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# Centpkg
Centpkg is a wrapper for [rpkg]( which interacts
with RPM git repositories like the ones hosted at Rpkg also provides
some convenience methods/commands for local builds via mock or rpmbuild, for
interacting with koji, and for generating patches.

# Centpkg is in pre-alpha state, as of now this is a proof of concept.
For now only a very small subset of rpkg commands are enabled. 

Exception handling at the top level has been disabled for now to get better
tracebacks during development. 

This repository provides two executable scripts centpkg and centpkg-sig.

## centpkg
Executable centpkg allows you to interact with CentOS Stream dist-git and CentOS Stream koji instance.

## centpkg-sig
Executable centpkg-sig allows you to interact with CentOS Linux dist-git and CentOS Linux koji instance.

## Supported commands
Here is the list currently supported commands by centpkg:

* clone
* sources
* new-sources

Here is the list currently supported commands by centpkg-sig:

* clone

## Current workflow
For a sig working on a package in, the following workflow is

    # In this example a member of the virt sig would like to scratch-build a2ps on EL6
    $ centpkg-sig clone -b virt6 a2ps
    $ cd a2ps
    $ centpkg-sig build --srpm --scratch 

    # Tagged builds can be done also 
    $ centpkg-sig build --srpm

## License

Unless otherwise specified, all files are licensed under GPLv2+.
See COPYING for more license information