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CentOS Governance


The CentOS Project governance structure has two main tiers:

  • The Governing Board, a group of 8 to 11 people, responsible for overall oversight of the CentOS Project
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs), teams within the community that focus on either enabling a technology solution as an add-on to the core CentOS release, or building and maintaining a functional aspect of the Project, such as infrastructure or documentation.
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The Governing Board is like a greenhouse, providing support for starting and maturing a SIG the way a greenhouse uses sunlight, water, nutrients, and soil to turn seeds in to fruiting plants.

The CentOS Governing Board

The focus of the Governing Board is to assist and guide in the progress and development of the various SIGs, as well as to lead and promote CentOS.

The CentOS Governing Board is the governing body responsible for the overall oversight of the CentOS Project and SIGs, the creation of new SIGs, and the election (and re-election) of new board members. The Board also has the responsibility to ensure the goals, brands, and marks of the CentOS Project and community are protected. The Board serves as the final authority within the CentOS Project.

Current Sitting Board

The initial CentOS Governing Board will be made up of members of the CentOS Project, many of whom have been around since the creation of the Project, as well as new members from Red Hat who were instrumental in bringing the new relationship together.

The CentOS Governing Board is:

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