The test suite we use to indicate functional acceptance of a machine instance
Johnny Hughes
10 days ago 5a7c8e41f3e50bc4178bd816382761112017a32a
2016-10-18 Fabian Arrotin
Removed old doc for gitorious (doesn't exist)
tree@ c9d453 commitdiff
2013-06-09 Karanbir Singh is now back online
tree@ 0fb900 commitdiff
2012-11-09 Karanbir Singh
make SKIP_QA_HARNESS redundant
tree@ 23b6ba commitdiff
2012-07-30 Karanbir Singh
add a ToDo Note to generate top 200 apps list from mirror.c.o
tree@ 5c2950 commitdiff
2012-02-21 Athmane Madjoudj
Move git doc to centos wiki
tree@ d9729f commitdiff
2012-02-21 Athmane Madjoudj
Move Writing tests doc to centos wiki
tree@ 6832ef commitdiff
2011-12-29 Christoph Galuschka
additional help in first steps with git added tests for python minor cleani...
tree@ 518959 commitdiff
2011-12-13 Christoph Galuschka
minor modification to git-readme, new test for openssl
tree@ 195fe3 commitdiff
2011-12-03 Christoph Galuschka
Added doc for git beginners :) like me
tree@ d68dfa commitdiff
2011-12-01 Karanbir Singh
adding some content about good commenting for test descriptons and add refe...
tree@ a19219 commitdiff
2011-11-18 Athmane Madjoudj
Add a todo about desktop application
tree@ f23f02 commitdiff
2011-11-17 Christoph Galuschka
Changed to URL in WritingTests as the destination does not exist
tree@ 3bd55b commitdiff
2011-11-17 Karanbir Singh
dont need a /etc/hosts entry outside the QA HARNESS anymore
tree@ 8fe391 commitdiff
2011-11-17 Karanbir Singh
generalise skipping qa harness; adapt network tests to use a suiteable targ...
tree@ 34da5e commitdiff
2011-11-17 Karanbir Singh
make it easier to run these tests outside the QA harness
tree@ 070442 commitdiff
2011-11-12 Christoph Galuschka
Small typo to WritingTests Begun Tests for net-SNMP
tree@ 619e64 commitdiff
2011-09-14 Athmane Madjoudj
Add a note about selinux in the docs
tree@ d63384 commitdiff
2011-08-30 Karanbir Singh
we need a CI instance
tree@ 57fac5 commitdiff
2011-08-30 Athmane Madjoudj
Remove TODO note about cross release tests (c5/c6) since it has been implem...
tree@ 5650e9 commitdiff
2011-06-27 Grip Firmly
Moved PASS/FAIL symbols from to 0_lib/ Added doc s...
tree@ 44e7f7 commitdiff
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