Tools and libraries for subscription and repository management
Johnny Hughes
2018-11-19 9ee0cf3f2f32fc6f35af92f292f5c58f19c41b48
2018-11-19 Johnny Hughes
Manual CentOS Debranding
tree@ 9ee0cf commitdiff
2018-11-12 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.21.10-3.el7_6
tree@ 55dd02 commitdiff
2018-11-05 Johnny Hughes
Manual CentOS Debranding
tree@ da0aa0 commitdiff
2018-04-10 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.20.10-1.el7
tree@ 90aed2 commitdiff
2017-10-19 Johnny Hughes
Manual CentOS Debranding
tree@ d94487 commitdiff
2017-10-19 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.19.23-1.el7_4
tree@ a48e79 commitdiff
2017-08-02 Johnny Hughes
Manual CentOS Debranding
tree@ 2bec60 commitdiff
2016-11-03 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.17.15-1.el7
tree@ 994289 commitdiff
2015-12-08 Johnny Hughes
add patch to prevent redhat.repo
tree@ d6ea01 commitdiff
2015-11-20 Jim Perrin
initial debrand following point upgrade
tree@ e2ccea commitdiff
2015-11-19 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.15.9-15.el7
tree@ d88f46 commitdiff
2015-03-05 CentOS Sources
debrand subscription-manager-1.13.22-1.el7
tree@ f5c6bc commitdiff
2015-03-05 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.13.22-1.el7
tree@ 406b8b commitdiff
2015-01-19 CentOS Sources
debrand subscription-manager-1.10.14-13.el7_0
tree@ 814366 commitdiff
2015-01-19 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.10.14-13.el7_0
tree@ 9179ba commitdiff
2014-06-20 Jim Perrin
add debranding patch, remove rhsm autostart
tree@ 75a4e9 commitdiff
2014-06-10 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.10.14-8.el7_0
tree@ 6c3fe6 commitdiff
2014-06-10 CentOS Sources
import subscription-manager-1.10.14-9.el7_0
tree@ 81c89e commitdiff
2014-03-25 CentOS Buildsys
import subscription-manager-1.10.14-7.el7.src.rpm
tree@ 2d607d commitdiff
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