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Control files for CBS ↔ repositories synchronization

This repository contains control files for the synchronization process between CBS tags and RPM repositories.

The general syntax of these files follows this convention (wiki):

<tag>|<destination path>|<dir to run createrepo in>|<destination on mirror.centos.org>



Running the lint tool

Included in the root of this repository is a lint tool to check the files for common errors. Please run this tool before submitting a pull-request. This tool requires python2

Check a single file

$ ./cclint sign_list

Check all files

$ ./cclint

Buildlogs synchronization

The file in control of buildlogs synchronization is buildlogs_list. As stated at the top of that file, it is universal for all architectures – the synchronization script will automatically substitute aarch64/ppc64le for x86_64 for any tags that have content on the respective architecture.

Mirrors synchronization

The synchronization to mirrors is controlled by architecture-specific sign_list file:

File nameArchitecture