Repository to hold the comps.xml files used for CentOS releases and tool to generate those files
2018-12-01 ce0f18ad5cd9b7577977b4edea4dbe5249ef5e34
2018-12-01 root
Merge branch 'master' of
tree@ ce0f18 commitdiff
2018-12-01 root
i386 mods 7.5
tree@ 1a12ac commitdiff
2018-11-28 Johnny Hughes
add c7-armv7hl-comps.xml
tree@ 8ce5c6 commitdiff
2018-11-28 Johnny Hughes
update c7-minimal-aarch64-RPMS.lst
tree@ 44aa01 commitdiff
2018-11-21 Anssi Johansson
Fix repoclosure for DVD
tree@ beafab commitdiff
2018-11-13 Anssi Johansson
WIP DVD manifest for x86_64
tree@ b60b9e commitdiff
2018-11-09 Anssi Johansson
New dependencies for packages
tree@ bdde89 commitdiff
2018-11-05 Anssi Johansson
bind.x86_64 was listed twice
tree@ 77cfd8 commitdiff
2018-11-05 Anssi Johansson
First stab at C7.6.1810 DVD manifest
tree@ 1421f3 commitdiff
2018-06-21 Fabian Arrotin
Updated comps for 7.6.1810
tree@ 7eb817 commitdiff
2018-06-29 Anssi Johansson
python-clufter is noarch
tree@ 4cd0fc commitdiff
2018-06-21 Anssi Johansson
The minimal CD wiki page was last updated for 6.5. Perhaps it can be dropped.
tree@ 57cde4 commitdiff
2018-06-20 Anssi Johansson
clufter-bin and clufter-common are now needed for python-clufter, which is ...
tree@ 99c040 commitdiff
2018-06-20 Anssi Johansson
Remove redhat-access-insights, insights-client, yum-plugin-downloadonly and...
tree@ c637cb commitdiff
2018-06-20 Fabian Arrotin
initial comps.xml files for CentOS 6.10
tree@ 903e5f commitdiff
2018-06-20 Anssi Johansson
copy-jdk-configs is needed by the new java-1.7.0-openjdk
tree@ 3331f3 commitdiff
2018-05-08 Johnny Hughes
c7-minimal-i686-RPMS.lst update for 7.5.1804
tree@ 874a58 commitdiff
2018-05-08 Johnny Hughes
add minimal lists for ppc64 ppc64le aarch64
tree@ db73ad commitdiff
2018-05-03 Anssi Johansson
qt5-qdoc, qt5-qhelpgenerator and qt5-qttools-libs-clucene are no longer ava...
tree@ 29679b commitdiff
2018-05-03 Anssi Johansson
Remove an erroneous line that did not specify a package
tree@ f2fd05 commitdiff
2018-05-03 Anssi Johansson
Fix more dependency problems on minimal; add grub2-efi-ia32 to x86_64 minimal
tree@ 3e71fa commitdiff
2018-05-03 Anssi Johansson
Fix repoclosure issues, add grub2-efi-ia32
tree@ f2e923 commitdiff
2018-05-03 Anssi Johansson
Some security profiles pull in libwayland-client and -server
tree@ 00b721 commitdiff
2018-05-02 Anssi Johansson
Add new Indonesian language pack for Libreoffice, new in 7.5
tree@ 036e99 commitdiff
2018-05-02 Anssi Johansson
Update i386 minimal and dvd manifests for 7.5
tree@ 126797 commitdiff
2018-05-02 Anssi Johansson
Update x86_64 DVD manifest for 7.5
tree@ e5cdb6 commitdiff
2018-05-02 Anssi Johansson
Add lshw, lz4, qemu-guest-agent, sg3_utils-libs, sg3_utils as new dependenc...
tree@ 7a3265 commitdiff
2018-04-15 Fabian Arrotin
Updated comps for 7.5.1804 - x86_64
tree@ b72ab3 commitdiff
2017-09-13 Anssi Johansson
There isn't a CentOS 6 LiveCD any more
tree@ 7a18db commitdiff
2017-09-04 Johnny Hughes
update for 7.4
tree@ 8c9baf commitdiff
2017-09-04 Anssi Johansson
Add new 7.4 packages that get installed, remove those packages that no long...
tree@ eefd5d commitdiff
2016-10-16 Fabian Arrotin
Adding merged upstream comps for 7.4 (1708 release)
tree@ 00f9b6 commitdiff
2017-03-27 Anssi Johansson
Update DVD split definition + sort according to C
tree@ c418a7 commitdiff
2017-03-24 Anssi Johansson
yum-plugin-downloadonly is obsoleted
tree@ 006396 commitdiff
2017-03-24 Fabian Arrotin
Added comps for 6.9 (based on upstream ones, with the system-config-firewal...
tree@ 707d05 commitdiff
2016-12-04 Anssi Johansson
add initial-setup-gui to the package manifest to switch to GUI mode initial...
tree@ f876f1 commitdiff
2016-12-01 Anssi Johansson
aide does not get installed from image, it's installed from 'net
tree@ 6c91a7 commitdiff
2016-12-01 Anssi Johansson
Merge branch 'master' of
tree@ 6d6a7c commitdiff
2016-12-01 Anssi Johansson
add aide as a requirement for some security profiles
tree@ f6907f commitdiff
2016-11-30 Johnny Hughes
adjusted minimal comps to only the core 'group' and the minimal 'environment'
tree@ 8674e0 commitdiff
2016-11-20 Anssi Johansson
New dependencies for new packages on DVD
tree@ 33e1a4 commitdiff
2016-11-19 Anssi Johansson
Add GeoIP, boost-system, boost-thread, firewalld-filesystem, ipset-libs, ip...
tree@ d31314 commitdiff
2016-11-08 Anssi Johansson
pciutils is now required by rdma; bluez-libs is required by NetworkManager-...
tree@ b6ca50 commitdiff
2016-11-08 Anssi Johansson
Re-add NetworkManager-wifi to make the life of laptop users easier
tree@ 35d85c commitdiff
2016-10-13 Fabian Arrotin
Updated comps.xml for c7.1611 (to be reviewed)
tree@ 2aafaa commitdiff
2016-08-29 Anssi Johansson
Remove obsoleted yum-plugin-downloadonly, replace obsoleted mpich2 with mpi...
tree@ 0aff76 commitdiff
2016-05-23 Johnny Hughes
add glusterfs-client-xlators.x86_64 to splittree-disk1.lst.x86_64 for Devel...
tree@ d58697 commitdiff
2016-05-22 Johnny Hughes
update x86_64 for 6.8 release
tree@ 7854b5 commitdiff
2016-05-22 Johnny Hughes
update for 6.8 release
tree@ f6409e commitdiff
2016-05-20 Fabian Arrotin
Merge branch 'master' of
tree@ b54273 commitdiff
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