#31 Add squashfs_only parameter to lorax_options
Closed 10 months ago by bkhomuts. Opened 11 months ago by bkhomuts.
centos/ bkhomuts/pungi-centos add_squashfs-only  into  centos-8-stream

file modified
+2 -1

@@ -100,7 +100,8 @@ 

          "*": {

              "noupgrade": False,

              "rootfs_size": 3,

-             "version": "8-stream"

+             "version": "8-stream",

+             "squashfs_only": true




This will enable solution to the change proposal:

This change will reduce the image size and also
is an additional step towards improving the reproducibility
of the DVD image

This change can be tested in Fedora RawHide:

The same change was merged in Fedora:

Jira: RHELCMP-2900
Signed-off-by: Bohdan Khomutskyi bkhomuts@redhat.com

This feature can't be enabled in CentOS Stream yet, because versions of Anaconda and Lorax in CentOS stream doesn't support this feature. I'll close this request for now, and will re-open it again once support is present.

Pull-Request has been closed by bkhomuts

10 months ago