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CentOS Infra koji tags tool


This ansible playbook will just use a list of tags/targets/tags to be inherited and update the koji instance to reflect the needed changes.

Prerequisites on the machine used to control koji

  • ansible (tested with 2.9.x but should work with previous versions)
  • git clone of this repository
  • koji cli installed and configured (with a profile, see below)
  • koji-ansible : For you convenience, we have included needed tools here, so that this git repo is self-contained

How to use it

Assuming that we have a koji profile named "mbox" , the following should work before even trying to use the playbook:

koji -p mbox moshimoshi

If it doesn't work, don't even try to use this tool, and configure koji properly (config file, mandatory x509 tls cert/private key etc)

This tool also uses the variable koji_profile to know which koji profile to use and also which variables file to source with lists. In our case with "mbox", it will source the file vars/mbox.yml (apply same logic for other profiles if needed)

There is an example.yml (so for profile "example") that is provided for reference Once you have your vars/{{ koji_profile }}.yml ready, you can start using the tool :

ansible-playbook create_koji_tags.yml 

This playbook will parse the variables file containings lists and will :

  • create needed tags that would need to be inherited from default list
  • create koji target (including build tag and dest tags)
  • modify build tags based on inheritance, either coming from default list, or another list that can be used