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diff -urNp coreutils-6.10-orig/doc/coreutils.texi coreutils-6.10/doc/coreutils.texi
--- coreutils-6.10-orig/doc/coreutils.texi	2008-04-07 17:52:11.000000000 +0200
+++ coreutils-6.10/doc/coreutils.texi	2008-04-07 18:01:43.000000000 +0200
@@ -6981,6 +6981,11 @@ for i; do
 exit $fail
 @end example
+@item -c
+@cindex SELinux security context information, preserving
+Preserve SELinux security context of the original files if possible.
+Some file systems don't support storing of SELinux security context.
 @item --copy-contents
 @cindex directories, copying recursively
 @cindex copying directories recursively
diff -urNp coreutils-8.22-orig/doc/coreutils.texi coreutils-8.22/doc/coreutils.texi
--- coreutils-8.22-orig/doc/coreutils.texi	2015-06-12 14:16:22.672832509 +0200
+++ coreutils-8.22/doc/coreutils.texi	2015-06-12 14:43:02.646303224 +0200
@@ -7311,13 +7311,32 @@ it also affects the HP-UX @command{ls} p
 @item -Z
 @itemx --context
+@itemx --scontext
+@itemx --lcontext
+@itemx --format=context
 @opindex -Z
 @opindex --context
+@opindex --format=security
+@opindex --scontext
+@opindex --lcontext
 @cindex SELinux
 @cindex security context
 Display the SELinux security context or @samp{?} if none is found.
-When used with the @option{-l} option, print the security context
-to the left of the size column.
+@option{-Z} counts as format option and enables displaying of SELinux
+@option{--scontext} prints SELinux context left to the file name.
+@option{--lcontext} prints long format with SELinux context in the middle.
+@option{--context} prints permissions, user/group, context and file name (in comparison to @option{--lcontext}, omits size, modification time and number of hardlinks).
+Note: When multiple format options are used in @command{ls},
+the last one is used. Therefore @samp{ls -lZ} (security format
+is last - same as @samp{ls --context}) differs from @samp{ls -Zl}
+(long format with selinux context is shown, same as @samp{ls --lcontext})
+Do not rely on @option{--scontext} and @option{--lcontext}
+options in your scripts. They will be removed in next major
+version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. @option{--context} behaviour
+will change (just enabling displaying SELinux context).
 @end table