The client for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
CentOS Sources
2018-04-10 3613528b6f0284b5dd593925378042c6e15e8adb
2018-04-10 CentOS Sources
import tftp-5.2-22.el7
tree@ 361352 commitdiff
2016-11-03 CentOS Sources
import tftp-5.2-13.el7
tree@ 4e4eec commitdiff
2015-11-19 CentOS Sources
import tftp-5.2-12.el7
tree@ 1bcae3 commitdiff
2014-01-27 CentOS Buildsys
import tftp-5.2-11.el7.src.rpm
tree@ 1582df commitdiff
2013-05-01 CentOS Buildsys
import tftp-5.2-9.el7.src.rpm
tree@ 0805be commitdiff
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