The test suite we use to indicate functional acceptance of a machine instance
Johnny Hughes
10 days ago 5a7c8e41f3e50bc4178bd816382761112017a32a
2018-04-26 Johnny Hughes
add in preupdate yum config files for ppc64 and ppc64le
tree@ 556c0c commitdiff
2018-02-13 Johnny Hughes
add repofiles for i386 (os and extras) preupdates testing
tree@ 90f18f commitdiff
2018-02-13 Johnny Hughes
update to allow running on aarch64
tree@ 97c696 commitdiff
2016-12-15 Johnny Hughes
add CentOS-Base.repo.extras
tree@ b84070 commitdiff
2015-08-28 Johnny Hughes
add in preupdates functionality
tree@ 9a5ec9 commitdiff
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