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2019-01-10 Fabian Arrotin
Switched rss js from FeedEk to https://github.com/sdepold/jquery-rss
tree@ 5b3906 commitdiff
2018-12-04 Fabian Arrotin
Redirecting docs to new website. Fixed some links to https
tree@ 76672d commitdiff
2018-05-24 Jim Perrin
update footer to include privacy policy
tree@ b637ca commitdiff
2016-04-11 Jim Perrin
bumping for newer asciidoctor
tree@ 622393 commitdiff
2015-12-29 Brian (bex) Exelbierd
Update navbar for absolute path for calendar
tree@ 8328f3 commitdiff
2015-06-23 Brian (bex) Exelbierd
Adding CentOS Calendar Page - Initial Commit
tree@ 23d308 commitdiff
2014-08-19 Jim Perrin
website updates
tree@ 6a0174 commitdiff
2014-07-02 Jim Perrin
update for 7, add stories
tree@ 7edd23 commitdiff
2014-07-01 Jim Perrin
add cache control info
tree@ f5cdba commitdiff
2014-01-23 Jim Perrin
upload of current site content
tree@ e8ec7a commitdiff
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