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diff -up fetchmail-6.3.24/ fetchmail-6.3.24/
--- fetchmail-6.3.24/	2017-03-08 08:51:31.779370558 +0100
+++ fetchmail-6.3.24/	2017-03-08 08:53:46.768055793 +0100
@@ -164,6 +164,9 @@ Some special options are not covered her
 in sections on AUTHENTICATION and DAEMON MODE which follow.
 .SS General Options
+.B \-? | \-\-help
+Displays option help.
 .B \-V | \-\-version
 Displays the version information for your copy of \fBfetchmail\fP.  No mail
 fetch is performed.  Instead, for each server specified, all the option
@@ -1061,7 +1064,7 @@ sent to 'username\&@\&userhost.userdom.d
 \fIDelivered\-To:\fR line of the form:
 Delivered\-To: mbox\-userstr\-username\&@\&
 The ISP can make the 'mbox\-userstr\-' prefix anything they choose
 but a string matching the user host name is likely.
 By using the option 'envelope Delivered\-To:' you can make fetchmail reliably
@@ -1075,6 +1078,10 @@ specified, and dump a configuration repo
 configuration report is a data structure assignment in the language
 Python.  This option is meant to be used with an interactive
 \fI~/.fetchmailrc\fP editor like \fBfetchmailconf\fP, written in Python.
+.B \-y | \-\-yydebug
+Enables parser debugging, this option is meant to be used by developers
 .SS Removed Options
@@ -1360,6 +1367,8 @@ authentication or multiple timeouts.
 .SS Terminating the background daemon
 The option
+.B \-q
 .B \-\-quit
 will kill a running daemon process instead of waking it up (if there
 is no such process, \fBfetchmail\fP will notify you).
@@ -1914,7 +1923,7 @@ T}
 mda     	\-m	\&	T{
 Specify MDA for local delivery
-bsmtp   	\-o	\&	T{
+bsmtp   	\&	\&	T{
 Specify BSMTP batch file to append to
 preconnect	\&	\&	T{
diff -up fetchmail-6.3.24/options.c.orig fetchmail-6.3.24/options.c
--- fetchmail-6.3.24/options.c.orig	2012-12-13 22:12:26.000000000 +0100
+++ fetchmail-6.3.24/options.c	2017-03-08 08:53:46.769055797 +0100
@@ -58,9 +58,9 @@ enum {
-/* options still left: CgGhHjJoORTWxXYz */
+/* options still left: ACgGhHjJoORTWxXYz */
 static const char *shortoptions = 
-	"?Vcsvd:NqL:f:i:p:UP:A:t:E:Q:u:akKFnl:r:S:Z:b:B:e:m:I:M:yw:D:";
+	"?Vcsvd:NqL:f:i:p:UP:t:E:Q:u:akKFnl:r:S:Z:b:B:e:m:I:M:yw:D:";
 static const struct option longoptions[] = {
 /* this can be const because all flag fields are 0 and will never get set */
@@ -630,6 +630,7 @@ int parsecmdline (int argc /** argument
 	P(GT_("  -q, --quit        kill daemon process\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -L, --logfile     specify logfile name\n"));
 	P(GT_("      --syslog      use syslog(3) for most messages when running as a daemon\n"));
+	P(GT_("      --nosyslog    turns off use of syslog(3)\n"));
 	P(GT_("      --invisible   don't write Received & enable host spoofing\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -f, --fetchmailrc specify alternate run control file\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -i, --idfile      specify alternate UIDs file\n"));
@@ -658,8 +659,9 @@ int parsecmdline (int argc /** argument
 	P(GT_("      --bad-header {reject|accept}\n"
 	      "                    specify policy for handling messages with bad headers\n"));
-	P(GT_("  -p, --protocol    specify retrieval protocol (see man page)\n"));
+	P(GT_("  -p, --proto[col]  specify retrieval protocol (see man page)\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -U, --uidl        force the use of UIDLs (pop3 only)\n"));
+	P(GT_("      --idle        tells the IMAP server to send notice of new messages\n"));
 	P(GT_("      --port        TCP port to connect to (obsolete, use --service)\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -P, --service     TCP service to connect to (can be numeric TCP port)\n"));
 	P(GT_("      --auth        authentication type (password/kerberos/ssh/otp)\n"));
@@ -669,7 +671,7 @@ int parsecmdline (int argc /** argument
 	P(GT_("      --principal   mail service principal\n"));
 	P(GT_("      --tracepolls  add poll-tracing information to Received header\n"));
-	P(GT_("  -u, --username    specify users's login on server\n"));
+	P(GT_("  -u, --user[name]  specify users's login on server\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -a, --[fetch]all  retrieve old and new messages\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -K, --nokeep      delete new messages after retrieval\n"));
 	P(GT_("  -k, --keep        save new messages after retrieval\n"));