This is a dist-git like repo for Ceph

The master brach is unused. Use an existing branch instead. Branch names follow convention like c<VERSION>-sig-storage-ceph-VERSION> as descibed on [Naming and Patterns for Mapping Git Branches to Koji Tags] (

  • c8-sig-storage-ceph-octopus: CentOS-8
  • ...

Instructions for building the ceph package for the CentOS Storage SIG can be found in the following places:

E.g. build the src.rpm with: $ rpmbuild -bs \ --define "_sourcedir $PWD/SOURCES" --define "_srcrpmdir $PWD" \ --define "dist .el8" SPECS/fmt.spec

To build:

$ `cbs build [--scratch] storage8-ceph-octopus-el8 fmt-6.2.1-1.el8.src.rpm`