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#CentOS Stream
CentOS Stream is a release from the CentOS Project. It’s an effort, along with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) engineering team, to increase transparency and collaboration around the RHEL development process.

#What is it?
Think of CentOS Stream as a rolling pre-release of RHEL. Updates will go into CentOS Stream that are intended to be what’s in the next minor release of RHEL. So if you’re developing and testing against CentOS Stream, you’ll be ready for the next RHEL on day one.

#Where do I get it?
Download CentOS Stream at [centos.org/download](http://centos.org/download) (It’s available for x86_64, aarch64, and ppc64le). Or download the classic-style CentOS Linux 8 ISOs in the same place.

#How do I contribute?
We’re still working out the details of how you can contribute to the CentOS Stream process. For now, we ask that you try it out, and file any bugs against the [https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=CentOS%20Stream](CentOS Stream project in bugzilla).

If you’re developing on top of CentOS Stream, consider participating in one of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which provide packages for deployment on CentOS Linux, and on CentOS Stream. SIGs are able to build packages in our Community Build System (CBS) and test them against both CentOS Linux (7 and 8) and CentOS Stream in our CI infrastructure.

You can learn more about our SIG process in the wiki at wiki.centos.org/SIGGuide

#Where do I find out more?
See also [the detailed CentOS Stream FAQ](wiki.centos.org/FAQ/CentOS8).

Follow us on your preferred social platform: Twitter ([@CentOSProject](http://twitter.com/centosproject)); [Facebook](facebook.com/groups/centosproject); [LinkedIn](linkedin.com/groups/22405); [Reddit](reddit.com/r/CentOS) - for announcements and updates.