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    1. around Java jars, all that matters is redistributability -- if you want to maintain N jars for your users, that's up to you (quaid, 16:20:53)
    2. IDEA: branding forum to discuss and resolve, cf. fedora-legal list (quaid, 16:21:45)
    3. ACTION: quaid to talk with fontana about branding forum (quaid, 16:22:09)
    4. breaking out CLoud Infra and Instance as different SIGs (quaid, 16:26:18)
    5. yes, oVirt is distributed via RPMs (quaid, 16:27:12)
    6. http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/CloudInstance (kbsingh, 16:27:27)
    7. ROD users either packstack or foreman as separate installers (puppet underneath) (quaid, 16:27:40)
    8. AGREED: worth working on a pushbutton ISO tool as part of the CentOS Project (quaid, 16:47:24)
    9. IDEA: have upstream merit be the basis for who gets commit access, rather than CentOS having to track it (quaid, 16:49:04)
    10. IDEA: within CentOS Project tools, have it be possible for someone in the SIG to get tired of greenlighting patches from a known good person, so proposes that person to the SIG for commit access directly -- this would happen outside of the upstream's own contributor growth pathway (quaid, 16:50:51)
    11. the livecd and image from git stuff already works, so we dont need to block on other stuff. its a simple low hanging fruit thing that we can use to setup a relationship with (quaid, 16:52:13)
    12. IDEA: Seed a few committers to git.centos.org from each upstream, add new commiters as per $formula_to_be_determined but which could be a combination of merit-within-CentOS and merit-within-$upstream (quaid, 16:54:05)
    13. IDEA: handle organically, don't sweat (quaid, 16:54:41)
    14. AGREED: CentOS is using the meritocracy spotlight, somehow :) (quaid, 16:54:55)

Meeting ended at 17:17:32 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. quaid to talk with fontana about branding forum

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  1. quaid
    1. quaid to talk with fontana about branding forum

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