Repository to hold the comps.xml files used for CentOS releases and tool to generate those files
2018-12-01 ce0f18ad5cd9b7577977b4edea4dbe5249ef5e34
2014-10-16 Fabian Arrotin
- New comps.xml files for 6.6 - Added comps-cleanup.xsl for cleanup operati...
tree@ 1cd2b1 commitdiff
2014-05-24 Fabian Arrotin
First comps for CentOS 7 and changes in the
tree@ ec74a9 commitdiff
2013-11-21 Fabian Arrotin
- Pushed comps.xml for 6.5 - changed to fix various new rhn* pa...
tree@ 7a8ed0 commitdiff
2013-10-03 Fabian Arrotin
- removed redhat-support-tool from the comps.xml files - fixed ...
tree@ 679a83 commitdiff
2013-10-01 Fabian Arrotin
Fixed the hyperv groupid selected by default on centos
tree@ efd15b commitdiff
2012-02-29 Fabian Arrotin
Fixed the script to parse multiple identical groupid (for el5) ...
tree@ 1158e0 commitdiff
2012-02-25 Fabian Arrotin
Fixed a trademark issue in the server-cfg group for c5 (tool and xml modified)
tree@ 6c02c7 commitdiff
2012-02-25 Fabian Arrotin
Fixed default enabled groups for c5 (in compsgen tool and xml for 5.8)
tree@ a786fb commitdiff
2011-11-02 Fabian Arrotin
Fixed the subscription-* packages in the tools/ and in the comps...
tree@ 0dbbda commitdiff
2011-08-29 Fabian Arrotin
Added first version of the script (still be to fully tested !)
tree@ c999a3 commitdiff
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