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20:58:13 <quaid> #startmeeting Board meeting live - agenda for today:  Storage and Cloud-related SIG proposals
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20:58:40 <quaid> #chair Evolution hughesjr range tru_tru kbsingh mikem23 Arrfab
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21:01:26 <kbsingh> scuttlemonkey: around ?
21:01:38 <scuttlemonkey> kbsingh: yep, watching the stream now
21:01:45 <alphacc> hi guys, is there a hangout link ?
21:03:19 <TrevorH> the audio is barely functional :(
21:03:23 <quaid> just getting ready
21:03:45 <quaid> alphacc: for watching, you should be able to find it at
21:03:53 <quaid> or on the YouTube channel?
21:04:01 <Evolution> quaid: not until I get the updated youtube url he can't :-P
21:04:06 <kbsingh> quaid: that url needs to be updated i think
21:04:06 <quaid> erps
21:04:08 <Evolution> I need the url to put on media
21:04:12 <quaid> you still can't get that in advance?
21:04:13 <Evolution> er, /media
21:04:26 <kbsingh>
21:04:28 <Evolution> the person who starts them sees it
21:04:31 <Evolution> ah, there we go
21:04:33 <Evolution> one sec
21:05:25 <Evolution> okay, pushing now
21:06:57 <alphacc> youtube link is ok, nothing on media yet. thx !
21:07:26 <quaid> #topic Storage SIG proposal
21:07:28 <quaid>
21:08:31 <quaid> scuttlemonkey == Patrick?
21:08:39 <scuttlemonkey> yep, that's me
21:09:25 <quaid> #agreed we have a quorum
21:10:45 <TrevorH> kbsingh: yes, your audio is much better now, less Herbie Hancock
21:11:51 <kbsingh> woo!
21:12:20 <quaid> #info SIG members currently include Ceph and Gluster
21:13:28 <quaid> #info SIG members include Patrick Mcgarry (Ceph) and Lalatendu Mohanty (GlusterFS) and KBSingh (Board mentor/liaison)
21:16:14 <quaid> scuttlemonkey: yeah, it's "building bridges" not "burning" them ;-D
21:16:20 <scuttlemonkey> hehe
21:16:26 * quaid is Karsten btw
21:16:37 <scuttlemonkey> sorry, that's my own turn of phrase
21:16:43 <scuttlemonkey> I shouldn't use that in mixed company
21:17:20 <scuttlemonkey> I tend to eschew your typical calloquialisms
21:17:44 <quaid> heh
21:18:00 <quaid> oh, no, it made sense to me, from the way you phrased it in context :)
21:18:16 <quaid> #info Need to work on repository structure
21:18:56 <quaid> #info qemu dependencies mean work with the Cloud * SIG who adopts qemu to figure out if it can be worked together, hierarchical setup, with maintain-your-own the last possible answer :)
21:22:16 <alphacc> I don't know if I can ask question but can't we consider rhev rebuild for a qemu-kvm that works out of the box(accross sigs). It may not fit gluster team as it ship with some specific gluster version. (it's what we do in prod at CERN)
21:22:45 <quaid> #info a storage SIG repository could be cleaner and keep things out of CentOS Extras and CentOS Plus
21:22:52 * quaid hoped he simplified that well
21:23:54 <scuttlemonkey> yeah, Ceph is already in centos-extras...we were hoping to make it easier to deploy storage options through this effort
21:24:40 <quaid> alphacc: I think it's relevant, sure; the point around the SIG is a gathering of people around a technology who are willing to maintain and grow community around the technology
21:25:30 <quaid> alphacc: so my initial thought is, who is offering to maintain that rebuild? and does it fit in one or more existing SIGs? if yes, then those SIGs need to weigh in on how it could work; if not, then is it a standalone SIG?
21:26:37 <kbsingh> quaid: alphacc: i think the virtsig might be a good place to curate that
21:26:47 <kbsingh> but can do we discussion
21:26:59 <alphacc> yes my idea was to solve the qemu-kvm issues this way. HAve an effort to rebuild a cloud oriented qemu-kvm.
21:27:12 <kbsingh> alphacc: the trick is going to be finding where to host it
21:27:27 <quaid> #action need to consider best way to handle questions from IRC, Twitter, etc. for live Board hangouts.
21:27:52 <kbsingh> woo! xen qemu could use ceph
21:36:01 <quaid> #agreed start new SIG work on main -devel and users lists, then branch as needed
21:36:24 <quaid> #idea having an all-SIGs-overview mailing list for cross-SIG coordination (esp. if things move from -devel)
21:37:18 <quaid> #action make sure new SIG work gets exposure of ~first 3 months on main centos-devel list
21:37:45 <quaid> #idea have a SIG coordinators (or all maintainers) should have a chat every few weeks, such as a public Hangout or IRC
21:39:48 <quaid> #agreed quorum voted yes to Storage SIG propsals
21:40:00 <quaid> #action KB to follow up with Jim and Tru
21:40:11 <quaid> #action KB to send call-to-action to -devel list
21:40:16 <range> I think the "sig coordinator mailing list" isn't a bad idea. We have the same for the people running the foreign language mailing lists. Not that that list has any traffic at all ...
21:40:41 <quaid> #idea include CentOS package/build expert, Ceph will bring their maintainer
21:42:06 <kbsingh>
21:42:08 <mikem23>
21:42:22 <quaid> #topic Cloud Instance SIG
21:42:27 <quaid>
21:43:24 <quaid> #info the intention of this SIG is to have folks who know what they are doing and represent mindshare, come together and help us build images that work across cloud providers, meet best practices, development environments, tuned up for environments.
21:43:36 <quaid> #info primary charter is to bring in existing experts to help us build images
21:49:53 <quaid> #info SIG will deliver a basic image that others can bundle with their RPMs to do their own image
21:50:13 <quaid> #info cloud-init, minimizing for certain instances, perf tuning for certain hypervisors
21:50:37 <quaid> #info most of the work will be kickstart files v. RPMs
21:51:47 <quaid> #idea SIG is focused on tuning and curating the image, but there is room in the scope to provide multiple images tuned for various environments
21:53:00 <TrevorH> you need an authentication SIG ;)
21:53:40 <quaid> #info Primary interface will be with the Core SIG
21:54:30 <quaid> #info SIG is requesting as a source (with an API?) for distributing images, cf. for packages
22:00:10 <quaid> #info QA for images are basic/essential, may look to spread out toward different hypervisors
22:00:24 <quaid> #idea having 2 physical machines ready for a few hours every day for QA
22:01:29 <alphacc> it would be nice to have a process to promote image when they get enough testing/traction to official installation media.
22:03:54 <quaid> alphacc: can you repeat that with '#idea' in front? that helps it get in the discussion/minutes from here
22:04:42 <alphacc> #idea it would be nice to have a process to promote image when they get enough testing/traction to official installation media.
22:06:37 <quaid> thanks :)
22:07:45 <quaid> #agreed Vote agrees to the Cloud Instance SIG proposal; follow-up to happen with Jim and Tru to confirm their votes
22:08:03 <quaid> #action KB to follow-up with Jim and Tru about this vote
22:08:18 <quaid> #action SIG needs to define primary point of contact/coordinator
22:09:09 <quaid> finishing ...
22:09:20 <quaid> #endmeeting