/core-api: Modify document layout (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- futex: Avoid redundant task lookup (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- futex: Clarify comment for requeue_pi_wake_futex() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup: Avoid compiler warnings with no subsystems (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- media/atomisp: Use lockdep instead of *mutex_is_locked() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- debugobjects: Make them PREEMPT_RT aware (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup/cpuset: Enable event notification when partition state changes (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup: cgroup-v1: clean up kernel-doc notation (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/semaphore: Add might_sleep() to down_*() family (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- static_call: Update API documentation (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- clocksource: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- smpboot: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- genirq/affinity: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- mm: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- thermal: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- md/raid5: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- perf/hw_breakpoint: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- perf/x86/intel: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- Documentation: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- Documentation/atomic_t: Document forward progress expectations (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- eventfd: Make signal recursion protection a task bit (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/atomic: simplify non-atomic wrappers (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup/cpuset: Fix violation of cpuset locking rule (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup/cpuset: Fix a partition bug with hotplug (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup/cpuset: Miscellaneous code cleanup (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Mark accesses to rcu_state.n_force_qs (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Print human-readable message for schedule() in RCU reader (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- cgroup: remove cgroup_mount from comments (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- doc: Update stallwarn.rst with recent changes (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/atomic: add generic arch_*() bitops (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/atomic: add arch_atomic_long*() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/atomic: centralize generated headers (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/atomic: remove ARCH_ATOMIC remanants (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/atomic: simplify ifdef generation (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Fix macro name CONFIG_TASKS_RCU_TRACE (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- scftorture: Avoid NULL pointer exception on early exit (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make check for reboot loops (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Add timestamps to output (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Don't use "test" command's "-a" argument (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make select per-scenario affinity masks (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Consistently name "qemu*" test output files (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Use numeric taskset argument in (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcutorture: Upgrade two-CPU scenarios to four CPUs (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make apply affinity (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Don't redirect qemu-cmd comment lines (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make select per-scenario affinity masks (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Put batch-creation awk script into a temp file (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locking/rwsem: Remove an unused parameter of rwsem_wake() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Explain why rcu_all_qs() is a stub in preemptible TREE RCU (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- Documentation/atomic_t: Document cmpxchg() vs try_cmpxchg() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Use per_cpu_ptr to get the pointer of per_cpu variable (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Remove useless "ret" update in rcu_gp_fqs_loop() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- scftorture: Add RPC-like IPI tests (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- tools/nolibc: Implement msleep() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- tools: include: nolibc: Fix a typo occured to occurred in the file nolibc.h (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Move call to PATH-aware scripts (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make skip kcsan.sum for build-only runs (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu-tasks: Fix synchronize_rcu_rude() typo in comment (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcuscale: Console output claims too few grace periods (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Protect directory trees from /tmp reaping (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Log more information (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make tolerate qemu-cmd comments (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make tolerate qemu-cmd comments (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu/doc: Add a quick quiz to explain further why we need smp_mb__after_unlock_lock() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Make rcu_gp_init() and rcu_gp_fqs_loop noinline to conserve stack (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Create KCSAN summaries for runs (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Enable KCSAN summaries over groups of torture-test runs (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Mark lockless ->qsmask read in rcu_check_boost_fail() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- srcutiny: Mark read-side data races (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locktorture: Count lock readers (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- locktorture: Mark statistics data races (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- docs: Fix a typo in Documentation/RCU/stallwarn.rst (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu-tasks: Mark ->trc_reader_special.b.need_qs data races (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu-tasks: Mark ->trc_reader_nesting data races (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu-tasks: Add comments explaining task_struct strategy (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Start timing stall repetitions after warning complete (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Do not disable GP stall detection in rcu_cpu_stall_reset() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu/tree: Handle VM stoppage in stall detection (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rculist: Unify documentation about missing list_empty_rcu() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Mark accesses in tree_stall.h (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- Documentation/RCU: Fix nested inline markup (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Mark accesses to ->rcu_read_lock_nesting (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- Documentation/RCU: Fix emphasis markers (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Weaken ->dynticks accesses and updates (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Remove special bit at the bottom of the ->dynticks counter (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu/nocb: Remove NOCB deferred wakeup from rcutree_dead_cpu() (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu/nocb: Start moving nocb code to its own plugin file (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcutorture: Preempt rather than block when testing task stalls (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Fix stall-warning deadlock due to non-release of rcu_node ->lock (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- rcu: Fix to include first blocked task in stall warning (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Make accept --do-all and --donone (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- torture: Add clocksource-watchdog testing to (Waiman Long) [2022806]
- refscale: Add measurement of clock readout (Waiman Long) [2022806]

* Tue Dec 07 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-27.el9]
- x86: change default to spec_store_bypass_disable=prctl spectre_v2_user=prctl (Wander Lairson Costa) [2002637]
- Enable PREEMPT_DYNAMIC for all but s390x (Phil Auld) [2019472]
- preempt: Restore preemption model selection configs (Phil Auld) [2019472]
- sched: Provide Kconfig support for default dynamic preempt mode (Phil Auld) [2019472]
- x86/sgx: Add TAINT_TECH_PREVIEW for virtual EPC (Wander Lairson Costa) [2025959]
- x86/sgx: mark tech preview (Wander Lairson Costa) [2025959]
- ipv6: When forwarding count rx stats on the orig netdev (Hangbin Liu) [2025457]
- ipv6: make exception cache less predictible (Hangbin Liu) [2025457]
- icmp: fix icmp_ext_echo_iio parsing in icmp_build_probe (Guillaume Nault) [2024572]
- net: prefer socket bound to interface when not in VRF (Guillaume Nault) [2024572]
- net: ipv4: Fix rtnexthop len when RTA_FLOW is present (Guillaume Nault) [2024572]
- nexthop: Fix memory leaks in nexthop notification chain listeners (Guillaume Nault) [2024572]
- nexthop: Fix division by zero while replacing a resilient group (Guillaume Nault) [2024572]
- ipv4: fix endianness issue in inet_rtm_getroute_build_skb() (Guillaume Nault) [2024572]
- crypto: ccp - Make use of the helper macro kthread_run() (Vladis Dronov) [1997595]
- crypto: ccp - Fix whitespace in sev_cmd_buffer_len() (Vladis Dronov) [1997595]
- crypto: ccp - fix resource leaks in ccp_run_aes_gcm_cmd() (Vladis Dronov) [1997595] {CVE-2021-3744 CVE-2021-3764}
- net/l2tp: Fix reference count leak in l2tp_udp_recv_core (Guillaume Nault) [2023271]
- scsi: megaraid: Clean up some inconsistent indenting (Tomas Henzl) [1879402]
- scsi: megaraid: Fix Coccinelle warning (Tomas Henzl) [1879402]
- scsi: megaraid_sas: Driver version update to 07.719.03.00-rc1 (Tomas Henzl) [1879402]
- scsi: megaraid_sas: Add helper functions for irq_context (Tomas Henzl) [1879402]
- scsi: megaraid_sas: Fix concurrent access to ISR between IRQ polling and real interrupt (Tomas Henzl) [1879402]
- tpm: ibmvtpm: Avoid error message when process gets signal while waiting (Štěpán Horáček) [1983089]
- char: tpm: cr50_i2c: convert to new probe interface (Štěpán Horáček) [1983089]
- char: tpm: Kconfig: remove bad i2c cr50 select (Štěpán Horáček) [1983089]

* Mon Dec 06 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-26.el9]
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_CEPH_FSCACHE (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: add a new metric to keep track of remote object copies (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- libceph, ceph: move ceph_osdc_copy_from() into cephfs code (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: clean-up metrics data structures to reduce code duplication (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: split 'metric' debugfs file into several files (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: return the real size read when it hits EOF (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: properly handle statfs on multifs setups (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: shut down mount on bad mdsmap or fsmap decode (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: fix mdsmap decode when there are MDS's beyond max_mds (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: ignore the truncate when size won't change with Fx caps issued (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: don't rely on error_string to validate blocklisted session. (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: just use ci->i_version for fscache aux info (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: shut down access to inode when async create fails (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: refactor remove_session_caps_cb (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: fix auth cap handling logic in remove_session_caps_cb (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: drop private list from remove_session_caps_cb (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: don't use -ESTALE as special return code in try_get_cap_refs (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: print inode numbers instead of pointer values (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: enable async dirops by default (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- libceph: drop ->monmap and err initialization (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: convert to noop_direct_IO (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: fix handling of "meta" errors (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: skip existing superblocks that are blocklisted or shut down when mounting (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: fix off by one bugs in unsafe_request_wait() (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: fix dereference of null pointer cf (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: drop the mdsc_get_session/put_session dout messages (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: lockdep annotations for try_nonblocking_invalidate (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: don't WARN if we're forcibly removing the session caps (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: don't WARN if we're force umounting (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: remove the capsnaps when removing caps (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: request Fw caps before updating the mtime in ceph_write_iter (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: reconnect to the export targets on new mdsmaps (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: print more information when we can't find snaprealm (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: add ceph_change_snap_realm() helper (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: remove redundant initializations from mdsc and session (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: cancel delayed work instead of flushing on mdsc teardown (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: add a new vxattr to return auth mds for an inode (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: remove some defunct forward declarations (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: flush the mdlog before waiting on unsafe reqs (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: flush mdlog before umounting (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: make iterate_sessions a global symbol (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: make ceph_create_session_msg a global symbol (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: fix comment about short copies in ceph_write_end (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]
- ceph: fix memory leak on decode error in ceph_handle_caps (Jeffrey Layton) [2017798]

* Fri Dec 03 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-25.el9]
- x86: Pin task-stack in __get_wchan() (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- x86: Fix __get_wchan() for !STACKTRACE (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- sched: Add wrapper for get_wchan() to keep task blocked (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- x86: Fix get_wchan() to support the ORC unwinder (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- proc: Use task_is_running() for wchan in /proc/$pid/stat (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- leaking_addresses: Always print a trailing newline (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- Revert "proc/wchan: use printk format instead of lookup_symbol_name()" (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- sched: Fill unconditional hole induced by sched_entity (Chris von Recklinghausen) [2022169]
- powerpc/bpf: Fix write protecting JIT code (Jiri Olsa) [2023618]
- vfs: check fd has read access in kernel_read_file_from_fd() (Carlos Maiolino) [2022893]
- Disable idmapped mounts (Alexey Gladkov) [2018141]
- KVM: s390: Fix handle_sske page fault handling (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: Simplify SIGP Set Arch handling (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: pv: avoid stalls when making pages secure (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: pv: avoid stalls for kvm_s390_pv_init_vm (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: pv: avoid double free of sida page (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: pv: add macros for UVC CC values (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/uv: fully validate the VMA before calling follow_page() (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/gmap: don't unconditionally call pte_unmap_unlock() in __gmap_zap() (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/gmap: validate VMA in __gmap_zap() (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: preserve deliverable_mask in __airqs_kick_single_vcpu (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: index kvm->arch.idle_mask by vcpu_idx (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: clear kicked_mask before sleeping again (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: Function documentation fixes (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/mm: fix kernel doc comments (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: s390: generate kvm hypercall functions (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/vfio-ap: replace open coded locks for VFIO_GROUP_NOTIFY_SET_KVM notification (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/vfio-ap: r/w lock for PQAP interception handler function pointer (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- KVM: Rename lru_slot to last_used_slot (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/uv: de-duplicate checks for Protected Host Virtualization (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/boot: disable Secure Execution in dump mode (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/boot: move uv function declarations to boot/uv.h (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- s390/boot: move all linker symbol declarations from c to h files (Thomas Huth) [1870686]
- redhat/configs: Remove CONFIG_INFINIBAND_I40IW (Kamal Heib) [1920720]

* Wed Dec 01 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-24.el9]
- perf test: Handle fd gaps in test__dso_data_reopen (Michael Petlan) [1937209]
- perf tests vmlinux-kallsyms: Ignore hidden symbols (Michael Petlan) [1975103]
- perf script: Fix PERF_SAMPLE_WEIGHT_STRUCT support (Michael Petlan) [2009378]
- redhat/kernel.spec.template: Link perf with --export-dynamic (Michael Petlan) [2006775]
- xfs: fix I_DONTCACHE (Carlos Maiolino) [2022435]
- virtio: write back F_VERSION_1 before validate (Thomas Huth) [2008401]
- net/tls: Fix flipped sign in tls_err_abort() calls (Sabrina Dubroca) [2022006]
- net/tls: Fix flipped sign in async_wait.err assignment (Sabrina Dubroca) [2022006]
- hyper-v: Replace uuid.h with types.h (Mohammed Gamal) [2008572]
- Drivers: hv: vmbus: Remove unused code to check for subchannels (Mohammed Gamal) [2008572]
- hv: hyperv.h: Remove unused inline functions (Mohammed Gamal) [2008572]
- asm-generic/hyperv: provide cpumask_to_vpset_noself (Mohammed Gamal) [2008572]
- asm-generic/hyperv: Add missing #include of nmi.h (Mohammed Gamal) [2008572]
- x86/hyperv: Avoid erroneously sending IPI to 'self' (Mohammed Gamal) [2008572]
- x86/hyperv: remove on-stack cpumask from hv_send_ipi_mask_allbutself (Mohammed Gamal) [2008572]
- [s390] net/smc: improved fix wait on already cleared link (Mete Durlu) [1869652]
- [s390] net/smc: fix 'workqueue leaked lock' in smc_conn_abort_work (Mete Durlu) [1869652]
- [s390] net/smc: add missing error check in smc_clc_prfx_set() (Mete Durlu) [1869652]
- cifs: enable SMB_DIRECT in RHEL9 (Ronnie Sahlberg) [1965209]
- scsi: mpt3sas: Clean up some inconsistent indenting (Tomas Henzl) [1876119]
- scsi: mpt3sas: Call cpu_relax() before calling udelay() (Tomas Henzl) [1876119]
- scsi: mpt3sas: Introduce sas_ncq_prio_supported sysfs sttribute (Tomas Henzl) [1876119]
- scsi: mpt3sas: Update driver version to (Tomas Henzl) [1876119]
- scsi: mpt3sas: Use firmware recommended queue depth (Tomas Henzl) [1876119]
- scsi: mpt3sas: Bump driver version to (Tomas Henzl) [1876119]
- scsi: mpt3sas: Add io_uring iopoll support (Tomas Henzl) [1876119]
- serial: 8250_lpss: Extract dw8250_do_set_termios() for common use (David Arcari) [1880032]
- serial: 8250_lpss: Enable DMA on Intel Elkhart Lake (David Arcari) [1880032]
- dmaengine: dw: Convert members to u32 in platform data (David Arcari) [1880032]
- dmaengine: dw: Simplify DT property parser (David Arcari) [1880032]
- dmaengine: dw: Remove error message from DT parsing code (David Arcari) [1880032]
- dmaengine: dw: Program xBAR hardware for Elkhart Lake (David Arcari) [1880032]
- vmxnet3: switch from 'pci_' to 'dma_' API (Kamal Heib) [2003297]
- vmxnet3: update to version 6 (Kamal Heib) [2003297]
- vmxnet3: increase maximum configurable mtu to 9190 (Kamal Heib) [2003297]
- vmxnet3: set correct hash type based on rss information (Kamal Heib) [2003297]
- vmxnet3: add support for ESP IPv6 RSS (Kamal Heib) [2003297]
- vmxnet3: remove power of 2 limitation on the queues (Kamal Heib) [2003297]
- vmxnet3: add support for 32 Tx/Rx queues (Kamal Heib) [2003297]
- vmxnet3: prepare for version 6 changes (Kamal Heib) [2003297]

* Mon Nov 29 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-23.el9]
- PCI/VPD: Defer VPD sizing until first access (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Use unaligned access helpers (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Clean up public VPD defines and inline functions (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- cxgb4: Use pci_vpd_find_id_string() to find VPD ID string (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Add pci_vpd_find_id_string() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Include post-processing in pci_vpd_find_tag() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Stop exporting pci_vpd_find_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Stop exporting pci_vpd_find_tag() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- scsi: cxlflash: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- cxgb4: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- cxgb4: Remove unused vpd_param member ec (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- cxgb4: Validate VPD checksum with pci_vpd_check_csum() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- bnxt: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- bnxt: Read VPD with pci_vpd_alloc() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- bnx2x: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- bnx2x: Read VPD with pci_vpd_alloc() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- bnx2: Replace open-coded byte swapping with swab32s() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- bnx2: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- sfc: falcon: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- sfc: falcon: Read VPD with pci_vpd_alloc() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- tg3: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- tg3: Validate VPD checksum with pci_vpd_check_csum() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- tg3: Read VPD with pci_vpd_alloc() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- sfc: Search VPD with pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- sfc: Read VPD with pci_vpd_alloc() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Add pci_vpd_check_csum() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Add pci_vpd_find_ro_info_keyword() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Add pci_vpd_alloc() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Treat invalid VPD like missing VPD capability (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Determine VPD size in pci_vpd_init() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Embed struct pci_vpd in struct pci_dev (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Remove struct pci_vpd.valid member (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Remove struct pci_vpd_ops (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Reorder pci_read_vpd(), pci_write_vpd() (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Remove struct pci_vpd.flag (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Make pci_vpd_wait() uninterruptible (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Remove pci_vpd_size() old_size argument (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Allow access to valid parts of VPD if some is invalid (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Don't check Large Resource Item Names for validity (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Reject resource tags with invalid size (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Treat initial 0xff as missing EEPROM (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Check Resource Item Names against those valid for type (Myron Stowe) [2021298]
- PCI/VPD: Correct diagnostic for VPD read failure (Myron Stowe) [2021298]

* Fri Nov 26 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-22.el9]
- Add automotive CI jobs (Michael Hofmann)
- sched/scs: Reset the shadow stack when idle_task_exit (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/fair: Null terminate buffer when updating tunable_scaling (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/fair: Add ancestors of unthrottled undecayed cfs_rq (Phil Auld) [1981743 1992256]
- cpufreq: schedutil: Destroy mutex before kobject_put() frees the memory (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/idle: Make the idle timer expire in hard interrupt context (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Prevent balance_push() on remote runqueues (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/fair: Mark tg_is_idle() an inline in the !CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED case (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/topology: Skip updating masks for non-online nodes (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Skip priority checks with SCHED_FLAG_KEEP_PARAMS (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Fix UCLAMP_FLAG_IDLE setting (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- cpufreq: schedutil: Use kobject release() method to free sugov_tunables (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/deadline: Fix missing clock update in migrate_task_rq_dl() (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/fair: Avoid a second scan of target in select_idle_cpu (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/fair: Use prev instead of new target as recent_used_cpu (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Introduce dl_task_check_affinity() to check proposed affinity (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Allow task CPU affinity to be restricted on asymmetric systems (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Split the guts of sched_setaffinity() into a helper function (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Introduce task_struct::user_cpus_ptr to track requested affinity (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Reject CPU affinity changes based on task_cpu_possible_mask() (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- cpuset: Cleanup cpuset_cpus_allowed_fallback() use in select_fallback_rq() (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- cpuset: Honour task_cpu_possible_mask() in guarantee_online_cpus() (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- cpuset: Don't use the cpu_possible_mask as a last resort for cgroup v1 (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Introduce task_cpu_possible_mask() to limit fallback rq selection (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Cgroup SCHED_IDLE support (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Don't report SCHED_FLAG_SUGOV in sched_getattr() (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/deadline: Fix reset_on_fork reporting of DL tasks (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/numa: Fix is_core_idle() (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: remove redundant on_rq status change (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched: Optimize housekeeping_cpumask() in for_each_cpu_and() (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/sysctl: Move extern sysctl declarations to sched.h (Phil Auld) [1992256]
- sched/debug: Don't update sched_domain debug directories before sched_debug_init() (Phil Auld) [1992256]

* Thu Nov 25 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-21.el9]
- clocksource: Increase WATCHDOG_MAX_SKEW (Waiman Long) [2017164]
- x86/hpet: Use another crystalball to evaluate HPET usability (Waiman Long) [2017164]
- scsi: target: Fix the pgr/alua_support_store functions (Maurizio Lombardi) [2023439]
- redhat: fix typo and make the output more silent for dist-git sync (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- x86: ACPI: cstate: Optimize C3 entry on AMD CPUs (David Arcari) [1998526]
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- scsi: lpfc: Allow fabric node recovery if recovery is in progress before devloss (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix link down processing to address NULL pointer dereference (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- scsi: lpfc: Allow PLOGI retry if previous PLOGI was aborted (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix use-after-free in lpfc_unreg_rpi() routine (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- scsi: lpfc: Correct sysfs reporting of loop support after SFP status change (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- scsi: lpfc: Wait for successful restart of SLI3 adapter during host sg_reset (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- scsi: lpfc: Revert LOG_TRACE_EVENT back to LOG_INIT prior to driver_resource_setup() (Dick Kennedy) [2021327]
- x86/Kconfig: Do not enable AMD_MEM_ENCRYPT_ACTIVE_BY_DEFAULT automatically (Prarit Bhargava) [2021200]
- ucounts: Move get_ucounts from cred_alloc_blank to key_change_session_keyring (Alexey Gladkov) [2018142]
- ucounts: Proper error handling in set_cred_ucounts (Alexey Gladkov) [2018142]
- ucounts: Pair inc_rlimit_ucounts with dec_rlimit_ucoutns in commit_creds (Alexey Gladkov) [2018142]
- ucounts: Fix signal ucount refcounting (Alexey Gladkov) [2018142]
- x86/cpu: Fix migration safety with X86_BUG_NULL_SEL (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2016959]
- ip6_gre: Revert "ip6_gre: add validation for csum_start" (Guillaume Nault) [2014993]
- ip_gre: validate csum_start only on pull (Guillaume Nault) [2014993]
- redhat/configs: enable KEXEC_IMAGE_VERIFY_SIG for RHEL (Coiby Xu) [1994858]
- redhat/configs: enable KEXEC_SIG for aarch64 RHEL (Coiby Xu) [1994858]
- kernel.spec: add bpf_testmod.ko to kselftests/bpf (Viktor Malik) [2006318 2006319]
- netfilter: Add deprecation notices for xtables (Phil Sutter) [1945179]
- redhat: Add mark_driver_deprecated() (Phil Sutter) [1945179]

* Tue Nov 23 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-20.el9]
- powerpc/svm: Don't issue ultracalls if !mem_encrypt_active() (Herton R. Krzesinski) [2025186]

* Fri Nov 19 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-19.el9]
- net: core: don't call SIOCBRADD/DELIF for non-bridge devices (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: bridge: fix ioctl old_deviceless bridge argument (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: bridge: fix ioctl locking (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- ethtool: Fix rxnfc copy to user buffer overflow (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: bonding: move ioctl handling to private ndo operation (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: bridge: move bridge ioctls out of .ndo_do_ioctl (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: socket: return changed ifreq from SIOCDEVPRIVATE (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: split out ndo_siowandev ioctl (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- dev_ioctl: split out ndo_eth_ioctl (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- dev_ioctl: pass SIOCDEVPRIVATE data separately (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- wan: cosa: remove dead cosa_net_ioctl() function (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- wan: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- ppp: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- sb1000: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- hippi: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- ip_tunnel: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- airo: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- hamradio: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- cxgb3: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- qeth: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- slip/plip: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: usb: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- fddi: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- eql: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- tehuti: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- hamachi: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- appletalk: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- bonding: use siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- tulip: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- phonet: use siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- bridge: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- hostap: use ndo_siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- staging: wlan-ng: use siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- staging: rtlwifi: use siocdevprivate (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: split out SIOCDEVPRIVATE handling from dev_ioctl (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: socket: rework compat_ifreq_ioctl() (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: socket: simplify dev_ifconf handling (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: socket: remove register_gifconf (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- net: socket: rework SIOC?IFMAP ioctls (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- ethtool: improve compat ioctl handling (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]
- compat: make linux/compat.h available everywhere (Ivan Vecera) [2008927]

* Thu Nov 18 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-18.el9]
- CI: Add template for baseline gcov build (c9s repos) (Michael Hofmann)
- PCI: vmd: depend on !UML (Myron Stowe) [1994932]
- PCI: vmd: Do not disable MSI-X remapping if interrupt remapping is enabled by IOMMU (Myron Stowe) [1994932]
- PCI: vmd: Assign a number to each VMD controller (Myron Stowe) [1994932]
- PCI: VMD: ACPI: Make ACPI companion lookup work for VMD bus (Myron Stowe) [1994932]
- swiotlb-xen: drop DEFAULT_NSLABS (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb-xen: arrange to have buffer info logged (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb-xen: drop leftover __ref (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb-xen: limit init retries (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb-xen: suppress certain init retries (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb-xen: maintain slab count properly (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb-xen: fix late init retry (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb-xen: avoid double free (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-debug: teach add_dma_entry() about DMA_ATTR_SKIP_CPU_SYNC (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-debug: fix sg checks in debug_dma_map_sg() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: fix the kerneldoc for dma_map_sgtable() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-debug: prevent an error message from causing runtime problems (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: fix the kerneldoc for dma_map_sg_attrs (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Drop "0x" prefix from PCI bus & device addresses (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Clarify default domain Kconfig (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Fix a deadlock in intel_svm_drain_prq() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Fix PASID leak in intel_svm_unbind_mm() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Remove iommu_init_ga() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Relocate GAMSup check to early_enable_iommus (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/io-pgtable: Abstract iommu_iotlb_gather access (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Add present bit check in pasid entry setup helpers (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Use pasid_pte_is_present() helper function (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Drop the kernel doc annotation (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Allow devices to have more than 32 outstanding PRs (Jerry Snitselaar) [1921363]
- iommu/vt-d: Preset A/D bits for user space DMA usage (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iomm/vt-d: Enable Intel IOMMU scalable mode by default (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Refactor Kconfig a bit (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Remove unnecessary oom message (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Update the virtual command related registers (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Allow enabling non-strict mode dynamically (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Merge strictness and domain type configs (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Only log strictness for DMA domains (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Expose DMA domain strictness via sysfs (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Express DMA strictness via the domain type (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Prepare for multiple DMA domain types (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Prepare for multiple DMA domain types (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Prepare for multiple DMA domain types (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Introduce explicit type for non-strict DMA domains (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/io-pgtable: Remove non-strict quirk (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Indicate queued flushes via gather data (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/dma: Remove redundant "!dev" checks (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/virtio: Drop IOVA cookie management (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Drop IOVA cookie management (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Drop IOVA cookie management (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Drop IOVA cookie management (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Pull IOVA cookie management into the core (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Remove stale amd_iommu_unmap_flush usage (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Use only natural aligned flushes in a VM (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Sync once for scatter-gather operations (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Tailored gather logic for AMD (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Factor iommu_iotlb_gather_is_disjoint() out (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Improve iommu_iotlb_gather helpers (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Do not use flush-queue when NpCache is on (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Selective flush on unmap (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Fix printing of IOMMU events when rate limiting kicks in (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Convert from atomic_t to refcount_t on pasid_state->count (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Fix missing unlock on error in arm_smmu_device_group() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Stop pre-zeroing batch commands (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Extract reusable function __arm_smmu_cmdq_skip_err() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Add and use static helper function arm_smmu_get_cmdq() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Add and use static helper function arm_smmu_cmdq_issue_cmd_with_sync() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Use command queue batching helpers to improve performance (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Optimize ->tlb_flush_walk() for qcom implementation (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Fix race condition during iommu_group creation (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Fix race condition during default domain allocation (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Add clk_bulk_{prepare/unprepare} to system pm callbacks (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Remove some unneeded init in arm_smmu_cmdq_issue_cmdlist() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Implement the map_pages() IOMMU driver callback (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Implement the unmap_pages() IOMMU driver callback (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/vt-d: Move clflush'es from iotlb_sync_map() to map_pages() (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/vt-d: Implement map/unmap_pages() iommu_ops callback (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/vt-d: Report real pgsize bitmap to iommu core (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu: Streamline iommu_iova_to_phys() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Remove mode argument from iommu_set_dma_strict() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- redhat/configs: Use new iommu default dma config options (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/amd: Add support for IOMMU default DMA mode build options (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/vt-d: Add support for IOMMU default DMA mode build options (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Enhance IOMMU default DMA mode build options (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Print strict or lazy mode at init time (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: Deprecate Intel and AMD cmdline methods to enable strict mode (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Implement the map_pages() IOMMU driver callback (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/arm-smmu: Implement the unmap_pages() IOMMU driver callback (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/io-pgtable-arm-v7s: Implement arm_v7s_map_pages() (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/io-pgtable-arm-v7s: Implement arm_v7s_unmap_pages() (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/io-pgtable-arm: Implement arm_lpae_map_pages() (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/io-pgtable-arm: Implement arm_lpae_unmap_pages() (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/io-pgtable-arm: Prepare PTE methods for handling multiple entries (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/io-pgtable: Introduce map_pages() as a page table op (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu/io-pgtable: Introduce unmap_pages() as a page table op (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu: Add support for the map_pages() callback (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu: Hook up '->unmap_pages' driver callback (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu: Split 'addr_merge' argument to iommu_pgsize() into separate parts (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu: Use bitmap to calculate page size in iommu_pgsize() (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu: Add a map_pages() op for IOMMU drivers (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- iommu: Add an unmap_pages() op for IOMMU drivers (Jerry Snitselaar) [1971978]
- swiotlb: use depends on for DMA_RESTRICTED_POOL (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Free tbl memory in swiotlb_exit() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Emit diagnostic in swiotlb_exit() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Convert io_default_tlb_mem to static allocation (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: add overflow checks to swiotlb_bounce (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: fix implicit debugfs declarations (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Add restricted DMA pool initialization (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- redhat/configs: Add CONFIG_DMA_RESTRICTED_POOL (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Add restricted DMA alloc/free support (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Refactor swiotlb_tbl_unmap_single (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Move alloc_size to swiotlb_find_slots (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Use is_swiotlb_force_bounce for swiotlb data bouncing (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Update is_swiotlb_active to add a struct device argument (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Update is_swiotlb_buffer to add a struct device argument (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Set dev->dma_io_tlb_mem to the swiotlb pool used (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Refactor swiotlb_create_debugfs (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- swiotlb: Refactor swiotlb init functions (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: make the global coherent pool conditional (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: add a dma_init_global_coherent helper (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: simplify dma_init_coherent_memory (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: allow using the global coherent pool for !ARM (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-direct: add support for dma_coherent_default_memory (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: return an unsigned int from dma_map_sg{,_attrs} (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: disallow .map_sg operations from returning zero on error (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: return error code from dma_dummy_map_sg() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- xen: swiotlb: return error code from xen_swiotlb_map_sg() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- s390/pci: don't set failed sg dma_address to DMA_MAPPING_ERROR (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- s390/pci: return error code from s390_dma_map_sg() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- powerpc/iommu: don't set failed sg dma_address to DMA_MAPPING_ERROR (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- powerpc/iommu: return error code from .map_sg() ops (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu/dma: return error code from iommu_dma_map_sg() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- iommu: return full error code from iommu_map_sg[_atomic]() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-direct: return appropriate error code from dma_direct_map_sg() (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-mapping: allow map_sg() ops to return negative error codes (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-debug: fix debugfs initialization order (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]
- dma-debug: use memory_intersects() directly (Jerry Snitselaar) [2004348]

* Tue Nov 16 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-17.el9]
- net: mana: Support hibernation and kexec (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Improve the HWC error handling (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Report OS info to the PF driver (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Fix the netdev_err()'s vPort argument in mana_init_port() (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Allow setting the number of queues while the NIC is down (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Fix error handling in mana_create_rxq() (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Use kcalloc() instead of kzalloc() (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Prefer struct_size over open coded arithmetic (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Add WARN_ON_ONCE in case of CQE read overflow (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Add support for EQ sharing (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- net: mana: Move NAPI from EQ to CQ (Mohammed Gamal) [2011883]
- PCI: hv: Fix sleep while in non-sleep context when removing child devices from the bus (Mohammed Gamal) [2008571]
- objtool: Remove redundant 'len' field from struct section (C. Erastus Toe) [2002440]
- objtool: Make .altinstructions section entry size consistent (C. Erastus Toe) [2002440]
- s390/topology: fix topology information when calling cpu hotplug notifiers (Phil Auld) [2003998]
- fs: remove leftover comments from mandatory locking removal (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- locks: remove changelog comments (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- docs: fs: locks.rst: update comment about mandatory file locking (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- Documentation: remove reference to now removed mandatory-locking doc (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- locks: remove LOCK_MAND flock lock support (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- fs: clean up after mandatory file locking support removal (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- fs: remove mandatory file locking support (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- fcntl: fix potential deadlock for &fasync_struct.fa_lock (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- fcntl: fix potential deadlocks for &fown_struct.lock (Jeffrey Layton) [2017438]
- KVM: s390: Enable specification exception interpretation (Thomas Huth) [2001770]
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_BCMGENET as module (Joel Savitz) [2011025]

* Fri Nov 12 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-16.el9]
- CI: Add template for baseline gcov build for RHEL (Israel Santana Aleman)
- redhat/configs: Enable Nitro Enclaves on Aarch64 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- nitro_enclaves: Add fixes for checkpatch blank line reports (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- nitro_enclaves: Add fixes for checkpatch spell check reports (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- nitro_enclaves: Add fixes for checkpatch match open parenthesis reports (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- nitro_enclaves: Update copyright statement to include 2021 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- nitro_enclaves: Add fix for the kernel-doc report (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- nitro_enclaves: Update documentation for Arm64 support (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- nitro_enclaves: Enable Arm64 support (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001582]
- redhat/configs: Enable Hyper-V support on ARM (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBOARD for AARCH64 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- Drivers: hv: Enable Hyper-V code to be built on ARM64 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- arm64: efi: Export screen_info (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- arm64: hyperv: Initialize hypervisor on boot (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- arm64: hyperv: Add panic handler (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- arm64: hyperv: Add Hyper-V hypercall and register access utilities (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- PCI: hv: Turn on the host bridge probing on ARM64 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- PCI: hv: Set up MSI domain at bridge probing time (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- PCI: hv: Set ->domain_nr of pci_host_bridge at probing time (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- PCI: hv: Generify PCI probing (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- arm64: PCI: Support root bridge preparation for Hyper-V (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- arm64: PCI: Restructure pcibios_root_bridge_prepare() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- PCI: Support populating MSI domains of root buses via bridges (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- PCI: Introduce domain_nr in pci_host_bridge (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- drivers: hv: Decouple Hyper-V clock/timer code from VMbus drivers (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- Drivers: hv: Move Hyper-V misc functionality to arch-neutral code (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- Drivers: hv: Add arch independent default functions for some Hyper-V handlers (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- Drivers: hv: Make portions of Hyper-V init code be arch neutral (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- asm-generic/hyperv: Add missing #include of nmi.h (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- PCI: hv: Support for create interrupt v3 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1949613]
- x86_64: Enable Elkhart Lake Quadrature Encoder Peripheral support (Prarit Bhargava) [1874997]

* Thu Nov 11 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-15.el9]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix memory overwrite during FC-GS I/O abort handling (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix gcc -Wstringop-overread warning, again (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Use correct scnprintf() limit (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix sprintf() overflow in lpfc_display_fpin_wwpn() (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix compilation errors on kernels with no CONFIG_DEBUG_FS (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix CPU to/from endian warnings introduced by ELS processing (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Improve PBDE checks during SGL processing (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Zero CGN stats only during initial driver load and stat reset (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix I/O block after enabling managed congestion mode (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Adjust bytes received vales during cmf timer interval (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix EEH support for NVMe I/O (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix FCP I/O flush functionality for TMF routines (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix NVMe I/O failover to non-optimized path (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Don't remove ndlp on PRLI errors in P2P mode (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix rediscovery of tape device after LIP (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix hang on unload due to stuck fport node (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix premature rpi release for unsolicited TPLS and LS_RJT (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Don't release final kref on Fport node while ABTS outstanding (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix list_add() corruption in lpfc_drain_txq() (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: fc: Add EDC ELS definition (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Copyright updates for patches (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add bsg support for retrieving adapter cmf data (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add cmf_info sysfs entry (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add debugfs support for cm framework buffers (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add support for maintaining the cm statistics buffer (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add rx monitoring statistics (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add support for the CM framework (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add cmfsync WQE support (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add support for cm enablement buffer (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add cm statistics buffer support (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add EDC ELS support (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Expand FPIN and RDF receive logging (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add MIB feature enablement support (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add SET_HOST_DATA mbox cmd to pass date/time info to firmware (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix possible ABBA deadlock in nvmet_xri_aborted() (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Remove redundant assignment to pointer pcmd (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Copyright updates for patches (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add 256 Gb link speed support (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Revise Topology and RAS support checks for new adapters (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix cq_id truncation in rq create (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Add PCI ID support for LPe37000/LPe38000 series adapters (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Copyright updates for patches (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Skip issuing ADISC when node is in NPR state (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Skip reg_vpi when link is down for SLI3 in ADISC cmpl path (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Call discovery state machine when handling PLOGI/ADISC completions (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Delay unregistering from transport until GIDFT or ADISC completes (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Enable adisc discovery after RSCN by default (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Use PBDE feature enabled bit to determine PBDE support (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Clear outstanding active mailbox during PCI function reset (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix KASAN slab-out-of-bounds in lpfc_unreg_rpi() routine (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Remove REG_LOGIN check requirement to issue an ELS RDF (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix memory leaks in error paths while issuing ELS RDF/SCR request (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix NULL ptr dereference with NPIV ports for RDF handling (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Keep NDLP reference until after freeing the IOCB after ELS handling (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix target reset handler from falsely returning FAILURE (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Discovery state machine fixes for LOGO handling (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix function description comments for vmid routines (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Improve firmware download logging (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Remove use of kmalloc() in trace event logging (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix NVMe support reporting in log message (Dick Kennedy) [1879528]

* Wed Nov 10 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-14.el9]
- evm: mark evm_fixmode as __ro_after_init (Bruno Meneguele) [2017160]
- IMA: remove -Wmissing-prototypes warning (Bruno Meneguele) [2017160]
- perf flamegraph: script improvements (Michael Petlan) [2010271]
- redhat/configs/evaluate_configs: insert EMPTY tags at correct place (Jan Stancek) [2015082]
- redhat/configs/evaluate_configs: walk cfgvariants line by line (Jan Stancek) [2015082]
- redhat/configs: create a separate config for gcov options (Jan Stancek) [2015082]
- redhat/kernel.spec.template: don't hardcode gcov arches (Jan Stancek) [2015082]
- i40e: fix endless loop under rtnl (Stefan Assmann) [1992939]
- selftests/bpf: Use nanosleep tracepoint in perf buffer test (Jiri Olsa) [2006310]
- selftests/bpf: Fix possible/online index mismatch in perf_buffer test (Jiri Olsa) [2006310]
- selftests/bpf: Fix perf_buffer test on system with offline cpus (Jiri Olsa) [2006310]
- KVM: x86: Fix stack-out-of-bounds memory access from ioapic_write_indirect() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1965145]
- selftest/bpf: Switch recursion test to use htab_map_delete_elem (Jiri Olsa) [2006313]

* Mon Nov 08 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-13.el9]
- futex: Remove unused variable 'vpid' in futex_proxy_trylock_atomic() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Prevent inconsistent state and exit race (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Initialize waiter.ww_ctx properly (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Return error code instead of assigning it without effect (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rwbase: Take care of ordering guarantee for fastpath reader (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rwbase: Extract __rwbase_write_trylock() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rwbase: Properly match set_and_save_state() to restore_state() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Fix ww_mutex deadlock check (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rwsem: Add missing __init_rwsem() for PREEMPT_RT (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Return success on deadlock for ww_mutex waiters (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Prevent spurious EDEADLK return caused by ww_mutexes (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Dequeue waiter on ww_mutex deadlock (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Dont dereference waiter lockless (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/local_lock: Add PREEMPT_RT support (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/spinlock/rt: Prepare for RT local_lock (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Add adaptive spinwait mechanism (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Implement equal priority lock stealing (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- preempt: Adjust PREEMPT_LOCK_OFFSET for RT (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Prevent lockdep false positive with PI futexes (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Prevent requeue_pi() lock nesting issue on RT (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Simplify handle_early_requeue_pi_wakeup() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Reorder sanity checks in futex_requeue() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Clarify comment in futex_requeue() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Restructure futex_requeue() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Correct the number of requeued waiters for PI (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Remove bogus condition for requeue PI (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Clarify futex_requeue() PI handling (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Clean up stale comments (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- futex: Validate waiter correctly in futex_proxy_trylock_atomic() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- lib/test_lockup: Adapt to changed variables (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Add mutex variant for RT (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Implement rtmutex based ww_mutex API functions (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Extend the rtmutex core to support ww_mutex (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Add rt_mutex based lock type and accessors (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Add RT priority to W/W order (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Implement rt_mutex accessors (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Abstract out internal lock accesses (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Abstract out mutex types (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Abstract out mutex accessors (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Abstract out waiter enqueueing (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Abstract out the waiter iteration (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Remove the __sched annotation from ww_mutex APIs (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Split out the W/W implementation logic into kernel/locking/ww_mutex.h (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Split up ww_mutex_unlock() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Gather mutex_waiter initialization (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Simplify lockdep annotations (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/mutex: Make mutex::wait_lock raw (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/ww_mutex: Move the ww_mutex definitions from <linux/mutex.h> into <linux/ww_mutex.h> (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/mutex: Move the 'struct mutex_waiter' definition from <linux/mutex.h> to the internal header (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/mutex: Consolidate core headers, remove kernel/locking/mutex-debug.h (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Squash !RT tasks to DEFAULT_PRIO (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rwlock: Provide RT variant (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/spinlock: Provide RT variant (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Provide the spin/rwlock core lock function (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/spinlock: Provide RT variant header: <linux/spinlock_rt.h> (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/spinlock: Provide RT specific spinlock_t (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Reduce <linux/rtmutex.h> header dependencies, only include <linux/rbtree_types.h> (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- rbtree: Split out the rbtree type definitions into <linux/rbtree_types.h> (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/lockdep: Reduce header dependencies in <linux/debug_locks.h> (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Prevent future include recursion hell (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/spinlock: Split the lock types header, and move the raw types into <linux/spinlock_types_raw.h> (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Guard regular sleeping locks specific functions (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Prepare RT rt_mutex_wake_q for RT locks (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Use rt_mutex_wake_q_head (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Provide rt_wake_q_head and helpers (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Add wake_state to rt_mutex_waiter (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rwsem: Add rtmutex based R/W semaphore implementation (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rt: Add base code for RT rw_semaphore and rwlock (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Provide rt_mutex_base_is_locked() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Provide rt_mutex_slowlock_locked() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Split out the inner parts of 'struct rtmutex' (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Split API from implementation (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Switch to from cmpxchg_*() to try_cmpxchg_*() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Convert macros to inlines (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Remove rt_mutex_is_locked() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- sched/wake_q: Provide WAKE_Q_HEAD_INITIALIZER() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- sched/core: Provide a scheduling point for RT locks (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- sched/core: Rework the __schedule() preempt argument (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- sched/wakeup: Prepare for RT sleeping spin/rwlocks (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- sched/wakeup: Reorganize the current::__state helpers (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- sched/wakeup: Introduce the TASK_RTLOCK_WAIT state bit (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- sched/wakeup: Split out the wakeup ->__state check (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/rtmutex: Set proper wait context for lockdep (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/local_lock: Add missing owner initialization (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/mutex: Add MUTEX_WARN_ON (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/mutex: Introduce __mutex_trylock_or_handoff() (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/mutex: Fix HANDOFF condition (Waiman Long) [2007032]
- locking/mutex: Use try_cmpxchg() (Waiman Long) [2007032]

* Thu Nov 04 2021 Jarod Wilson <> [5.14.0-12.el9]
- redhat: make dist-srpm-gcov add to BUILDOPTS (Jan Stancek) [2017628]
- redhat: Fix dist-srpm-gcov (Jan Stancek) [2017628]
- s390: report more CPU capabilities (Robin Dapp) [2012095]
- s390/disassembler: add instructions (Robin Dapp) [2012095]
- audit: move put_tree() to avoid trim_trees refcount underflow and UAF (Richard Guy Briggs) [1985904]
- libbpf: Properly ignore STT_SECTION symbols in legacy map definitions (Jiri Olsa) [1998266]
- libbpf: Ignore STT_SECTION symbols in 'maps' section (Jiri Olsa) [1998266]
- selftests, bpf: test_lwt_ip_encap: Really disable rp_filter (Jiri Benc) [2006328]

* Thu Oct 28 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-11.el9]
- selinux: remove the SELinux lockdown implementation (Ondrej Mosnacek) [1940843 1945581]
- bpf: Fix integer overflow in prealloc_elems_and_freelist() (Yauheni Kaliuta) [2010494] {CVE-2021-41864}
- seltests: bpf: test_tunnel: Use ip neigh (Jiri Benc) [2006326]

* Tue Oct 26 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-10.el9]
- block: return ELEVATOR_DISCARD_MERGE if possible (Ming Lei) [1991958]
- blk-mq: avoid to iterate over stale request (Ming Lei) [2009110]
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_IMA_WRITE_POLICY (Bruno Meneguele) [2006320]
- CI: Update deprecated configs (Veronika Kabatova)

* Wed Oct 20 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-9.el9]
- powerpc/pseries: Prevent free CPU ids being reused on another node (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) [2004809]
- pseries/drmem: update LMBs after LPM (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) [2004809]
- powerpc/numa: Consider the max NUMA node for migratable LPAR (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) [2004809]
- selftests: bpf: disable test_lirc_mode2 (Jiri Benc) [2006359]
- selftests: bpf: disable (Jiri Benc) [2006359]
- selftests: bpf: define SO_RCVTIMEO and SO_SNDTIMEO properly for ppc64le (Jiri Benc) [2006359]
- selftests: bpf: skip FOU tests in test_tc_tunnel (Jiri Benc) [2006359]
- selftests: bpf: disable test_seg6_loop test (Jiri Benc) [2006359]
- selftests: bpf: disable test_lwt_seg6local (Jiri Benc) [2006359]
- selftests: bpf: disable (Jiri Benc) [2006359]
- selftests: add option to skip specific tests in RHEL (Jiri Benc) [2006359]

* Fri Oct 15 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-8.el9]
- selftests/powerpc: Add scv versions of the basic TM syscall tests (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) [1986651]
- powerpc/64s: system call scv tabort fix for corrupt irq soft-mask state (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) [1986651]
- mm/swap: consider max pages in iomap_swapfile_add_extent (Carlos Maiolino) [2005191]
- platform/x86/intel: pmc/core: Add GBE Package C10 fix for Alder Lake PCH (David Arcari) [2007707]
- platform/x86/intel: pmc/core: Add Alder Lake low power mode support for pmc core (David Arcari) [2007707]
- platform/x86/intel: pmc/core: Add Latency Tolerance Reporting (LTR) support to Alder Lake (David Arcari) [2007707]
- platform/x86/intel: pmc/core: Add Alderlake support to pmc core driver (David Arcari) [2007707]
- platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: Move to intel sub-directory (David Arcari) [2007707]
- platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: Prevent possibile overflow (David Arcari) [2007707]
- Clean-up CONFIG_X86_PLATFORM_DRIVERS_INTEL (David Arcari) [2007707]
- KVM: nVMX: Filter out all unsupported controls when eVMCS was activated (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2001912]
- ipc: remove memcg accounting for sops objects in do_semtimedop() (Rafael Aquini) [1999707] {CVE-2021-3759}
- memcg: enable accounting of ipc resources (Rafael Aquini) [1999707] {CVE-2021-3759}
- redhat: BUILDID parameter must come last in (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat/Makefile.variables: Set INCLUDE_FEDORA_FILES to 0 (Prarit Bhargava) [2009545]
- redhat: Remove fedora configs directories and files. (Prarit Bhargava) [2009545]
- redhat/kernel.spec.template: Cleanup source numbering (Prarit Bhargava) [2009545]
- redhat/kernel.spec.template: Reorganize RHEL and Fedora specific files (Prarit Bhargava) [2009545]
- redhat/kernel.spec.template: Add include_fedora and include_rhel variables (Prarit Bhargava) [2009545]
- redhat/Makefile: Make kernel-local global (Prarit Bhargava) [2009545]
- redhat/Makefile: Use flavors file (Prarit Bhargava) [2009545]

* Mon Oct 11 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-7.el9]
- redhat: Enable Nitro Enclaves driver on x86 for real (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2011739]
- redhat/.gitignore: Add rhel9 KABI files (Prarit Bhargava) [2009489]
- hwmon: (k10temp) Add support for yellow carp (David Arcari) [1987069]
- hwmon: (k10temp) Rework the temperature offset calculation (David Arcari) [1987069]
- hwmon: (k10temp) Don't show Tdie for all Zen/Zen2/Zen3 CPU/APU (David Arcari) [1987069]
- hwmon: (k10temp) Add additional missing Zen2 and Zen3 APUs (David Arcari) [1987069]
- hwmon: (k10temp) support Zen3 APUs (David Arcari) [1987069]
- selinux,smack: fix subjective/objective credential use mixups (Ondrej Mosnacek) [2008145]
- redhat: kernel.spec: selftests: abort on build failure (Jiri Benc) [2004012]
- Revert "bpf, selftests: Disable tests that need clang13" (Jiri Benc) [2004012]
- selftests, bpf: Fix makefile dependencies on libbpf (Jiri Benc) [2004012]

* Fri Oct 08 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-6.el9]
- pinctrl: Bulk conversion to generic_handle_domain_irq() (David Arcari) [2000232]
- pinctrl: amd: Handle wake-up interrupt (David Arcari) [2000232]
- pinctrl: amd: Add irq field data (David Arcari) [2000232]
- Revert "redhat: define _rhel variable because pesign macro now needs it" (Jan Stancek)
- redhat: switch secureboot kernel image signing to release keys (Jan Stancek)
- redhat/configs: Disable FIREWIRE (Prarit Bhargava) [1871862]
- Enable e1000 in rhel9 as unsupported (Ken Cox) [2002344]

* Mon Oct 04 2021 Jan Stancek <> [5.14.0-1.6.1.el9]
- Revert "redhat: define _rhel variable because pesign macro now needs it" (Jan Stancek)
- redhat: switch secureboot kernel image signing to release keys (Jan Stancek)
- redhat/configs: Disable FIREWIRE (Prarit Bhargava) [1871862]
- Enable e1000 in rhel9 as unsupported (Ken Cox) [2002344]

* Thu Sep 30 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14.0-5.el9]
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_SQUASHFS_ZSTD which is already enabled in Fedora 34 (Tao Liu) [1998953]
- fs: dlm: fix return -EINTR on recovery stopped (Alexander Aring) [2004213]
- redhat: replace redhatsecureboot303 signing key with redhatsecureboot601 (Jan Stancek) [2002499]
- redhat: define _rhel variable because pesign macro now needs it (Jan Stancek) [2002499]
- redhat: drop certificates that were deprecated after GRUB's BootHole flaw (Jan Stancek) [1994849]
- redhat: correct file name of redhatsecurebootca1 (Jan Stancek) [2002499]
- redhat: align file names with names of signing keys for ppc and s390 (Jan Stancek) [2002499]
- redhat: restore sublevel in changelog (Jan Stancek)
- fs: dlm: avoid comms shutdown delay in release_lockspace (Alexander Aring) [1994749]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP_IOLATENCY & CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP_FC_APPID (Waiman Long) [1996675]
- redhat/configs: remove conflicting SYSTEM_BLACKLIST_KEYRING (Bruno Meneguele) [2002350]
- Enable "inter server to server" NFSv4.2 COPY (Steve Dickson) [1487367]

* Wed Sep 29 2021 Jan Stancek <> [5.14.0-1.5.1.el9]
- fs: dlm: fix return -EINTR on recovery stopped (Alexander Aring) [2004213]
- redhat/configs: Update configs for secure IPL (Claudio Imbrenda) [1976884]
- redhat: replace redhatsecureboot303 signing key with redhatsecureboot601 (Jan Stancek) [2002499]
- redhat: define _rhel variable because pesign macro now needs it (Jan Stancek) [2002499]
- redhat: drop certificates that were deprecated after GRUB's BootHole flaw (Jan Stancek) [1994849]
- redhat: correct file name of redhatsecurebootca1 (Jan Stancek) [2002499]
- redhat: align file names with names of signing keys for ppc and s390 (Jan Stancek) [2002499]

* Mon Sep 27 2021 Jan Stancek <> [5.14.0-1.4.1.el9]
- redhat: restore sublevel in changelog (Jan Stancek)
- fs: dlm: avoid comms shutdown delay in release_lockspace (Alexander Aring) [1994749]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP_IOLATENCY & CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP_FC_APPID (Waiman Long) [1996675]

* Wed Sep 22 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14-4.el9]
- Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix kernel crash upon unbinding a device from uio_hv_generic driver (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1999535]
- ipc: replace costly bailout check in sysvipc_find_ipc() (Rafael Aquini) [1987130 2003270] {CVE-2021-3669}
- redhat/configs: Disable CONFIG_DRM_VMWGFX on aarch64 (Michel Dänzer) [1996993]
- redhat: set USE_DIST_IN_SOURCE=1 for 9.0-beta (Jan Stancek)
- redhat: add option to use DIST tag in sources (Jan Stancek)
- CI: Enable notification messages for RHEL9 (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Enable private pipelines for RT branches (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Remove ARK leftovers (Veronika Kabatova)
- redhat: add *-matched meta packages to rpminspect emptyrpm config (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- gfs2: Don't call dlm after protocol is unmounted (Bob Peterson) [1988451]
- gfs2: don't stop reads while withdraw in progress (Bob Peterson) [1988451]
- gfs2: Mark journal inodes as "don't cache" (Bob Peterson) [1988451]
- cgroup/cpuset: Avoid memory migration when nodemasks match (Waiman Long) [1980430]
- cgroup/cpuset: Enable memory migration for cpuset v2 (Waiman Long) [1980430]
- iscsi_ibft: Fix isa_bus_to_virt not working under ARM (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]
- x86/setup: Explicitly include acpi.h (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]
- iscsi_ibft: fix warning in reserve_ibft_region() (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]
- iscsi_ibft: fix crash due to KASLR physical memory remapping (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]
- redhat: fix chronological order in the changelog file (Herton R. Krzesinski)

* Wed Sep 22 2021 Jan Stancek <> [5.14.0-1.3.1.el9]
- redhat/configs: remove conflicting SYSTEM_BLACKLIST_KEYRING (Bruno Meneguele) [2002350]
- Enable "inter server to server" NFSv4.2 COPY (Steve Dickson) [1487367]

* Fri Sep 17 2021 Jan Stancek <> [5.14-1.2.1.el9]
- redhat/configs: Disable CONFIG_DRM_VMWGFX on aarch64 (Michel Dänzer) [1996993]
- redhat: set USE_DIST_IN_SOURCE=1 for 9.0-beta (Jan Stancek)
- redhat: add option to use DIST tag in sources (Jan Stancek)
- CI: Enable notification messages for RHEL9 (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Enable private pipelines for RT branches (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Remove ARK leftovers (Veronika Kabatova)
- redhat: add *-matched meta packages to rpminspect emptyrpm config (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- gfs2: Don't call dlm after protocol is unmounted (Bob Peterson) [1988451]
- gfs2: don't stop reads while withdraw in progress (Bob Peterson) [1988451]
- gfs2: Mark journal inodes as "don't cache" (Bob Peterson) [1988451]
- cgroup/cpuset: Avoid memory migration when nodemasks match (Waiman Long) [1980430]
- cgroup/cpuset: Enable memory migration for cpuset v2 (Waiman Long) [1980430]
- iscsi_ibft: Fix isa_bus_to_virt not working under ARM (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]
- x86/setup: Explicitly include acpi.h (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]
- iscsi_ibft: fix warning in reserve_ibft_region() (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]
- iscsi_ibft: fix crash due to KASLR physical memory remapping (Maurizio Lombardi) [1963801]

* Thu Sep 16 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14-3]
- misc/pvpanic-pci: Allow automatic loading (Eric Auger) [1977192]
- md/raid10: Remove unnecessary rcu_dereference in raid10_handle_discard (Nigel Croxon) [1965294]
- rcu: Avoid unneeded function call in rcu_read_unlock() (Waiman Long) [1998549]
- Enable bridge jobs for scratch pipelines (Michael Hofmann)
- CI: use 9.0-beta-rt branch for -rt pipeline (Jan Stancek)
- crypto: ccp - Add support for new CCP/PSP device ID (Vladis Dronov) [1987099]
- crypto: ccp - shutdown SEV firmware on kexec (Vladis Dronov) [1987099]

* Tue Sep 14 2021 Jan Stancek <> [5.14-1.1.1]
- md/raid10: Remove unnecessary rcu_dereference in raid10_handle_discard (Nigel Croxon) [1965294]
- rcu: Avoid unneeded function call in rcu_read_unlock() (Waiman Long) [1998549]

* Mon Sep 13 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14-2]
- redhat: update branches/targets after 9 Beta fork (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- hv_utils: Set the maximum packet size for VSS driver to the length of the receive buffer (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1996628]
- Enable bridge jobs for scratch pipelines (Michael Hofmann)

* Mon Aug 30 2021 Herton R. Krzesinski <> [5.14-1]
- redhat: drop Patchlist.changelog for RHEL (Jan Stancek) [1997494]
- redhat: update Makefile.variables for centos/rhel9 fork (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat: add support for stream profile in koji/brew (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat: make DIST default to .el9 (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat: set default values in Makefiles for RHEL 9 Beta (Jan Stancek) [1997494]
- arm64: use common CONFIG_MAX_ZONEORDER for arm kernel (Mark Salter)
- Create Makefile.variables for a single point of configuration change (Justin M. Forbes)
- rpmspec: drop traceevent files instead of just excluding them from files list (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1967640]
- redhat/config: Enablement of CONFIG_PAPR_SCM for PowerPC (Gustavo Walbon) [1962936]
- Attempt to fix Intel PMT code (David Arcari)
- CI: Enable realtime branch testing (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Enable realtime checks for c9s and RHEL9 (Veronika Kabatova)
- [fs] dax: mark tech preview (Bill O'Donnell)
- ark: wireless: enable all rtw88 pcie wirless variants (Peter Robinson)
- wireless: rtw88: move debug options to common/debug (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: minor PTP clock driver cleanups (Peter Robinson)
- common: x86: enable VMware PTP support on ark (Peter Robinson)
- arm64: dts: rockchip: Disable CDN DP on Pinebook Pro (Matthias Brugger)
- arm64: dts: rockchip: Setup USB typec port as datarole on (Dan Johansen)
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: re-add certain pci-ids (Tomas Henzl)
- xfs: drop experimental warnings for bigtime and inobtcount (Bill O'Donnell) [1995321]
- Disable liquidio driver on ark/rhel (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1993393]
- More Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates for 5.14 (Justin M. Forbes)
- CI: Rename ARK CI pipeline type (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Finish up c9s config (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: Update ppc64le config (Veronika Kabatova)
- CI: use more templates (Veronika Kabatova)
- Filter updates for aarch64 (Justin M. Forbes)
- increase CONFIG_NODES_SHIFT for aarch64 (Chris von Recklinghausen) [1890304]
- redhat: configs: Enable CONFIG_WIRELESS_HOTKEY (Hans de Goede)
- redhat/configs: Update CONFIG_NVRAM (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) [1988254]
- common: serial: build in SERIAL_8250_LPSS for x86 (Peter Robinson)
- powerpc: enable CONFIG_FUNCTION_PROFILER (Diego Domingos) [1831065]
- crypto: rng - Override drivers/char/random in FIPS mode (Herbert Xu)
- random: Add hook to override device reads and getrandom(2) (Herbert Xu)
- redhat/configs: Disable Soft-RoCE driver (Kamal Heib)
- redhat/configs/evaluate_configs: Update help output (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat/configs: Double MAX_LOCKDEP_CHAINS (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: configs: Fix WM5102 Kconfig (Hans de Goede)
- powerpc: enable CONFIG_POWER9_CPU (Diego Domingos) [1876436]
- redhat/configs: Fix CONFIG_VIRTIO_IOMMU to 'y' on aarch64 (Eric Auger) [1972795]
- add more sound modules to filter (Jaroslav Kysela)
- redhat/configs: sound configuration cleanups and updates (Jaroslav Kysela)
- common: Update for CXL (Compute Express Link) configs (Peter Robinson)
- redhat: configs: disable CRYPTO_SM modules (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1990040]
- Remove fedora version of the LOCKDEP_BITS, we should use common (Justin M. Forbes)
- Re-enable sermouse for x86 (rhbz 1974002) (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora 5.14 configs round 1 (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: add gating configuration for centos stream/rhel9 (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- x86: configs: Enable CONFIG_TEST_FPU for debug kernels (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1988384]
- redhat/configs: Move CHACHA and POLY1305 to core kernel to allow BIG_KEYS=y (root) [1983298]
- kernel.spec: fix build of samples/bpf (Jiri Benc)
- Enable OSNOISE_TRACER and TIMERLAT_TRACER (Jerome Marchand) [1979379]
- rpmspec: switch iio and gpio tools to use tools_make (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1956988]
- configs/ Handle config items with no help text (Patrick Talbert)
- fedora: sound config updates for 5.14 (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: Only enable FSI drivers on POWER platform (Peter Robinson)
- The CONFIG_RAW_DRIVER has been removed from upstream (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: updates for 5.14 with a few disables for common from pending (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: migrate from MFD_TPS68470 -> INTEL_SKL_INT3472 (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: Remove STAGING_GASKET_FRAMEWORK (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: move DRM_VMWGFX configs from ark -> common (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: arm: disabled unused FB drivers (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: don't enable FB_VIRTUAL (Peter Robinson)
- redhat/configs: Double MAX_LOCKDEP_ENTRIES (Waiman Long) [1940075]
- rpmspec: fix verbose output on kernel-devel installation (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1981406]
- Build Fedora x86s kernels with bytcr-wm5102 (Marius Hoch)
- Deleted redhat/configs/fedora/generic/x86/CONFIG_FB_HYPERV (Patrick Lang)
- rpmspec: correct the ghost initramfs attributes (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1977056]
- rpmspec: amend removal of depmod created files to include modules.builtin.alias.bin (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1977056]
- configs: remove duplicate CONFIG_DRM_HYPERV file (Patrick Talbert)
- CI: use common code for merge and release (Don Zickus)
- rpmspec: add release string to kernel doc directory name (Jan Stancek)
- redhat/configs: Add CONFIG_INTEL_PMT_CRASHLOG (Michael Petlan) [1880486]
- redhat/configs: Add CONFIG_INTEL_PMT_TELEMETRY (Michael Petlan) [1880486]
- redhat/configs: Add CONFIG_MFD_INTEL_PMT (Michael Petlan) [1880486]
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ZONED (Ming Lei) [1638087]
- Add --with clang_lto option to build the kernel with Link Time Optimizations (Tom Stellard)
- common: disable DVB_AV7110 and associated pieces (Peter Robinson)
- Fix fedora-only config updates (Don Zickus)
- Fedor config update for new option (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/configs: Enable stmmac NIC for x86_64 (Mark Salter)
- all: hyperv: use the DRM driver rather than FB (Peter Robinson)
- all: hyperv: unify the Microsoft HyperV configs (Peter Robinson)
- all: VMWare: clean up VMWare configs (Peter Robinson)
- Update CONFIG_ARM_FFA_TRANSPORT (Patrick Talbert)
- CI: Handle all mirrors (Veronika Kabatova)
- Turn on CONFIG_STACKTRACE for s390x zfpcdump kernels (Justin M. Forbes)
- arm64: switch ark kernel to 4K pagesize (Mark Salter)
- Disable AMIGA_PARTITION and KARMA_PARTITION (Prarit Bhargava) [1802694]
- all: unify and cleanup i2c TPM2 modules (Peter Robinson)
- redhat/configs: Set CONFIG_VIRTIO_IOMMU on aarch64 (Eric Auger) [1972795]
- redhat/configs: Disable CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED in rhel config (Phil Auld)
- redhat/configs: enable KEXEC_SIG which is already enabled in RHEL8 for s390x and x86_64 (Coiby Xu) [1976835]
- rpmspec: do not BuildRequires bpftool on noarch (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat/configs: disable {IMA,EVM}_LOAD_X509 (Bruno Meneguele) [1977529]
- redhat: add secureboot CA certificate to trusted kernel keyring (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat/configs: enable IMA_ARCH_POLICY for aarch64 and s390x (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_MLXBF_GIGE on aarch64 (Alaa Hleihel) [1858599]
- common: enable STRICT_MODULE_RWX everywhere (Peter Robinson)
- COMMON_CLK_STM32MP157_SCMI is bool and selects COMMON_CLK_SCMI (Justin M. Forbes)
- kernel.spec: Add kernel{,-debug}-devel-matched meta packages (Timothée Ravier)
- Turn off with_selftests for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Don't build bpftool on Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix location of syscall scripts for kernel-devel (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: arm: Enable some i.MX8 options (Peter Robinson)
- Enable Landlock for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Filter update for Fedora aarch64 (Justin M. Forbes)
- rpmspec: only build debug meta packages where we build debug ones (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- rpmspec: do not BuildRequires bpftool on nobuildarches (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat/configs: Consolidate CONFIG_HMC_DRV in the common s390x folder (Thomas Huth) [1976270]
- redhat/configs: Consolidate CONFIG_EXPOLINE_OFF in the common folder (Thomas Huth) [1976270]
- redhat/configs: Move CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_S390 into the s390x/ subfolder (Thomas Huth) [1976270]
- redhat/configs: Disable CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_SHPC in the Fedora settings (Thomas Huth) [1976270]
- redhat/configs: Remove the non-existent CONFIG_NO_BOOTMEM switch (Thomas Huth) [1976270]
- redhat/configs: Compile the virtio-console as a module on s390x (Thomas Huth) [1976270]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_S390_CCW_IOMMU and CONFIG_VFIO_CCW for ARK, too (Thomas Huth) [1976270]
- Revert "Merge branch 'ec_fips' into 'os-build'" (Vladis Dronov) [1947240]
- Fix typos in fedora filters (Justin M. Forbes)
- More filtering for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix Fedora module filtering for spi-altera-dfl (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora 5.13 config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: cleanup TCG_TIS_I2C_CR50 (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: drop duplicate configs (Peter Robinson)
- More Fedora config updates for 5.13 (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/configs: Enable needed drivers for BlueField SoC on aarch64 (Alaa Hleihel) [1858592 1858594 1858596]
- redhat: Rename to (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_NET_ACT_MPLS (Marcelo Ricardo Leitner)
- configs: Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL for zfcpdump (Jiri Olsa)
- kernel.spec: Add support to use vmlinux.h (Don Zickus)
- spec: Add vmlinux.h to kernel-devel package (Jiri Olsa)
- Turn off DRM_XEN_FRONTEND for Fedora as we had DRM_XEN off already (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora 5.13 config updates pt 3 (Justin M. Forbes)
- all: enable ath11k wireless modules (Peter Robinson)
- all: Enable WWAN and associated MHI bus pieces (Peter Robinson)
- spec: Enable sefltests rpm build (Jiri Olsa)
- spec: Allow bpf selftest/samples to fail (Jiri Olsa)
- bpf, selftests: Disable tests that need clang13 (Toke Høiland-Jørgensen)
- kvm: Add kvm_stat.service file and kvm_stat logrotate config to the tools (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: Add missing source files to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: selftests: add net/forwarding to TARGETS list (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: selftests: add build requirement on libmnl-devel (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: add action.o to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: avoid building bpftool repeatedly (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: selftests require python3 (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: skip selftests that failed to build (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: fix installation of bpf selftests (Jiri Benc)
- redhat: fix samples and selftests make options (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: enable mptcp selftests for kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: Do not export shared objects from libexecdir to RPM Provides (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: add missing dependency for the which package (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: add netfilter selftests to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: move slabinfo and page_owner_sort debuginfo to tools-debuginfo (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: package and ship VM tools (Jiri Benc)
- configs: enable CONFIG_PAGE_OWNER (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: add coreutils (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: add netdevsim driver selftests to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc)
- redhat/Makefile: Clean out the --without flags from the baseonly rule (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: Stop building unnecessary rpms for baseonly builds (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: disable more kabi switches for gcov build (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: Rename kabi-dw base (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: Fix error messages during build of zfcpdump kernel (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: perf: remove bpf examples (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: selftests should not depend on modules-internal (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: build samples (Jiri Benc)
- kernel.spec: tools: sync missing options with RHEL 8 (Jiri Benc)
- redhat/configs: nftables: Enable extra flowtable symbols (Phil Sutter)
- redhat/configs: Sync netfilter options with RHEL8 (Phil Sutter)
- Fedora 5.13 config updates pt 2 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Move CONFIG_ARCH_INTEL_SOCFPGA up a level for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: enable the Rockchip rk3399 pcie drivers (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora 5.13 config updates pt 1 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix version requirement from opencsd-devel buildreq (Justin M. Forbes)
- configs/ark/s390: set CONFIG_MARCH_Z14 and CONFIG_TUNE_Z15 (Philipp Rudo) [1876435]
- configs/common/s390: Clean up CONFIG_{MARCH,TUNE}_Z* (Philipp Rudo)
- configs/ make use of dummy-tools (Philipp Rudo)
- configs/common: disable CONFIG_INIT_STACK_ALL_{PATTERN,ZERO} (Philipp Rudo)
- configs/common/aarch64: disable CONFIG_RELR (Philipp Rudo)
- redhat/config: enable STMICRO nic for RHEL (Mark Salter)
- redhat/configs: Enable ARCH_TEGRA on RHEL (Mark Salter)
- redhat/configs: enable IMA_KEXEC for supported arches (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat/configs: enable INTEGRITY_SIGNATURE to all arches (Bruno Meneguele)
- configs: enable CONFIG_LEDS_BRIGHTNESS_HW_CHANGED (Benjamin Tissoires)
- RHEL: disable io_uring support (Jeff Moyer)
- all: Changing CONFIG_UV_SYSFS to build uv_sysfs.ko as a loadable module. (Frank Ramsay)
- Enable NITRO_ENCLAVES on RHEL (Vitaly Kuznetsov)
- Update the Quick Start documentation (David Ward)
- redhat/configs: Set PVPANIC_MMIO for x86 and PVPANIC_PCI for aarch64 (Eric Auger) [1961178]
- bpf: Fix unprivileged_bpf_disabled setup (Jiri Olsa)
- configs/common/s390: disable CONFIG_QETH_{OSN,OSX} (Philipp Rudo) [1903201]
- nvme: nvme_mpath_init remove multipath check (Mike Snitzer)
- team: mark team driver as deprecated (Hangbin Liu) [1945477]
- Make CRYPTO_EC also builtin (Simo Sorce) [1947240]
- Do not hard-code a default value for DIST (David Ward)
- Override %%{debugbuildsenabled} if the --with-release option is used (David Ward)
- Improve comments in SPEC file, and move some option tests and macros (David Ward)
- configs: enable CONFIG_EXFAT_FS (Pavel Reichl) [1943423]
- Revert s390x/zfcpdump part of a9d179c40281 and ecbfddd98621 (Vladis Dronov)
- Embed crypto algos, modes and templates needed in the FIPS mode (Vladis Dronov) [1947240]
- configs: Add and enable CONFIG_HYPERV_TESTING for debug kernels (Mohammed Gamal)
- mm/cma: mark CMA on x86_64 tech preview and print RHEL-specific infos (David Hildenbrand) [1945002]
- configs: enable CONFIG_CMA on x86_64 in ARK (David Hildenbrand) [1945002]
- rpmspec: build debug-* meta-packages if debug builds are disabled (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- UIO: disable unused config options (Aristeu Rozanski) [1957819]
- ARK-config: Make amd_pinctrl module builtin (Hans de Goede)
- rpmspec: revert/drop content hash for kernel-headers (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- rpmspec: fix check that calls InitBuildVars (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- fedora: enable zonefs (Damien Le Moal)
- redhat: load specific ARCH keys to INTEGRITY_PLATFORM_KEYRING (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable INTEGRITY_TRUSTED_KEYRING across all variants (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable SYSTEM_BLACKLIST_KEYRING across all variants (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable INTEGRITY_ASYMMETRIC_KEYS across all variants (Bruno Meneguele)
- Remove unused boot loader specification files (David Ward)
- redhat/configs: Enable mlx5 IPsec and TLS offloads (Alaa Hleihel) [1869674 1957636]
- Force DWARF4 because crash does not support DWARF5 yet (Justin M. Forbes)
- common: disable Apple Silicon generally (Peter Robinson)
- cleanup Intel's FPGA configs (Peter Robinson)
- common: move PTP KVM support from ark to common (Peter Robinson)
- Enable CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_USERPTR for everyone (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: add initial rpminspect configuration (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- fedora: arm updates for 5.13 (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: Enable WWAN and associated MHI bits (Peter Robinson)
- Update CONFIG_MODPROBE_PATH to /usr/sbin (Justin Forbes)
- Fedora set modprobe path (Justin M. Forbes)
- Keep sctp and l2tp modules in modules-extra (Don Zickus)
- Fix ppc64le cross build packaging (Don Zickus)
- Fedora: Make amd_pinctrl module builtin (Hans de Goede)
- Keep CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGS off for aarch64 debug configs (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/bus (Fedora Kernel Team)
- RHEL: Don't build KVM PR module on ppc64 (David Gibson) [1930649]
- Flip CONFIG_USB_ROLE_SWITCH from m to y (Justin M. Forbes)
- Set valid options for CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER (Justin M. Forbes)
- Clean up CONFIG_FB_MODE_HELPERS (Justin M. Forbes)
- Turn off CONFIG_VFIO for the s390x zfcpdump kernel (Justin M. Forbes)
- Delete unused CONFIG_SND_SOC_MAX98390 pending-common (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update pending-common configs, preparing to set correctly (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update fedora filters for surface (Justin M. Forbes)
- Build CONFIG_CRYPTO_ECDSA inline for s390x zfcpdump (Justin M. Forbes)
- Replace "flavour" where "variant" is meant instead (David Ward)
- Drop the %%{variant} macro and fix --with-vanilla (David Ward)
- Fix syntax of %%kernel_variant_files (David Ward)
- Change description of --without-vdso-install to fix typo (David Ward)
- Config updates to work around mismatches (Justin M. Forbes)
- CONFIG_SND_SOC_FSL_ASOC_CARD selects CONFIG_MFD_WM8994 now (Justin M. Forbes)
- wireguard: disable in FIPS mode (Hangbin Liu) [1940794]
- Enable mtdram for fedora (rhbz 1955916) (Justin M. Forbes)
- Remove reference to bpf-helpers man page (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora: enable more modules for surface devices (Dave Olsthoorn)
- Fix Fedora config mismatch for CONFIG_FSL_ENETC_IERB (Justin M. Forbes)
- hardlink is in /usr/bin/ now (Justin M. Forbes)
- Ensure CONFIG_KVM_BOOK3S_64_PR stays on in Fedora, even if it is turned off in RHEL (Justin M. Forbes)
- Set date in package release from repository commit, not system clock (David Ward)
- Use a better upstream tarball filename for snapshots (David Ward)
- Don't create empty pending-common files on pending-fedora commits (Don Zickus)
- nvme: decouple basic ANA log page re-read support from native multipathing (Mike Snitzer)
- nvme: allow local retry and proper failover for REQ_FAILFAST_TRANSPORT (Mike Snitzer)
- nvme: Return BLK_STS_TARGET if the DNR bit is set (Mike Snitzer)
- Add redhat/configs/pending-common/generic/s390x/zfcpdump/CONFIG_NETFS_SUPPORT (Justin M. Forbes)
- Create ark-latest branch last for CI scripts (Don Zickus)
- Replace /usr/libexec/platform-python with /usr/bin/python3 (David Ward)
- Turn off ADI_AXI_ADC and AD9467 which now require CONFIG_OF (Justin M. Forbes)
- Export ark infrastructure files (Don Zickus)
- docs: Update docs to reflect newer workflow. (Don Zickus)
- Use upstream/master for merge-base with fallback to master (Don Zickus)
- Fedora: Turn off the SND_INTEL_BYT_PREFER_SOF option (Hans de Goede)
- clean up "netprots" (Paul Bolle)
- clean up "scsidrvs" (Paul Bolle)
- filter-*.sh.fedora: clean up "ethdrvs" (Paul Bolle)
- filter-*.sh.fedora: clean up "driverdirs" (Paul Bolle)
- filter-*.sh.fedora: remove incorrect entries (Paul Bolle)
- filter-*.sh.fedora: clean up "singlemods" (Paul Bolle)
- drop unused list "iiodrvs" (Paul Bolle)
- Update mod-internal to fix depmod issue (Nico Pache)
- Turn on CONFIG_VDPA_SIM_NET (rhbz 1942343) (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/power (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Turn on CONFIG_NOUVEAU_DEBUG_PUSH for debug configs (Justin M. Forbes)
- Turn off KFENCE sampling by default for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates round 2 (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/soc (Jeremy Cline)
- Fix copy/paste error 'input' (Paul Bolle)
- Update module filtering for 5.12 kernels (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix to ensure that comments retain "%%" characters. (Mark Mielke)
- New configs in drivers/leds (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Limit CONFIG_USB_CDNS_SUPPORT to x86_64 and arm in Fedora (David Ward)
- Fedora: Enable CHARGER_GPIO on aarch64 too (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- wireguard: mark as Tech Preview (Hangbin Liu) [1613522]
- configs: enable CONFIG_WIREGUARD in ARK (Hangbin Liu) [1613522]
- Remove duplicate configs acroos fedora, ark and common (Don Zickus)
- Combine duplicate configs across ark and fedora into common (Don Zickus)
- common/ark: cleanup and unify the parport configs (Peter Robinson)
- iommu/vt-d: enable INTEL_IDXD_SVM for both fedora and rhel (Jerry Snitselaar)
- REDHAT: coresight: etm4x: Disable coresight on HPE Apollo 70 (Jeremy Linton)
- configs/common/generic: disable CONFIG_SLAB_MERGE_DEFAULT (Rafael Aquini)
- Remove _legacy_common_support (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/ Fix floppy blacklisting (Hans de Goede)
- New configs in fs/pstore (CKI@GitLab)
- New configs in arch/powerpc (Fedora Kernel Team)
- configs: enable BPF LSM on Fedora and ARK (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- configs: clean up LSM configs (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- New configs in drivers/platform (CKI@GitLab)
- New configs in drivers/firmware (CKI@GitLab)
- New configs in drivers/mailbox (Fedora Kernel Team)
- New configs in drivers/net/phy (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH_IOA (Augusto Caringi)
- New configs in mm/Kconfig (CKI@GitLab)
- New configs in arch/powerpc (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in arch/powerpc (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in drivers/input (Fedora Kernel Team)
- New configs in net/bluetooth (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/clk (Fedora Kernel Team)
- New configs in init/Kconfig (Jeremy Cline)
- redhat: allow running fedora-configs and rh-configs targets outside of redhat/ (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- all: unify the disable of goldfish (android emulation platform) (Peter Robinson)
- common: minor cleanup/de-dupe of dma/dmabuf debug configs (Peter Robinson)
- common/ark: these drivers/arches were removed in 5.12 (Peter Robinson)
- Correct kernel-devel make prepare build for 5.12. (Paulo E. Castro)
- redhat: add initial support for centos stream dist-git sync on Makefiles (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_SCHED_STACK_END_CHECK for Fedora and ARK (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856174]
- CONFIG_VFIO now selects IOMMU_API instead of depending on it, causing several config mismatches for the zfcpdump kernel (Justin M. Forbes)
- Turn off weak-modules for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_COMPRESS for ARK (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1939095]
- Fedora: filters: update to move dfl-emif to modules (Peter Robinson)
- drop duplicate DEVFREQ_GOV_SIMPLE_ONDEMAND config (Peter Robinson)
- efi: The EFI_VARS is legacy and now x86 only (Peter Robinson)
- common: enable RTC_SYSTOHC to supplement update_persistent_clock64 (Peter Robinson)
- generic: arm: enable SCMI for all options (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: the PCH_CAN driver is x86-32 only (Peter Robinson)
- common: disable legacy CAN device support (Peter Robinson)
- common: Enable Microchip MCP251x/MCP251xFD CAN controllers (Peter Robinson)
- common: Bosch MCAN support for Intel Elkhart Lake (Peter Robinson)
- common: enable CAN_PEAK_PCIEFD PCI-E driver (Peter Robinson)
- common: disable CAN_PEAK_PCIEC PCAN-ExpressCard (Peter Robinson)
- common: enable common CAN layer 2 protocols (Peter Robinson)
- ark: disable CAN_LEDS option (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: Turn on SND_SOC_INTEL_SKYLAKE_HDAUDIO_CODEC option (Hans de Goede)
- Fedora: enable modules for surface devices (Dave Olsthoorn)
- Turn on SND_SOC_INTEL_SOUNDWIRE_SOF_MACH for Fedora again (Justin M. Forbes)
- common: fix WM8804 codec dependencies (Peter Robinson)
- Build SERIO_SERPORT as a module (Peter Robinson)
- input: touchscreen: move ELO and Wacom serial touchscreens to x86 (Peter Robinson)
- Sync serio touchscreens for non x86 architectures to the same as ARK (Peter Robinson)
- Only enable SERIO_LIBPS2 on x86 (Peter Robinson)
- Only enable PC keyboard controller and associated keyboard on x86 (Peter Robinson)
- Generic: Mouse: Tweak generic serial mouse options (Peter Robinson)
- Only enable PS2 Mouse options on x86 (Peter Robinson)
- Disable bluetooth highspeed by default (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: A few more general updates for 5.12 window (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: Updates for 5.12 merge window (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: remove dead options that were removed upstream (Peter Robinson)
- redhat: remove CONFIG_DRM_PANEL_XINGBANGDA_XBD599 (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- New configs in arch/powerpc (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Turn on CONFIG_PPC_QUEUED_SPINLOCKS as it is default upstream now (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update pending-common configs to address new upstream config deps (Justin M. Forbes)
- rpmspec: ship gpio-watch.debug in the proper debuginfo package (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- Removed description text as a comment confuses the config generation (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/dma-buf (Jeremy Cline)
- Fedora: ARMv7: build for 16 CPUs. (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: only enable DEBUG_HIGHMEM on debug kernels (Peter Robinson)
- fix find/xargs data flow (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: minor arm sound config updates (Peter Robinson)
- Fix trailing white space in redhat/configs/fedora/generic/CONFIG_SND_INTEL_BYT_PREFER_SOF (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add a redhat/rebase-notes.txt file (Hans de Goede)
- Turn on SND_INTEL_BYT_PREFER_SOF for Fedora (Hans de Goede)
- CI: Drop MR ID from the name variable (Veronika Kabatova)
- redhat: add DUP and kpatch certificates to system trusted keys for RHEL build (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- The comments in CONFIG_USB_RTL8153_ECM actually turn off CONFIG_USB_RTL8152 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update CKI pipeline project (Veronika Kabatova)
- Turn off additional KASAN options for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Rename the master branch to rawhide for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Makefile targets for packit integration (Ben Crocker)
- Turn off KASAN for rawhide debug builds (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in arch/arm64 (Justin Forbes)
- Remove deprecated Intel MIC config options (Peter Robinson)
- redhat: replace inline awk script with call (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat: add script (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- kernel.spec.template - fix use_vdso usage (Ben Crocker)
- redhat: remove remaining references of CONFIG_RH_DISABLE_DEPRECATED (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- Turn off vdso_install for ppc (Justin M. Forbes)
- Remove bpf-helpers.7 from bpftool package (Jiri Olsa)
- New configs in lib/Kconfig.debug (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Turn off CONFIG_VIRTIO_CONSOLE for s390x zfcpdump (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/clk (Justin M. Forbes)
- Keep VIRTIO_CONSOLE on s390x available. (Jakub Čajka)
- New configs in lib/Kconfig.debug (Jeremy Cline)
- Fedora 5.11 config updates part 4 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora 5.11 config updates part 3 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora 5.11 config updates part 2 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update internal (test) module list from RHEL-8 (Joe Lawrence) [1915073]
- Fix USB_XHCI_PCI regression (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: fixes for ARMv7 build issue by disabling HIGHPTE (Peter Robinson)
- all: s390x: Increase CONFIG_PCI_NR_FUNCTIONS to 512 (#1888735) (Dan Horák)
- Fedora 5.11 configs pt 1 (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: avoid conflict with and released_kernel defined (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- redhat: handle certificate files conditionally as done for src.rpm (Herton R. Krzesinski)
- specfile: add %%{?_smp_mflags} to "make headers_install" in tools/testing/selftests (Denys Vlasenko)
- specfile: add %%{?_smp_mflags} to "make samples/bpf/" (Denys Vlasenko)
- Run MR testing in CKI pipeline (Veronika Kabatova)
- Reword comment (Nicolas Chauvet)
- Add with_cross_arm conditional (Nicolas Chauvet)
- Redefines __strip if with_cross (Nicolas Chauvet)
- fedora: only enable ACPI_CONFIGFS, ACPI_CUSTOM_METHOD in debug kernels (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: User the same EFI_CUSTOM_SSDT_OVERLAYS as ARK (Peter Robinson)
- all: all arches/kernels enable the same DMI options (Peter Robinson)
- all: move SENSORS_ACPI_POWER to common/generic (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: PCIE_HISI_ERR is already in common (Peter Robinson)
- all: all ACPI platforms enable ATA_ACPI so move it to common (Peter Robinson)
- all: x86: move shared x86 acpi config options to generic (Peter Robinson)
- All: x86: Move ACPI_VIDEO to common/x86 (Peter Robinson)
- All: x86: Enable ACPI_DPTF (Intel DPTF) (Peter Robinson)
- All: enable ACPI_BGRT for all ACPI platforms. (Peter Robinson)
- All: Only build ACPI_EC_DEBUGFS for debug kernels (Peter Robinson)
- All: Disable Intel Classmate PC ACPI_CMPC option (Peter Robinson)
- cleanup: ACPI_PROCFS_POWER was removed upstream (Peter Robinson)
- All: ACPI: De-dupe the ACPI options that are the same across ark/fedora on x86/arm (Peter Robinson)
- Enable the vkms module in Fedora (Jeremy Cline)
- Fedora: arm updates for 5.11 and general cross Fedora cleanups (Peter Robinson)
- Add gcc-c++ to BuildRequires (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGS (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: arm: move generic power off/reset to all arm (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: ARMv7: build in DEVFREQ_GOV_SIMPLE_ONDEMAND until I work out why it's changed (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: cleanup joystick_adc (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: update some display options (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: arm: enable TI PRU options (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: arm: minor exynos plaform updates (Peter Robinson)
- arm: SoC: disable Toshiba Visconti SoC (Peter Robinson)
- common: disable ARCH_BCM4908 (NFC) (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: minor arm config updates (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: enable Tegra 234 SoC (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: arm: enable new Hikey 3xx options (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: USB updates (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: enable the GNSS receiver subsystem (Peter Robinson)
- Remove POWER_AVS as no longer upstream (Peter Robinson)
- Cleanup RESET_RASPBERRYPI (Peter Robinson)
- Cleanup GPIO_CDEV_V1 options. (Peter Robinson)
- fedora: arm crypto updates (Peter Robinson)
- CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGS for aarch64 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora: cleanup PCMCIA configs, move to x86 (Peter Robinson)
- New configs in drivers/rtc (Fedora Kernel Team)
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_GCC_PLUGIN_STRUCTLEAK_BYREF_ALL (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_GCC_PLUGIN_STRUCTLEAK (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_GCC_PLUGINS on ARK (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176]
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_KASAN on Fedora (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176]
- New configs in init/Kconfig (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker)
- Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker)
- Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker)
- Enable Speakup accessibility driver (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in init/Kconfig (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Fix fedora config mismatch due to dep changes (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/crypto (Jeremy Cline)
- Remove duplicate ENERGY_MODEL configs (Peter Robinson)
- This is selected by PCIE_QCOM so must match (Justin M. Forbes)
- drop unused BACKLIGHT_GENERIC (Peter Robinson)
- Remove cp instruction already handled in instruction below. (Paulo E. Castro)
- Add all the dependencies gleaned from running `make prepare` on a bloated devel kernel. (Paulo E. Castro)
- Add tools to path mangling script. (Paulo E. Castro)
- Remove duplicate cp statement which is also not specific to x86. (Paulo E. Castro)
- Correct orc_types failure whilst running `make prepare` (Paulo E. Castro)
- redhat: ark: enable CONFIG_IKHEADERS (Jiri Olsa)
- Add missing '$' sign to (GIT) in redhat/Makefile (Augusto Caringi)
- Remove filterdiff and use native git instead (Don Zickus)
- New configs in net/sched (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/mfd (CKI@GitLab)
- New configs in drivers/mfd (Fedora Kernel Team)
- New configs in drivers/firmware (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Temporarily backout parallel xz script (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: explicitly disable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE_SIGNED_INIT (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_EVM_LOAD_X509 on ARK (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_EVM_ATTR_FSUUID on ARK (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_EVM in all arches and flavors (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_LOAD_X509 on ARK (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: set CONFIG_IMA_DEFAULT_HASH to SHA256 (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_SECURE_AND_OR_TRUSTED_BOOT (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_READ_POLICY on ARK (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: set default IMA template for all ARK arches (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_DEFAULT_HASH_SHA256 for all flavors (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: disable CONFIG_IMA_DEFAULT_HASH_SHA1 (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_ARCH_POLICY for ppc and x86 (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE_MODSIG (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE_BOOTPARAM (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_INTEGRITY for aarch64 (Bruno Meneguele)
- kernel: Update some missing KASAN/KCSAN options (Jeremy Linton)
- kernel: Enable coresight on aarch64 (Jeremy Linton)
- Update CONFIG_INET6_ESPINTCP (Justin Forbes)
- New configs in net/ipv6 (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: move CONFIG_RTC_NVMEM options from ark to common (Peter Robinson)
- configs: Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF (Don Zickus)
- fedora: some minor arm audio config tweaks (Peter Robinson)
- Ship xpad with default modules on Fedora and RHEL (Bastien Nocera)
- Fedora: Only enable legacy serial/game port joysticks on x86 (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora: Enable the options required for the Librem 5 Phone (Peter Robinson)
- Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config change because CONFIG_FSL_DPAA2_ETH now selects CONFIG_FSL_XGMAC_MDIO (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: generic  enable CONFIG_INET_MPTCP_DIAG (Davide Caratti)
- Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes)
- Enable NANDSIM for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Re-enable CONFIG_ACPI_TABLE_UPGRADE for Fedora since upstream disables this if secureboot is active (Justin M. Forbes)
- Ath11k related config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates for ath11k (Justin M. Forbes)
- Turn on ATH11K for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_INTEL_IOMMU_SVM (Jerry Snitselaar)
- More Fedora config fixes (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora 5.10 config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora 5.10 configs round 1 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Allow kernel-tools to build without selftests (Don Zickus)
- Allow building of kernel-tools standalone (Don Zickus)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_CTINFO (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_TEQL (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_SFB (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_QFQ (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_PLUG (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_PIE (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_HHF (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_DSMARK (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_DRR (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CODEL (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CHOKE (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CBQ (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_ATM (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_EMATCH and sub-targets (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_TCINDEX (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP6 (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_ROUTE4 (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_BASIC (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_SKBMOD (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_SIMP (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_NAT (Davide Caratti)
- arm64/defconfig: Enable CONFIG_KEXEC_FILE (Bhupesh Sharma) [1821565]
- redhat/configs: Cleanup CONFIG_CRYPTO_SHA512 (Prarit Bhargava)
- New configs in drivers/mfd (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Fix LTO issues with kernel-tools (Don Zickus)
- Point pathfix to the new location for (Justin M. Forbes)
- configs: Disable CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- [Automatic] Handle config dependency changes (Don Zickus)
- configs/iommu: Add config comment to empty CONFIG_SUN50I_IOMMU file (Jerry Snitselaar)
- New configs in kernel/trace (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Fix Fedora config locations (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- configs: enable CONFIG_CRYPTO_CTS=y so cts(cbc(aes)) is available in FIPS mode (Vladis Dronov) [1855161]
- Partial revert: Add master merge check (Don Zickus)
- Update Maintainers doc to reflect workflow changes (Don Zickus)
- WIP: redhat/docs: Update documentation for single branch workflow (Prarit Bhargava)
- Add CONFIG_ARM64_MTE which is not picked up by the config scripts for some reason (Justin M. Forbes)
- Disable Speakup synth DECEXT (Justin M. Forbes)
- Enable Speakup for Fedora since it is out of staging (Justin M. Forbes)
- Modify patchlist changelog output (Don Zickus)
- Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker)
- Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker)
- redhat/self-test: Initial commit (Ben Crocker)
- Fixes "acpi: prefer booting with ACPI over DTS" to be RHEL only (Peter Robinson)
- arch/x86: Remove vendor specific CPU ID checks (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat: Replace link in Unsupported message (Prarit Bhargava) [1810301]
- x86: Fix compile issues with rh_check_supported() (Don Zickus)
- KEYS: Make use of platform keyring for module signature verify (Robert Holmes)
- Input: rmi4 - remove the need for artificial IRQ in case of HID (Benjamin Tissoires)
- ARM: tegra: usb no reset (Peter Robinson)
- arm: make CONFIG_HIGHPTE optional without CONFIG_EXPERT (Jon Masters)
- redhat: rh_kabi: deduplication friendly structs (Jiri Benc)
- redhat: rh_kabi add a comment with warning about RH_KABI_EXCLUDE usage (Jiri Benc)
- redhat: rh_kabi: introduce RH_KABI_EXTEND_WITH_SIZE (Jiri Benc)
- redhat: rh_kabi: Indirect EXTEND macros so nesting of other macros will resolve. (Don Dutile)
- redhat: rh_kabi: Fix RH_KABI_SET_SIZE to use dereference operator (Tony Camuso)
- redhat: rh_kabi: Add macros to size and extend structs (Prarit Bhargava)
- Removing Obsolete hba pci-ids from rhel8 (Dick Kennedy)
- mptsas: pci-id table changes (Laura Abbott)
- mptsas: Taint kernel if mptsas is loaded (Laura Abbott)
- mptspi: pci-id table changes (Laura Abbott)
- qla2xxx: Remove PCI IDs of deprecated adapter (Jeremy Cline)
- be2iscsi: remove unsupported device IDs (Chris Leech)
- mptspi: Taint kernel if mptspi is loaded (Laura Abbott)
- hpsa: remove old cciss-based smartarray pci ids (Joseph Szczypek)
- qla4xxx: Remove deprecated PCI IDs from RHEL 8 (Chad Dupuis)
- aacraid: Remove depreciated device and vendor PCI id's (Raghava Aditya Renukunta)
- megaraid_sas: remove deprecated pci-ids (Tomas Henzl)
- mpt*: remove certain deprecated pci-ids (Jeremy Cline)
- kernel: add SUPPORT_REMOVED kernel taint (Tomas Henzl)
- Add option of 13 for FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER (Peter Robinson)
- s390: Lock down the kernel when the IPL secure flag is set (Jeremy Cline)
- efi: Lock down the kernel if booted in secure boot mode (David Howells)
- efi: Add an EFI_SECURE_BOOT flag to indicate secure boot mode (David Howells)
- security: lockdown: expose a hook to lock the kernel down (Jeremy Cline)
- Make get_cert_list() use efi_status_to_str() to print error messages. (Peter Jones)
- Add efi_status_to_str() and rework efi_status_to_err(). (Peter Jones)
- Add support for deprecating processors (Laura Abbott) [1565717 1595918 1609604 1610493]
- arm: aarch64: Drop the EXPERT setting from ARM64_FORCE_52BIT (Jeremy Cline)
- iommu/arm-smmu: workaround DMA mode issues (Laura Abbott)
- rh_kabi: introduce RH_KABI_EXCLUDE (Jakub Racek)
- ipmi: do not configure ipmi for HPE m400 (Laura Abbott) [1670017]
- kABI: Add generic kABI macros to use for kABI workarounds (Myron Stowe) [1546831]
- add pci_hw_vendor_status() (Maurizio Lombardi)
- ahci: thunderx2: Fix for errata that affects stop engine (Robert Richter)
- Vulcan: AHCI PCI bar fix for Broadcom Vulcan early silicon (Robert Richter)
- bpf: set unprivileged_bpf_disabled to 1 by default, add a boot parameter (Eugene Syromiatnikov) [1561171]
- add Red Hat-specific taint flags (Eugene Syromiatnikov) [1559877]
- Ignore redhat/rpm (Jeremy Cline)
- put RHEL info into generated headers (Laura Abbott) [1663728]
- acpi: prefer booting with ACPI over DTS (Mark Salter) [1576869]
- aarch64: acpi scan: Fix regression related to X-Gene UARTs (Mark Salter) [1519554]
- ACPI / irq: Workaround firmware issue on X-Gene based m400 (Mark Salter) [1519554]
- modules: add rhelversion MODULE_INFO tag (Laura Abbott)
- ACPI: APEI: arm64: Ignore broken HPE moonshot APEI support (Al Stone) [1518076]
- Add Red Hat tainting (Laura Abbott) [1565704]
- Stop merging ark-patches for release (Don Zickus)
- Fix path location for (Don Zickus)
- Combine Red Hat patches into single patch (Don Zickus)
- New configs in drivers/misc (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in drivers/net/wireless (Justin M. Forbes)
- New configs in drivers/phy (Fedora Kernel Team)
- New configs in drivers/tty (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Set SquashFS decompression options for all flavors to match RHEL (Bohdan Khomutskyi)
- configs: Enable CONFIG_ENERGY_MODEL (Phil Auld)
- New configs in drivers/pinctrl (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Update CONFIG_THERMAL_NETLINK (Justin Forbes)
- Separate merge-upstream and release stages (Don Zickus)
- Re-enable CONFIG_IR_SERIAL on Fedora (Prarit Bhargava)
- Create Patchlist.changelog file (Don Zickus)
- Filter out upstream commits from changelog (Don Zickus)
- Merge Upstream script fixes (Don Zickus)
- kernel.spec: Remove kernel-keys directory on rpm erase (Prarit Bhargava)
- Add mlx5_vdpa to module filter for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add python3-sphinx_rtd_theme buildreq for docs (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/configs/ Remove *.config.orig files (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat/configs/ Add process_configs_known_broken flag (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat/Makefile: Fix '*-configs' targets (Prarit Bhargava)
- dist-merge-upstream: Checkout known branch for ci scripts (Don Zickus)
- kernel.spec: don't override upstream compiler flags for ppc64le (Dan Horák)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora confi gupdate (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker)
- Swap how ark-latest is built (Don Zickus)
- Add extra version bump to os-build branch (Don Zickus)
- dist-release: Avoid needless version bump. (Don Zickus)
- Add dist-fedora-release target (Don Zickus)
- Remove redundant code in dist-release (Don Zickus)
- Makefile.common rename TAG to _TAG (Don Zickus)
- Fedora config change (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora filter update (Justin M. Forbes)
- Config update for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- enable PROTECTED_VIRTUALIZATION_GUEST for all s390x kernels (Dan Horák)
- redhat: ark: enable CONFIG_NET_SCH_TAPRIO (Davide Caratti)
- redhat: ark: enable CONFIG_NET_SCH_ETF (Davide Caratti)
- More Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- New config deps (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- First half of config updates for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Updates for Fedora arm architectures for the 5.9 window (Peter Robinson)
- Merge 5.9 config changes from Peter Robinson (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add config options that only show up when we prep on arm (Justin M. Forbes)
- Config updates for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: enable enery model (Peter Robinson)
- Use the configs/generic config for SND_HDA_INTEL everywhere (Peter Robinson)
- Enable ZSTD compression algorithm on all kernels (Peter Robinson)
- Enable ARM_SMCCC_SOC_ID on all aarch64 kernels (Peter Robinson)
- iio: enable LTR-559 light and proximity sensor (Peter Robinson)
- iio: chemical: enable some popular chemical and partical sensors (Peter Robinson)
- More mismatches (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config change due to deps (Justin M. Forbes)
- CONFIG_SND_SOC_MAX98390 is now selected by SND_SOC_INTEL_DA7219_MAX98357A_GENERIC (Justin M. Forbes)
- Config change required for build part 2 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Config change required for build (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add ability to sync upstream through Makefile (Don Zickus)
- Add master merge check (Don Zickus)
- Replace hardcoded values 'os-build' and project id with variables (Don Zickus)
- redhat/Makefile.common: Fix MARKER (Prarit Bhargava)
- gitattributes: Remove unnecesary export restrictions (Prarit Bhargava)
- Add new certs for dual signing with boothole (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update secureboot signing for dual keys (Justin M. Forbes)
- fedora: enable LEDS_SGM3140 for arm configs (Peter Robinson)
- redhat/configs: Fix common CONFIGs (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat/configs: General CONFIG cleanups (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat/configs: Update & generalize evaluate_configs (Prarit Bhargava)
- fedora: arm: Update some meson config options (Peter Robinson)
- redhat/docs: Add Fedora RPM tagging date (Prarit Bhargava)
- Update config for renamed panel driver. (Peter Robinson)
- Enable SERIAL_SC16IS7XX for SPI interfaces (Peter Robinson)
- s390x-zfcpdump: Handle missing Module.symvers file (Don Zickus)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/configs: Add .tmp files to .gitignore (Prarit Bhargava)
- disable uncommon TCP congestion control algorithms (Davide Caratti)
- Add new bpf man pages (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add default option for CONFIG_ARM64_BTI_KERNEL to pending-common so that eln kernels build (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/Makefile: Add fedora-configs and rh-configs make targets (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat/configs: Use SHA512 for module signing (Prarit Bhargava)
- 'touch' empty Patchlist file for single tarball (Don Zickus)
- Fedora config update for rc1 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/Makefile.common: fix RPMKSUBLEVEL condition (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- redhat/Makefile: silence KABI tar output (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- One more Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix PATCHLEVEL for merge window (Justin M. Forbes)
- Change ark CONFIG_COMMON_CLK to yes, it is selected already by other options (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- More module filtering for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Update filters for rnbd in Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix up module filtering for 5.8 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- More Fedora config work (Justin M. Forbes)
- RTW88BE and CE have been extracted to their own modules (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Arm64 Use Branch Target Identification for kernel (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes)
- Fix configs for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add zero-commit to format-patch options (Justin M. Forbes)
- Copy Makefile.rhelver as a source file rather than a patch (Jeremy Cline)
- Move the sed to clear the patch templating outside of conditionals (Justin M. Forbes)
- Match template format in kernel.spec.template (Justin M. Forbes)
- Break out the Patches into individual files for dist-git (Justin M. Forbes)
- Break the Red Hat patch into individual commits (Jeremy Cline)
- Fix unselective pattern sub (David Howells)
- Add cec to the filter overrides (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add overrides to (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_SMC91X and disable CONFIG_SMC911X (Prarit Bhargava) [1722136]
- Include bpftool-struct_ops man page in the bpftool package (Jeremy Cline)
- Add to the script (Jeremy Cline)
- Use __make macro instead of make (Tom Stellard)
- Sign off generated configuration patches (Jeremy Cline)
- Drop the static path configuration for the Sphinx docs (Jeremy Cline)
- redhat: Add dummy-module kernel module (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat: enable CONFIG_LWTUNNEL_BPF (Jiri Benc)
- Remove typoed config file aarch64CONFIG_SM_GCC_8150 (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add Documentation back to kernel-devel as it has Kconfig now (Justin M. Forbes)
- Copy distro files rather than moving them (Jeremy Cline)
- kernel.spec: fix 'make scripts' for kernel-devel package (Brian Masney)
- Makefile: correct help text for dist-cross-<arch>-rpms (Brian Masney)
- redhat/Makefile: Fix RHEL8 python warning (Prarit Bhargava)
- redhat: Change Makefile target names to dist- (Prarit Bhargava)
- configs: Disable Serial IR driver (Prarit Bhargava)
- Fix "multiple %%files for package kernel-tools" (Pablo Greco)
- Introduce a Sphinx documentation project (Jeremy Cline)
- Build ARK against ELN (Don Zickus)
- Drop the requirement to have a remote called linus (Jeremy Cline)
- Rename 'internal' branch to 'os-build' (Don Zickus)
- Only include open merge requests with "Include in Releases" label (Jeremy Cline)
- Package gpio-watch in kernel-tools (Jeremy Cline)
- Exit non-zero if the tag already exists for a release (Jeremy Cline)
- Adjust the changelog update script to not push anything (Jeremy Cline)
- Drop --target noarch from the rh-rpms make target (Jeremy Cline)
- Add a script to generate release tags and branches (Jeremy Cline)
- Set CONFIG_VDPA for fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
- Add a README to the dist-git repository (Jeremy Cline)
- Provide defaults in (Jeremy Cline)
- Default to not report issues (Jeremy Cline)
- Drop DIST from release commits and tags (Jeremy Cline)
- Place the buildid before the dist in the release (Jeremy Cline)
- Sync up with Fedora arm configuration prior to merging (Jeremy Cline)
- Disable CONFIG_PROTECTED_VIRTUALIZATION_GUEST for zfcpdump (Jeremy Cline)
- Add RHMAINTAINERS file and supporting conf (Don Zickus)
- Add a script to test if all commits are signed off (Jeremy Cline)
- Fix make rh-configs-arch (Don Zickus)
- Drop RH_FEDORA in favor of the now-merged RHEL_DIFFERENCES (Jeremy Cline)
- Sync up Fedora configs from the first week of the merge window (Jeremy Cline)
- Migrate blacklisting floppy.ko to (Don Zickus)
- kernel packaging: Combine and (Don Zickus)
- kernel packaging: Fix extra namespace collision (Don Zickus)
- Rename to (Don Zickus)
- Make file generic (Don Zickus)
- Fix a painfully obvious YAML syntax error in .gitlab-ci.yml (Jeremy Cline)
- Add in armv7hl kernel header support (Don Zickus)
- Disable all BuildKernel commands when only building headers (Don Zickus)
- Drop any gitlab-ci patches from ark-patches (Jeremy Cline)
- Build the srpm for internal branch CI using the vanilla tree (Jeremy Cline)
- Pull in the latest ARM configurations for Fedora (Jeremy Cline)
- Fix xz memory usage issue (Neil Horman)
- Use ark-latest instead of master for update script (Jeremy Cline)
- Move the CI jobs back into the ARK repository (Jeremy Cline)
- Sync up ARK's Fedora config with the dist-git repository (Jeremy Cline)
- Pull in the latest configuration changes from Fedora (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: enable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CBS (Marcelo Ricardo Leitner)
- Drop configuration options in fedora/ that no longer exist (Jeremy Cline)
- Set RH_FEDORA for ARK and Fedora (Jeremy Cline)
- redhat/kernel.spec: Include the release in the kernel COPYING file (Jeremy Cline)
- redhat/kernel.spec: add scripts/jobserver-exec to py3_shbang_opts list (Jeremy Cline)
- redhat/kernel.spec: package bpftool-gen man page (Jeremy Cline)
- distgit-changelog: handle multiple y-stream BZ numbers (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat/kernel.spec: remove all inline comments (Bruno Meneguele)
- redhat/genspec: awk unknown whitespace regex pattern (Bruno Meneguele)
- Improve the readability of (Jeremy Cline)
- Fix some awkward edge cases in (Jeremy Cline)
- Update the CI environment to use Fedora 31 (Jeremy Cline)
- redhat: drop whitespace from with_gcov macro (Jan Stancek)
- configs: Enable CONFIG_KEY_DH_OPERATIONS on ARK (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- configs: Adjust CONFIG_MPLS_ROUTING and CONFIG_MPLS_IPTUNNEL (Laura Abbott)
- New configs in lib/crypto (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in drivers/char (Jeremy Cline)
- Turn on BLAKE2B for Fedora (Jeremy Cline)
- kernel.spec.template: Clean up stray *.h.s files (Laura Abbott)
- Build the SRPM in the CI job (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in net/tls (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in net/tipc (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in lib/kunit (Jeremy Cline)
- Fix up released_kernel case (Laura Abbott)
- New configs in lib/Kconfig.debug (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in drivers/ptp (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in drivers/nvme (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in drivers/net/phy (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in arch/arm64 (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in drivers/crypto (Jeremy Cline)
- New configs in crypto/Kconfig (Jeremy Cline)
- Add label so the Gitlab to email bridge ignores the changelog (Jeremy Cline)
- Temporarily switch TUNE_DEFAULT to y (Jeremy Cline)
- Run config test for merge requests and internal (Jeremy Cline)
- Add missing licensedir line (Laura Abbott)
- redhat/scripts: Remove redhat/scripts/ (Prarit Bhargava)
- configs: Take CONFIG_DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR from Fedra (Laura Abbott)
- configs: Turn off ISDN (Laura Abbott)
- Add a script to generate configuration patches (Laura Abbott)
- Introduce rh-configs-commit (Laura Abbott)
- kernel-packaging: Remove kernel files from kernel-modules-extra package (Prarit Bhargava)
- configs: Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_WX (Laura Abbott)
- configs: Disable wireless USB (Laura Abbott)
- Clean up some temporary config files (Laura Abbott)
- configs: New config in drivers/gpu for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in arch/powerpc for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in crypto for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/usb for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- AUTOMATIC: New configs (Jeremy Cline)
- Skip ksamples for bpf, they are broken (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in fs/erofs for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in mm for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/md for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in init for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in fs/fuse for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- Avoid comments but do not skip them (Don Zickus)
- configs: New config in drivers/net/ethernet/pensando for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- Update a comment about what released kernel means (Laura Abbott)
- Provide both Fedora and RHEL files in the SRPM (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Trim EXTRAVERSION in the Makefile (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Add macros for building with nopatches (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Add some macros for Fedora differences (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Consolodate the options (Laura Abbott)
- configs: Add pending direcory to Fedora (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Don't run hardlink if rpm-ostree is in use (Laura Abbott)
- configs: New config in net/can for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/net/phy for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: Increase x86_64 NR_UARTS to 64 (Prarit Bhargava) [1730649]
- configs: turn on ARM64_FORCE_52BIT for debug builds (Jeremy Cline)
- kernel.spec.template: Tweak the python3 mangling (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Add --with verbose option (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Switch to using %%install instead of %%__install (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Make the URL https (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Update message about secure boot signing (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Move some with flags definitions up (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Update some BuildRequires (Laura Abbott)
- kernel.spec.template: Get rid of %%clean (Laura Abbott)
- configs: New config in drivers/char for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in net/sched for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in lib for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in fs/verity for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in arch/aarch64 for v5.4-rc4 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in arch/arm64 for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- Flip off CONFIG_ARM64_VA_BITS_52 so the bundle that turns it on applies (Jeremy Cline)
- New configuration options for v5.4-rc4 (Jeremy Cline)
- Correctly name tarball for single tarball builds (Laura Abbott)
- configs: New config in drivers/pci for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- Allow overriding the dist tag on the command line (Laura Abbott)
- Allow scratch branch target to be overridden (Laura Abbott)
- Remove long dead BUILD_DEFAULT_TARGET (Laura Abbott)
- Amend the changelog when rebasing (Laura Abbott)
- configs: New config in drivers/platform for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/pinctrl for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/net/wireless for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/net/can for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/hid for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/dma-buf for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/crypto for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in arch/s390 for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in block for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/cpuidle for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- redhat: configs: Split CONFIG_CRYPTO_SHA512 (Laura Abbott)
- redhat: Set Fedora options (Laura Abbott)
- Set CRYPTO_SHA3_*_S390 to builtin on zfcpdump (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/edac for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/firmware for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/hwmon for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/iio for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/mmc for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/tty for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in arch/s390 for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in drivers/bus for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- Add option to allow mismatched configs on the command line (Laura Abbott)
- configs: New config in drivers/crypto for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in sound/pci for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: New config in sound/soc for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- gitlab: Add CI job for packaging scripts (Major Hayden)
- Speed up CI with CKI image (Major Hayden)
- Disable e1000 driver in ARK (Neil Horman)
- configs: Fix the pending default for CONFIG_ARM64_VA_BITS_52 (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: Turn on OPTIMIZE_INLINING for everything (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: Set valid pending defaults for CRYPTO_ESSIV (Jeremy Cline)
- Add an initial CI configuration for the internal branch (Jeremy Cline)
- New drop of configuration options for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- New drop of configuration options for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline)
- Pull the RHEL version defines out of the Makefile (Jeremy Cline)
- Sync up the ARK build scripts (Jeremy Cline)
- Sync up the Fedora Rawhide configs (Jeremy Cline)
- Sync up the ARK config files (Jeremy Cline)
- configs: Adjust CONFIG_FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER for Fedora (Laura Abbott)
- configs: Add README for some other arches (Laura Abbott)
- configs: Sync up Fedora configs (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add structure for building with git (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add Red Hat variables in the top level makefile (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Red Hat gitignore and attributes (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add changelog (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add makefile (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add files for generating the kernel.spec (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add rpm directory (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add files for packaging (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add kabi files (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add scripts (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add configs (Laura Abbott)
- [initial commit] Add Makefiles (Laura Abbott)

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